Trash Day (MA Warning)

A sigh.

“Damnit, where did I put that card?”

Half dressed, Scarlet tore through unpacked moving boxes. “I know it was with my office crap…” she threw a few ledgers aside before finally turning the box over and dumping the contents. For a moment she stared blankly at the mess, before using her foot to push aside some rubbish… Scarlet hadn’t planned on needing the card at all… but her self control was once again lost to foolishness.

“There!” she bent down and picked up the card that Negaduck had left with her. She picked up her phone and walked over to her partially set up California king sized bed where she flopped down. “Well… let’s see… so many options.”

Who knew the super villain was so into social media? She opened up her Happn app and quickly found him, typing up a quick message.

“Need you to take out the trash.” She followed with her address, and then set her phone aside. She stretched out luxuriously, glancing around her new flat lazily. Remodeling had just finished, and now she was free to move in. Scarlet claimed the entire top floor for her personal living quarters, while the floors below were dorms and studio space. Scarlet just needed to start recruiting.

She might be aiming to show off as well.

With a wicked grin she turned her head to look at a bundle on her bed. “Let’s see how long it takes him.”

    • Negaduck

      Soon enough:

      Boop. That 'see you there' feature was handy. Probably not what the makers intended it for, but oh well. 

      It was not an instant appearance. That would've been convenient from a comedy point of view, however he was a busy supervillain, and couldn't be running off to deal with a certain hobby at the drop of a wide brimmed hat. 

      Within the half hour, the door bell rang. 

      Propped against the entranceway, a very blackened, very beaten and very grumpy Negaduck. 

      Now that was comically convenient. 

      • Scarlet

        There was a pause, and then the door opened revealing a fully dressed Scarlet. No peep show this time.

        “What the hell happened to you?” she asked lazily, her brows drawing together in scrutiny. Without waiting for him to answer, she stepped back from the doorway to let him in. “Try not to touch anything. I just had the place painted. And do mind the upholstery."


        • Negaduck

          "'The hell' is right," snarled Negaduck, not at his hostess but at life in general, marching inside. 

          Why explain things though when you can throw a neat little holographic projector onto a table and let it show the evening news while you get tidied up.

          '"Hello, I'm Tom Lockjaw reporting from the disarray stemming from the St Canard dump. Things got even messier here today when law enforcement bravely attempted to interdict a fiery new arsonist, but the scrap turned dirty when the city's criminal kingpin, Negaduck, was spotted thanks to a tip-off."

          Helicopter footage showed the police siege turn bad with some focus on Malicia, in all her bouncing, burning glory. Alluring, perhaps, if not for the fact she was being blasted in the bust with a recycled waste water hose, or tangled in a trolley. Too bad they seemed to have missed the whole 'riding his barrel' part, but maybe that simply wasn't acceptable for prime time.

          "Downtown was trashed until Negaduck's tank came crashing to a halt. The bill was huge, not helped at all by Darkwing Duck, who made an appearance just in time to assist the two fugitives make a 'clean' getaway."

          Objective reporting as usual.

          Having managed to wipe off most of the soot, broken glass and tank tread marks with a pair of Jocks' Jocks, courtesy of that underpants explosion, Negaduck's mood remained rotten.

          "A demoness helped that drop-kick Darkwing. A demoness. What kind of moral compass does she have?!"

          Too bad that lump on the bed couldn't have been in the background. Would have made a nice visual contrast.

          • Scarlet

            Her attention was fixed on Malicia.

            Not because she was a demoness, although that did help.

            “Who…” she asked with a soft purr. “Is this demoness?” Her cold blue eyes followed Malicia in a tell-tale hunger. Clearly, she could care less about Negaduck’s thwarted plans, or current crispy state. She saw something she wanted

            And Scarlet got what she wanted.

            • Negaduck

              "Some tramp. Malicia Macawber,  apparently from the same lineage of loons as our resident witch Morgana."

              Too fuming - yeah, yeah, including literally - to pick up on the overtones of desire emanating from the porn magnet. Er, magnate. 

              "Going on about how beneath her I am because being non-magic makes me a 'Normal'. Can you believe that?! If anything, she should be beneath me!"

              Let's not psychoanalyse that one too far folks. 

              • Scarlet

                “You are hardly normal.” Scarlet commented off handedly in agreement. She folded her arms and tilted her head slightly, the broadcast having ended. “She has the look I am going for with my new line. I’ll have to try bumping into her.”

                You know. Accidentally.

                “…you own a tank?” Was it really that important? Not really. Perhaps she was simply amazed at his arsenal, but she motioned him to follow her towards her bedroom, since there was something she needed from him.

                • Negaduck

                  "Bump into her and you'll end up flat on your back." In a bad way, he meant! The fact she or anyone could want such a thing was unfathomable. Malicia Macawber? Really?! How twisted would you have to be. 

                  Thought he, stomping after Scarlet to her latest 'surprise'.

                  "New digs?" The tank question going unanswered because obviously, he was Negaduck. He could acquire whatever he wanted!

                  The matter of keeping it, however, remained a sore point. 

