One Good Laugh Ought to Do It!

"Ha... ahahaahah... ahahhaha... haha..."

"Well, this has been fascinating so far... I wooooonder what would happen if I add a little of this to the risum?"

"No... heh heh... no - haha - no more, please... hahahahahahahaha!!!"

"Hmm... leeeet's try this with a little bit of that! Here, just breathe it in~"



"...hello? Helloooooo? This isn't the time for sleeping!"


"You, uh, feeling alright there?"

"HahahahahaHAhaHAAHahahAHhHAHA..." *clang, clank*

"W-wait... what are you doin'? No, don't do that! WAAARRGGHH-"



Quackerjack glanced down in horror at the broken remains of his favourite coffee mug, which had the print of a sloth bear-pilot with a yellow shirt on it. After breaking free from his restraints with a surprising amount of super-strength, the giggling, giggling creature had stumbled over the table, flipping it over and upsetting everything by accident.

But, as quickly as the despair came, it went. No worries! He could get a new one! Right now there were some new developments... 

Specifically, the person now standing, a huge, unsettling grin on his face, right in front of Quackerjack. If he heard carefully, he'd be able to hear him giggling away from time to time. He did not seem to be attacking at all. In fact, he was just standing there, looking at Quackerjack, as if he was glued to the floor. 

The insane jester moved forward, his usual grin on his huge beak, laced with curiosity, as he examined the man from head to toe with a magnifying glass and a stethoscope, nodding occasionally like an experienced physician as he listened for the heartbeat, pulled back an eyelid, and checked for muscle spasms. 

"Interesting," he remarked. "While gaining super-strength, the subject doesn't seem to be responsive... wait, wait, lemme try something..." he cleared his throat, holding out his hand. "Hello! I'm Quackerjack! And you are?"

No response.

"Hey, I'm making an introduction heeeeere! It's rude not to answer back, you know! And I kissed your mother! On the beak!"

Again, no response. Or maybe it was that fact that the man was a dog species, which would make it impossible for his biological mother to be a bird. 

"Urgh, FINE! Be like that, then!" Quackerjack gave up, throwing his hands in the air. "Set yourself on fire, why don't ya?"

And to his amazement, he actually pulled out a lighter, clicked it, and moved it towards himself...

"No, WAIT!" Quackerjack shouted, and the man obediently stopped. Which was good... he was pretty sure that was not a nice way to go. He tilted his head to the side curiously. This was new... 

"Hop! No, touch your toes! No, spin! No no no, hand over your clothes! Ew, wait! Go sit in the corner!" he said, and to his growing delight, the man did everything he wanted. 

Holding up the vial of risum, he noted how much of it was still in there. The rest of the chemicals had been on that table before the man knocked it all over. Eh, he'd be able to get more from the chemical store, no problem! Right now... priorities. 

Soon, a chuckle of his own escaped him, growing into a full-grown, classic, evil laugh of triumph, with the right amount of insanity in his tone, as it echoed through the underground space he used for a hideout.

His experiment had not only worked... he made it even better. 


Strange, yellowish fumes started pouring in from everywhere. Vents, sewer grates, or from your local villainous clown in a gas mask who would jump out from a random corner or bush at you and spray the stuff into your face. Effects would set in in mere seconds for anyone unlucky enough to get a full whiff of it. 

Friday night. The start of the weekend! So relaxing. So peaceful. So tranquil!

Not anymore. 

For one thing... where was everybody?



((OOC: I know it says 'Public Roleplay', but please, PM me before you jump in! Except for Max and Quiverwing... I've talked to them, so they are up anytime in this blog! Villains looking to exploit this for their own gains welcome too! And just so you know, anyone entering the scene now will not be affected by this, as the gas has pretty much cleared (unless stated otherwise). Also, order is not required. Just come in whenever you feel necessary.))

    • Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard
      Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

      They had, indeed, chosen to go into the hole, because where's the fun in NOT exploring dangerous gaping abysses?  "Yahooo!" Quiverwing cried as they slid down into a pile of stuffed animals.

