RP: The Report

((OOC: RP reserved for Carol Torres, James Wolfe, Hooter and Dimitri Vondran (well, only if you want to *wink*).))

"You called me, sir?"

Hooter turned away from the window to glance at the wolf agent who had spoken as he entered his office, his expression unusually grim, with a hint of worry. 

"Yes, Agent Wolfe," he said, moving back to his desk. "Please, take a seat," he motioned to a chair that had been placed in front of him. "I will go straight to the point. One of our agents, Agent Torres, had been assailed, just last night. She had sustained some injuries she would eventually heal from, and is now at the hospital recovering. From what I could gather, Negaduck had been at the scene of the assault. No doubt he was the root of it."

He held up a file that had been on his desk, and gave it to James. 

"This is the case file for the incident, which was handed in by the police earlier. I will need you to look into it, and supervise any investigations that may be required. I expect a report once you are finished." 

James nodded, standing up. "Yes, sir." 

"Oh, and do check on her first," Hooter added. 

The wolf agent blinked. "Sir?" 

"Agent Carol Torres, Wolfe."

"Yes, I know that, sir. But by checking on her, you do mean interviewing her on the incident, considering she's the victim, don't you, sir?" 

It was Hooter's turn to blink. "Well, if you do think that is necessary for your investigation-" he paused, understanding. 

"Wolfe, I'm asking you to go check on her. At least ask her if she is well, and make sure she is, before doing anything else with her," Hooter said quietly. "Is that clear?" 

For goodness sake... even Grizzlikoff would know to do that! 

James nodded, no show of emotion from the time he entered the director's office. "Yes, sir." 

He rarely took cases like these... they were mostly dangerous field work back in the UK. But since they were orders, James would follow them. 

He just wished it was someone else. Didn't she have friends and family? Why couldn't they do that instead? This wasn't going to help the case at all. 

Just as well. He had a kind heart underneath that cold exterior, and he did feel concern for the agent... but he was just used to not showing emotion, and wanted to focus solely on whatever mission was thrown at him. He was curious about the director. He seemed... different from other directors he'd worked for. 

Once he left Hooter's office, he quickly looked through the file. It appeared that no one had known about Torres being in the hospital until the commotion happened, which caused damage to two hospital rooms. There were a few pictures of evidence, including a cupboard, which used to block a Negaduck-shaped hole before it was moved out of the way, and some small reports by eyewitnesses who saw the supervillain escape. 

And someone else. 

Torres would probably know more about it. 

Quickly, he set off for the hospital, and requested for her room. Once there, he knocked on the door and waited for her to respond. 


    • Agent Carol Torres
      Agent Carol Torres

      "Come in." The collie agent replied.

      Agent Torres looked a mess between the neck brace, arm brace, and assorted bandages, but considering who she had tangled with, she was in very good shape. Her worst injuries were the initial gunshot wound that had brought her here, a bump on the head, whiplash, and inflammation from the numerous lacerations and bruises she had sustained. The doctors were mainly concerned about the blood loss, possible injury to her neck, and the head trauma that had caused her to lose consciousness, so they were keeping her for observation. Otherwise, everything else would heal quickly and could be tended to at home.

      Carol's unbandaged ear perked and briefly flattened when she saw who entered the room. She'd been expecting someone from SHUSH but she'd been hoping for someone...friendlier? She had nothing against Agent Wolfe but considering his determined silence and lack of emotion made even her, "Agent Mom", feel awkward, she did not expect this visit to be any more cordial than necessary. Oh well. At least he would get to the point and not linger too long.   It could be much worse. It could be that vain masochist Agent Anca, or a villain in disguise again. Or it could be a visit from her stressed and overly emotional mother. She was not looking forward to that visit. 

      "Hello, Agent Wolfe." She managed a small smile in greeting. 


      The book-keeping agent mentally sorted and catalogued everything she could remember from the attack, knowing Agent Wolfe would want logical, straight forward answers and cold hard facts. Which meant she should probably keep a lid on her concerns about Harmonizer. Agent Wolfe would either ignore the report on Harmonizer's animosity toward SHUSH, or he would send out some agents to track her down for questioning. Carol did not want to further alienate the little hero by sending a troop of armed agents after her.

