RP: Epic-logue

The floor of St Canards Supervillain Prisoner Transfer van. How he didn't miss the feel of that meeting his face.

Bound and bunny bitten, Negaduck twisted painfully to sitting. Just in time to watch the diminishing daylight as the vehicle's rear doors were slowly shut on him and yet another brilliant scheme.

Leaving him to wonder, barely heard above the cheering of the crowd outside,


    • Negaduck

      Victory. Sweet victory. 

      Also the surrender babble had stopped so win-win. 

      "Maybe you should've had a back-up plan for when your legs stop working."

      Salty? Never.

      The still sparking cables tossed aside to later trip up some passing old lady, Negaduck prefered to come in close and deal deliver the final blow personally. 

      "How's it feel to step up to the plate only to strike out? Must sting. Not as much as this will!"

      A broken shard of metal, not the magically electronically-insulated kind but rather some debris for the fight, raised above that red hatted head about to bring it down in a weakness in Max's torso armour. Laughter. Madness. Murder. 

      The end.

      Or it would have been, if a lonely can blown in the wind hadn't smacked him right in the head. 

      The criminal kingpin kiltered over, and the city was safe. Thanks, once again, to a convenient KO. 

      [[OOC: Sorry had some massive stuff happen, but felt this was deserving of a wrap up. Congratulations! Saved by the can!]]

      • Harmonizer

        ((OOC: No worries. XD Three cheers for the can!!))