Sweet Rendezvous (Part 1)

((Reserved for Negaduck and Jade/Piper. Anyone who wants to join, just ask.))

Previously on Duckverse...
Jade agrees to do some undercover work for Negaduck. The target? Jacob Mallard. After a long night out, poor Piper had to slip her way home in time to shower, change, and then head into work.

It was busy.

Stupidly busy, but Piper was managing to keep up. It was good that the club had picked up-- everyone was happy. Despite her long night with Jacob, the svette duckette was cruising, swerving and charming the night away. Finally comfortable in her role, she seemed to be flourishing at her job.

At least she hadn't spilled anything on anyone. 

"Thank you!" she said, accepting the tip that was slipped into her hand as she piled a few empty glasses onto her tray. Her bussing round done, she lifted the tray and made her way back towards the bar to drop off the empties and deposit the collected tips into their collective tip jar. 

    • Negaduck

      She wasn't the only one having a good night. 

      In one darker corner, a 'business' meeting was getting quite lively. 

      "-And with that tin can out of control," A mallard in a charcoal suit and fedora was explaining to a round table of rather crooked looking individuals. "The cops will be out of their depth, leaving you free to go about your respective.. operations."

      Much glee. A rather tubby gentleman let out a chortle, muffled by one equally substantial mo'. "Well then, to Gizmoduck!"

      A collective cheer, glasses clinked together. The celebration continued for a while, til one of their number tilted back on his chair to whoop. 

      "Ey, who'd we have to kill to get a round o' drinks over 'ere?"

      Figure of speech, surely. 

      • Piper/ Jade
        Piper/ Jade

        Despite the homicidal overtone, Piper happily approached the table. She was finally getting good enough to not have to write orders down, but just in case, had a scratch pad tucked away in her back pocket. She had not paid much attention to their conversation beforehand-- and really, most of it was background noise since she was focused on taking orders to the bar.

        "What can I get you gentlemen?" she asked, polite as ever.

        • Max Wicked
          Max Wicked

          [OOC: There any room for a possibly confused hero who has no clue what he's about to walk himself into?]

          • Negaduck

            ((OOC: Max, check your mail. I've already messaged you a number of times about getting involved in roleplays and never got a response.))

            The 'gentlemen' in question were too busy partying to pick on a little waitress, but a few were thirsty enough to sing out their orders amongst the general carrying on. 


            "Bottle o' yer single malt!"

            "A Four Horsemen!"

            The drake, whom she had happened to be standing behind, was the sole one to lean back and look her in those bright, beautiful eyes. 

            Wait. That mask. That smirk. "I'll take care of these scroundels, sweetheart." Oh, that voice. "You use this to take care of yourself."

            My, that was quite a tip. Wasn't really his thing to be generous, but paid to be nice to the help. Particularly when you could just lift the cash from your unwitting seatmate...

            In any case, hopefully it made up for the dismissive slap on the rear. Thanks very much, right. 

            • Piper/ Jade
              Piper/ Jade

              Piper nodded in response to the orders,eyeing the other drinks in case she needed to grab a second round. She accepted the tip, pausing a moment to look at the giver...

              She knew who it was...

              Luckily the smack to her rear hid the shock of recognition. She yelped, and scampered off quickly.

              "So rude!" she huffed before putting in her drink order. Piper stepped to the back room, pulling out her note pad and paper. Tapping her pen to her bill, she thought about it for a moment... then quickly scribbled. 

              3 AM
              The Dirty Dozen.
              GROUND FLOOR YOU JERK.


              "Piper! Order!" came the sound of the bartender. She folded the note and slipped back out, scooping up the tray with her drink order on it. "Thank you!" she called, waving with her free hand. 

              "Some girl asked me to bring this to you." She dropped the note in front of, who was clearly, Negaduck. She spoke lowly, her normal soft-spoken-manner being drowned out by the crowd. Piper then began around the table setting down drinks and picking up the empties. The entire time she avoided Negaduck's look. 

              • Negaduck

                No flicker in expression as he read it. Without a word, it was tucked into a breast pocket where it stayed. 

                Until it was time. 


                At 02.55, through the doors of the Dirty Dozen Negaduck swang. 

                In his colours this time. No need to sneak around when you were underground. 

                While the choice of location he couldn't really fault, the timing was less than ideal. With the device implanted on his unwilling target things were about to blow up any moment...

                "Well," grumbled as he scanned for signs of his host. "This had better be revealing."

                Oh gawd. 

                • Piper/ Jade
                  Piper/ Jade

                  At 2:55 PM, Jade was there. 

                  Only she was much more subtle... as she was back stage.

                  "You can't stay here much longer." said one of the black feathered strippers. "The guy you hiding from still out there?"

