A Glimmer of Justice

It was yet another dark night in St.Canard...All was calm. It was that time of night for everyone to finish off another hard day of work. However, in these dark hours would rise opportunities for villains to strike at their desired places for some nice easy loot to take. Its at times like these when the many heroes of St.Canard are depended on by the citizens. Starting tonight would be the night where a new super hero makes his appearance...Only because his true identity was being hunted at night...Up atop one of St.Canard's more taller skyscrapers stood a silhouette of a fox in what looked to be modified metallic armour with a few unique markings on it. The one standing out the most would be the initials R.K. The hero wore a red bandanna around his eyes and wore a red scarf that was also like a cape. The sword he'd carry would look familiar however to those who had seen it before...Almost belonging to a hero from...another world.


The hero ahem-ed and spoke quietly out loud to himself "Okay...So how do super heroes introduce themselves...Uhh...Ah, yeah...They announce themselves!" The armoured super hero then ahems again loudly and spoke loudly "Listen well, St.Canard! Tonight rises the mark of a new super hero! I shall be your light in the darkest times! You may call me...The Red Knight!" The Red Knight then briefly looked around him and all the response he received was crickets "...Perhaps...I'm being a bit of a public offender by making this racket..." he said quietly to himself as he felt somewhat embarrassed. R.K wasn't one to have the prowess of a super hero...Well, practice makes perfect would be the quote that would be in his head for a while.

    • Negaduck

      Racket? That was a sparrow's hiccup compared to the racket that erupted from the Loral and Mantle jewellery store downtown, involving what sounded like a block's worth of alarms, civilians shrieking, and the occasional explosion. 

      The source of the chaos became apparent moments later. A figure in red, yellow and black, hauling an overweight businessman in an off brown suit over his shoulder.

      Wait, no, that was just a sack.

      Said sack was deposited, with an expensive clink of stolen loot, into the tray of a nearby monster truck, that happened to be nearly as gaudily decked out as its owner.

      "All in a good day's.. well, I'd hardly call it work!" 

      Negaduck cackled, pocketing one diamond for later gloating over, and swung into the driver's seat. The bazooka he had used to conduct the robbery in the cab next to him, raising an important question - could bazookas ride 'shotgun'?

      Also, slightly less pressing, who was going to stop him, as the wheels spun for the next target.

      • Max Wicked
        Max Wicked

        R.K jumped in alarm upon hearing the screeching alarm "What the...?!" Quickly, he approached the source of the noise as he scaled across the other building and got to lower heights to get a better sight at what was going on. It was there he saw a somewhat familiar face...No, could it be...Has a hero turned bad?! R.K had heard so much things about Darkwing being the hero of the city but he had never figured he'd have a second identity to do THIS! Or perhaps...It was a imposter...Whomever it was, R.K would not allow for this distasteful law breaking!


        R.K watched for a moment while also thinking "Uhh...Do super heroes normally announce themselves before they begin a fight with a villain? No, no...I shouldn't do that...That'd leave me wide open...Hmm..." But then he soon heard a screech and facepalmed himself hard "Damn it! No time to be thinking about what a super hero does!" R.K quickly gave chase to the flashy monster truck and while in pursuit, he began to think where the villain would head next and how he could get them by surprise.


        As Negaduck went for the next target, R.K eventually figured out where he was going and found a building not too high and awaited Negaduck so he could begin the ambush. But somehow...R.K had a strange feeling about this Darkwing lookalike...Almost as if they were gonna prove to me more work then the other villains R.K has faced so far.

        • Negaduck

          More work from the get-go it appeared, as the supervillain in question pulled up front of the next target.. and reversed straight into the building his follower happened to be skulking on. 

          With a shuddering of steel, it tilted unsteadily to one side, but remained standing. For the moment. 

          The felon paid it no mind - all in a day of mindless destruction - and hoisted the rocket over his shoulder. 

          BOOM! The door blasted open, trapping its occupants inside. 