      Once they were in the vestibule, she looked around.  This wasn't quite like the overly cheerful Small World wannabe kingdom she'd been to before.  This was a bit...more sinister.  She glanced over at her options, and of course went for the most obvious choice.

      "Let's go this way!  I bet Quackerjack's hiding in there."  She took off down the tunnel option that looked like it would cave in at any moment.

      • Quackerjack


        Assuming Max didn't have any objections, following Quiverwing into the tunnel, they would find it lead right to- the sewer. 

        A sewer space currently surrounded by thousand of smiling, giggling zombies. 

        Now, if they could just back out as quietly as they could... 

        • Max Wicked
          Max Wicked

          Max had slid down with Quiverwing and saw they were in a very suspicious place "...Hmm...What on earth is with all these toys in a place like this? Unless QJ is certainly here..." Max then followed Quiverwing deeper underground and then soon noticed they went into a bad direction and whispered "...Let's back away....There's too many of them."

          • Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard
            Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

            "You're tellin' me!" she hissed back.  Unfortunately, her foot hit a slick spot, and she tumbled backward.  "Whoa, whoa, whoa!!"  Arms flailing, she fell against the grimy walls of the sewers, and the noise drew the attention of the horde.

            "Oh great.  RUN!!"  She was off like a shot, sprinting back the way they'd come and veering off onto the other path once they reached the main room again.

            • Quackerjack

              Of course, once they heard that, and the normal human voice shouting to run, they started charging towards the runaways. 

              "What's all this racket?" 

              They stopped at the sound of Quackerjack's voice, which rang out through the sewer space, forcing them to come to a stop. "I told you guys to stay around!"

              Grumbling, he started scribbling in his notepad. "Seems... to... follow... orders... without hesitation... but... is attracted to... sudden noises."

              He might have to fix that... or leave it as it is. They might like it, after all. At least they're happy.

              Meanwhile, had the two ventured into the other room, they would find some sort of strange laboratory. Mysterious liquids bubbled here and there, and coiled through twisting tubes, eventually depositing into a large vat below the table. Each drop was first blue, and when it fell, it turned a familiar yellow. 

              Ooh, what can it be?

              And right by the wall opposite to the chemicals looked like what used to be hanging chains, with a noticeable amount of fallen fur on the bottom... the most important thing was perhaps the large map of St Canard that was now stuck to the wall, with red crosses marking every location.

              One huge, red circle, however, surrounded the last building, that apparently, was the next target.


              • Max Wicked
                Max Wicked

                [OOC: Whooops...Sorry about that ^^;]

                Max noticed Quiverwing had fallen over and made a racket and gritted his teeth "Damn..." he thought to himself as they began to run for it. As they ran back to the other direction, they were indeed nearby where QJ was. Max could hear him, but couldn't see him "Damn...That clown is around here...But if he's responsible, we ought to let him be for now...For the moment we need to ge--" Max soon realized what he was looking at a map and everything but one area was crossed "Oh sheesh...This is bad." he said as he looked at the map and turned to Quiverwing. 


                "He's planning to attack S.H.U.S.H... We need to hurry and find a cure around here..." Max's ears twitch as he hears the sound of chemicals bubbling and turned to the room with the chemicals inside "...Perhaps we might find some kind of cure in here?" he said as he looked around the lab and eventually saw the yellow chemicals that were going to be used on the two of them in the past "No doubt about it...This is all QJ's doing."

                • Harmonizer

                  Meanwhile, Harmonizer had been doing her own investigation in the tunnels. It appeared to be a route for the creatures to get around... why wouldn't he direct them to his hideout directly? No one was going to go after him in this state...

                  Though, she had noticed how slow the zombies were... maybe this was an easier way? 

                  While she walked on, she kept an ear out for any sudden appearances of the zombies that she may have to deal with. She'd been alone so far, but there were times they nearly spotted her.

                  There was this once she could have sworn she heard Max and Quiverwing, but shook it off... she was always hearing things. Maybe they were around. It would make sense, since where that hole in the dark alley led was possibly connected to the sewer. 

                  Though... they seemed pretty close to a whole crowd of them... and she even heard Quackerjack...

                  Her eyes widened a little. She was surrounded.