                  Jade looked over her shoulder, smiling lightly. "I don't see him, it'll just be a few minutes. I want to be sure."

                  "Of course, sweetie." The stripper pinched Jade's cheek playfully. "You're too young to be getting into trouble with men. Go back to school." She then dropped her robe, and with confident stride, went to take her place on stage. 

                  Jade rubbed her cheek, and then slipped around the curtain. She'd go around the perimeter and wait for Negaduck to sit down. 

                  • Negaduck

                    She wasn't there? Argh, he hated being the first to arrive!

                    On an equal front, he hated waiting. 

                    A quick scout around to confirm as much - no, he really didn't expect her to show up as one of the dancers somehow - Negaduck stuck out a foot to trip someone carrying a tray of drinks to relieve his need to cause some level of destruction, and turned for the door. 

                    "Waste of my time. I'll waste he--"

                    Presumably cut off there because he either disappeared out the exit, or actually bumped into someone. 

                    Here's hoping it was the right someone. 

                    • Piper/ Jade
                      Piper/ Jade

                      It was right the right someone. She'd felt it prudent to step in after ruining one poor waiter's night. 

                      "Right on time." She said, putting her hands out to steady herself. "What happened to him?" playing dumb, and speaking about the waiter who was scrambling to pick up glass. "Anyway, lets talk."

                      • Negaduck

                        Not even bothering to lie. Less in a grump though, Negaduck was clearly appreciative of her.. appearance. 

                        "Well, look at you. Aren't you a sight for sore limbs."

                        Don't expect any remorse over that push now. 

                        Thumb jerk in the direction of the champagne rooms. 

                        "Best to take this somewhere.. private."

                        Like he was the height of discretion. But he wasn't entirely stupid, and the location he picked was the only room with a window to the street. 

                        Too bad it was already occupied. 

                        "Hey what're you-- AAAAH!!" The couple fled with a shriek on seeing who exactly had crashed their party. Notoriety had its perks. 

                        Unfazed, he plonked on the lounge, allowing Jade to do the same. 

                        "So." Straight to business. "What do you have for me?"

                        Assuming you didn't call this rendezvous for the company. 

                        • Piper/ Jade
                          Piper/ Jade

                          "Nothing really." she said, not sitting down... the dubious stains on said lounge made her question the sanitation of that particular seat. 

                          "Other than he is playing both sides, but I am figuring you knew that. Same story-- out for revenge against you big bad baddies. I don't know why it is you in particular but..." shrug.

                          "But he has a home somewhere outside of town. Took me to it in order to keep me safe. Wants to help me plan using one of your enemies to take your sights off of me. Mentioned Darkwing Duck for one." she shrugged and shifted her weight to one side. "Pity he is so into SHUSH. He'd make an excellent criminal."

                          Was that respect?

                          That was respect.

                          "It took a bit to convince him to let me go. But I'm planning on running into him again soon."

                          • Negaduck

                            "I may have an idea on that..." murmured, more to himself. 

                            A broken deal and a blown up suitcase tended to result in grudges.

                            Back to Jade. "Sounds like you've done well to ingratiate yourself into his trust. Excellent work, considering the short timeframe."

                            A tug of a smirk as he locked with her gaze. "You're not falling for him, are you?"

                            Joking not joking. 

                            • Piper/ Jade
                              Piper/ Jade

                              She raised a brow, her eyelids lowering... her expression was clearly, 'Are you kidding me?'

                              Unfortunately for the old man, he hadn't shown her enough of a dominant streak for her to even consider him. 

                              "It's not hard to wiggle in when they are lonely. And most people in these kinds of businesses are." A shrug. Hey... she was observant. "So what is your idea?"

                              • Negaduck

                                Naaaw, so ronely. Hah hah. Loser.

                                "Keeping him occupied. If not with you, with this."

                                Handing over a copy of Chicks with Chainsaws, only to realise the pages were stuck together. 

                                "Argh," Wrestling with the material. "Stupid.. blooming.. craft glue."


                                "There." Revealing a bio, cleverly hidden in the magazine's letters section, of one Agent Nigel Mallard. "He's - whether he likes it or not - working for me."

                                And there was the kicker. 

                                "And I want our friend Jacob to know it."

                                • Piper/ Jade
                                  Piper/ Jade

                                  Blinking in confusion, she took the magazine and gently held it up, and turned it so she could see what it was he was talking about. She was grateful that she wore gloves.

                                  Tilting her head, Jade gave a bit of a smirk. "Hmm..." Interesting. Attractive... though she was noticing a lot of highly similar characteristics between all the drakes she was coming across.

                                  Her eyes skimmed the bio quickly, wondering what exactly it was that this Agent Nigel did. "Distract the distractor... nice reversal, if this is someone Jacob is suspicious of." 

