RP: Cruising to Christmas

Deck the bows with halls of holy!

Traversing the calm, cool waters of Calisota was a splendid cruise ship. It was covered with equally splendid (or not so splendid, depending on one's point of view) Christmas lights and decorations, and absolutely filled with Christmas jiggles and of course delicious Christmas food.

Mostly importantly, it was also filled with personalities from all walks of life from both Duckburg and St Canard. The only thing missing was adult beverages and entertainment because hey, this was a professional child-friendly environment and there was no need for any of those shenanigans.

[[OOC: Open RP! All welcome! This will be IC but with no explanation of how they have all ended up on the boat and with some sort of truce against outright fighting in effect between goodies and baddies - think House of Mouse. Keep it around PG please, whatever would have passed on their respective shows. MERRY JINGLEY TO YOU ALL!]]

    • Harmonizer

      Bushroot, running from Harmonizer, was the first to notice the temperature. 

      "Uh, Taz...?" he called her as the water started to get uncomfortably hot, scrambling to climb out. "Maybe we should-" 

      "Reggie, don't tell me you're chickeniAAARRHHHHHH!!!" 

      No duck soup. But there was a mini human rocket show complete with smoke, sailing right up to the ceiling, bonking her head on the glass, then landing on the floor face-first in an undignified manner. 


      "Taz!" Reggie, who had gotten out before he could get the full brunt of the now boiling hot pool and turn into vegetable soup, ran over to her. "A-are you okay?? Please tell me you're okay!" 

      Eet takes... more than zat... to take ze Harmonizer down..." she confirmed, then plopped over again, her eyes rolling in different directions. "Oooh..." 

      Seeing a familiar face running past them brought her back to her senses, though, but before she could call out a warning, Gosalyn had leapt right in. Fortunately, she discovered that herself quickly and got out relatively unharmed. 

      "You're telling me..." Harmonizer replied to the child's remark, looking a little disappointed. She then shook herself to get all the water out, then squeezed her clothes dry. 

      "Come on, guys, I'm sure there are other fun things to do out there, right, Spike?" Reggie tried to assure the two, then froze. "Wait, hang on, where's Spike? Spike!!" 

      Before he could get a massive panic attack, the plant dog had heard his master's call, and pulled his head out of the punch bowl, almost tripping over himself in his haste to get to Bushroot... giving everyone happy slurps along the way as he panted happily. 

      Merry Christmas, y'all! 

      • DarkwingPsycho

        Jacob followed her gaze with interest.  He hoped the demoness knew what she was doing - though he had a sneaking suspicion that while that was the image she liked to project, much of the time she was merely swayed by emotion.  As long as it didn't interfere with what Malicia and he were trying to accomplish, he could care less.

        He squeezed her arm a little tighter when she kissed him, smirked, and resumed toward the cocoa.

        From his coat pocket he pulled a small flask.  "There are benefits to being a SHUSH agent."  He winked and discreetly poured some giggle water into his own cup of hot chocolate, then offered her some.

        • Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard
          Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

          "Oh gross!" Gosalyn groused as she got slurped by Spike.  Then she looked at Harmonizer uncertainly.  "You're friends with Bushroot?"

          • Drake Mallard
            Drake Mallard

            That question from Scrooge caught him off guard. "He's splitting rent with me at a house we live in."

            Drake caught his daughter running towards the glass room and jumping into the pool. But her painful reaction after entering the water was what had him going around the older duck suddenly to run to her.

            "Are you---"


            But before he finished his sentence he was covered in plant drool.

            "Argh..Spike.." Drake blinked. "Spike?!"

            That means..


            • Negaduck

              Watching both that bratty kid and the on-again off-again hero Harmonizer cook their tailfeathers certainly helped bring back Negaduck's holiday cheer.

              "Aww, and here I thought people would appreciate a little heating!"

              Really, they were just being thoughtful. Wasn't that in the Christmas spirit?

              • Drake Mallard
                Drake Mallard

                Was that Negaduck he heard? Drake bristled as he peeked over his shoulder and caught a glimpse of red, black, and yellow.

                I'm in a nightmare. That's it. A nightmare. I've had too much to drink and are in bed in my cabin. Yeah. That's it.

                "Gos. Pinch me."

                • Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard
                  Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

                  She shrugged and did just that.  Probably a bit harder than he'd meant her to.

                  "Chill out, Dad, we're supposed to be having fun," she replied.  To that end, she started playing with Spike despite his associations with a certain mutant criminal.

                  • Drake Mallard
                    Drake Mallard

                    "OW! Not that hard!" Drake rubbed the sore spot. "How can I relax when villains are aboard?" 

                    He narrowed his eyes.

                    "Stop playing with Spike!"

                    • Queen Malicia of St. Canard
                      Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                      Pleased with her handiwork, she glanced around, trying to find other slices of holiday cheer that could use her special 'touch'.

                      Her eagle eye caught the sheen of a flask, and like a bloodhound she perked up instantly. 

