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Seas the Day

Set after Hell Hath No Fury, when Ariana and Negaduck first depart to track down the Duchess and his soulful ship. Considerable time before The Pirate Queen. Reserved for Negs and Ari at this point, but throw any pitches my way.


He should have been proud.

The two women had commandeered quite the ship, all on their own. Clearly his corruption was all-pervasive.

Once they had gotten comfortable, in a manner of speaking, and night had fallen, the pirate had taken up his brooding position at the bow. Sleep as always rarely beckoned him, and certainly not when there was so much to consider.

If only she whom needed to be plotted against would stop jabbing his insides with hot pokers!

"Would ye quit that for one blasted minute?!" Negaduck yelled at his.. spleen?

Yeah. That was sane.

    • DarkwingPsycho

      Ariana moved on deck, swathed in gentle moonlight, and yawned.  They had had quite the vigorous day, and she felt exhausted.  But how could anyone sleep with a murderous pirate screaming at his innards?

      "Quit what?" she asked softly as she approached from behind, crossing her arms over the shift against the night wind.  "Who are you talking to?"

      • Negaduck

        What was she trying to do? Jump his skeleton out of his skin?

        "Nothing," he said on recovery. "Just a.. sea serpent."

        One that had been quick to disappear on her arrival, it seemed. 

        "Feed them a bit of leftover sailor once, they keep scratching at your hull for more."

        Brilliant cover, not that he had the energy to put into it. Slumping over the railing, a subject change seemed wise. 

        "What're you doing up?"

        Not an accusation for once. Mild interest? A hint of concern? Did he get points for that, hidden agenda aside?

        • DarkwingPsycho

          She smirked at his answer, believing (for some naive reason) that it was a jest.  She padded closer to the railing next to him and looked out over the calm seas.  Inhaling deeply, she said, "Well, it's hard to sleep with you yelling up here."  She passed him a coy, teasing glance.

          "I imagine more is keeping you awake than a sea serpent."

          • Negaduck

            "Sleep is for the dead."

            Dramatically sullen moment ruined, after a silence, by an afterthought.

            "Tiny babies too, I suppose, they sleep. But you can guess which I see more of."

            Taking out a flask from his coat, pulling back a gulp, not so much to brace him against the cold but to have something else to focus on for a brief moment, before sliding back into sullen.

            Regardless, an uncontrollable shiver ran down his spine.



            • DarkwingPsycho

              She blinked at his comment about babies.  Babies of all things.  Negaduck.  It surprised, and then endeared him to her.

              "Hey," she said, leaning over his shoulder, her silken blonde curls sliding against his cheek.  "You're not going to share...?"  She traced her fingers over his arm toward the fingers holding the flask.

              • Negaduck

                Naturally, he clutched the flask tighter.

                "Pirates don't share."

                The twist of a teasing smirk as he took another pull.

                "Get yer own."

                Now there was one thing to cheer him up. Being greedy.

                • DarkwingPsycho

                  "Fine," she pouted.  Then her expression turned mischievous as she grabbed him by the lapels of his overcoat and planted a kiss on him, sucking what she could of the liquid out of his mouth and into her own.

                  Once she was done playing tongue tug-o-war, she pulled back and grinned.  "There."

                  • Negaduck

                    Thump. The sound of a pirate taking a dazed spin onto the deck. 

                    Oxygen deprivation. That's what it was.

                    When the mental fog lifted, he flicked up his hat to look up at Ariana from his semi-crumpled position.

                    "Who taught you how to cheat?"

                    Not that he was complaining.

                    • DarkwingPsycho

                      She shrugged with an impish expression.  "The Roma.  But I didn't really participate that much.  I mostly danced..."

                      She pulled him up to his feet.

                      "...We can't do this alone, you know.  We're going to need more ships, a crew."

                      • Negaduck

                        Fist thumped against the railing - since he was the right height again to reach it. No thank you for that either, obviously. 

                        "Are you saying I could not defeat one mere noble?!" If she could still even be classed as such. 

                        "I could take Malicia with one hand tied behind her back!"

                        Stubborn is as stupid does. Or vice versa. 

                        • DarkwingPsycho

                          "No, I'm not saying that, but there is the matter of her magic...and the fire she can wield.  I could help, but I'm not sure the extent of her power.  At least I've been using mine my whole life, though...she's only barely started."

                          She looked up above them at the wondrous sky overhead, littered with thousands of stars.  "...You can really navigate using all of those?"

                          ((OOC: Sorry!  I totally slipped on this one.))

                          • Negaduck

                            "Got 99 problems but a witch ain't one," grumbled the pirate, but was pulled away from his funk by her query. 

                            Brow raise. "Who's navigating now?"

                            Sure he could read the stars - and not much else - but primary navigation was usually delegated to the second mate. 

                            .. which would've been Ariana?

                            FWOOM! No time to resolve that, however, as they had hit a wild current, the huge waves smashing into the bow. A minor issue really compared to the rocks. 

                            Better round that up to 100 problems. 

                            ((OOC: No wuckas babeh!))

                            • DarkwingPsycho

                              "Whoa!" she cried, stumbling across the deck.  She was now soaked up to her knees.  "What was that??"

                              • Negaduck

                                A little busy with trying to reef down the mainsails, but graciously he managed to throw an answer to her query over the wind.

                                "I believe it be that wet, dark stuff under us known as water!"

                                So gracious.

                                Flying across the rigging like a one-legged spider, with not enough men to work the lines Negaduck simply slashed what he could. It was better than a demasting. Hove to and forward momentum minimised, he landed on his feet by the helm and grabbed for the wheel.