                  • Scarlet

                    "Funny thing... My superiors keep disappearing or backing down due to family stressors." A grin. Blackmail was pretty unforgiving, and she didn't have to work hard to find it. "They have also, generously, allowed me my own line. Isn't that nice?" someone had pulled some muscle in that department though.

                    "So I figured an upgrade in living space was justified. The studio is downstairs, and there are dorms for the girls. Once I get girls." She motioned towards the amorphous lump on her bed. "I seem to be having issues in the HR department. It'll get worked out soon though."

                    A pause.

                    "By the way, what are you doing..." She counted on her fingers. "Thursday evening say... Elevenish?"

                    • Negaduck

                      Casting a gaze indifferently around the space, most of the talk of business and blackmail was barely registered. Yeah, no surprises to Negaduck. Building an empire was dirty work.

                      Luckily he liked dirty...

                      Her question, however, drew a smile. "I'll be up late preparing girl scout sales for homeless puppies of course. Why do you ask?"

                      Pointed look at her bed buddy. Or what remained of them.

                      "A little conference on employee relations?"

                      You can't imagine the issues I have in my HR department. So hard to find bad help.

                      • Scarlet

                        "An interview, actually... started a few hours ago." Scarlet picked up a sleek, shiny remote off the beside table, and with a click, the big screen mounted on the wall came to life.

                        But it wasn't any television station. What flickered on was a set of four panels, security camera style, all aimed in varying directions at a svelte duckette... or was she a loon? Hard to tell. Fowl at any rate, tied to a chair and blind folded.

                        Scarlet flopped onto the bed--regardless of current occupation, and hit a key on her laptop. "How are you holding up, Trace?"

                        Scarlet's voice rang out over the TV, but she'd closed the mic. No nasty echo here... we're professional. The girl looked around, although blindfolded, to try and see. "Oh! This is nothing!" cocky, arrogant sounding. "I can do this as long as you need me to!"

                        Scarlet smiled, and pushed the button once more "Excellent! You just relax dear." Closed mic, and a glance to Negaduck. "This morning she begged to be put in that chair. Signed a waver annulling me and my company of any legal repercussions and everything... By Thursday she'll be willing to do just about anything to get out of that chair."

                        Little leg bounce. She was pleased with herself. "A true starlet in the making....Not much challenge really..." Scarlet sounded bored.

                        "So tell me... since I know you know... Where might I find this demoness?"


                        • Negaduck

                          Not bad. A level of subtlety that wasn't really his style, if only for a lack of a huge spanking death machine, but Negaduck could appreciate her ingenuity. If only his other employees had half her.. work ethic. 

                          The employee dynamic remained, however, and the one thing Negaduck was not good at letting go of was power. 

                          The other was grudges. Refer previous arc. 

                          "Come now, gorgeous, I'm not paying you to let me give you information." Arms folded, although the newly recovered good mood had not shifted. Yet. "Unless it's to my benefit..."

                          An easy out, because a) he had been impressed with Scarlet thus far and b) he didn't ultimately give a damn about the Macawber broad in question. It wasn't like she was obsession worthy or anything. 

                          But still. He had to have 'standards'. 

                          • Scarlet

                            Scarlet was quick to put on professional airs. “Who says you wouldn’t get a little something out of it?” She reached out to pluck a magazine off her bedside table. Blank, as it was just a paper sample and layout test. She tossed it lightly so it anded on the bed in front of him.

                            The title was set though.

                            Chicks with Chainsaws.

                            “She fits the image I am going for.” A truth, but not her real motive. Scarlet would keep that to herself. It seemed safer in her opinion to make it about work, for now.

                            • Negaduck

                              Blank? What a tease. 

                              Studying her over its pages, gradually his mind sunk away from depravity and into its second favourite mode. Plotting.

                              "You mean... you intend to use her as a test subject?" Pacing with a swirl of cape to a window. "Yes, that could work."

                              Because he had an entirely different vision of what that would involve to Scarlet. One that involved a cold, bloody end at the hands of a tempting torturer like the one stretched out behind him. Or decimated beneath the whirling blades of a pack of her fellow high heel fancying floosies, perhaps as revenge for the damage she wreaked upon their beloved boutiques. 

                              Better stop indulging in that line of thought, or his 'professional airs' would be long gone. 

                              Back to reality, or his approximation of it, "You sure you can handle her?" 

                              There was a lot to handle, even for a professional. 

                              • Scarlet

                                A wicked grin.

                                "I am quite convincing... I believe she and I will get on well enough." She stretched and stood up. "You know how it works... everyone wants something. i just need to figure out what it is she wants, and then tease her with it." She crossed her arms lightly, brow raised, wondering if he would answer.

                                It wasn't like he'd lose anything by helping her.

                                • Negaduck

                                  For the record, there would be no helping. Ever. Such a thing was not on the list of Negaduck approved activities. 

                                  Conspiring, however, he could do. 

                                  Once a little matter was cleared up. 

                                  "By 'getting on well', you do mean what I think you mean, yeah?"

                                  Turn her into another messy puddle in your bed?

                                  That was definitely a Negaduck approved activity. 