          "I am the cockroach you cannot smoosh. I am the word processor that crashes a second you save your work." 

          The smoke cleared at an appropriately dramatic moment, revealing one of the most feared criminals in St Canard.. and was that lava damage?

          "I am Negaduck."

          Like he needed an introduction. He was as unpopular as the plague! Or.. kale. 

          • Max Wicked
            Max Wicked

            R.K stood up slightly as he prepared to ambush the criminal...Wait, why does that engine sound like its getting threateningly loude--CRASH 

            R.K fell over and felt the structure becoming incredibly unstable. Now was the time to get people to evacuate and deal with whoever this villain was...Darkwing or not. R.K found a nearby ceiling window. Sneaking in, he climbed along the shadows and then thought for a moment 'Okay...Should I announce myself...? Wait, what's that creaki--WHA!'

            Metal climbable structures of the ceiling gave way likely from the earlier damage that the villain had caused. With a loud thump, he landed outside of the villain's sight...Just barely but the noise would be a dead give away...Especially considering his armour... "Ugggh....I'm gonna feel that in the morning..." But now was not the time to be mumbling about pain. The criminal would surely be on to him! R.K took cover for a moment and waited for just the right moment...

            • Negaduck

              The crash and cloud of dust outside only enhanced the dramatic aapearence, so again Negaduck paid it no mind. That sort of thing was always happening around him. 

              No guesses as to why. 

              Continuing, "Alright, hand over all the... what do you have here anyway?"

              Mid-demand it had dawned on him that rather than the usual patronage there were a lot of people in medical coats tending to other people in big recliners, all staring in fear. And also confusion. 

              One of the smaller canines in a coat stepped forward. "Sir, I'm sorry, this is a blood bank."

              "Argh, damn kooky GPS! I-" Being a professional villain however, meant being able to plot on one's feet. Or webs. "Oh, well, load that in too. Got an idea for a theme park you'll be dying to see."

              Exchanged glances between the doctors, and she tried again. "Mr Negaduck, please! These resources are crucial for the hospital. It goes to the critically injured, major surgeries, sick children!"

              "That changes everything." Let them get their hopes up and... "I'll take your reserves too."

              The outcry that arose was like monstrous music to his ears, but silenced quickly enough with the weapon moved to his shoulder. 

              "Come on, come on, I haven't got all day. Unless you want to see me spill some of the unbagged stuff now."

              A grin, to nobody in particular, "Sounds kind of fun, now I think about it..."

              One trigger touch away from disaster. Er, further disaster. 

              *** Even without supervillains, blood stocks in many countries are dangerously low. You don't need to wear a cape to save someone's life - consider blood donation today! ***

              • Max Wicked
                Max Wicked

                R.K blinked...A blood bank and this villain was going to steal important resources for very sick people...? This Negaduck really sounded morally challenged and somehow, he had a feeling this villain would do things that even some evildoers would say no to doing. As he listened to the situation, he couldn't help but wonder what kind of villain he was dealing with...This one definitely stuck out like a sore thumb...Like a thumb that's been pricked for a blood check. 


                R.K shook his head and thought 'Okay...Let's try some a fancy entrance...' focusing carefully, R.K concentrated his magic and made a small spotlight nearby the villain. With a small ahem, he decided to go for it "I am the light...That shines through the darkness! I am the blade of evil's bane...I am the hero who donates to the poor and the ill..." With a red and yellow flash, R.K appeared in the spotlight "I...Am The Red Knight!...Wait, that sounds a lot like someone's else's entrance..." Small pause "Either way..." R.K pulled out the Wicked Sword and Wicked Gunlance "Alright...'Negaduck' as you called yourself! Your crime spree ends here and if you don't come quietly...I'll be sure to give these good people a blood donation....From your blood!" Actually, while that was a decent taunt R.K may have made...Who knows what could happen to these people if they had their blood transfused with Negaduck's own blood...Not a good thought. 

