RP: Cruising to Christmas

Deck the bows with halls of holy!

Traversing the calm, cool waters of Calisota was a splendid cruise ship. It was covered with equally splendid (or not so splendid, depending on one's point of view) Christmas lights and decorations, and absolutely filled with Christmas jiggles and of course delicious Christmas food.

Mostly importantly, it was also filled with personalities from all walks of life from both Duckburg and St Canard. The only thing missing was adult beverages and entertainment because hey, this was a professional child-friendly environment and there was no need for any of those shenanigans.

[[OOC: Open RP! All welcome! This will be IC but with no explanation of how they have all ended up on the boat and with some sort of truce against outright fighting in effect between goodies and baddies - think House of Mouse. Keep it around PG please, whatever would have passed on their respective shows. MERRY JINGLEY TO YOU ALL!]]

    • GizmoDuck

      Apparently some guests had been every enthusiastic about the "women and children first" bit of what they remembered from the movies and as a result "Mrs. Claus" had been shoved onto a lifeboat with civilians.  While this was touching to her old married heart, the reality of it was Fenton was not at all where he wanted to be. 

      He tried to keep the boat in view but with all the screaming and crying and maternal authority being thrown around from all sides he was fighting a losing battle.  He was silently composing his letter of resignation when a top hat bobbed along side the boat.  He snatched it out of the water with a sudden fury.  


      "Oh no." He rumbled lowly.  "Not on Christmas! Not on MY WATCH."  He adjusted his petticoat and grabbed his bag of "toys" before clearing his throat loudly.  "OH DEARIE ME.  I SEEM TO HAVE FALLEN OVERBOARD." To which he dove into the water muttering to himself a secretcode that made the bag jolt.  

      Surfacing was not essential as the armor swirled around him attaching to him rather haphazardly over his costume.  A flurry of gears and machinery morphed his usual head protection to a stylish diving helmet, and several propellers blossomed from his back speeding him toward the boat.  Mr.  McDuck was probably aboard he reasoned with himself,  and the maniac had to be stopped regardless.  

      As he neared his target he never would have thought he'd see a woman scaling the vessel like a rockwall but its a funny old world like that.  

      "Need a hand?" 

      • Drake Mallard
        Drake Mallard

        The only one left on the boat was probably the one that Negaduck had wished was the first one off it.

        Darkwing was silently trying to sneak his way to the bridge after avoiding being covered in fire fighting foam from the explosion. He knew Negaduck had to be up to something all along since he set eyes on him earlier in the evening. He couldn't trust the duck to behave even for one night with a truce.

        Boy, he hated being right sometimes. Guess it was another Christmas in the trenches.

        "When I'm through with him, he'll have to be sent in a box gift wrapped to prison." The hero grumbled to himself in annoyance. If only he was aware that two more annoyances were making their way to the ship.

        • Harmonizer

          "Huh?" Harmonizer turned back, then waved him off, resuming climbing. "Nah. You go on ahead. I'll catch up." 

          Her pride is getting in the way again... 

          Assuming he did not insist on dragging her up, she'd be on the deck a while later, looking around warily with her sword out and ready. 

          • Negaduck

            It would be forgivable, what with his busy shedule of self narration, that Darkwing missed one of the entertainment committee's paddle bats stretched across the gangway to make an ultra fine trip rope. 

            What he presumably would not miss was the handle the string yanked open when activated. 

            To reveal a room crammed with that which should have been pointing off the roof, that being the entire evening's worth of fireworks. 

            Pointed right at him. 


            Off they blasted across the length of the deck before taking their ususal trajectory straight into the sky, and exploding in a deafening eruption of light and colour. 

            ... and lots of little bits of superhero, if Negaduck was lucky. 

            "Bahahaha!" The villain in question somewhat thrilled to see a big sparkly bang go off in someone else's face. "Now there's a celebration everyone can enjoy!"

            Except, you know, Darkwing. 

            • Launchpad McQuack
              Launchpad McQuack

              Scrooge latched onto the seaweed arm and climbed toward the monster's "head," ready to play Whack A Monster with whatver he had on hand.

              Conveniently, Launchpad was flipped out of the boat right as Scrooge was grappling with the salty plant creature.

              "Launchpad, you crashed just in time. Lend me that oar." Scrooge reached for the oar the pilot was still holding.

              "Sure thing, Mr. McDee, but I doubt you can steer this thing with it."

              "I'll steer it to the bottom of the ocean if I have to!" Scrooge slammed the butt of the oar into the mass that resembled a head with the force of a sledgehammer, trying to stun the killer kelp or potentially divide the seaweed into a more manageable size.

              "Tie some of those arms together! We'll distract it until the lifeboats can get away!"

              "Will do, Bossman!" Launchpad did his best to wrestle one of the arms into submission until another reached for him. He grabbed the oncoming one and yanked on it, quickly tying the two strands together. It would have been a good plan for a robot or squid but there were far too many strands of seaweed for Launchpad and Scrooge to realistically tackle.

              "What do we do when the boats are clear?" Launchpad asked.

              "Swim!" Scrooge gave the wriggling mass another deadly blow, chopping at the strands that tried to coil around him. "Burst me bagpies! This thing is nothing but seaweed! It's not a real monster at all! But how–?!" He looked toward the lifeboats. "Where is that plant man I saw on the ship?"

              "You mean Bushroot? I saw him get in one of the life boats," Launchpad answered as he yanked a seaweed strand off his waist and elbow and tied those together.

              "Head for him then," Scrooge whacked the seaweed again and turned to jump back into the water to find Bushroot but in that moment, a strand caught him by the arms and pulled him under, startling him. He fought to free himself, getting tangled by a few more strands. He tore free and pushed off the monster to gain some distance.

              • GizmoDuck

                "I respect you for your doubtless physical prowess but just in case-"  A plunger with  a rope attached jettisoned from his wrist and stuck to the hull with a "Schhwwwuulp" making a rather sturdy grapple, the rope dangling alongside Harmonizer should she chose to use it.  "Now if you'll excuse me."  his helmet became less dive-y and more helicopter-y and he took to the sky. 


                It would have been nice to say that as soon as he crested the vessel he wasn't pelted with an over zealous firework squarely in the chest, but that would be a lie. The concussion made him see literal and figurative stars but like any helicopter in an action flick he circled the desk ominously in drunken figure eights (muttering about how many apples he ate at school today m'ma) before crashing spectacularly on the deck.  In reply all he could manage from his facedown in a puddle position was a muffled. "owwie"

                • DarkwingPsycho

                  Jacob was successful in cutting away at least some of the seaweed entrapping the boat he, Piper, and a few other civilians were on, and they started breaking away.  He watched as Launchpad and McDuck targeted the larger seaweed mass, then looked again toward Bushroot.

                  "Pull yourself together!" he shouted.  "You're putting everyone at risk - just look!"