RP: Cruising to Christmas

Deck the bows with halls of holy!

Traversing the calm, cool waters of Calisota was a splendid cruise ship. It was covered with equally splendid (or not so splendid, depending on one's point of view) Christmas lights and decorations, and absolutely filled with Christmas jiggles and of course delicious Christmas food.

Mostly importantly, it was also filled with personalities from all walks of life from both Duckburg and St Canard. The only thing missing was adult beverages and entertainment because hey, this was a professional child-friendly environment and there was no need for any of those shenanigans.

[[OOC: Open RP! All welcome! This will be IC but with no explanation of how they have all ended up on the boat and with some sort of truce against outright fighting in effect between goodies and baddies - think House of Mouse. Keep it around PG please, whatever would have passed on their respective shows. MERRY JINGLEY TO YOU ALL!]]

    • DarkwingPsycho

      Jacob glanced toward the vigilante's rather sudden and loud entrance, then watched Negaduck move away with mischief on his face.  He smirked at Piper's comment, then answered her open-ended question.

      "Nah," he shrugged.  "It seems Darkwing has it in hand."  That, and he'd rather try to actually enjoy the cruise.  This would be the first Christmas he would actually have someone to spend it with instead of spending it alone, brooding in solitude and lamenting lost years.

      Not that there also wouldn't be some of that.

      He took Piper's example and drank from his mug, then eyed Malicia.  "Perhaps it won't be a lost cause if you schmooze the right people.  Scrooge McDuck is over there - although it seems as though he's a not in the best of moods..."

      • Negaduck

        There was still a chance for a normal cruise. Well, normalish. For the moment. 

        Because while Negaduck was forever up to mischief - quite a light term for the annihilation of the city and anyone and anything he could get his hands on - he was set on doing something deliberately and aggravatingly innocuous. Except anyone he came near shied away from sharing the Christmas bonbon he had picked up from the internationally representative table of treats. A mystery why.

        Then he spied Quackerjack.

        "You'll do."

        Resorting to hissing behind a hand when the clown did not immediately grab the proffered shiny red object.

        "Tug it, you moron, or I'll pop you in the face."

        Wouldn't have been the first time he said that.

        • Quackerjack


          "Hmm?" Quackerjack looked confused when Negaduck beckoned to him, but was considerably happier when he saw his boss. Now there's a guy who knows how to appreciate fun! 

          Then his grin faded when he held out the cracker. 


          "Err, boss?" Quackerjack asked, his bells drooping. "Really? I mean, of all the things you could do-" 

          At his order (and threat), though, the clown immediately complied and gave the other end of the cracker a sharp tug. 

          • Negaduck


            Not a particularly loud bang, considering the instigator, and hopefully not loud enough to get them shot. 

            What was left was a cracker spilt.. mostly in Negaduck's favour.

            Not knowing or not caring for the rules, he tossed the remainder to the jester.

            "Here. You win Christmas and, uh, her."

            Pointing at a random passenger. What, it wasn't like he would take that literally, would he? He wasn't Bushroot.


            And off he strolled to leave Quackerjack to celebrate with the prize of a little toy, a slip with a terrible joke, a silly paper hat, and chaos. 

            ((OOC: I may give y'all some time to enjoy the party proper before I cause any real havoc, but will see ;))

            • Quackerjack

              Negaduck left behind... a very confused Quackerjack. 

              Was his boss up to something? Hmm, if he kept annoying him would he-

              DID THAT TOY JUST SQUEAK. 

              The clown dutifully put on the silly hat on top of his jester hat... and started squeezing the cracker toy again, producing another shrill squeak. And again. And again. 

              Pretty soon, the passengers would have something to watch out for before Negaduck started getting... antsy. The annoying squeak squeak squeak he was squeezing straight in their ears whenever he could jump out at them. 

              • GizmoDuck

                After battling with layers of padding one of Christmases most beloved mascots burst onto the deck throwing paper snowflakes hither and tither skipping into view. 


                "Merry Christmas and other assorted holidays my dear sweet children!"  Crooned Fenton is a high pitched voice that warbled rather unpleasantly.  Almost tripping in his rented red pumps he recovered by batting snow tipped false lashes and giggling coquettishly.  "Must be all the eggnog!"