                                  She then noticed the title of the magazine. "Chicks with Chainsaws? Seems... specific..." 

                                  • Negaduck

                                    "Got to appreciate a woman who can handle a big tool."

                                    And some were bigger than others. 

                                    Sitting back, pleased with himself - wasn't he always - Negaduck took in the subtle shifts of her body, the places she let her gaze linger and where she hurried it on from. He knew disgust when he saw it.

                                    Call it a professional interest.

                                    "So, think you can drop your saviour a clue?"

                                    Not going to stop with the pun-ishment was he.

                                    • Piper/ Jade
                                      Piper/ Jade

                                      She rolled her eyes.

                                      "I am sure I can handle that just fine." She folded the magazine and put her hands on her hips. "I will have to figure out a plan to run into him again though... would seem to suspicious for me to bump into him. Course, if I hang around here, it is bound to happen. I think he thinks this is where I work."

                                      A smirk. "Or hopes." Really? Your ego is that big? Too bad her measurements didn't match. "Anything else?" 

                                      • Negaduck

                                        "You think he'd fall for that?" A smile, who was he to dash a girl's self image. "A waitress, maybe..."

                                        Coincidence, surely...

                                        Before Jade could read too much into that, he had stood. That was a no to further tasking then. 

                                        "Not that you're not beautiful enough to outshine any of the pole decorations here. Quite the opposite." Compliments, from him? "But I know depravity..." 

                                        Tilting her face to his, a rare gentle gesture, before he left to attend to less gentle pursuits.

                                        "And I don't see it in you."

                                        Don't worry though buttercakes. We'll work on it. 

                                        • Piper/ Jade
                                          Piper/ Jade

                                          Taking his cue, Jade shrugged and turned to follow him out.

                                          That was when buttercakes let slip a statement that was probably best left unstated.

                                          "Hope he hasn't seen us." 

                                          Innocent, and mindless.

                                          • Negaduck

                                            "Hope he has."

                                            The shove to push her back onto those so lovely couches was disconcerting. 

                                            Fortunately it was followed very quickly by self-explanatory machine gun fire hitting everything except her. Unless she moved.

                                            Oh yeah, that was much more.. concerting?

                                            • Piper/ Jade
                                              Piper/ Jade

                                              She moved, but not in any particular direction. Rather she made herself smaller by bringing her arms up to cover her face, and her knees up to protect her torso.

                                              Lets not forget the scream. She didn't mean to, but his action was so out of the blue, and the violence so abrupt that she couldn't help it.

                                              • DarkwingPsycho

                                                Once he'd taken off from the emergency SHUSH meeting that had been called, Jacob had turned on the radar on his wristwatch to see where his little dove had flown.  Where she was, Negaduck was sure to turn up.  He only wished he could have caught the villain before he'd completely dismantled the McDuck empire.

                                                The dermal tracking device did its job well.  He had slid it onto the flesh behind her ear as he had taken off the blindfold before they had parted ways.  It didn't take long for him to find The Dirty Dozen.  He had parked his car a number of blocks away and hidden it, and had also changed the license plates (of which he had many) just in case.

                                                The blips sped up as he neared her location, and he had to move around the building a couple of times before realizing she was in one of the lower rooms in the back.  He had only enough time to peer into the window and see the two of them together before Negaduck suddenly pulled out a machine gun and was firing.

                                                He cursed and pulled out his own handgun, firing through the window toward Negaduck and trying for a limb.

                                                • Negaduck

                                                  Incoming gunfire produced a similar reaction to Jade's - minus the girly scream. Maybe.

                                                  A bullet ripped through the fabric of one arm, very close, only to hit the top of a champagne bottle the fleeing couple had left behind.

                                                  Which meant a sticky, creamy spray right in the felon's face.


                                                  Well that worked as a distraction. Provided nobody actually got shot.

                                                  • Piper/ Jade
                                                    Piper/ Jade

                                                    Well, she was not about to let this sweet distraction pass her by. Nor was she about to go looking for who was shooting at Negaduck.

                                                    Jade leapt from the couch, and did her best to scurry away from Negs-- before he really got angry and just started to blindly shoot.

                                                    ...because that was a very real possibility. She also did not want to find out if she was a target as well. Luckily she knew the layout for the place, and shit was able to hit an escape exit-- which also set off a fire alarm and sprinklers. 

                                                    • DarkwingPsycho

                                                      Jacob slammed through the now broken window, shattering it as he dove inside.  "Drop your weapon," he said evenly to Negaduck once he'd regained composure.  He didn't glance around to look for Jade, but he was already standing in front of the place she had been.  

                                                      Water cascaded over them from the fire sprinklers, but Jacob didn't flinch.  He continued to aim his handgun at Negaduck.  "You got your virus, despite your improvisation.  Now give me what I want."