[Open RP] A Moment of Peace

A couple of days have passed since Negaduck and his goons reigned tyranny down upon St.Canard with their unique weapons that could turn one into slime....Make one forcefully dance or worse...Plunge someone into a world that repeatedly changes in dozens of bizarre ways. As St.Canard repaired the damages and the S.H.U.S.H agents and heroes were recovering from their injuries, a arranged award ceremony would be put in motion. Max was wandering aimlessly down the streets of St.Canard until a figure garbed in what appeared to be detective like clothes passed by and handed over a letter to Max and whispered in his ear "Make sure you read this...Can't have one of our recent heroes not appear at the award ceremony." Max immediately assumed this was a S.H.U.S.H agent and before he could stop him to talk, he had already been swallowed by the crowd. 


Looking around him, he quickly headed down a empty alleyway and climbed his way up to a rooftop and once all was clear, Max opened up the letter and began to read what was written...


'To the Red Knight'


'Your deeds have not gone un-noticed when Negaduck attacked St.Canard with the weapons. A few bystanders witnessed your fight with the henchmen Negaduck sent to you and from our intelligence, we believe he wanted to take you down just as much as he wanted our more notorious hero, Darkwing Duck defeated. From the people of S.H.U.S.H and the government of St.Canard, we invite you to our award ceremony tonight at 8:00PM 


'Don't be late. We'll be expecting you.'

'From S.H.U.S.H'


Max lowered the letter as he finished reading it and couldn't help but smile as he recalled the difficult fight on that day and sighed to himself "An award ceremony...Hmm...I wonder who else is gonna be there...?" he wondered to himself.