RP: Explosive Temper IIIB

In his comfortable and typically imposing command chair, the supervillain responsible for the latest bout of chaos was chuckling. Supervillain-ly.

"Now this-" Meaning the explosions and random terror below. "-is the sort of Big Bang Theory I like to see!"

Fortunately nobody was around to suffer through that Negapun. Or were they?


[[OOC: Reserved for Negs and Harmonizer at first, with Darkwing (DP) and Red Knight to maybe drop in later. Any questions hit me up! Preferably not literally.]]

    • Harmonizer

      There was! 

      Harmonizer, sneaking around the chaos and hiding from lasers and projectiles flying wildly, as careful as she was, she was still hit. 

      By the horrible Negapun. 

      A giggle escaped her, but she shook her head clear and tried to focus. That joke definitely meant The Cause Of All This is somewhere near. 

      Above, in fact. 

      Standing in the darkness of the alley, she stared up at that ridiculous-shaped blimp, her eyebrows scrunched up a little, then she quickly moved to action, running to a tall building (and ducking from a randomly fired fireball) and climbed it as quickly as she could, while tryong to avoid being spotted. 

      Now, if she timed it right... she wouldn't plummet to her death. She briefly wondered what her funeral would be like. She had no identification on her, so her family probably wouldn't be informed about her passing. Although her sister could identify the body and call her father... if she still cared. They haven't spoken to each other in a while. 

      Maybe it would be a good thing. She might give her father a heart attack. 

      And Reggie... he'd definitely be upset. Will he go bonkers like the gala episode, attacking people and tearing up the city? 

      Those thoughts crossed her mind like the speed of a train. She quickly focused on the Negablimp again, then made a jump, straight into the airship and rolling on the ground before coming to a stop. 

      Oh and she bumped straight into the command chair. That... would probably ruin Negaduck's lovely view of the city. 

      • Negaduck

        "Well, if it isn't a villain's favourite little helper."

        Not surprised in the least to see her. You didn't hover above the city in a giant warship and not expect a few caped crashers. 

        "Any particular reason for this fly-in visit?"

        As in are you going to be foolish enough to stop me, or...?

        • Harmonizer

          Harmonizer narrowed her eyes at his stinging words and drew her tantō

          "I'm done 'elping you, Negaduck," she growled. "I'm taking you een!" 

          Yep. She was foolish enough to stop him. 

          • Negaduck

            Yup. Still a hero.

            Tapping impatiently on the chair arm was his only outward reaction, as he went on to explain as if she were a child, "See, I think you're confused. You've got that completely backwards."

            Stepping her through the re-do oh so kindly, "You mean, you're done taking me in. You're helping me-"

            Without any warning an insanely large gun appeared by his side, which he then shot her in the head with. Thankfully it did not appear to be a standard bullet or blast firing gun, rather one that sent a pulse backwards into a large satellite-like dish on the scope, which then radiated the energy out and over her. 

            "-thanks to a little thing I like to call Mode #2, or mind control."

            Not that Harmonizer would have cared at that stage what he called it, had her brain been blasted, but it wasn't like that had ever stopped him before. 

            • Harmonizer

              As soon as Harmonizer saw the gun, she immediately flung herself to the side. However, she was still caught in the blast, and dropped limply to the floor. 

              A moment later, she stood up and faced him, but her eyes were blank and vacant, completely unresponding to his next few words. She didn't even make a move to attack him. 

              She was under his control now. 

              • Negaduck

                Standing, he waited. No more accenty grandiose statements?

                "That's more like it."

                Gun put to the side, "I have one job for you. With all this, I could've done it myself, but I think we'll both enjoy it more this way."

                Not that he would be giving her a vote. 

                "I want you to use the full extent of your powers.. to take down SHUSH."

                You know. Have fun with that. 

                "I'd also tell you to go whack Bushbrain in the face but I don't know how long this effect would last, and I'd rather not waste the juice."

                Not on something he would rather do himself anyway. 

                "So? What're you waiting for? Go."

                Hypno slaves these days. Honestly. 

                • Harmonizer

                  "Got eet." 

                  Walking to the edge of the blimp, she somersaulted off it and landed on the rooftop of a building nearby. Seeing SHUSH, she automatically headed towards it. 

                  Normally, having being in situations like these and experienced fighting mind control, she honestly should have done better. However, her hatred of SHUSH was ever growing, and it would... cloud her subconscious judgement. 

                  As she neared SHUSH, two guards appeared at the entrance to stop her, recognising her from the wanted posters.

                  Continuing to stare blankly, she drew her harmonica and played a short tune, and her music was set free once more. Cries of surprise and pain ensured, though she still had enough control in herself to stop before she could actually kill them. She then walked past the groaning guards and entered the building. 

                  • Negaduck

                    The sounds of distress and desolation floated up to the blimp like the addictively calming wafts of something else that was widely illegal.

                    Negaduck sat back in satisfaction.

                    "Well, I suppose that's enough terrorising for one night."


                    "Over their dead bodies."