                • Negaduck

                  The dramatic entrance impressed the felon to the extent the same style appearance from another masked mallard ever impressed Negaduck. 

                  Which was to say, not at all. 

                  "For rat's sake, why do all the training-wheel hero-types come after me?!"

                  A real mystery wrapped in an enigma that was. 

                  To the Red Knight, seemingly civilised, "You want me to 'come quietly', do you?"

                  Lavazooka back on his caped shoulder, taking on a rather mad snarl. "How's this for quietly?!"


                  Rocket fired at the intruder in a burst of flame. The hunk of rock it launched appeared to meld mid-flight into molten mineral, sending civilians screaming and diving for cover in all directions. Sort of similar to firing an active volcano at someone. 

                  No pulling any punches with the newbie, it seemed. 

                  • Max Wicked
                    Max Wicked

                    R.K gave Negaduck a look of disapproval upon being titled a training wheel hero type...Oh, if only he knew who he really was back in his world...Wait, is that...? UH OH. R.K took notice of the Lavazooka and as Negaduck fired, R.K quickly ran behind him and leaped over a reception desk and hit the floor briefly until the rocket made its course. 


                    While R.K took cover he yelled loudly to the other citizens "Get yourselves out of here now! Your lives are in jeopardy if you stay any longer!" Once the rocket had finished, R.K popped out from the reception desk "Alright, enough fooling around! You might have a decent weapon, but a rocket launcher that propels lava alone isn't going to stop me!" he said as he pulled the Wicked Gunlance out from its holster in his other hand. Now in a sword and gun stance "Now before we get serious...I'll give you a final warning! Stop now or I'll give you a shocking plot twist that will mark the end of your criminal life!" Strangely enough...He sounded more like a cop than a hero...Hopefully his skills in the matter won't be to the likes of regular cops in this operation...

                    • Negaduck

                      Pinching the bridge of his beak, the villain groaned. 

                      "Kill me now."

                      Rhetorically. Presumably. In any case, Negaduck had clearly had enough heroic dramatics to last a criminal lifetime. 

                      Once again, he shouldered the weapon, but this time aimed at the roof supports. 

                      Directly above the Red Knight. 

                      "Suck asbestos, fleabag."

                      He fired, exploding molten hot lava through the structure, eating through its integrity faster than a famished toddler in an Easter parade.

                      As the above floors, then the nearby walls, collapsed in atop the hero's head, Negaduck could be forgiven - in a strict manner of speaking - for assuming either the do-gooder would have to abandon the doomed citizens, or he himself was done for. 

                      Job done, seemingly, he turned his back, and strolled away. 

                      Honestly, the things he had to work with...

                      • Max Wicked
                        Max Wicked

                        R.K watched as Negaduck prepared to fire but his eyes widen as he realized where he was aiming "No, don't!" but it was already too late. Now R.K had a heavy job to do. Catch the crook and save the people...And himself. R.K got leaped out of the way of what was falling above him but it caught his leg and made him yell in pain.


                        However, he had a good view of what appeared to be Negaduck planning to walk back where to his monster truck sat half inside the building, R.K took aim at the ceiling which was above the monster truck "You're not...Going anywhere!" he said as he fired multiple times to hopefully break the part of the ceiling down to stop Negaduck from escaping. If the bullets succeed and bring the rubble down on to the monster truck, R.K would then attempt to pull his leg or try to move the rubble off of his leg

                        • Negaduck

                          The monster truck could hack it but Negaduck, by contrast, was much squishier.


                          The lovely sound of a huge chunk of debris landing right on top of the unsuspecting villain, and turning him instantly into a villain pancake.

                          That would not be the end of him, oh no. Two 2D hands wiggled out from under the boulder, and Negacrepe pulled himself out. Which may have involved an unfortunate impression of a dance move known as the Worm. Until,


                          Back to his unflattened self, albeit a little worse for wear.