                Had Fenton agreed to play Santa on his employer's cruise for five dollars and a quarter of an hour's paid time off for fiscal year 2075?  You bet he did.  Did he anticipate the Santa suit shortage?  Not so much.  So with pillows shoved in different places than originally planned Mrs. Claus sauntered on board with a bag of gifts slung stylishly  over one shoulder.  


                "Who here has been a good little boy or girl?"

                • Launchpad McQuack
                  Launchpad McQuack

                  Launchpad paused when he saw the red clad lady. He panicked briefly at "her" statement.  

                   "Oh no! It's Mrs. Claus! I hope Santa has forgiven me for crashing his sleigh in that toy store window. Although I did donate a lot of my fast food and cereal box toys to the toys for tods drive, so maybe that cancels out the bad stuff..." 

                  Clearing his throat, checking his breath, and straightening his scarf, the pilot casually strolled up to the stumbling duck. 
                  "Allow me."  He reached out to steady Fenton.

                  "Nice snowflakes? Did you make them yourself?"

                  Before he could answer, Launchpad nudged him and teased. "Hehehe. Santa is one lucky guy. You better stick close though, Ma'am." He leaned over and confided. "You see, there are some people on board who have been really naughty this year, and I'm helping my bosses keep an eye on them."

                  And failing to notice that one of said bosses was in need of a hand...

                  Scrooge tossed the (thankfully plastic) punch bowl aside and stood up, but his foot slipped in some of the spilled punch/drool and he ended up flat on his back. 

                  "Doo-hoo-hoo-hoo-!" He muttered and clenched his fists angrily. "When I catch that mop-headed clap-jawed green monstrosity, I'm tossing it into the drink!" 

                  • Queen Malicia of St. Canard
                    Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                    "Scrooge McDuck..." A long pause. "Who is Scrooge McDuck?"

                    Before Jacob could answer however, Mal was side-tracked by both the loud popping noise and the arrival of Mrs. Clause.

                    "Sandy Claws... that's his wife, yes?" She was hoping the main holiday deity would appear, but she could settle for a deity's spouse. From her understanding of Normal Holiday Lore, this was the God of choice for all earthly desires. 

                    And Mal had a mile-long list of earthly desires. 

                    "Oh, Mrs. Clause!" She made a beeline for the red-clad 'woman', nearly bowling Launchpad over in the process. "I've been a good little girl! Bestow upon me your sacred blessing!" 

                    • DarkwingPsycho

                       Jacob started at the sound of the cracker, but upon seeing Quackerjack and Negaduck, decidedly calmed his nerves.  He took another drink and tried to stop Malicia, but she was much too fast.  He watched her with a slight smirk and hoped she didn't make too big of a fool of herself.  As for him, well...he'd been avoiding "Mrs. Claus."  Seeing the dressed-up mallard reminded him of when he and his late wife had taken their children to see Santa and Mrs. Claus at the mall...

                      His eyes drifted toward Darkwing, lost in thought.

                      • GizmoDuck

                        Already deeply immersed in his role "Mrs.Claus" let out a flattered chuckle and patted Launchpad's arm.


                        "Flattery will get you nowhere young man!"  "She" admonished him entirely unconvincingly as she checked her reflection in the nearest window, punching a few pillows into place and fluffing her plasticy white ringlets into a bouncing mess.  "But you have a point, I AM a catch."  Upon hearing his warning she blinked and dismissed him with a few more soft pats to his forearm. "Now, now I'm sure nothing bad will happen with YOU around to protect us." . He batted his overly large eyelashes for maximum effect until he heard a familiar disapproving , scathing voice and flinched.  It didn't take long to find the source of the sound as Scrooge was...well Scrooge.  The shock of seeing his employer in such a state and the even bigger shock that HE WASNT YELLING AT FENTON was enough of a jolt that the act fell. "Mr. McDuck are you-" remembering himself before the illusion was fully shattered he cleared his throat and returned to his "lady voice".  "Launchpad be a dear and make sure that charming older gentleduck is alright won't y-"

                        And here he was cut off by an eager self professed good girl toppling the pilot into him. Had he been wearing his usual footwear (ie nothing) he would have been fine but the sequined pumps were less forgiving. Luckily his pillowed derrière broke his fall and a series of "clinks" sounded from the bag of gifts.


                        "Uh- have you now?"  He muttered from his fallen position. "You've uh... brushed your teeth and watered the dog and walked the plant?"