                    And thus began what could be described as a grand 'demo version' of the magically altered sonic weapon, or MAnic Gun for short. Politicians were zapped into slugs. Schools were attacked by hordes of were-bunnies. What remained of the police were left doing the Macarena. And the offices of Buzzedfeed were sucked into a nether dimension, the fact of which nobody really noticed.

                    All done without the slightest bit of interference. 

                    • Darkwing Duck
                      Darkwing Duck

                      Or so he thought.

                      There was a loud CRASH as a gaudy red and purple motorcycle burst through the large glass windows that covered one side of the NegaBlimp, and the hero at its helm managed to turn it with a squeal of the thick tires into an impressive stop.

                      After a swift exchange of helmet for fedora, Darkwing stood on the driver's seat, gas gun pointed at his nemesis.

                      "Negaduck!" he said, as if just now realizing who was behind the chaos below.  "I should have known you were behind this!"

                      • Negaduck

                        Unperturbed, the criminal in question swung around in his command chair. Not even getting up because he did not even consider this particular partycrasher a threat.

                        "About time the fun brigade showed up."

                        And trust Darkwing to bring a motorcycle to a blimp fight.

                        "What's the matter, Dorkwing? Too scared to bust a move?"

                        Although if the hero did move, it wouldn't be the dance ray he'd be looking at. 

                        • Darkwing Duck
                          Darkwing Duck

                          "Hardly," Darkwing replied, jumping off of the bike and moving toward Negaduck - gas gun at the ready.  "I'm here to soundly stop your second-rate shenanigans, you scurrilous scoundrel!  Surrender now or suck gas!"

                          • Negaduck

                            Why surrender when you can snark?

                            "Second-rate? Now look who's talking."

                            Once Negaduck himself had managed to control his bristling at that particular insult.

                            "Do you know you've been shown up by a farce in a fur suit? Why, with all these new heroes running around, you'll be lucky to even make the top ten!"

                            • Darkwing Duck
                              Darkwing Duck

                              Now it was Darkwing's turn to force himself to control his bristling.  "Says the so-called 'supervillain' shown up by a SLUG!  I don't know where or how you got all of those weird weapons, but this wild, wild west you've rendered is about to be wrapped up!"

                              He fired the gun at Negaduck, but instead of a gas canister, a rope and hook shot out, wrapping around the chair and hopefully the public enemy.

                              • Negaduck

                                It did so, and Negaduck allowed it, albeit with an expression of mild annoyance. 

                                "Really, Darkwing?"

                                Taking hold of the taut bonds with his limited movement, with an unexpectedly powerful yonk moved to pull it, gun and all, out of the hero's hands. 

                                If that succeeded, a flick of his wrist and he would set the rope spinning back above his head, lasso style...

                                ... and over Darkwing's head. 

                                "If this were the Wild West, they wouldn't let you rustle a frog!"

                                • Darkwing Duck
                                  Darkwing Duck

                                  The move was unexpected, so it took the masked mallard off guard.  The gun flew out of his hands and he blinked as HE was suddenly roped.  "Hey!  What the--??"  He struggled against the rope and glared at Negaduck.

                                  "Oh yeah?  Well THIS duck isn't bested yet!  You forgot about my trusty buzzsaw cufflinks!"  He lifted his arms and the gadgets whirled to life.  He sliced through the rope and ran toward Negaduck, lunging forward to pummel the public enemy.

                                  • Negaduck

                                    Too bad he hadn't taken long to remember them himself. He would've added chain. 

                                    No time for that though. Instinctively the crook fell onto his back and channeled the incoming energy airborne. 

                                    Hopefully with enough force to splat the superhero into something - or through something. 

                                    • Darkwing Duck
                                      Darkwing Duck

                                      Darkwing did indeed go splat against the control panels, and the blimp started taking a dive.  As Darkwing clambered up to his feet, he used the same panel for support and accidentally pressed a rather ominous red button.

                                      Warning, warning!  This blimp will self-destruct in one minute.


                                      • Negaduck

                                        Not his precious controls!

                                        "You KNOB!"

                                        Yanking back on the yolk and increasing throttle to correct the dive - not without giving the entire population of Central Park a heart attack - Negaduck immediately turned his attention to overriding the self destruct. 

                                        Which seemed to involve catching Darkwing by the collar and ramming his head into the panel edge repeatedly. 

                                        "ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL US ALL?!"

                                        That's MY job.

                                        With brute force for once not appearing to work, he threw the crimefighter back into the centre cabin, aiming at least for a nice big X on the floor. 

                                        "There's only one way to shut it off now. Stand right there and flap your arms like you're trying to take off."

                                        Leaving Negaduck to try to wrangle the controls. 

                                        "Quickly! We're almost out of time!"

                                        A computerised countdown confirmed as much. 

                                        T-MINUS 5.




                                        "DO IT, NOW!"


                                        • Darkwing Duck
                                          Darkwing Duck

                                          Darkwing's head was shoved further and further into his turtleneck with each hit, and when he was thrown back into the cabin, there were tiny Thunderquacks flying around his head and a few teeth were missing.  "Can I get off the teacups now?" he slurred dizzily.