                                  "From our brief encounter-" It wasn't as if they had been wrestling in the streets for years or anything. "She wants what every woman wants. Riches, glamour, sophiscation..."

                                  Extrapolating against Scarlet's own upgraded surroundings.

                                  "... and a sense she is the most beautiful, astounding, unique creature that has ever graced your presence."

                                  Leaning in to layer on the charm. 

                                  "Except, unlike yourself sweetheart, that would be an utter fabrication."

                                  The warmth of that compliment would have barely faded before he threw off a shrug. 

                                  "That said, shoes and a Superbowl's worth of drink ought to do it. Probably BYO funnel."

                                  Distractedly inspecting something else around them because, hey, what did he care. 

                                  It wasn't like Malicia was going to be around for long...

                                  • Scarlet

                                    Brow raise... She knew brown nosing when she heard it.

                                    But to clear matters up. "Business before pleasure." She stressed. "I need someone to start the line with, which would feed that massive.... Ego. Material items would go along with it. The end result would hopefully be the same." Nod towards the bed. "And with any luck spawn a few copy cat wanna bes." Because who did young women look to for inspiration? Female politicians or porn stars?

                                    "I would just have to figure out how... Never rolled with a demon before. Booze and shoes are no issue." Practically a purr... It sounded like fun. But she snapped out of that quick enough.

                                    Scarlet clicked off the television and put her hands on her hips. "It'll be my new project."

                                    • Negaduck

                                      Copycats weren't that desirable. One demoness was enough trouble. Unless Scarlet meant bodies. Sure, those were welcome.

                                      "Speaking of projects-" Because much more time on Malicia and he'd go mad. "-how's the ledger looking?"

                                      The corrupted/corpses ledger. Because I had such high - or was that low - hopes for you. 

                                      • Scarlet

                                        "Oh that..." she picked up a small notebook off of her bedside table. Clearly, Scarlet was never far away from her work.

                                        Licking her finger she began to leaf through the pages, humming softly. She stepped over to him, shifting her weight to one side as she turned the notebook around to show some totals.

                                        Originally the total read:

                                        2 Corpses 20,000
                                        9 Corrupts 135,000

                                        Then there was a flurry of scribbles and the new writing read:

                                        3 Corpses 30,000
                                        8 Corrupts 120,000

                                        "The bill..." she said, tipping his chin up slightly with her finger. "But this may change, since we have a date Thursday... right?" He had not agreed yet.

                                        • Negaduck

                                          The figures seemed larger when collated like that. Negaduck was busy working out where his head had been when he agreed to those fees, when she so expertly refocused his attention and his imagination elsewhere.  

                                          Such gorgeous white feathers. It was a wonder they didn't stain. 

                                          But even he knew the secret to that. 

                                          Time to snap out of it.

                                          "Suppose I could spare a few hours of my particular talents for you, beautiful." 

                                          Like he was the one doing her a favour, the great Negaduck putting in a guest appearance. 

                                          Business before pleasure. 

                                          Like he ever had that much self control. 

                                          But back to those figures...

                                          "You got back-up for these, yeah?"

                                          Hated to ask, but those were the terms. A formality at that point, surely. Why, Scarlet would never dream of screwing him over... She seemed so much smarter than that. 

                                          • Scarlet

                                            "What? You don't trust me?" she asked, a playful curl at the corner of her mouth. Of course he didn't trust her... and she did not trust him.

                                            With a long suffering sigh, Scarlet stepped back and once again returned to her bedside table, this time opening a small drawer. "I finally found a tech guy I can trust." she said, as though it meant anything to Negaduck. "Camera angles can hide a face but... digital rendering is as good as a photograph. Luckily..." she held up a shiny DVD. "The means to scramble those imprinted technological fingerprints exists. One copy. One play. Your proof."

                                            She held it out towards him, delicately as if dangling it like a toy. "I am a patient woman. I will let you indulge in the proof before the payment is sent. You know where and how." 

                                            • Negaduck

                                              Like a cat before a Mr Jingle Fish. Sans butt wiggle.. although you never knew what he was hiding under that cape.. maybe that's why they wore them? Anyway, at the optimum moment, when the shiny was finally within his reach, snatch!

                                              Success! Negaduck clutched the disc greedily. Oooh the evil. So delicious, he could taste it!

                                              Wait, was she expecting him to stop licking the case and actually do something?

                                              The words 'where and how' sunk into his brain and he straightened himself up.

                                              "Thursday. Right." 

                                              The proof tucked appropriately into an upper breast pocket and with a sweep of his hat he dropped into a low bow. You pretend I'm a gentleman, I pretend you're a lady. What fine acting talents we share.

                                              "See you then, toots."

                                              A pause in the doorway.

                                              "Although you'll be seeing me first..."

                                              He was gone before Scarlet could ask for clarification. What could that possibly mean? How dramatic.

                                              An effect totally ruined when a few moments later he stomped back in. Grabbing each of the sheet corners to form a makeshift sack, he swung the bloodied gift Scarlet had so kindly left onto his back, and without a word stomped back out.

                                              Aside from a trail of small red dots leading out the hall, all taken care of. What luxury, to have a personal psychopath! 

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