                          "Man," he muttered, spinning woozily. "Today was not the day to cancel my health plan."

                          A recovery which would provide about 20 seconds respite before he started firing that lava canon again. Unless, of course, the Red Knight disabled him sooner.

                          • Max Wicked
                            Max Wicked

                            R.K grunted in pain as he saw that he might have missed but at least he dealt some damage to the villain. Thus while Negs was dazed, R.K pushed some debris out of the way and made way for his leg and got up in a limping state. R.K opened a sachet and pulled out a blood coloured liquid in a vial and splashed it over where it hurt on his leg and soon shook it and pulled out the Wicked Sword and pointed the edge of it at the back of Negs' head "I'm done playing games now...I'm taking you in...By force!" he said as he had made a magic barrier around the Wicked Sword. It would be non-lethal but it would still smart if one were to get cut by it but they wouldn't bleed out and die. In a sense, it'd be more like being slashed with a light-saber...But even this barrier wouldn't cut through much.


                            It also became clear R.K was getting serious as a red aura emanated lightly from him. Not too much to see of it yet, but a foreshadowing if things were going to get rougher.

                            • Negaduck

                              Sensing the potential for a big prick behind him, Negaduck turned. Slowly. 

                              What a bad way to come out of a concussion. Or to realise one's lavazooka had been knocked out of reach.

                              "Do you realise you've got a little something around there?" Finger wiggling in the direction of the aura, as though Max had something unsightly stuck in his teeth. "Probably ought to get that checked out."

                              Ever too savvy, ever too helpful.

                              "Fortunately, I'm more than happy-" A kick down, and an IV stand flipped into his grasp. "To send you to a doctor!"

                              Granted an IV stand usually fell in the non-lethal category of improvised weapons too, but noting the way he was swinging it at the Red Knight, if anyone could beat someone's head in with hospital furniture, it was Negaduck.

                              • Max Wicked
                                Max Wicked

                                R.K eyed Negaduck closely but raised an eyebrow at the mention of something about his aura. R.K's eyes widen as he got kicked to the floor and quickly swung the Wicked Sword upwards to defend himself against Negaduck's attacks. R.K WOULD question how his sword isn't damaging the IV stand but the only thing on his mind right now was winning this fight for the sake of the people and justice...Perhaps the physics would be discovered in another episode...


                                R.K held his blade at the IV stand and stood back up as he was pushing forward at Negaduck "We'll see about that...Once I get you into a police hospital regretting the day you fought justice!" R.K broke his clash between the IV and his sword and jumped back. Keeping a close eye at Negaduck before charging a swing at him.

                                • Negaduck

                                  Blocked, somehow, with the indestructible IV stand!

                                  With a grunt Negaduck pushed back, attempting to gain some distance, and take a few slashes at his opponent's head. 

                                  Remember kids, it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye. And then it's just fun. 

                                  Fun was a loose way to express what Negaduck was having. He did enjoy wrecking havoc down upon unsuspecting hero-wannabee heads, but the longer Max went without copping a blow upside said head, the greater Negaduck's frustration grew. 

                                  Then a slice happened to slice through his jacket. Down to the feathers, nothing he wouldn't survive, but his jacket on the other hand...

                                  Snarl. "Oh that is it."

                                  Reaching behind, he grabbed a freshly donated blood bag from a tray... and squirted it right in the Knight's eyes like a tube of ketchup. Followed immediately by a swing at the other's blade, because the sooner he rendered him defenceless, the better. 

                                  Fighting dirty and wasting precious hospital resources. Bonus. 

                                  • Max Wicked
                                    Max Wicked

                                    R.K continued to defend most swings thrown at him while he'd tried to attack back and it went on and on until R.K managed to land a strike...On the jacket. Well, its a start. R.K didn't let his guard down at all as he was about to swing at Negaduck once more...Until he was blinded with red.


