RP: Cruising to Christmas

Deck the bows with halls of holy!

Traversing the calm, cool waters of Calisota was a splendid cruise ship. It was covered with equally splendid (or not so splendid, depending on one's point of view) Christmas lights and decorations, and absolutely filled with Christmas jiggles and of course delicious Christmas food.

Mostly importantly, it was also filled with personalities from all walks of life from both Duckburg and St Canard. The only thing missing was adult beverages and entertainment because hey, this was a professional child-friendly environment and there was no need for any of those shenanigans.

[[OOC: Open RP! All welcome! This will be IC but with no explanation of how they have all ended up on the boat and with some sort of truce against outright fighting in effect between goodies and baddies - think House of Mouse. Keep it around PG please, whatever would have passed on their respective shows. MERRY JINGLEY TO YOU ALL!]]

    • DarkwingPsycho

      "This looks promising," Jacob remarked as they paused in front of a frosted glass door with the word "sauna" etched into it.  He looked at her with a coy expression.  "I'm game if you are."

      • Harmonizer

        "Taz, th-they're taking a picture. Should we go down?" Bushroot pointed at the centre of the deck nervously. 

        Harmonizer waved him off. "Nah. Too much trouble. Besides, they won't miss us." 

        The two of them were currently on the edge of the ship, watching the sea view together. And it was an understatement to say how lovely it was. She felt like she didn't ever want to leave. 

        However, miss them or not, they would have no choice but to join the group shot as Spike, still high on his sugar rush, gave a happy bark and bounded over to the interesting looking gathering... tangling Harmonizer and Bushroot with the leash in the process. 

        "Whoa, hey! Stop, Spike! Bad dog!" Bushroot yelled as he and Harmonizer were dragged straight into the group unceremoniously. Spike wasted no time giving everyone present Chrismassy licks, refusing to heed his master's orders. Something special was happening, and he wanted to contribute to it! 

        So, if no one managed to dodge the licks, it was going to be a very slimy group photo shot... 

        • Quackerjack

          The clown, meanwhile, was introducing Max to his best buddy, Megavolt! 

          "Nice to meet you..." the electrical rodent snorted, extending a hand. 

          However, he wouldn't have the chance to give the fox a friendly... shock, when his friend's attention was diverted again. To the photographer. 

          "Ooh, they're taking pictures?" he said excitedly, and both Megavolt and Max would find themselves yanked towards the group. "WAIT UUUUP!"

          • Max Wicked
            Max Wicked

            Just before Max could get to know another potential enemy in the future, he was soon dragged into the photo shoot and sighed quietly as he was dragged with no choice. Maybe he'd be happy to have pictures done if he wasn't RIGHT NEXT TO HIS ENEMIES.

            • Queen Malicia of St. Canard
              Queen Malicia of St. Canard

              The moment she heard the word 'photo' Mal had rushed in, front and center. Now this is what she came for. 

              "About time you came." She quipped to the photographer as she readied herself for a fantastic shot.

              Too bad her stunning visage was disrupted by the 'group' part of the photo. Maybe they could crop out the rest of the people later. That's what Photoshop was for, right?

              • Negaduck

                "Squish in, that's right. I vant to see every one of your unique faces."

                All in position, the photographer scooped up the finishing touch: a vintage flash powder lamp trough. 

                "Ve are goink to do this propertly."

                Old school. Classic. You couldn't get any classier. 

                Noting the.. width of some of his subjects however, he reached behind for a top up on the powder. 

                "There." Ignition prepared. "Say jingles!"

                Off went the flash. 

                With an almighty huge fiery FOOOM.

                And a trace of pink glitter. 

                Flat on his back on what would need to be recast wounds, the photographer groaned.

                "Zat was not magnesium."

                Almost as if someone had tampered with it.

                Before anyone had time to contemplate who could have done such a thing, crew were very actively contemplating where the flame had spread. 

                For the fire had ripped across a line of merrily flammable fairy lights above, wrapped around some piping, which had happened to be a gas main.. and travelled down a pothole into the lower decks.