                      Wandering away to leave Negaduck to his own devices, she made her way over to Jacob and Piper, prepared to greet them like one might with an old friend.

                      "So glad to see you two here!" She began smoothly. "This is my first 'Creesmas', and I thought this party would be good exposure for my career but..." Pouting now as the motioned to the other guests.

                      "Hardly the audience I was expecting."

                      • Launchpad McQuack
                        Launchpad McQuack

                        Scrooge started to ask what had happened to the kid when something big and green soaked his cheek feathers.

                        "Gack! Howling crash wagons what was that slobbery thing?"

                        His attention wandered to someone else on deck. Was he seeing things or was the one of Calisota's most wanted criminials onboard his ship, eating his catered food? Make that more than one convict!

                        Launchpad offered Scrooge a cup. "Eggnog?"

                        "No thanks. I've had about all of the Peptodismul I can stomach for tonight. Tell me, Lad, do you see what I'm seeing?" Scrooge gestured to the plant wandering toward someone in a plant costume.

                        "Oh, I know that one!" Launchpad cleared his throat and started singing "Said the night wind to the little lamb: do you see what I see?"

                        "Argh!" Scrooge scowled. "I was asking you a literal question, not making a song suggestion! There are criminals making a mess on my ship!"

                        The elder duck started to storm up to the nearest troublemaker.

                        Launchpad gave Drake a meaningful look. "Say, uh Drake? I think I dropped the car key somewhere? Mind helping me look?" He was giving Drake cover so that he could change into Darkwing.

                        • Harmonizer

                          Harmonizer smirked a little. "Why not?" she shrugged as she slung one arm over Reggie. "'E certainly needs one." 

                          She chuckled when Spike arrived, giving Gosalyn one big lick before giving the same to her and Reggie. 

                          "Oh boy, what've you been at, Spike?" the plant duck looked slightly concerned at how happy-hyperactive Spike was when he sped around the place with Gosalyn, panting happily. Yay, a new friend!! 

                          Harmonizer gave Drake a cheeky grin. "Someone's looking jumpy. Relax, mon ami! Eet's a Christmas party!" 

                          • Piper/ Jade
                            Piper/ Jade

                            Piper pondered for a moment before smirking and holding her cup up to accept what Jacob had in the flask.

                            She drank a bit, but nothing in excess. Came with the job and all. "So many perks with you Jacob Mallard." She teased before lifting her cup to sip.

                            Her attention slid over to Malicia as she approached, brows raised slightly-- where was Negaduck?

                            "Hello." Piper greeted. She glanced around at the crowd Malicia indicated and gave a smile. "Well it's definitely not extravagant as the gala-- much more personal. But you likely get exposure regardless of where you go, miss Malicia. " She glanced at Jacob before ducking behind her cup once more to get another drink.

                            • DarkwingPsycho

                              He smiled smugly at her remark.  "I'm glad someone finally noticed."  He kissed the side of her head as she drank, then noticed her shift in attention.

                              He nodded toward Malicia in acknowledgement, the flask already deftly hidden back within the folds of his overcoat.

                              "Malicia.  I didn't expect that such a 'family-friendly' gathering would be an event befitting of Chicks With Chainsaws...although I'm sure you'll garner a following no matter where you tread."

                              He glanced around and the rest of the odd guests.  No sign of the black-masked mallard.  Never a good thing.  But Jacob couldn't care less what the villain was up to as long as it didn't do too much damage or bodily harm.

                              "Your first Christmas?" he commented, attention back on Malicia.  "Tell me, what did they celebrate where you came from?"

                              • Negaduck

                                The black masked villain was simply off schmoozing on the other side of the boat. What, was that a crime now?

                                Maybe when he was holing up the world's richest figure it was.

                                "McDuck. How fortune-ous to see you here." Just a rich guy to rich guy talk, nothing threatening. "Leaving the Vault to spend the holidays on its lonesome, are you?"

                                Think of all that money with no one to bury themselves in it. It was scandalous, really. 

                                • Launchpad McQuack
                                  Launchpad McQuack

                                  "Looks like I'll have to have a talk with my security team about letting rats onboard." Scrooge stared back at the canard convict. "What are you doing here besides mooching off my catering? There's nothing here to steal."

                                  • Negaduck

                                    Scroogy, you have no imagination.

                                    Still, Negaduck kept it civil. As civil as patronisingly smooth with a hint of treachery could be, anyway. 

                                    "Oh come now, we're all friends here." And friends don't tase friends. "Isn't that one of your personal philosophies, sharing is caring?"

                                    Needling, who? Negaduck? Never. 

                                    • Drake Mallard
                                      Drake Mallard

                                      "I think it's back in the cabin. I'll go get it." Drake slipped away heading down to their cabin.

                                      "I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am the coal in your stocking! I am Darkwing Duck!"

                                      Moments later out of a puff of blue smoke Darkwing appeared.

                                      "Alright you foul fermented fruitcake! What is the big idea showing up here? Trying to spoil the Christmas cheer?" He jabbed a finger at Negaduck.

