RP: Epic-logue

The floor of St Canards Supervillain Prisoner Transfer van. How he didn't miss the feel of that meeting his face.

Bound and bunny bitten, Negaduck twisted painfully to sitting. Just in time to watch the diminishing daylight as the vehicle's rear doors were slowly shut on him and yet another brilliant scheme.

Leaving him to wonder, barely heard above the cheering of the crowd outside,


    • Harmonizer

      "You lost. Zat's what 'appened." 

      Harmonizer was sitting in the corner of the van where the shadows gave her cover, staring at Negaduck. A flicker of green in her eyes would illuminate her face from time to time, showing anger and sorrow. 

      She had been with Carol in the crowd as she was talking with the SHUSH agents, and noticed Negaduck being hauled towards the prison van. She had slipped away quietly and hidden in there first. It was clear she wanted to talk, and she didn't seem happy at all. 

      Slowly, she got up and approached Negaduck, pulling something from behind her. 

      "Aïe aïe aïe, what 'appened to police ethics these days?" 

      That was a cool washcloth against his wounds. 

      She tsked softly to herself as she tried to clean up his injuries. 

      • Negaduck

        Look, Negaduck was never one for being scrubbed, or nurtured, or reassured, even under the best of circumstances. And locked in a confined space with someone he had so recently twisted to his evil bidding?

        He was recoiled against the far corner of that van faster than you could say karma. 

        "H-Harmonizer," he managed to utter. "What're you doing here?"

        I pegged you at best arrested, most likely killed in action. But hey! Nice to see you! You're looking un.. battered. 

        How totally not disappointing. 

        • Harmonizer

          Harmonizer's frown deepened. "I snuck een. I wanted to talk to you." 

          Her grip over the cloth tightened and she advanced towards him again. 

          "Why did you do zis?" she asked, but it was more of a question than an accusation. There was a tremor in her voice. "You know what my power can do... why did you use me to 'urt those people?" 

          He had all those goons at his command to attack if he wanted to! Not that she would allow that to happen, but still. 

          She had a feeling she knew the answer, but she didn't want to judge him until the words came out of his mouth. 

          • Negaduck

            The corners of his beak twitched, torn between erupting into nervous laughter and shouting 'Are you KIDDING ME?'

            Noting her instability, however, and the fact he was backed against a wall in both senses, he went with something more.. diplomatic. 

            "I literally do not understand the question."

            Why hurt people? Why manipulate? Why do anything nasty?

            Was 'for fun' not an answer?

            • Harmonizer

              Good for you, Negaduck. Harmonizer's eyes were starting to twitch. 

              "You know exactly what I mean, you jerk," she snapped. "I asked you why you controlled me to wipe SHUSH out. And 'ere's another question. Why do you do all these 'orrible things?" 

              "But eef you think eet's so funny, I should play you a little tune. No one can 'ear us and I've already 'urt so many people..." her bill twisted up into a crazed grin. "What's one more?" 

              Of course, she had no intention of doing so. She just wanted to give him a good scare and maybe sober him up a bit more. 

              • Negaduck

                "No no-no-no!" Scrambling back again, eyes and hands pleading.

                He couldn't block both his ears with wrists bound like that!

                "I can't help it, alright! I see an opportunity - and what an opportunity to waste, with such powers so obviously geared for evil - you have harm in your name, for cripes sake! It'd be criminal of me not to work with that!"

                Is that what she wanted? A justification? If for fun didn't count, did for the evilz?

                • Harmonizer


                  That was Harmonizer's fist hurling next to Negaduck's face, into the wall, leaving a dent. 

                  Oh, the police wouldn't think much of it even if they heard it. Probably write it off as one of Negaduck's tantrums. He had a very thick head, after all. 

                  "My name," she growled as she got into his face, "ees Harmony. Zis wasn't my choice! I never wanted those powers! I can't control them, and I certainly don't want any part of your villain recruitment group! You 'ave NO idea what I've been through! Do you even know what eet feels to 'ave something amazing een your grasp, and not being able to use eet??" 

                  Without warning her voice faltered and she let out a sob. She backed off a bit, angry at herself that she showed weakness to Negaduck. 

                  "You did not answer my other question." 

                  • Negaduck

                    "Whinge whinge whinge. Oh how horrible, I've been cursed with superpowers that I'm too terrified to use!" 

                    Really, she should have counted herself lucky. Perhaps it seemed otherwise because it was St Canard, but didn't she realise how uncommon superpowers were

                    "If you don't want them so bad you could've just said. There are people who could help you with that..."

                    Of course, and I'll assist you find them, because I'm just a good guy like that.

                    • Harmonizer

                      Harmonizer was about to actually hit him when he mentioned that. 