                "Um," voiced a junior sailor. "Doesn't that lead to the engine room?"

                "Ye mean the engine burnin' something like 200 gallons o' fuel pa hour?"

                Cue panic.

                So as the evacuation siren blazed, and the fire suppression system caught fire, it looked like the party was shaping up to be a real blast.

                ((OOC: Abandon ship! To keep this clean can we leave the heroising to Darkwing, Gizmoduck and Jacob, if they want to stay and deal with the cause. Other heroes can help get the civilians to safety and the like. Everyone else to the lifeboats please!))


                • Harmonizer

                  Harmonizer, of course, was the only one to approach the source of the explosion. More precisely, the poor photographer. 

                  "Are you... alright? Can you walk? Reggie!" she called to her friend, who looked as if he was ready to bail... which he was. "'Elp me carry 'im to ze lifeboat..." 

                  Her voice trailed off as she heard the conversation about where the fire was heading, just as she handed him to Reggie. 

                  Oh no. Oh no no no no no. It might be too late! The fire was spreading everywhere! 

                  Wait, maybe she could- 

                  NOPE. Reggie knew her all too well, fortunately, and Harmonizer would soon feel something tangling her feet, all the way up to her upper torso, effectively binding her. Christmas decorations made from real plants, which had fallen after the explosion. 

                  "Taz, you're not going in there," he said firmly, as the plants started to drag her off, ignoring her kicking and screaming. "C'mon, guys, let's get outta here!" he called to the other plants which served as some of the decorations. "Oof, you're heavy," he complained to the photographer. 

                  Finding an empty lifeboat, he jumped in with the photographer, then tossed Harmonizer next to him, ordering the plants to let the lifeboat down, then get in themselves. He knew Harmonizer would be mad at him for a while, but as long as she was safe, it'll be worth it. 

                  • Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard
                    Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

                    "COOOOOOL!" Gosalyn breathed in awe as the explosion lit up the air, then fire scurried below decks.  Forgetting the pickpocketing, she watched the flames.  "Just like Brisk and Brooding 6!"

                    • Launchpad McQuack
                      Launchpad McQuack

                      "JINGLES! Whoa! Now that's a flash!" Launchpad let go of his pals and rubbed his eyes. 

                      Scrooge dropped to floor in a crouch and sprang back uo, ready to move into action when he registered what the sailor said. He froze and his jaw gaped. "Wha-? MY SHIP!!!" Unlike the rest of the crowd, he made a beeline for the stairs going below deck.  

                      "Wu-oh! Time to beat the feet and hit the sea! Come on everyone! Forget the hors de oeurves! This is an emergency!" Launchpad started shooing the crowd toward the lifeboats. "Good thing we've got a couple if heroes and the police on board, right, DW? Err, Mr. McDee...?"

                      He looked around for Duckburg's Most Valuable Person, but even with his height advantage, Scrooge's top hat was not visuble through the tangle of arms and legs. Seeing someone else he recognized, he hurried over to Gosalyn to urge her to get to safety.

                      "Gos, save a life preserver for me. I've gotta find Mr. McDee before he hurts someone!" 

                      • Queen Malicia of St. Canard
                        Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                        Amidst all the chaos, Mal was stubbornly pushed toward the life boats. "B-b-but what about my photo op? And Santa's presents?? We're not done here!" She whined. 

                        • Piper/ Jade
                          Piper/ Jade

                          "Well of course..."

                          Piper liked the idea of warmth, and seclusion. Her poor little heart was aflutter with the idea of it when sounds from above deck caught her attention.

                          "Sounds like panic... and mayhem..." spoken as if they were normal every day occurrences. Sadly... they were.

                          A quick glance to Jacob. It was likely there'd be no sauna tonight.

                          Evacuation siren pretty much clued her in on that.

                          • DarkwingPsycho

                            Jacob frowned when the alarms sounded.  He looked perturbed, but then looked suavely at Piper.  "Well, there's no helping it.  A raincheck, my dear?"

                            He led her back the way they came and up top, where the other SHUSH personnel who were on deck were already helping citizens toward the life boats.  It was then he noticed the fire and smoke.