      Why not, though? Negaduck had said Harmonizer was friends with a villain. She could be a threat to SHUSH in the future, or at least turn a blind eye toward her friend's villainous tendencies. Harmonizer had armed one of the biggest thugs in St. Canard with a pipe to clobber their attackers. And Harmonizer had turned her back on Negaduck, the one person you never want to present your back to, several times during their confrontation. She was either incredibly confident in her own abilities to escape harm (which begged the question: what is she capable of). Or she had a one track mind that only focused on one thing at a time, which could be a very dangerous handicap in a battle. Either way, Harmonizer was a potential danger to herself and others. She should be brought in for questioning, and possibly psychoanalyzing. But Carol wanted to prevent that from happening.

      Why? Why the collie wanted to protect the hostile rogue "hero" was beyond her medication-fogged comprehension. Her training and SHUSH regulations told her Harmonizer must be questioned, but her instincts told her to leave the heroine alone for a while to let her calm down. In this scenario, Carol trusted her instincts. There was something underneath that hatred for SHUSH besides outright distrust and disgust. Something that had wounded Harmonizer deeply. It was best not to poke the growling tiger (er' duck) in this case.

      But could Carol withhold information from Agent Wolfe, the top interrogator in all branches of SHUSH? That was very unlikely, given the state she was in now. It's hard to think when your body and your mind are weary and numb, and a little spaced out from Post Traumatic Stress and medication. 

      • James Wolfe
        James Wolfe

        James merely nodded back in greeting when the agent greeted him. Inwardly, he was relieved to see that her condition wasn't that bad. 

        He would know, as an elite agent. He'd been through much more. 

        He was about to ask about details on what had happened that night, when he remembered the director's words, and cleared his throat before speaking. 

        "So, uh... how are you feeling?"

        It sounded like he didn't care. Because he knew what her answer was going to be. Anyone could tell she was fine, of course. That question was pointless. At least she'd be able to make a full recovery soon. James knew agents who couldn't. 

        Moving on. 

        "I need to know everything that had happened last night," he said, pulling out a black notepad. "Every single detail. It'll be most vital to the investigation."

        • Agent Carol Torres
          Agent Carol Torres

          "Good." Carol replied automatically. She could tell Agent Wolfe didn't care one way or another how she felt, and that was alright with her. She didn't care to elaborate anyway, as she was not looking for sympathy from anyone, and she knew plenty of people who had suffered much worse. She would normally try to joke to lighten the mood but nothing came to mind on that front, either.

          "Yes Sir. I decided to walk down Feather Street to get breakfast after I left work at thirteen hundred seven am. I heard footsteps, stepped aside to observe who was following me, and watched him walk past. I believe he was the Backalley Bushwhacker, Sir. His height, stature, weight, facial hair, and accent matched police descriptions of the purse snatcher they've been after.
          "He turned down an alley. I moved to the opposite street for precaution and watched the alleys for him. I observed a pedestrian with her arms full of plastic, paper, and burlap bags."

          She gave James the same scent and appearance description she had given Harmonizer hours ago, describing the initial conflict between the mouse and the Bushwhacker, and her own choice to get involved. The Bushwhacker had threatened her. She fired warning shots, and the mouse she had originally deemed to be an ordinary citizen shot Carol.

          Carol paused to gather her thoughts. Things had gotten a little haywire then, since the mouse had several companions who also opened fire on Carol and the Bushwhacker. Harmonizer had appeared at that time and attempted reasoning first, and then engaged in combat. Two suspects got away in a vehicle. The others in the gang were incapacitated. The Bushwhacker attempted to take Carol hostage when they heard the police sirens. Harmonizer grabbed Carol and led her to an alley to hide from him, and then took her to the hospital, where they were met by Negaduck in a hospital room. How he had gotten there and why he was there was beyond Carol's comprehension.
          She stopped again as she tried to figure out how to share the truth without casting Harmonizer in a negative light. Everything in her report so far had been straight forward, detailed, and logical, but now she was unsure of the details.

          "I was held down on the gurney by several robotic arms. I spent most of my time trying to squeeze out of those with a large, customized bone saw running in front of me. It had laser and a drill attachment on it."
          Purposefully focusing on the big scary torture device and vulnerability to avoid having to answer too many questions about Negaduck's interaction with Harmonizer. Smooth.

          • James Wolfe
            James Wolfe

            James listened closely, making sure to jolt down every single important detail. The mention of the possibility of a dangerous gang at work was mildly concerning. An investigation is definitely a must, before anything got out of hand.