                      "They can...?" 

                      Then she frowned and turned away. "No. Zis ees my burden to bear. Our magic ees very complex. And I can't risk someone else 'aving zat power." 

                      Besides... she had a feeling it wouldn't work anyway. Not with her instrument holding part of her soul. And, for some strange reason, she still loved her power, and would keep blindly hoping it would fix itself one day. 

                      "Why would you 'elp me anyway?" she turned back at him to glare. "Zis ees another trick, eesn't eet. You're always so... cruel." 

                      • Negaduck

                        "Of COURSE it's a trick you lilly-lisping, loser-loving--"

                        Wait, loser-loving? 

                        Time to rein in that fury and work a different angle. 

                        "Ah cripes, what's the point." Turning away, head down as much as his apparent spirit. 

                        "You may as well bust out that magic kazoo or whatever you've got and finish the job. There's nothing for me out there."

                        It'd be a mercy. For everybody. Right?

                        • Harmonizer

                          Harmonizer frowned slightly at his insults, but she didn't take offence. Well, much, anyway. 

                          "Reggie ees not a loser. 'E's worth ten of you," she retorted. 

                          She was taken aback by his sudden dejected behaviour. What was he up to? Why would he want her to get rid of him? And why her? She was upset and confused. She'd much rather he went on with the insults. What was he playing at? They were still alone. And there was still quite a while before they reached the prison block. 

                          "No," she said, after a short bit of silence. "Eef I wanted to do eet I would 'ave done eet already. I just came 'ere for answers." And got more in return. "And... surely there ees something out there for you. A family, perhaps? Or someone special? Come on, Negs." 

                          She knelt down next to him again with a half-hearted smile. Maybe... she could get through to him this time? 

                          • Negaduck

                            "Don't make me barf," he said with genuine feeling. 

                            "What fool would give me a chance? After all I've done?"

                            No better visual reminder of that than the multiple layers of handcuffs or the very prison van they were sitting in, his last glimpses of freedom whizzing by through the one tiny fortified window.

                            "I'm stuck in this life, or in a life behind bars. And that's not a life at all."

                            • Harmonizer

                              "I would," she said softly. Did that make her a fool? Still, there must be some sort of good in the destructive mallard. 

                              "I-I can 'elp you. We could be... friends?" she smiled weakly. "You don't 'ave to do bad things anymore. And trust me when I say you will find better things een life to be 'appy about, without 'urting others or yourself." 

                              Someone stop her before she spouts more sappy goody goody stuff. 

                              • Negaduck

                                Wiping away - were those tears? of fakeship friendship? - with what he could reach of his sleeve, Negaduck croaked, "Like what? Even if I were to promise to turn things around, the law is hardly about to release me to go skipping through fields of flowers!"

                                Lucky thing too, for the flowers' sake.  

                                • Harmonizer

                                  "Well, they let Morgana off ze hook, didn't they?" Harmonizer shrugged. "What you need to do ees to start doing good things. Not just promise to do them. You could even be a super'ero like Darkweeng. Maybe better than 'im~" she winked teasingly. 

                                  "So, what do you say? Will you turn over a new leaf and fight against crime?" 

                                  • Negaduck

                                    Was she trying to taunt him in to murdering her in a police van? Because suggesting he was remotely comparable to a pizza topping thief or any hero was a surefire shortcut to that. 

                                    Somehow, however, he choked back his rage and answered her not-ridiculous-at-all question. 

                                    "Oh I'll definitely do.. that." Holding up one hand as best he could. "Scouts' honour."

                                    Could hardly swear on his honour after all. Who would accept that?

                                    • Harmonizer

                                      Harmonizer's face lit up a little, and for a short moment, she seemed back to her usual cheerful self. "Zat's wonderful! You won't regret it, I promise!" 

                                      She reached for his restraints, then paused. "Wait..." 

                                      Had she seen through his foolproof plan? 

                                      "Just one more thing." 

                                      Now she was... tickling him on his back? 

                                      • Negaduck

                                        Instantly Negaduck went stiff as a board. Not in a ticklish way. In a I-deeply-loathe-and-resent-physical-contact kind of way.

                                        "What.. what are you doing?"

                                        Because there was no way in the history of questionable backrubs that she was attempting to do what it felt like she was attempting to do.

                                        • Harmonizer

                                          Harmonizer blushed, feeling embarrassed. "Oh, uh, I just wanted to see your agression level. And there was a shark a while back zat sounded like you..." 

                                          He hadn't attacked her, so that was a good sign, right? Right? 

                                          She did respect his personal space after that, though, and set about freeing his arms immediately. They did not have much time anymore. They were nearing the prison block. And she'd only picked the first two sets of handcuffs. 