                            Of course.  No Christmas would be complete without destruction and malevolence.

                            "Get on," he said, motioning Piper to the nearest boat.  "I'm going to put an end to this."

                            He moved for where he anticipated the fire extinguisher would be.

                            • Max Wicked
                              Max Wicked

                              Meanwhile, Max was no longer stuck by the villains he was forced to be taken a picture with but rather lost in confusion as he saw panic and Max sniffed and sensed something was horribly wrong. A fire...Of course and he'd only been here for a FEW MINUTES.


                              Max knew he couldn't just leave this boat without knowing the cause of what went wrong but by the same token as a hero, he needed to save lives. Max soon decided that the lives of civilians and other party members come first...Then finding the cause. "Someone's gonna pay for trying to ruin what seemed like a perfectly innocent temporary truce!" Max thought to himself while in his mind let out a collective sigh of relief he brought his equipment. 


                              Max looked into his hoodie and saw his robot companion looking confused as it poked out and looked around "We've got wide spread panic here...We need to help these people get to a boat and solve the problem. Think you can help me out?" the console beeped in acknowledgement and Max nods as he began to get to work by finding civilians and getting them to safety.

                              • Negaduck

                                Yet the cabinets that would normally contain the fire fighting hoses and equipment were filled with.. coal? What sort of shoddy operation were they running here?

                                Unless someone had moved them.

                                Meanwhile, thanks to the excellent work of St Canard's resident heroes, and even a certain plant duck, everyone was scooted into the dozen or so life rafts.

                                It was only after they were launched as fast and far as possible from the ship, which had begun to shake and steam like a teapot about to boil, would someone notice under a survival tarp on one of the last lifeboats, the captain and first mate. Not leading the way. Not even cowering. Not their of their own will. For both were bound and gagged.. with tinsel.

                                Someone was feeling festive.

                                It was too late though. The distance between the vessel and the evacuees was about the length of an (rather flooded) football field and growing. Besides, with all that thick smoke, who would want to be on board?

                                An eery quiet.

                                Then, FOOOOM!!

                                The noise, not of a fiery explosion, but an explosion of fire fighting foam out one of the funnels. Someone had also gotten creative with all those stolen extinguishers to cut off the flame in the engine bay. But what of the fire on the upper deck?

                                Up in the control room, that same someone sealed off the bathroom pipes while increasing the back pressure, resulting in an eruption of water bursting out in a spectacle that could have coordinated with the 1812 Overture.

                                All blazes effectively unblazed, the non-mystery of who the someone was who was behind everything solved by the red, yellow and black clad figure behind the wheel, and a bellow from the bridge.

                                "Merry Christmas, losers!"

                                Negaduck didn't even need to use the amplification system, what with a voice as loud as a fog horn, but he did need to conclude that statement with an actual fog horn. Just to rub it in as he steamed away, leaving the entire party in his literally substantial wake.

                                Nothing to steal you said, Scrooge? Pff.

                                [[OOC: Thank you all for playing along so far! Sorry if you haven't had a chance to react yet, but please feel free to back-post. Am assuming all made it off except for those planned. The party's not over though - if they can get the boat back!]]

                                • DarkwingPsycho

                                  "Well," Jacob said flatly from the boat he was floating in.  "That could have gone better."  But he shrugged.  "So who's for rowing to shore, then?"

                                  Let Negaduck keep the boat.  Really - what harm could he do with it?  None that Jacob could see that he needed to involve himself in.

                                  • Queen Malicia of St. Canard
                                    Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                                    Mal wasn't sure whether to be impressed or enraged. She did encourage him to do something bad after all, and hijacking an entire cruise-ship certainly fell under that category.

                                    "How far from shore are we?" She crossed her arms. "And how soon can we get to the nearest bar?"