            His sharp ears would perk every now and then as he scribbled in his notepad, which meant he was listening as much as he was writing. Which also minimises the chances that he was actually doodling instead. Which was little enough as it was. 

            And which was why he also caught the slight hesitance just as she got into details about the attack from Negaduck.

            Anyone would have wrote it off as trauma and fear, but not James. 

            Especially when she started describing how scary the torture device was, and how futile her struggles were. As if she was trying to distract him from something else. 

            And that 'somethng else' was- "What was this Harmonizer doing when you were being trapped?" he looked at her scrutinisingly. 

            Sorry, Carol, it's not working.

            Code red, code red. 

            • Agent Carol Torres
              Agent Carol Torres

              Code Red indeed. Carol froze and mentally replayed her memories. Her own mind was focusing on the negativity: Harmonizer fleeing the room, only to come back and get in her face to verify that she did indeed work for SHUSH; Harmonizer kicking her in the shin (lightly, to be fair); and mocking SHUSH. Negaduck implying that she was a rogue who did what she wanted regardless of the rules and sympathized with criminals. The collie shifted uncomfortably.

              "Negaduck...knocked her down."

              That was true. Right when Carol was captured and Harmonizer had tried to warn her, Negaduck had tripped her and–
              Harmonizer had come running in before Carol knew who she was facing. How did she know it was a trap? Harmonizer had not been near the room at the time. She couldn't have possibly known Negaduck was there unless...

              The heart rate monitor sped up, betraying Carol's alarm at her own thoughts. There was no way any agent would miss all of those tells. She calmed herself down and tried not to get ahead of her story.

              "There were some altercations. Negaduck tried to manipulate us both into thinking he and Harmonizer were working together. He sounded like he was making that up on the spot. He was flustered when Harmonizer insisted that he release me so he threw a canister of laughing gas at her. She was laughing too hard to do anything after that. I tried to trick Negaduck into thinking my pen was a weapon. It squirted ink in his eye and sent him stumbling. The death machine was knocked at an angle so as it cut into my restraints, I was able to roll clear of it. I'm not sure why I locked the door to rap myself and Harmonizer with Negaduck. I think I was trying to keep Negaduck from getting away until Harmonizer could recover enough to arrest him."

              Carol frowned at her own poor choice of actions.
              "I picked up the gas canister and threw it at the sprinkler system overhead to distract him while he puzzled over my choice. I reached to assist Harmonizer to her feet. Negaduck attacked with his chainsaw. I knocked Harmonizer aside with the gurney...and slipped backwards. I...don't really remember what happened after that. I think that's when I fell into the other room somehow and the cabinet fell on top of me. All I remember is sound and pain before I was revived."

              That was a lot of information about Carol's actions and Negaduck but did Harmonizer really spend all of that time flat on the floor from being tripped and hit with a laughing gas canister?

              • James Wolfe
                James Wolfe

                James silently noted Torres' reaction after questioning about the supposed heroine, and a radar went off in his mind, although he kept his expression composed. 

                Something was wrong. Something was very wrong here. And apparently, Torres did not want to share it. 

                He was a master at reading people. And it didn't help that she had an open nature. Anyone else would have been able to read her easily. 

                The agent stopped writing, and instead glanced at her as she continued to relate what else had happened, watching her intently. He had a good memory, and he would write everything down later. His sharp eyes saw her pause and feel alarm after mentioning Negaduck had knocked Harmonizer down, the attempt to recover, and a hint of hesitance as she went on with her story. 

                For a simple answer to James' question about the heroine, she seemed to act very strangely, and say more about what happened with herself and Negaduck. It was as if she didn't want to let on more, and that she herself didn't know much as well. 

                But James be dammed if he wasn't going to get a straight answer from the agent. He didn't care what the agent felt, he just wanted cold, hard facts. 

                "You say Negaduck was making it up on the spot, about Harmonizer working together with him," he moved closer to her with a slight intimidating air. "But, from what reports I've seen, an eyewitness saw a figure escaping the hospital, right where they found your unconscious body. Negaduck, who was in the other room, managed to escape thanks to an explosion. Tell me, if Harmonizer is, indeed, a hero, why hadn't she secured Negaduck herself and waited for the Supervillain Containment Unit to arrive? Or, at least, stayed behind and cooperated with the police?"