                                "Batten the loot down, lass. I need to turn us into the--"

                                Wind. He was going to say wind. A clap of lightning, however, illuminated exactly what lay in that direction.


                                With no other options he wrenched the rudder to bring them beamwise to the outcrop. Fate was against them, however, as was the swell, which lifted the starboard side of the vessel until with a mighty screech of timber, it keened over completely.

                                The next they would know would be the coarse sand beneath them of some unknown shore.

                                • DarkwingPsycho

                                  She screamed as they crashed, and then everything went black.  It was hours before she came to, and found herself covered in sand, the waves lapping at her lower legs.  Everything ached, but she didn't appear to be harmed.  Forcing herself to stand against the weight of her soaked clothes, she looked around for her captain.

                                  "Negaduck??"  If he'd abandoned her again...

                                  • Negaduck

                                    No, he was not far, face down in the sand, hat somehow still on and covering his head.


                                    Tired. And largely unconscious.

                                    "No no, leave the orphans be," he was muttering. "They need to barbecue longer on that side first..."

                                    A nightmare? Maybe without the proper marinade.

                                    • DarkwingPsycho

                                      She felt relieved when she followed his familiar growly voice.  She knelt down beside him and started shaking him.  "Captain?"

                                      Lifting her gaze, she looked around the beach to see if they were alone and to see if she could find any sign of civilization.

                                      • Negaduck

                                        "Heemy wassit AH!" Flailing awake.

                                        As soon as he managed to focus on the sorceress before him, however, any wild and semi-defensive moves ceased and fell away to, well, his usual grumpiness. Times two.


                                        Standing, surveying and then stomping off in that order, slapping the sand out of his hat.

                                        "No ship, no charts and no clue of where in a dolphin's blowhole we be!"

                                        Reaching the edge of the jungle, pushing aside the foliage he revealed a giant sign carved in stone.

                                        -_- R U M R U N N E R S    B A Y -_- 

                                        Looong stare. Then, regardless of whether she had seen it or not, he let the branches fall back into place.

                                        "Yeah, it's a complete mystery."

                                        Maybe to someone of his.. talents.

                                        • DarkwingPsycho

                                          She followed him hurriedly, trying her best not to do a faceplant in the soft sand.  What choice did she have?

                                          "What is?  Rumrunners Bay?  Is there a town here?"  She was already moving beyond the covered sign into the jungle.

                                          • Negaduck

                                            What, she could read? Even blasted dancers were swanning about him now with their fancy shmancy literacy.

                                            On the plus side, her blurting it out like that provided him with some pretty good cover, and some pretty good news.

                                            "Of course there is - it be the first supply town Malicia would've had to stop before continuing further. I had near starved the crew as something had called me towards a 'Scepter of Malacca'."

                                            Accusing side-eye. Any recriminations were spared, however, by the sight of the sprawling valley city opening out before them.

                                            "All according to plan." Naturally. "Right, let's go wrangle us a wench."


                                            • DarkwingPsycho

                                              She blinked, then her cheeks turned pink as she looked back at him guiltily.  More thinking of his poor crew than anything else.

                                              "We'll need our own supplies," she commented thoughtfully.  At least they still had some of the money they'd stolen from Malicia's summer home.  Her purse was still overfull and heavy on her belt.  "I guess, unless we find her first and use hers."

                                              • Negaduck

                                                "Stabbing first, logistics later," the captain growled, hefting himself down the first part of the steep hill-face.

                                                The main thing was catching up to that detestable Duchess. Mere trivialities like nourishment could wait.   

                                                Soon enough, with the pigheaded pirate leading the way, they had burst into a dismal, dank hole of a shop down by the docks.

                                                If he knew Malicia, she would leave the hauling to his henchmen. And if he knew his henchmen, they would have gone to the same stupid supplier they always did.

                                                "You, you squinty-eyed snitch." The supplier having been caught by the collar and, with the blackout blinds torn aside, was left squinting painfully indeed at both the sudden influx of sunlight and the snarling visage of the scourge Negaduck himself. "Tell me where my crew be, or I'll strand you on the hottest, brightest desert island this side of Fireship Falls!"

                                                'Seen' maybe as a figure of speech, judging from the cowering creature's power of sight. 


                                                • Queen Malicia of St. Canard
                                                  Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                                                  ((Hope you don't mind if I jump in to NPC))

                                                  "Yer crew...? Ye mean the one with the fiery-haired lass leadin' 'em by the balls?" The supplier clicked his tongue.

                                                  "Yeh they were 'ere. The lady was mentioning something about being late for 'er wedding." He chuckled lowly. "I'da given my condolences to the groom t'wer it naught for those sharp claws she was wavin' in my face. I believe they be heading to Cape Kestrel for the ceremony."

                                                  • DarkwingPsycho

                                                    "She's still getting married?" Ariana couldn't help but cry in disbelief.  She had been of the assumption that that ship had sailed, and that Malicia had no interest in pursuing the union.  She blinked and looked at Negaduck.  "Is she trying to dupe the commodore into giving up control of his ships?"

                                                    • Negaduck

                                                      THAT.. was admittedly a terrific idea.

                                                      But of course it wasn't his so it couldn't count.

                                                      "Regardless of the many ways which she be duping him, there is no way she is taking my cursed ship to a cursed wedding!"

                                                      Cursed in a manner of speaking, that was.

                                                      To the shopkeep, he snarled, "Give me your best vessel for storming the Cape!"

                                                      Cut to floating cape-bound in a carnation-clad cutter. What, someone had to bring the floral arrangements, and what better disguise than the actual florist? 

                                                      Naturally, however, this left the fearsome Negaduck in yet another fearsome sulk.

                                                      "I hate this."