                                    • Launchpad McQuack
                                      Launchpad McQuack

                                      While everyone else was getting off the ship, the ship's owner was dodging all hands and defying physics. Growing increasingly mad as he found coal in the place of firehoses and missing extinguishers, Scrooge darted down to the engine room, sliding down the stair rail and hopping off of Jacob's head to evade capture. Nobody was going to stop him from getting to the bottom of this. He had installed emergency valves to pump seawater in if the vessel caught on fire. If he could activate that, he might be able to salvage the soon to be wet ship...

                                      But someone had sabotaged those too! Whowhathowwhenwhy? Arrgh! The feathered furioso rushed to another section of the engine room...

                                      And yelped as he was engulfed in a tidal wave of high powered fire retardent foam. He fought the current as it climbed up, trying to grab hold of something to use as an anchor or shield but it carried him up the funnel. He momentarily got lodged in the entrance but the pressure, and his struggling, were enough to pop him out and send him flying into the air.


                                      Launchpad, in the meantime, had gotten distracted by the cruise goers themselves.  Several kids needed help getting reunited with their yelling parents, and a nearly deaf old lady needed help moving from a pool chair to the lifeboats. She had no idea what was going on and she fought him when he picked her up. When he got her in the raft, she thanked him for his help by whacking his kneecaps with her purse and grumbling about youngsters not having anything better to do than play pranks with the smoke alarm.  That setback left the wellmeaning sidekick incapacitated for a good five minutes. Long enough for the lifeboats to move away from the "doomed" ship and for Scrooge to get into trouble.  

                                      • Harmonizer

                                        "Phew," Bushroot swiped the sweat from his brow. "I thought we were gonna have to row from flying debris and flames if the ship blew up." 

                                        Okay. Here it comes. He took a deep breath, avoiding looking at Harmonizer and into the waters instead. 

                                        "Taz, I really am sorry. But this was for your own good. I-if something happened to you, I don't know what I'd do... you're my best friend, Taz. I'm... I'm afraid of losing you again." 

                                        She didn't even respond. Bushroot felt hurt. "Come on, Taz, are you giving me the silent... treatment..." 

                                        Finally turned his head to look at her, and she wasn't even there! Just that tangled pile of Christmas decor he'd used to bind her, along with other greenery. 

                                        "TAZ! Oh no, this is bad, this is bad... Spike, why didn't you warn me-" 

                                        They were both gone. 

                                        Bushroot started hyperventilating. Something within the depths of the sea stirred in sync with his panic, and gigantic seaweed rose up, tangling around the other lifeboats. 


                                        Harmonizer, meanwhile, was swimming towards the ship, and was just about to arrive... just in time to see Scrooge flying from the ship, smacking into her. 

                                        She barely had time to take a breath as she was knocked underwater. Black spots swarmed her vision and she could feel herself close to passing out. She tried to swim up but some water had already gone into her lungs and she felt so tired... 

                                        Soft arms wrapped themselves around her gently and pulled her up. She coughed and gasped as her head finally broke the surface. Huh? What- 

                                        She heard a familiar bark and a happy lick by the side of her entire face. Spike. He'd been clinging to her the whole time, in an earlier attempt to stop her from leaving the lifeboat. Harmonizer smiled at him fondly. "Thought I felt something 'eavier than usual. Merci, mon ami. Wait, was zat McDuck just now??" 

                                        She looked around for him worriedly. 

                                        • Launchpad McQuack
                                          Launchpad McQuack

                                          Also stunned by the landing, Scrooge was sinking below the surface, his presence revealed by a slow stream of air bubbles.

                                          Was this the end?

                                          Pfft. Of course not! Scrooge came to and instinctively swam to the light, breaking the surface close to both the flytrap and costumed canard. He hacked up the foam and seawater he had inhaled but he wasn't ready to give up the ship yet. Harmonizer and Spike might have some trouble getting him to the life boats. Or he might try to out swim them, throw everyone else overboard, and use the boat to catch up to the ship! 


                                          "Is it just my cocoa talking back to me, or is something rocking the boat?" Launchpad asked the people in the boat with him. He peered over the edge and jumped back in surprise. "Sea monster!"

                                          Nope. Just seaweed monstrosity, LP. And now you've made the civilians panic. Good job, Sidekick...