                Why indeed.

                He lifted a brow, now very close to her. "Agent Torres, every detail should be reported with complete honesty and with every aspect of the truth, lest anyone make a mistake with the information given, while working on the case. Since you are the sole victim of the situation, we would all take your for your word, at least, until new information arises. Which would be a while, given what we are working with."

                "Now, is there something else you're not telling me?"

                He was sure it was going to involve this Harmonizer a lot. He'd heard of Darkwing Duck many times, as Hooter had spoken very highly of him, but he didn't know much about the heroine, aside from some small accounts from the papers. And they never said much about her, either. 

                • Agent Carol Torres
                  Agent Carol Torres

                  "So she left..." Carol commented softly, feeling a strange combination of relief that Harmonizer was not being interrogated now, and sad that the heroine was not present to speak up for her actions. And even sadder that Harmonizer saw her as an enemy instead of an ally...

                  Having gone through both police and SHUSH training, Carol was not easily intimidated by people staring her down and getting in her personal space. But a superior officer demanding answers to questions she wanted answers to herself? That was a different story. She was very much an open book and she couldn't help averting her eyes from Agent Wolfe's.

                  She wanted to tell him everything and discuss all of her worries and confusion. But was he the right agent to share her concerns with? She did not know Agent Wolfe well. She'd be much more comfortable discussing this with the Director, or that Hudson fellow. Or that vampire agent...
                  Egad! Don't think of him right now! The last thing she needed to do was blush and get her heart rate up even more.

                  "Agent Wolfe," Carol began, lifting her eyes back up to meet his as she pushed her emotions aside. She wanted to be honest, upfront, and helpful to the investigation. It went against every bone in her honest body to hold anything back. But in order to speak openly, she had to keep herself calm and level headed. Intimidation won't help you much, James. Spooking this agent would only delay your investigation.

                  "I would very much like to tell you everything, but the questions you are asking are questions I myself would like answers to."
                  She leaned back and began her report.

                  "Harmonizer was very concerned about my well being up until Negaduck mentioned I am a SHUSH agent. I assume he got that information from my medical file. I don't know Harmonizer's past. I don't believe she is a threat to SHUSH, as she seems to have very strong moral convictions."

                  <i>Seems</i> being the key word. It was not irrefutable evidence in Carol's mind yet, so she did not feel comfortable saying that those morals were concrete.

                  "But she was very upset for some reason. She left the room in a panic, and returned when Negaduck turned on his weapon."

                  Carol frowned as she ran back over her memories.

                  "She seemed...more focused on me than Negaduck at the moment. She pushed the weapon back and crouched over me to ask if I really was a SHUSH agent. Her expression and her scent displayed emotional conflict. Negaduck again tried to make me think she was working for him. She demanded that he let me go, and that is when he threw the gas canister at her, knocking her back a yard."

                  • James Wolfe
                    James Wolfe

                    Just as he'd expected. So, she didn't know much about it, did she?

                    James listened to the full report, feeling satisfied that she was giving him everything at last. 

                    It was strange that Harmonizer would act upset upon discovering Torres was a S.H.U.S.H. agent. Usually, only criminals would act that way, when faced with the stronger and more efficient division of the law. Regardless of how the supposed heroine treated Torres before finding out about her profession, that strange behaviour could not be ignored. If she was working for justice, she would have nothing to fear from a peacekeeping organisation, which is very well-known among all heroes, even the minor ones. 

                    So, why, exactly, would she act like that, unless she had something to hide?

                    "...she seems to have very strong moral convictions."


                    James immediately understood. Though, not in the way Torres would think. 

                    There have been many cases where hostages would defend their captors or abusers, and would even attempt to fight their rescuers, just to be with them. Psychologists described it as the victims developing a 'bond' with their captor, which could be easily done through using their feelings against them. The victims would enter a state of delusion where they would see their captor as their 'friend', and would protect them if they could. 

                    Just like how Torres was acting towards Harmonizer now. She didn't even know everything, and she was still trying to protect her. 

                    "And you do not think there is a chance she could be pulling the wool over your eyes?" he asked, once she was done. 

                    No doubt about it, the 'heroine' would have to be brought in for questioning. Her actions against Torres were more than suspicious, whether she really worked for Negaduck or not. And she seemed to have some sort of charm too, if she was able to make the agent defend her like that. 