                        • Harmonizer

                          Spike, now on a leash, panted happily as he dragged Bushroot around the ship. 

                          "Whoa, whoa, whoa, Spike! I'm supposed to be walking you, not the other way around!" he protested. 

                          The hyper plant dog soon spotted, then bounded over to the red-clad duck(ette), then circled around him excitedly, pulling Bushroot with him. The result was a huge tangled mess with the plant duck, Mrs Claus, Malicia and Launchpad, if they weren't quick enough to get out of the way, that is. 

                          "H-hi, guys..." Bushroot grinned nervously and waved a leafy hand. Spike had finaly stopped, and was now sniffing curiously at the sack Mrs Claus was carrying. 

                          • Piper/ Jade
                            Piper/ Jade

                            There was a snort followed by a coughing. Piper turned to clear herself, having accidentally inhaled from choked laughter mid drink.

                            Sacred blessing? She really was from somewhere else.

                            Pounding her chest a couple of times, Piper managed to get a grip on herself-- luckily far away from the demoness. Taking a breath, and suavely tucking her hair back, she glanced at Jacob.

                            Who was watching Darkwing.

                            Now... what was this all about? Her brow raised, and she tilted her head in inspection. It was fun... trying to guess what he was thinking about.

                            • Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard
                              Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

                              A certain redhead was already up to her waist in the sack, diving through the gifts.

                              "There's gotta be a Y-Box Five in here for me, I know it!" Gosalyn's muffled but determined voice said from the bag.

                              • Launchpad McQuack
                                Launchpad McQuack

                                "Sure thing, Fen- Huh?" Launchpad did not have time to register more than the familiar voice and the bump from the Amazonian lady. "Wuh-- Whoa! Timber!" Launchpad ended up in a duck sandwich.

                                "Hehe... Twister, anyone?" He asked sheepishly.


                                Scrooge got up and rubbed his eyes in surprise. What happened?

                                • Drake Mallard
                                  Drake Mallard

                                  "Gee, LP. Apparently, you can crash poor 'Mrs. Claus'." Darkwing was trying not to laugh at the sight. He went over to pluck his daughter out of the bag. "Your gifts are waiting for you for later."

                                  They were hidden somewhere in their cabin. 

                                  • Queen Malicia of St. Canard
                                    Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                                    Malicia narrowed her eyes at Launchpad and Bushroot. Trying to get in on the sacred blessings were they?

                                    "What offering should I lay at your sacred altar, Mrs. Clause? Are you more the assorted-herbs-and-food variety, or the-blood-of-the-virgin type?" She paused to dig around in her cleavage. "I do have both on me..."

                                    • GizmoDuck

                                      Though throughly tangled and smushed, professionalism was paramount.

                                      "Oh what a-uugh-interesting puppy. " he tilted his head and squinted at said canine's owner.  "you look very familiar..."


                                      While the gears spun away fruitlessly in Fenton's mind,  Gosalyn would.be hard pressed to find anything of commercial make within the bag. In an effort to live up to his role Fenton had raided Gyro Gearloose's discard pile.  Did he know what any of the little robotic knick knacks did? Nope.  But they probably weren't dangerous... right?

                                      As the "good girl" started her archeological dig he tried to make sense of what she was saying.  "Blood of the-huh?  Uh, no dear uhm milk and cookies are uh... usually okay?"

                                      • Harmonizer

                                        "Uh... heehee, do... do I?" Reggie laughed nervously as he tugged at his scarf. 

                                        "Reggie!" a rough female voice called out, and Harmonizer came in on the scene, holding two mugs of hot cocoa. Her eyes widened slightly at the tangled mess and she giggled. 

                                        "Well, don't let me spoil your fun, guys," she chuckled and started to walk away. "I'll be on ze other end of ze deck..." 

                                        "Taz!" Bushroot called pleadingly. 

                                        Harmonizer snorted. "Just kidding." She walked over to Spike, who was raiding the sack with Gosalyn as well, and pulled out a squeaky toy. Spike's favourite squeaky toy. 

                                        "'Ere, Spike!" she called to him, and Spike poked his head out from the sack, a strange metal contraption between his jaws. He dropped it (probably on someone's foot) and panted happily at the sight of the toy, and raced over to get it... which spun the trapped ducks around and around as the leash unwinded itself, freeing them. 