                  What? Why hadn't she heard anything??? She should have been able to see that comi- she knew. She'd been focusing too much on other things to observe her surroundings. A fatal mistake.

                  They haven't appeared yet, so far, but they were blocking off her every path. And they were moving slowly, and would eventually form a circle around her...

                  She stopped walking, narrowing her eyes as she pulled out her tantō. She didn't want to hurt the citizens, but she wondered if they still had enough intelligence to recognise a threat. Or she was going to have to force her hand!

         finding a way to escape before she got herself turned. She liked laughter, but not like that.

                  • Quackerjack

                    There was clearly no escape. The zombies soon closed in on her, grinning and laughing uncontrollably. 

                    And the screen fades to black. 

                    • Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard
                      Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

                      OOC: Dun, dun, duuuuuuunnnn!  ;)

                      She followed Max into the laboratory.  "Keen gear...!" she said in wonder as she looked around the room stocked with science equipment.  "Since when did Quackerjack become a mad scientist?"

                      With interest she began pouring over the tables and shelves.  "How're we supposed to know where a cure is in THIS mess?  If there even is one..."

                      • Max Wicked
                        Max Wicked

                        Max smiled and put his paw on his chest proudly "I know for a fact there's a cure and we just need to find some papers that'll lead us to anything. You just leave the chemical mixing to me. I have experience with this sort of stuff back in my wo--I mean...I learnt this kind of stuff by heart" Max knew that the girl would be too confused if he explained how he was from another dimension. Max just continued to scramble through papers for any chance to find a cure.

                        • Quackerjack

                          ((OOC: Guys, please just get a sample while you can and get to S.H.U.S.H... QJ's in the next room and he could come in here any minute. I'll explain later why the agency was not affected. Max could try working with the lab agents to find a cure, and with three brilliant minds, it would take a much shorter time. You don't have to edit anything. Quiverwing, please drag him off.))

                          There wasn't much he could find... unless you counted in kiddie drawings. Pictures of smiling stickmen. A crudely drawn Paddywhack. A yellow floaty pyramid with an eye and a hat. And a picture of a character that suspiciously resembles a certain game character, with red crosses all over it, along with swear words the narrator refuses to read out because of censorship. 

                          The notes were in Quackerjack's hands, in fact. But they wouldn't make sense to anyone... and he apparently named some of the liquids "the green one" or "the red one". They wouldn't be able to find a cure that way. Even if they did, it would take them a lot of time, which they don't have.

                          They would need more help. 

                          Quackerjack, in the meantime, had some matters to deal with... it seems that his mirthful minions had caught an intruder... someone unaffected. 

                          No fair! He thought he'd covered everywhere! Technically, everywhere, except S.H.U.S.H.... his eyes narrowed. Yes... the intruder must have come from S.H.U.S.H., to spy on him! How dare he! 

                          Well, he could use this to his advantage somehow... 

                          • Harmonizer

                            "Let me go!!! I demand to see your leader!"

                            From the sound of it, it was actually a 'she' in question.

                            "You won't get away with zis! Ees eet Quackerjack? 'Ey! Come out and fight me yourself, you unhonourable coward!"

                            A very noisy one, in fact...

                            A group of zombies had emerged, two of them dragging a little struggling figure forward. She'd probably have easily overpowered them... but they were just too strong.

                            Despite that, she still tried to squirm out of their hold, but it only made the zombies enforce their already steel grip on her, making her wince. 

                            "OWWW! You jerks! Okay fine!!!" 

                            • Quackerjack

                              "Hello there!" Quackerjack bounded forward as they forced the intruder down on her knees. His grin widened when he recognised who it was. "Harmonizer! What a pleasant surprise!!!"

                              He really meant it. Aww, wasn't that sweet? 

                              "So, what are you doing here?" he asked, casually inspecting his fingernails. "Walking around? Visiting? Spying? Planning to ruin my plans?"

                              Each prospect caused his expression to darken increasingly. 

                              "I hate those people! I hate 'em!"

                              And now he was jumping up and down, pulling on his hat bells.

                              "Now, you are going to tell me how we can infiltrate S.HU.S.H.," he said, recovering from his tantrum, coming uncomfortably close to her. "The whole building is placed on lockdown! I need everyone in this city to be happy!"