                    James stepped back to continue making notes in his notepad, looking grim. They would need to track down the heroine, and bring her into custody. That would be one of their main priorities.

                    And if she refused to cooperate, James would not hesitate to use force. 

                    • Agent Carol Torres
                      Agent Carol Torres

                      The collie agent's expression turned defensive and annoyed. Why did everyone question her instincts? Just because she had a heart and she thought things through before jumping the gun (most of the time), that did not mean she was a fool! Wincing, she sat up straighter.

                      "Sir. With all due respect, you were not there. Harmonizer panicked. Genuine, verge of hyperventilation panic. I could see and smell it. But she came back to help me, even though she clearly no longer cared to associate with me."

                      Calming down, Carol tried to explain why she was being protective of the heroine. It wasn't for the reason James thought. She willed him to hear her out.

                      "Off the record, I believe if she is pursued now, she might react like a cornered animal, and she will have further reason to hold a grudge against SHUSH, whatever her reason is for being hostile toward our organization. I believe this case needs a more delicate approach than SHUSH's standard investigative protocol. That is why I hesitated to describe everything, Sir. Not because I am a soft hearted fool, but because I don't want to further alienate a potential ally."

                      Now you have everything you need to know, but you've probably already closed your mind to what I just told you. I knew I should have waited until I could speak to the director personally... He would at least hear his agents out and potentially trust Carol's instincts instead of bulling forward with protocol like Agent Grizzlikoff.

                      • James Wolfe
                        James Wolfe

                        James glanced at her stonily... which was pretty much his only expression he'd been using so far.

                        "I told you, every report needs facts, and only facts. Where your feelings are concerned, you should only save them for someone else outside the interview."

                        Or a psychiatrist. Maybe he shoud issue her one for the time being...

                        "Besides, do you have an explanation as to why she acted so?" he went on. "If she really is innocent, she would have nothing to fear from us. You said it yourself: she is hostile towards S.H.U.S.H.. She panicked when she heard the name. The organisation dedicated to keeping peace and order, and without a dark record in its history. Whether or not she is working with Negaduck, she is most likely a threat to the safety of everyone."

                        "You hardly know her, and neither do I. Do not defend someone if you don't know anything about them."

                        "And S.H.U.S.H.'s standard investigative protocol is the quickest and easiest way to deal with suspects, for the safety of the citizens, citizens we are striving to protect, not the suspect. If she cooperates, she won't come to any harm."

                        He turned to leave. He'd have to send a group of agents to look into the mouse gang, and one or two to track down Harmonizer. "Good day, agent."

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                        • Agent Carol Torres
                          Agent Carol Torres


                          There was nothing more Carol could say. Agent Wolfe was right. SHUSH protocol, while cumbersome and ineffective in some scenarios, was designed to offer the most protection to citizens. And like or not, he was right about Harmonizer being a suspect. She did need to be questioned, there was no denying that, and SHUSH as a whole could not risk having a future investigation tampered by a hot-headed hero.

                          The collie lowered her head and her ear meekly.

                          "Yes Sir. I apologize for taking so much of your time, Agent Wolfe. Goodbye."


                          When he was gone, she sank further into the bed, feeling more miserable than she had when she first woke up. She hurt all over but the ache in her chest had nothing to do with the bruises on her hide. She felt like she had betrayed Harmonizer...
                          But why did she feel that way?


                          The whole reason Carol had submitted to SHUSH was because she trusted the organization and its higher ups to make decisions in the best interest of citizens, not politicians or foreign bureaucrats. She trusted SHUSH because it did not have the shadow of bureaucracy and questionable morals hanging over it like some of the better known organizations. SHUSH were not hired assassins, they were interceptors who watched for trouble, planned carefully, and stepped in at the best possible moment. She believed in the organization, its agents, and yes, even its rules wholeheartedly.

                          This doubt hurt so badly.

                          Was her faith misplaced? Did Harmonizer know something about a SHUSH agent or operation that would darken Carol's own perception of the agency? Or was Harmonizer the one in the wrong, as Agent Wolfe seemed to think, and Carol's instincts way off base? Was she not fit to be an agent?

                          No. Remember what your mother said. You can do anything you put your heart to. Don't lose sight of your goal.
                          You promised you would make your dad proud...


