RP: Explosive Temper III

After running, reasonably literally, into a news reporter or two...

The fires of burning squad cars lit the night as the flood of hoodlums spread through the streets. Whenever a new police presence dared to appear, ZAP, and they were quickly turned into zombies, or encased in goo. 

Needless to say, the boys were having a marvellous time. 

"Heeh," One beefy - brawn not brain type - canine mused while hoisting an entire safe onto a shoulder. "I ain't had this much fun since Monopoly."


[[OOC: For Max aka Red Knight and Negs at this point but mail me with any pitches. NPCing goons but other criminal types particularly welcome.]]

    • Max Wicked
      Max Wicked

      R.K stood above a building watching the chaos ensue and noticed their mysterious weapons that looked like they belonged somewhere he had seen them before and he also took notice of the blimp "...So...Negaduck must have armed all of these crooks after I defeated him...But to think he'd be so desparate to need THAT much reinforcements...No matter....Its showtime." he said as he spotted the crook with the safe below and so, he used his magic to cloak himself and attempt another intro and soon, a spotlight appeared on the ground.


      "I am the blade that cuts through darkness! I am the light that outshines the darkness...For I am....The Red Knight!" he said as he appeared from a red aura pulling his Wicked Sword out from its sheath and swinging it into a combat stance "I suggest you stand down now before that safe you have there will become the opposite of its meaning!"


      This was going to be a long and tough fight...But SOMEONE had to do it...But where were the rest of the heroes when you needed them?

      • Negaduck

        And the safe did become the opposite of its meaning. Because the great big idiot hefting it gave a great big chuckle and hurled the entire thing at the Red Knight. 

        Here's hoping he was good at Donkey Kong, because that thing flew like a boulder. 

        "What're you doin', lunkhead?!" snapped one of his smaller, wirier colleagues. "Don't give 'im the goods, give 'im this!"

        Whipping out a pistol and firing at the hero, he was quickly copied by one or two others. 

        The thing was none of them were firing ordinary kill-you-where-you-stand bullets. These were more of the kill-you-where-you-run variety, for they would follow a target, even around corners. Like heatseekers. Except, in this case, Maxseekers. 


        • Max Wicked
          Max Wicked

          R.K's eyes widen as all he saw was a giant safe thrown towards him "Yikes!" he said as he rolled out of the way and facepalmed as he saw what the villain was attempting "If I was some anti-hero, I'd be stealing this money...Using your own good as a weap--WHOA!" he was interrupted as they began to fire at R.K with homing bullets. R.K decided the best course of action was to fall back slightly and trick the criminals. As he ran and was chased by the homing bullets, he would use his blade as a shield as he attempted to deflect the bullets and make them hit the ground. 'Damn it...This isn't gonna be easy...How am I supposed to win a fight like this...?' he thought to himself as he tried to think of a weakness he could take advantage of.

          • Negaduck

            "There he is!" A bellow from around the other corner. 

            "Hey, ain't that the guy from Negaduck's hit list?"

            "GET 'IM!"

            That war cry seemed to indicate a consensus as the two lots of crooks charged. Two lots being the group at one end of the alley.. and the group at the other. 

            Meaning the Red Knight was surrounded.

            In they closed, waving weapons, shooting more Max-seeking bullets, and in one thug's case, firing a rocket launcher. A rocket that would not merely explode its target, but turn it to lovely sludge. 

            No, really not his knight at all. 

            • Max Wicked
              Max Wicked

              R.K raised an eyebrow at the mention of hit list. Negaduck must really want him dead...Hopefully it'd be the opposite tonight. R.K ran into the alley way and looked both sides and saw he was ambushed "Damn it...You have got to be kidding me." he looked around as he saw them armed to the teeth. Quickly, he looked for an opening before they could charge and shoot him. R.K noticed a dumpster in front of him and above that a window ledge and a few places to climb his way out of danger's way. Quickly, he leapt on to the dumpster and did a runner up the wall to reach for the window ledge and began to climb but as the bullets whooshed past his ears a couple of times, he'd try to guard with his sword or at least try to dodge and eventually, he managed to make it up to the roof.


              But in the process, one lucky bullet hit his left shoulder "Arg..." he ran out the way and noticed he didn't see any blood and noticed the bullet likely must have cut through his armour slightly "...Thank heavens for this armour...That would have hurt like hell." R.K unsheathed the Wicked Gunlance in his other hand and prepared himself for whatever ambush would lie ahead. 

              • Negaduck

                The rocket had sailed straight through the space left by the vigilante and exploded.. in the faces of the incoming gang. Turning a handful of them into.. slugs? Well, that at least took care of some of their number.

                His escape to the roof, however, was not left alone for long. The remaining mob was determined. Negaduck would pay well for his capture or otherwise - maybe even they'd get a real party this time!

                Grappling hooks landed over the balustrades and soon crooks of all calibres were swarming onto the building. 

                Surrounded, again, and now with nowhere to go.

                "Give it up, bozo," smirked one of the leaders, weighing a nasty sparking morning star in his hands. 

                "Don't you know your kind are on the endangered list 'round here?" 

                Guns and weapons drawn.

                "Not for long though. 'Cos you're about to become extinct!"

                Attack! And all at once they swapped him from all sides, stacks-on the superhero.