                              And be his eternal servents. Why not?

                              • Harmonizer

                                Harmonizer lifted a brow, watching Quackerjack throw his little tantrum. She was still struggling a little, being forced down on her knees by her captors, but she'd pretty much gotten it into her head that escape was impossible.

                                For now.

                                She scowled at the mention of S.H.U.S.H.. Great. The only place that hadn't been affected, it had to be them? "And why would I know zat?" 

                                • Quackerjack

                                  "Oh, don't act like you don't know!" Quackerjack snapped. "You're the only one who wasn't affected by my experiments! And S.H.U.S.H. is on a lockdown. Surely a goody-goody organisation like them would try to ruin my plans by sending a spy to learn my secrets! They're always like that!"

                                  "And you, my dear..." he grinned at her. "You're gonna let me know S.H.U.S.H.'s weakness, and I'll let you go!"

                                  With a face full of laughing, mind-controlling gas, that is.

                                  "Come on, time's a wastin'!"

                                  • Harmonizer

                                    Harmonizer's expression darkened. How much of an idiot did Quackerjack think she was?

                                    Even if she knew... she wasn't going to let him know. She may hold a grudge on S.H.U.S.H., but they were working for the greater good. They just didn't care about anyone who got hurt in their path. Quackerjack's plans, for now, were far worse and had to be stopped. 

                                    Well, time to play along... 

                                    "I'll never tell!" she snarled at him, glaring at him defiantly. 

                                    • Quackerjack

                                      Quackerjack only reacted to her defiance with a laugh.

                                      "Well, I'd just have ta torture you to get what I want, huh?" he tweaked her bill playfully. "Oh, you'll tell, eventually..." 

                                      With a command, the zombies started dragging her off, following Quackerjack.

                                      To the main room. 

                                      Where Max and Quiverwing were currently around, assuming they hadn't gotten away yet. 

                                      Now would be a good time...

                                      • Harmonizer

                                        Harmonizer moved her head as far off as she could from Quackerjack's playful fingers in embarrassment and anger, though her eyes widened, and she looked slightly nervous. But then, it was quickly replaced by defiance again. Fine. He could do his worst. Then those good-for-nothing agents would have more time to finally come up with something to stop Quackerjack.

                                        She said nothing as they dragged her along again, but she still made some effort to struggle. 

                                        She perked up as she heard a very familiar duo, just nearby... what were they doing here?? Would they have enough time to get away?

                                        "I'm very sorry about zis..." she muttered, then lashing out, she kicked one of the zombies in the kidney, forcing him to drop her. It was more in surprise than pain, though. She then threw a punch at the other zombie, knocking him backwards and releasing his grip on her. 

                                        She heard Quackerjack shouting for the victims of laughter to get her (alive), and got ready to fight, and buy her friends more time to get away, despite the sheer numbers and superhuman strength her opponents had.

                                        • Max Wicked
                                          Max Wicked

                                          Max's ears twitch as he heard the sound of footsteps and quickly grabbed the vials of chemicals that lay around that related to the brainless people and stored them safe in his pocket and then took cover by the walls as he peeked out and saw the horde of zombies approaching and Max gestured a finger to his mouth to Quiverwing as if to signal to be quiet. As he watched, he saw a familiar figure...Harmonizer "Damn it...I knew that would happen." he mumbled quietly to himself but he tried to think quickly....Harmonizer was going to hate this, but it was the only choice they had left. Max whispered to Quiverwing "...Listen up...We need to get to S.H.U.S.H and bring the vials to them so they can help us find a cure...We need to be quick if we're gonna save Harmonizer and everyone else. Just stay close behind me and we'll manage..." Max watched as Harmonizer must have noticed the two of them and made a distraction and took Quiverwing by the hand "Now!" he said quietly as they rushed to the nearest way towards the surface.

                                          • Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard
                                            Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

                                            "But how you YOU know he hasn't already gotten to SHUSH?" Quiverwing protested.  "For all WE know, that could be the LEAST safest place!"