                          Carol had put her heart in SHUSH, but more importantly she had devoted her life to protecting citizens. One thing other agencies were guilty of was deciding what was best for the general populace without considering how their actions might affect an individual or a family. Many "peace-keeping" organizations had formed bitter enemies because they had gone ahead with protocol instead of attempting to show a little compassion.

                          The difference between good and evil is that good Cares. Anyone can care about their families, friends, and beliefs, but a true hero cares about strangers and does not sacrifice one family or community just because that family does not act or think the same way.

                          "Do not defend someone if you don't know anything about them."

                          Sorry, Agent Wolfe, but that is the heart of a SHUSH agent's job.

                          Carol sat up.

                          " S.H.U.S.H.'s standard investigative protocol is the quickest and easiest way to deal with suspects, for the safety of the citizens, citizens we are striving to protect, not the suspect. If she cooperates, she won't come to any harm."

                          The Suspect.

                          "I need to find her. I need to warn her somehow."

                          The collie agent started to get up but gasped as a shockwave of pain flooded through her. Weakened, her good arm doubled under her and sent her rolling back into her pillow.

                          "Bad idea..." She panted as she stared up at the ceiling. "I need help. But I don't know anyone who might..."

                          Her eyes brightened and she reached for the phone next to the bed. She didn't have anyone's numbers memorized, but she did know the number for Deborah the receptionist who took SHUSH calls.

                          It took a few minutes to get past the usual small talk before Carol was able to sweetly convince Deborah to patch her through to the director's office. Unfortunately the director was not in to answer the call. Darn it. Okay. Plan B. Who else could she talk to without immediately being labeled as a lunatic?

                          Carol asked to be patched through to Dimitri Vondran, telling Deborah she just wanted to let him hear her voice so that he wouldn't worry about her. Deborah was a sucker for cheesy romance novels so making her think Carol was sweet on Dimitri was an easy way to manipulate her.
                          When Carol did not get an answer, she glanced at the clock. Double drat. Dimitri was probably still in bed at home. His shift would not start for a few more hours... Now what?


                          "Deborah, I'm sorry to be such a pain, but do you by chance have Agent Trevor Mallard's home number on file? I forgot it's too early for Agent Vondran to come in."

                          "Give me just a moment..." Carol could hear the keyboard clacking. "Aha. We do have a number on file."

                          "You're a gem, Deb. I'll pay you back when I get out of here."

                          "Nonsense! You just get better and get back on your feet soon. We need you.  I've already gotten several calls from Anca demanding help in locating files and replacing some form he ran out of."

                          "Typical..." Carol told Deborah which drawer she kept the forms in and where to find the files. It was a good thing she had a good memory for the layout of the records room. After helping out with that task, Deborah gave Carol Trevor's home phone number.

                          Carol didn't have any means for writing it down so she repeated it to herself until she exchanged niceties with Deborah and hung up. She bit her knuckle anxiously as she waited for someone at the Mallard residence to answer.

                          Please pick up, please pick up.

                          • Trevor Mallard
                            Trevor Mallard

                            The Mallard residence was located at a town house near St. Canard's central park. The two agents in question were also room mates as well partners in their department.

                            The coffee table was a mess with a stack of pizza boxes and cans of soda. Very fitting for the bachelor sterotype. In fact, as we speak, both drakes were passed on the sofas in the living room. After a long night shift they had a late dinner and just slept where they were since they were exhausted. Neither had bothered to change out of their suits and only the jackets had been taken off which were hanging on the backs of the sofas.

                            Dimitri stirred when he heard one of the cell phones ringing.

                            "Trevor." He yawned. "Your phone is ringing." He stretched a bit. When it appeared that the curly feathered drake wasn't waking up he raised his voice a little. "Trevor!" Then threw a sofa pillow at him.

                            "Huh...huh. What?" Trevor woke up confused. "What is it?"

                            "Your phone. It's ringing. Answer it."

                            Trevor dug out the phone from the sofa cushion to answer it. "Hello?" He greeted sleepily.


                            • Agent Carol Torres
                              Agent Carol Torres

                              There was a soft sigh of relief before Trevor found out who he was talking to.

                              "Agent Mallard? I apologize for disturbing you, Sir. This is Agent Carol Torres from bookkeeping. I need help reaching Director Hooter and tracking down a suspect who may be an ally."