                                        "Not ze way I planned, but zis works," Harmonizer commented, letting Spike chew on his squeaky toy. She then walked over and offered Reggie a hand. "You okay?" 

                                        Bushroot swatted away the tiny bluebirds and stood up with Harmonizer's support. "Yeah, thanks..." he accepted the cocoa with a smile. 

                                        "Come on!" Harmonizer pulled him towards the upper deck, along with Spike. "I bet ze view ees lovely!" 

                                        • DarkwingPsycho

                                          As the mess untangled itself, Jacob came out of his reverie  and glanced down at Piper.  "I don't suppose you'd like to get in on the photo-op with Mrs. Claus?"  He raised a brow and smirked, indicating he was teasing.

                                          • Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard
                                            Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

                                            "Aww, Dad!" Gosalyn pouted, struggling to get out of his grip.  Luckily she'd managed to snag at least one of the small robotic devices without him noticing.

                                            She moved to the other side of the deck to try it out.  She twisted the top of it trying to get it to do something, and suddenly there was a distinct ticking sound.  Thinking it was a bomb, she panicked and tossed it to the person nearest her.  "Uh - uh - Merry Christmas!"

                                            OOC: It's a glitter bomb - it'd be fun to play hot potato with it for a little bit.  ;)

                                            • Launchpad McQuack
                                              Launchpad McQuack

                                              "Whoa whoa whoa wuh-?!" Launchpad clutched his head after the physical game of Spin The Duck Pyramid ended. "Unnnh... Good thing I don't normally get seasick. Hehe." He staggered to his feet and proffered his hands to help Malicia and Mrs. Claus get up.

                                              "May I help y--"

                                              Wuh oh. Before either "lady" could accept his chivalrous offer, the bomb landed in his hands.

                                              "May day! May day! Red alert!" He juggled and bounced the bomb in the air frantically as he tried to figure out where to run.


                                              Scrooge spotted the bomb. "Put it down, Launchpad!" He grabbed the ice bucket a bottle had been cooling in and ran over, intending on scooping up the bomb. However he was several yards away. Anything could happen in that time frame, with this many people in the proximity.


                                              ((If someone wants to reply ahead of me, I'd be happy to delete or modify my response. XD This is too funny to pass up.))

                                              • Negaduck

                                                "Oh for the loathe of-"

                                                Negaduck, who had silently reappeared on deck, plucked the parcel from Scrooge's hands as he ran past.

                                                And, with a single pull capturing certain wires, it was disabled. 

                                                Couldn't be blowing up his ticket to freedom, could he? Besides, if anyone was going to blow up the whole cursed party, it would be him.


                                                Except Gyro must be have been as quirky with his circuits as he was with his overall inventing for, not a second later, the package exploded. 

                                                Right in the crook's face.

                                                A hundred kilopascals of pink glitter all over Negaduck?

                                                Might be time to run after all.

                                                • Piper/ Jade
                                                  Piper/ Jade

                                                  "Maybe I do. Might get scouted for Chicks with Chainsaws." She teased right back.

                                                  She took his hand and even tugged him in the direction of Mrs. Clause, only to pause-- again and stare blankly at the bomb fiasco. "What a lovely bunch." She said, eyes following the actions, and sipping down the rest of her cocoa. Which was good, because when Negaduck appeared again she figured it'd be time to jump ship titanic style... except he didn't do what she thought he would.

                                                  "Did he just save--?!" She started, but nope. Too soon. Glitter.


                                                  She turned quickly and buried her face into Jacob's chest. She was immediately shaking, but not from fear. It was taking every ounce of strength she had not to howl with laughter. An occasional snort made its way free, but the rest was muffled by coat and shirt.

                                                  Blame it on the spiked cocoa.

                                                  • DarkwingPsycho

                                                    He reluctantly started following her.  "My dear, if that ever happened, I assure you --"


                                                    He smirked, almost laughing himself, mostly because Piper was so overcome.  "Pink suits you," he commented to Negaduck.  "In fact, I hear they're hiring for a new Sugarplum Fairy at the ballet..."  He knew he was pressing his luck, but it was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

                                                    • Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard
                                                      Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

                                                      "Phew," Gosalyn said, smoothing her brow.  "Saved by...Negaduck?!"  Then it exploded anyway, and she openly guffawed unlike the brunette not too far away from her.  "Who has a camera??"