Quackerjack gets married


The streets of St Canard had been noticeably quiet recently. Not to say there wasn't the occasional crime committed by the occasional supervillain, but without the insane clown laughing maniacally and tossing his toys around, it just didn't feel right. 

Then, a few months later, out of the blue, everyone, and even those in the nearby city of Duckburg, each found a letter on their doorstep, 

yOu Are cOrdIALly inViTed to ouR weDDiNg dAY. 

QuaCKerJaCk + (It'S a SURprise! HeeHeE!) 

THis SatUrDay, 

In CenTRAl pArk

Don'T bE laTe! We lOok FoRwArd to sEeInG yOu!

P.S. weaR WhatEvER yOu like! :D

    • Max Wicked
      Max Wicked

      Max would be one of the first to receive the letter one morning. But then again...QJ always thought there was a certain relationship between the hero and himself. Max looked at the letter very questionably "...Who the heck dr--" the moment he saw the name he facepalmed and groaned as he dreaded what was to come "Oh jeez....Quackerjack's up to no good again..." Max sighed "Well...I guess I better go there...Especially to make sure nobody gets hurt since nobody ever knows what's going through that jack-in-the-box's head." he said as he went back inside and got dressed up and prepared for the days ahead.

      • Drake Mallard
        Drake Mallard

        That morning Drake was at his mailbox in his robe checking the mail. He was still half asleep from a long night of crime fighting and yawned as he started pulling out the heap of mail which was bills and more bills. Pulling out the invitation he stopped to read it since it was odd looking.

        "What's this?" 

        He was fully awake now. 

        "Quackerjack is getting married?! What?!" He couldn't believe it. Did the villain really find someone? Someone who could actually be around him.

        Why was he getting married before him? That was insulting!

        "It has to be a trap." The hero grumbled. "Which means Darkwing will be crashing the wedding!"

        • Lenore DeSpell
          Lenore DeSpell

          None of this made sense.
          Firstly, who on Earth was Quackerjack.
          Secondly, how could you get married when there wasn't a second individual.
          Thirdly, and most importantly, how did a letter for this nonsense end up at a treehouse with no real address?

          She was still too new for many of Duckburg's residents to openly talk to her (well, that and knowing magic generally made people suspicious of you, even if you were just a teenager) so odds were Lenore could only get answers to any of these questions by going to this event.

          Which brought up another question.
          Where was this "Central Park"? The park her treehouse was situated in was definitely not called such, so it had to be outside of Duckburg, and she only knew of one, maybe two cities outside of this one...

          • Mother Goose
            Mother Goose

            A wedding invitation is not the first thing Mother Goose expected to find next to the milk bottle that morning, but you could never predict St Canard... "Jacky's getting married!!!" she squealed happily, hugging the paper to her chest. How exciting! "Aww, I wonder who the lucky duck is? Oh, and it's so soon," the goose gasped, looking at the date. So much to do, she'd need a new dress, and a wedding gift-- no time to waste then! Humming cheerfully, Mother Goose marked the date on her calendar. No doubt it would be a wedding to remember.

            • Quackerjack

              ((OOC: Ahahaha I am so sorry for the late reply.)) 

              On that day, St Canard's Central Park was completely unrecognisable. Aside from the tacky decorations and chairs and tables and the altar with horrible clashing colours that covered the entire park, there were toys everywhere. Cars, areoplanes, walking teddy bears and pixie dolls with Wolverine claws, and even toy waiters wheeling around the wedding with glasses of champagne to offer to guests. Even the kids. 

              Quavkerjack was dressed in a sparkly groom suit with his usual jester colours, happily greeting everyone. 

              "Welcome, welcome! Ooh, for meee? Just leave 'em there! Welcome to you too! Oh, I loooove that dress! Take a seat!" 

              Police officers abd park rangers had tried to stop the wedding earlier from disrupting the park and violating rules, but they hadn't been heard from since.