                                            Before she could protest more, Max had darted out, and the redhead made a grunt of frustration.  She didn't want to leave Harmonizer behind, but she also knew they wouldn't be any good to her if they were captured, too.  And who knows?  Maybe Max was right.  But they'd have to take care.  There was no telling what they'd find.  She hoped her dad was safe and hadn't become one of these grinning zombies.

                                            "Maybe we can find Darkwing Duck," Quiverwing suggested between breaths as they moved through the sewers - hopefully in the direction of SHUSH.  "If he hasn't been affected by the gas, he'll help us!"

                                            • J. Gander Hooter
                                              J. Gander Hooter

                                              As our heroes proceeded on through the sewers, possibly having to double back at dead ends and wrong crossings, Quiverwing will soon find her question answered.

                                              "Freeze! Move no further!"

                                              That was the sweet sound of a normal human voice, although it echoed from dark shadows below an opening, which supposedly led into a building. How long had any of them heard such a voice?

                                              If they looked closely, they could see the familiar glint of a gun pointing directly at them, the person holding it standing in the darkness. "Friend, or foe?" he demanded.

                                              They had about five seconds to identify themselves before he fired at them. They weren't ordered to kill, so the guns were filled with tranquilliser darts. The two heroes were the first to come across them ever since the trouble started, so naturally they were suspicious.

                                              • Max Wicked
                                                Max Wicked

                                                As they rushed along in the sewers and were approaching the shed of light, Max froze as he was told and saw the loaded gun and raised his hands up "We're friends and mean no harm if you don't! We're not like the brainwashed and we're trying to get to S.H.U.S.H for I have some possible evidence for them to use that'll lead to a cure!" he said as he hoped he'd be believed or else this would be a rough time...

                                                • Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard
                                                  Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

                                                  "How do we know YOU'RE not an enemy?" Quiverwing demanded, holding up an arrow.  "Has SHUSH been taken over like the rest of St. Canard?"

                                                  • J. Gander Hooter
                                                    J. Gander Hooter

                                                    If they could see the agent properly, he'd be rolling his eyes. Pointing to the nearest wall and firing off immediately, embedding it into the wall, both Max and Quiverwing could see it was a strange dart filled with liquid tranquilliser. It was definitely not lethal in any other way.

                                                    "If that hasn't convinced you..." the agent finally stepped out of the shadows, revealing a scarred, dark feathered drake in a grey suit, frowning suspiciously at the both of them. "I'm not laughing, am I?"

                                                    "S.H.U.S.H. is currently on lockdown when we were first alerted of the danger. The risum-affected victims won't be able to get in to attack, but we are never safe. Agents are posted around to warn us of an attempt to attack. That's why I'm here."

                                                    He kept his gun trained on them. "So, how do I know you two aren't spies?"

                                                    "Hey Siegfried!" a cheerful voice called out, and footsteps sounded towards them. A younger canine in S.H.U.S.H. uniform appeared next to the man. "Whatcha doing? Caught any spies? Any sign of an attack yet?"

                                                    The older agent rolled his eyes. "Can't you see I'm in the middle of something here?"

                                                    The canine finally took a look at the two heroes, and his eyes widened. "Duuuuude, I know that girl!" he pointed at the kid superhero. "That's Quiverwing! Remember? She fought a lot of villains, and took care of Negaduck twice!"

                                                    The agent finally lowered the gun, now a little confused. 

                                                    "Hey, can I have your autograph?" The canine agent only had time to ask before the agent grabbed him by his collar and dragged him away. "I suppose you two better come along," he told them quietly over his shoulder. "We don't have much time, but if you truly have something that could help, then you better put it forward. We don't have much to lose, and we're running out of time."

                                                    Getting towards the rungs which led up to the inside of the building, in the lower floor, he instructed them to climb up before he did. 

                                                    • Max Wicked
                                                      Max Wicked

                                                      Max gave Quiverwing a unsure look at first but once he saw that the gun was harmless, his caution was immediately lowered and then was about to object about how they were 'spies' but then the other agent showed up that helped fix the situation and nods as he began to follow them and climb up "Rest assured, these chemicals I found will more than likely help if they could be combined with some sort of depressant to give opposite effects and cure them poor people."