                                          He grabbed an oar and tried chopping at the seaweed that latched onto the boat.

                                          "Get off! Nobody ordered sushi to go here." 

                                          • Harmonizer

                                            "'Ey!" Harmonizer shouted, spotting Scrooge swimmimg towards the ship. "Monsieur get back 'ere!" 

                                            She was a faster swimmer, and quickly caught up, with Spike following along. "McDuck, what are you doing? You need to be back on ze lifeboat! I'll deal with zis! Spike, 'elp 'im back to ze nearest one!" 

                                            She then swam ahead, watching for the fastest way to get onto the ship.  


                                            The 'sea monster' roared and smacked Launchpad's oar away and tried to make a grab for him. The rest of the other lifeboats would find themselves in the similar... slimy situation. 

                                            While Bushroot continued to panic in the lone, untouched lifeboat. 

                                            • Negaduck

                                              Up in the control room, the certain red hatted villain behind it all was relaxing back in the captain's chair, feet up on the panels. Not slacking off though. Waiting the inevitable.

                                              And there it was.

                                              PING! PING! 

                                              The sonar had detected an object off portside closing in on the ship. A glance out the window confirmed a sole swimmer breaking away from the crowds. Hardly anything worth wasting coal on.

                                              Still, Negaduck had his methods.

                                              "Looks like we have a boarding party in need of a little welcome party..."

                                              Flick of a switch - oh man, so many switches - and outside on the deck, two cable launchers locked onto Harmonizer. Rather than launching cable across the bow, as they were designed to do, they fired... fairy lights?

                                              The sound across the still of the bay, above any shrieking and chaos that may have come with an apparent sea monster, was akin to two large calibre machine guns cranking in on the one track.

                                              Except Harmonizer would not be facing bullets but strands of glass and electricity. In water.

                                              What a party.

                                              • Launchpad McQuack
                                                Launchpad McQuack

                                                Scrooge protested and writhed against Spike's leafy arms. "Let go of me, you overgrown yard weed! I'm not standing by while someone gets away with my ship!" 

                                                He managed to bonk the friendly flytrap's oversized snoz, but fortunately for Spike, Scrooge's attention was drawn by the screams and yells coming from the lifeboats. 

                                                "Now what? A sea monster? Who threw ice creeam over the railing this time?" He grumbled and swam toward it to give it a taste of McDuck fury.  


                                                Meanwhile, Launchpad tried keeping the kelpy arms at bay with multiple swings from the oar, but he was losing that battle. "I've heard seaweed is good for your health but I don't think this is the way it's supposed to work! Hold still, you green giant!"  

                                                • Harmonizer

                                                  Spike yelped when Scrooge bonked him, but he held on, not letting go. Though something about a sea monster and ice cream seemed to change his mind, which made him swim back to the lifeboats. Spike then let go and started to paddle with him. 

                                                  Which would have been easier if one of the giant seaweed wasn't blocking their path. 



                                                  Harmonizer barely managed to dodge the hazardous decor. Her feathers fluffed up from the tingling of the electricity travelling through the water. Taking a deep breath, she dove underwater, making for the ship. 

                                                  Once there, she pulled out her tantō and stabbed the side of the ship, trying to avoid causing as much damage as possible, using that as a foothold to start climbing until she could reach the railings. 

                                                  • DarkwingPsycho

                                                    Jacob sighed from his position on one of the boats.  So much for just leaving this mess behind.

                                                    He gripped his cane and pulled it apart - revealing a hidden sword from within.  He slashed at the seaweed, then glared toward Bushroot.  "Can't you control this stuff?"

                                                    • Harmonizer

                                                      Bushroot barely heard Jacob. Let alone realise what his powers were doing. 

                                                      "She's gonna die!" he wailed, shaking the only person unfortunate enough to be on his lifeboat. The photographer. "N-Negaduck's gonna kill her! Ooh, this is all my fault! I should have watched her better! Now I'm never going to see her again!" 

                                                      He knew Taz was reckless, but this... 

                                                      The seaweed monster was growing stronger. His panic and anger was fuelling its strength.