                                          • Negaduck

                                            Granted the lack of attacking was more the result of utter confusion, or Harmonizer would no doubt have experienced a rather close encounter of the shark (toothed) kind. Fortunately for both her feathers and his cause, the infringement was quickly replaced with a view to freedom.

                                            "Come on come on!" 

                                            Attention fixed mostly on the tiny sliver of sky from the tiny sliver of window, he recognised what each literal bump in the road meant. After all, he knew the road to those cells better than anyone.

                                            "I've picked noses faster than this!"

                                            Giving up on crime didn't mean giving up on snarking, right?

                                            • Harmonizer

                                              "Eet's not my fault they gave you ten pairs of 'andcuffs!" Harmonizer snapped. "Oh, forget eet-" 

                                              Pulling him up, she charged to the doors of the van and dealt it a flying webkick. 

                                              The van happened to have had a new lock installed that day. It was one of those stainless steel, durable locks that was impossible to break. 

                                              Too bad they didn't do the same for the hinges. 

                                              "What was that cracking sound, Tom?" the prison van driver asked his partner, startled. 

                                              "Probably my stomach. I told you I was hungry. Let's just get that criminal to jail and go out for a Hamburger Hippo!" 

                                              Meanwhile, Harmonizer and Negaduck tumbled onto the empty street. She quickly got to her feet and tried to pull him aside into some conveniently placed bushes. 

                                              • Negaduck

                                                Yeah yeah yeah. He knew how to fall out of a prison van. Also knew how to dive into cover quickly enough to avoid being seen by any following escort. 

                                                Watching the vehicle disappear through the gates and into the distance, Negaduck took the opportunity to grumble his gratitude. 

                                                "I could've done that."

                                                Not with a set of handcuffs secured to an internal rail he couldn't have.

                                                The concept of truth, as ever, wasted on him entirely. 

                                                • Harmonizer

                                                  Harmonizer rolled her eyes. "You're welcome," she snorted, as she started to remove the rest of his handcuffs. "So... your place or mine? I know some pretty cool ways to 'elp you reform. You'll be 'appier too." 

                                                  • Negaduck

                                                    "Yeah, about that..."

                                                    The second one cuff clicked open, a yellow flash of movement as his arm whipped around her neck, the chain as garrotte, and squeezed.

                                                    What a lovely hug. Of her windpipe. 

                                                    If the sudden deprivation of oxygen didn't finish Harmonizer, perhaps introducing her face to the wall a few times would. 

                                                    "I'm perfectly happy already."

                                                    Dropping her like a sack of battered potato, he spun into the street. It had grown dark and, with no sign of law enforcement anywhere, what was the harm in a little gloating!

                                                    "How stupid are you? I mean really?"

                                                    Freedom! And by the hand of a 'hero'!

                                                    "You're so desperate you'll see good anywhere!"

                                                    Her plant-based companion was one thing - arguably there was some good in there, behind the twisted, ill-considered shadows - but him? Negaduck?

                                                    "Let me make one thing clear. I don't do evil because nobody wuvs me, or because I had a terrible wittle childhood, or because I'm just scared and woney and misunderstood."

                                                    A terrible glint in his masked eyes as he loomed.

                                                    "I do it because I enjoy it."

                                                    For once, ironically, he was telling the truth.

                                                    "And you. You were blinded so much by your supposed compassion you were willing to put thousands of lives on the line to give me a chance. Not the first time you've done that, eh, Harmonizer? I've met some ginormous, bumbling fools in my time but you, you alone must be the biggest."

                                                    Oh the sweet sweet superiority. Tasted good.


                                                    • Max Wicked
                                                      Max Wicked

                                                      All of a sudden, the sound of a sword being unsheathed was heard from behind Negaduck and if Negaduck was to turn around, he'd be facing the edge of a familiar blade. A blade that belonged to one he wanted dead during his attack on St.Canard. "Oh...I also assume you've met those you call fools who have managed to beat you time and time again all because your evil brain always jumps one step ahead and misses that one important step that causes your plans to crumble apart?" That voice belonged to none other than R.K


                                                      R.K swung his sword and went into a combat stance "This has gone on long enough...Do you seriously think I wouldn't notice the obvious police van that was carrying your sorry excuse for a hide that just so happen to lose their one prime criminal that should be be behind bars for eternity?" R.K hadn't taken notice that Harmonizer was responsible and was also in the middle of having her oxygen being blocked out.


                                                      However, R.K would be extremely cautious once he found out about the situation. But for the moment, he was furious with this outcome and its gone on for too long...


                                                      R.K would make sure this would be the last time he deals with Negaduck...Even if it meant sending him to a world of emptiness....Not that it'd be possible for the moment...Or would it?