                                          When he came to his senses, he crossed his arms and glared at his foe.  "Yeah, right.  Like I'm going to fall for something as stupid as that!"

                                          Then, when nothing Negaduck seemed to be doing was working and the countdown was almost complete, he felt a surge of urgency.  Without a second thought, he started flapping his arms wildly over the X, looking like a chicken with its head cut off.

                                          "I'm trying, I'm TRYING!" he screamed back in a panic.

                                          • Negaduck

                                            Two things happened in quick succession. 

                                            Wires shot out from each side of the ship, aiming to bind Darkwing by his conveniently outstretched wrists, and pull tight to suspend him slightly off the ground. Try buzzing out of that. 

                                            Negaduck meanwhile had spun in the chair to level a deadpan look at his counterpart just as the countdown concluded. 


                                            The panel shook. The controls steamed. And as it seemed the whole thing was about to explode...

                                            With an anti-climatic party whistle, a pitiful amount of confetti erupted from an overhead compartment. 

                                            "What kind of moron," said the villain by way of explanation. "Builds a self-destruct into his own damn ship?"

                                            Guilty as charged on a number of bad guy cliches, notably the monologuing and evil laughter, but not that one. 

                                            "Now," Picking the sonic weapon up off the forward mount. "Where were we?"

                                            Poor Darkwing. Should've listened to his initial instincts. 

                                            • Darkwing Duck
                                              Darkwing Duck

                                              The hero gulped from where he hung, splayed and vulnerable.  He pulled at the metallic clamps, but there was no getting out of them.

                                              He glowered.  "I should have known you'd pull some kind of stunt like that," he spat.  "When I get out of these, I'm going to --"

                                              • Negaduck

                                                "Congeal in a puddle of your own juices?"

                                                Boy that weapon made an ominous arming noise. 

                                                "I've been saving the 'inside out' feature for you, Darkwing." And he wasn't referring to the tear-jerker motion picture. "Feel honoured."

                                                Sardonic as always as he brought it to his caped shoulder. 

                                                "Finally the people of St Canard get to see what sort of guts their hero has!"

                                                Cliche or not, he couldn't help himself indulge in at least a little evil chuckle, before pulling the trigger. 


                                                An explosion of colour and goo as the blast headed for Darkwing.. and veered off course to hit a soda machine instead?

                                                A rare expression of genuine disbelief on the crook. 


                                                How was that even possible? It wasn't an aim issue, the beam was totally on target until the last second! It was as if it had hit a barrier, or a forcefield, but since when did Darkwimp have that sort of power?

                                                • Darkwing Duck
                                                  Darkwing Duck

                                                  Darkwing gulped.  "The what-now?"  He was already starting to sweat.  "Negs ol' buddy, ol' pal, perhaps I spoke out of turn!  We can work this out, right??"

                                                  He squeezed his eyes shut tightly as the weapon fired...then peeked up when Negaduck screamed in disbelief.  An audible whew escaped his bill.  Then an overly confident grin replaced the look of relief.

                                                  "Ha!  Nice shot, Annie Oakley," he taunted, using one of Negaduck's own jeers from the past.  "You couldn't hit a gorilla in the desert."

                                                  • Negaduck

                                                    Ignoring the question of why you would want to hit a gorilla in a desert, the taunt snapped Negaduck from astonishment to anger. Nice thinking, Annie Easley. 

                                                    Thumbing the dial across to Setting 9, in case the problem - Hades forbid - was with his favourite mode.

                                                    "Let's see how smart that beak is when it spontaneously combusts!"


                                                    Click. Click. Click.


                                                    Tilting it to the side, the gauge near his trigger hand confirmed the worst - out of juice. 

                                                    "Bwah-AGHH!" A moment for the supervillain to restrain a supertantrum. "I shouldn't have unleashed that slug tornado upon the Girl Scout Headquarters."

                                                    Adding, to whom? "Even if I did really enjoy it."

                                                    Back to his captive, "I've got to charge this thing - probably by zapping the energy of mobs of innocents." That, at least, was a bonus. "Until that's done, you get to hang around."

                                                    What was worse, bearing helpless witness to a rampage against a defenceless populace, or the puns?

                                                    • Darkwing Duck
                                                      Darkwing Duck

                                                      Darkwing winced again, but when nothing happened he only looked more smug than before.  "Shot your wad too soon, eh?"

                                                      For once, he was grateful that Gosalyn had argued and stubbornly refused to join the Girl Scouts.

                                                      As soon as Negaduck was gone, he took a deep breath.  "Okay..." he muttered to himself.  "I just have to remember what the Arabs taught me in Timbuktu!  The ancient art of...bone...dislocation!"  He grunted and wheezed as he forced his thumb down and across his palm until he could hear the joint give.  Then he did the same with a couple of the smaller bones at the wrist until he could juuuuuuust squeeze his hands out from the metallic cuffs.

                                                      "Ouchie!" he whined, falling forward and flinging his arms until the bones popped back into place.

                                                      "Now to find Negaduck and destroy that weapon before he drains the denizens of the city dry!"

                                                      He took off after his twin.