                                      • Launchpad McQuack
                                        Launchpad McQuack

                                        "Whoever wrote that about me deserves to be fired." Scrooge deadpanned. "But I do care about what happens on my ship."

                                        Darkwing's arrival was met with a faint grumble but Scrooge left the villain in his hands. He tried to crane around the crowd to see who else was with Negaduck. Being one of the shortest people on deck was a disadvantage when you're in charge. Wasn't the commissioner onboard as well? Bah. All of this ducking and leaning was getting him nowhere. He sprang up onto the railing and climbed the flag pole to get a better view.

                                        "Launchpad! Alert the commissioner! We've got criminals on deck."

                                        Granted, he had nothing to arrest Negaduck and the others for, yet, but he was certain there was going to be trouble soon.


                                        "Aye aye, Captain!" Launchpad replied far too cheerfully.  Wait, whose orders should he follow? His old boss or his current boss? It looked like DW had Negaduck in hand for the moment so he went to look for the police and help or stop whoever else might be disturbing the peace. 

                                        • Negaduck

                                          "We were invited."

                                          Unfurling, for the jabbing finger's benefit, a scroll proving as much. Christmas edging, embedded flashing lights, security barcode, 100 per cent genuine and verifiable. 

                                          How had that happened? Computer error? Exhorted assistant?

                                          "I did note, with some disappointment, the non-violent clause. You're not thinking about breaking contract law are you, Darkwing?"

                                          The T&Cs apply to everyone equally.. regardless of whether you actually read them.

                                          • Drake Mallard
                                            Drake Mallard

                                            "Let me see that!" Darkwing snatched the scroll. He frowned even more as he read it. It was real. And he didn't want to know how and why Negaduck got it.

                                            At the mention of the clause he snorted.

                                            "I expect you to uphold it then." 

                                            Yeah, right. Like Negaduck would do such a thing. He would have to be crazy to believe it. He handed the villain the scroll back and gave him a look that suggested he was going to be keeping an eye on him.

                                            • Negaduck

                                              "Oh you can trust me, Darkwing."

                                              I know you won't, but look at me not care. 

                                              "Now if you don't mind, I'm off to go pop a cracker."

                                              Code? Foreshadowing? Whatever the case, the villain made sure to do exactly that, so no heroes could get heavyhanded trying to bust him for explosive use. 

                                              Christmas was so much more fun when it was aggravating.

                                              • Launchpad McQuack
                                                Launchpad McQuack

                                                Launchpad stopped in his tracks when he saw Gosalyn playing with Spike. "Whoa! I didn't realize pets were allowed on this cruise!"

                                                Astute observation, sidekick... 

                                                Scrooge finished scanning the crowd from this side of the boat. He jogged along the railing, dove under the dessert table, and pirouetted around some oblivious chattering party goers until he reached a clear section of the deck.  He was about to head up the stairs to the upper deck when the green slobber machine careened into him, sending him bowling into another guest. The (mostly empty) punch bowl ended up landing conveniently on the rich duck's head. Cartoon physics adding insult to injury yet again. Oh look! Steam is coming from under the punch bowl! How is that possible? Don't ask. 

                                                • Quackerjack

                                                  Quackerjack was, in fact, with the carolers singing Christmas carols, but he was quickly 'boo'ed off the group thanks to his horrible singing... and also the fact that he couldn't stop playing pranks on them. There was the helium gas... and the sneezing powder... and the classic exploding songbook... 

                                                  Hey, old habits die hard, after all. At least it wasn't anything dangerous! 

                                                  People take the fun out of everything... 

                                                  He was currently grumbling to himself and stalking around, Christmas spirit all gone. Where the heck was Megavolt? He'd appreciate whatever fun the clown pulled out of his sleeve. 

                                                  • Queen Malicia of St. Canard
                                                    Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                                                    "I'm not quite sure there is a Christmas equivalent where I come from..." Malicia explained. "We do celebrate Hallow's Eve, when the fabric between the physical and spiritual world is at its thinnest, and magic is more powerful."

                                                    She was sidetracked by the noise that was obviously Darkwing's arrival, which earned an eye roll from Malicia. That buffoon. 

                                                    "I think the party is really getting started now..."

                                                    • Piper/ Jade
                                                      Piper/ Jade

                                                      "Where are you---" nope. Dramatic entrance cut her off.

                                                      Piper stared for a long moment in silence... "I thought he'd he taller." She'd never seen Darkwing before. Wait, hadn't she thought the same thing about Negaduck?

                                                      She let out a small sigh. Had she been hoping for a normal little cruise?


                                                      Did she expect it would be normal?


                                                      Good thing she never let her hopes and expectations get muddled. Piper glanced up at Jacob again, brow raised slightly. "Do you have to...?" A nod towards the commotion. She still wasn't one hundred percent clear on Jacob's limits with interfering, or his actual duties with SHUSH.

                                                      Not that he exactly followed his duties to begin with... prime example as she sipped more from her drink.