                • Max Wicked
                  Max Wicked

                  R.K stopped dead in his tracks as he was ambushed and as he was about to run in the opposite direction, he soon found there was no way out "...Just how many of you did Negaduck hire...Seriously?" Looking around him, he saw he was definitely outnumbered...Now would be a good time to unleash 'THAT' form...A form he'd only use in dire situations..But the issue was...Would he even be able to charge up in time to even unleash his Within form? As he quickly thought, it was already too late as they charged towards him and began to stack on him. R.K held his defenses and began to concentrate...He had no idea what changes would be made to the armour but likely...Not many. His aura soon began to emanate red and he began to shine red more and more brightly. Almost as if red was the only thing people would see instead of seeing R.K.


                  Closing his eyes, he began to tap in until... BOOM a red explosion made of what was R.K's aura would knock all of the criminals off of him and put them into confusion and possibly fear if the appearance really did it. Now stood in the middle of the explosion stood a black armoured and red robed fox who had a hood covering his head but what stuck out from the dark in the hoodie was his red glowing eyes. There weren't even any pupils. The eyes were completely red. The figure began to spoke "I am the blade that has been submerged with enraged flames...I am the light that disintegrates the darkness and reveals truth and justice...I am...The Within Red Knight..." The voice was relatively intimidating and sounded slightly echo-y. These criminals...Were about to have their scales tipped.

                  • Negaduck

                    The blast indeed had the effect of knocking the gang off their feet, both in terms of balance and morale. Of those that hadn't been blown clear off the building, the remaining felt shaky.

                    What the heck was this guy?!

                    A good chunk of them weren't going to stick around and find out. They fled by whatever means they could - even if it meant leaping streetbound into dumpsters. Please, don't too many heroes jump on the 'taking out the trash' line at once.

                    Of the hardcore group that were left standing, one of the ringleaders was snapped out of his shock by the sounds of a scream. The big safe-throwing lunkhead from earlier had been thrown back clear off the roof into a balcony of an apartment block opposite, where he dangled.. until his grip failed, despite those hulking muscles, and he fell.

                    "FREDDY!" his 'friend' cried, before turning that rage on the one he held responsible.

                    The Red Knight.

                    "What're you all waiting for?! Tear 'im apart!"

                    And there started presumably the final charge, bullets firing, knives slashing. And presumably it would end in a mess - of them, or the hero.

                    • Max Wicked
                      Max Wicked

                       [Okay, I'm back!]


                      W.R.K watched as he saw the big goon finally met his 'end' and saw the ringleader with a look that definitely screamed the 'I'm going to tear you limb from limb and then feed them to my dog' face. The moment the final charge started, W.R.K held out his blade as he began to defend himself from the bullets and his movements were extremely swift for a hero in heavy armour. Once one of them decided to throw in a slash with a knife at W.R.K, he warped. Almost as if he teleported...But little did they know, was that he was standing right behind them and spoke "Right behind you..." W.R.K swung at the blades of the knives and the cut blades flipped out and landed exactly back on what was left of the knife...Before tipping over. "Its not too late to turn yourselves in...Unless you wish to be destroyed by my power..." despite the overlimit R.K had unleashed, he still would play the pacifist hero as they didn't look like the bunch who would be fully professional and dedicated in their work at a time like this. 


                      "Do you seriously think you gain ANYTHING from this...? Negaduck is using all of you for his personal gain...He wants to take over this city and claim it all for himself and soon, he'll take all of you and use you...Or better yet...He may even try to kill you and believe that you're a tool who has met their end..." Hopefully they'd buy that and turn back now...Or else the hero was really going to have to unleash his wrath.

                      • Negaduck

                        The gang, collectively, had raised their hands. Weapons not dropped though - they didn't exactly know what to expect.

                        "Well yeah," chimed back one of the leaders. Like a-durr.

                        "We're -hurr- we're not stoopid," said, ironically, one of the stupidest ones of the lot.

                        They all had been burnt by Negaduck before. But free awesome weaponry, man! Free run of the city! What self-unrespecting crook could turn that down? 

                        There was something approaching them though. Something large. And the boys knew exactly what it was.

                        "Looks like that's our ride," smirked the shortie, as the Negablimp plowed straight through the lot of them.

                        "Stab you later!" he whooped from the aircraft's 'bill' as it just as swiftly sped upwards into the night sky.

                        Leaving Red Knight with naught.. except the scatterings of wounded and stunned below, and a sample of the weaponry they had dropped.

                        At least he had put a solid stop to the rampaging. But what next?

                        ((OOC: Sorry I had to steal my goons to smoosh DW! You could head over to the Evacuation Centre that just got hit by Negaduck's energy zapping ray, or generally help out round up the criminals and civilians? Message me if you like!))

                        • Max Wicked
                          Max Wicked

                          W.R.K was about to stop them but stopped himself. It was too late...At this rate, his magic was going to run out soon and he would still need it for the battles ahead. W.R.K glowed a bright white compared to the red when he transformed and appeared back into the Red Knight and fell to one knee "...I really should get more...Practice in with that..." he panted.  Getting up, he swung the Wicked Sword back into its sheath and flipped the Wicked Gunlance into its holster.


                          "...Just where do they plan on striking next...? And what was their ride coming out of the blue all about..? They don't seem like the type to just retreat..." he rubbed his muzzle. But before he could think about it, he heard a scream and turned his head in the direction it came from....Next stop...The evacuation centre!


                          [OOC: Let's get to saving some civilians and deal with crooks at the same time! Maybe even chuck in a super villain if you wish.]