                                    "Aaagh!!! What did you just spray in my eyes! Is...IS THIS BLOOD?! I DON'T THINK THIS BLOOD SHOULD BE IN MY EYES!" he said as he swung blindly but unfortunately, this only made R.K extremely open to attacks. R.K tried not to panic and tried to wipe off the blood with his other hand but that didn't change the fact he was still completely blind from the pain in his eyes. Its like when you get shampoo in your eyes...But much, much worse...

                                    • Negaduck


                                      The sound of the makeshift weapon swung hard - and hopefully connecting - at the Red Knight's head. If Negaduck couldn't knock the sword out of his hands, he could knock him out entirely. Or, you know, at least have fun trying.

                                      "I wouldn't worry..."

                                      Which, in Negaduckese, meant you should worry very much.

                                      This fact was demonstrated almost immediately, as that final blow to the IV bent the metal, and with a bit of encouragement and brute force, he managed to snap the end off. Leaving a nice jagged pointy spear. Perfect.

                                      "There'll be a lot more of that everywhere soon!"

                                      Taking advantage of his opponent's blindness to plunge the lance straight for the hero's heart. The nice big deadly target that was.

                                      For a supervillain, things with Negaduck got serious - and madly homicidal - very, very fast.

                                      Too bad it was a warning the Red Knight wouldn't live to share.

                                      • Max Wicked
                                        Max Wicked

                                        Exhausted, R.K had fallen to his knees...Could the end be approaching? R.K was preparing to accept his fate but he wasn't going to give in too easily! Focusing carefully, he focused on his blinded eyesight carefully. Everything was mostly red...And blurry but there was just enough vision for him to see if he focused. R.K quickly glazed his eyes over anything of use and spotted one weapon of interest. There on the floor lay a conveniently placed lava-zooka that Negaduck had left. It looked like it had some ammo left still. All R.K needed to do was set it off. Once the time was right, he interrupted Negaduck by saying "...No...The only thing that's gonna be left everywhere...Is LAVA!" he said as he quick drew the Wicked Gunlance that was in his holster and fired a few shots at the lava-zooka which began to inflate...It was about to blow! 


                                        R.K stood up and back rolled over the desk behind him and took covers...And covered his ears because this wasn't gonna sound pretty...Things were about to get hot...Molten hot.

                                        • Negaduck

                                          If that idiot was able to shoot a weapon all along, why would he be firing it behind him?

                                          That very question prompted Negaduck to turn to check what exactly that was all about. 

                                          "Oh no. No, no, NO!"

                                          The villain did the very thing most people would never think of under such circumstances. Like a fire extinguisher on the back of a damaged gas truck, he ran towards the imminent danger. 

                                          Given the swelling, there wouldn't be enough time to flee anyway. If he could just deactivate it...

                                          Too late. 


                                          When the smoke and flame cleared, there would remain one ash blackened hall...

                                          ... and a Negaduck shaped hole in one wall, indicating a felon blown clear out of the city. 

                                          • Max Wicked
                                            Max Wicked

                                            Once things settled over, R.K stumbled up as he was still exhausted and blind from the fight looked around him "...Sheesh...That weapon was unstable if it managed to do this much damage to the whole room...But...I guess he's dealt with for now...Now to save the innocent!" he said as he was going to run inside the next room which was now missing a door but instead, his face met with a wall and stars above his head as he slowly backed up before collapsing on his back "Once I'm....Done being blind...And dizzy..." he then got back up and concentrated on finding the nearest tap or some form of eye cleanser. Luckily, he found one of those water fountains intended for washing hands and quickly splashed water into his eyes and squinting "Damn it...I'm gonna need a eye check by the end of this...Getting potentially different blood into my eyes...That can't be good." But that would be another story.

                                            Luckily for R.K, he could see clearly again! "Right...Now to save the innocent and sick!" he said as he hurried up a floor to save the civilians before the building would finally give way.  R.K began to yell out loud "Hello?! Anyone still inside the building that needs help!?"