One Good Laugh Ought to Do It!

"Ha... ahahaahah... ahahhaha... haha..."

"Well, this has been fascinating so far... I wooooonder what would happen if I add a little of this to the risum?"

"No... heh heh... no - haha - no more, please... hahahahahahahaha!!!"

"Hmm... leeeet's try this with a little bit of that! Here, just breathe it in~"



"...hello? Helloooooo? This isn't the time for sleeping!"


"You, uh, feeling alright there?"

"HahahahahaHAhaHAAHahahAHhHAHA..." *clang, clank*

"W-wait... what are you doin'? No, don't do that! WAAARRGGHH-"



Quackerjack glanced down in horror at the broken remains of his favourite coffee mug, which had the print of a sloth bear-pilot with a yellow shirt on it. After breaking free from his restraints with a surprising amount of super-strength, the giggling, giggling creature had stumbled over the table, flipping it over and upsetting everything by accident.

But, as quickly as the despair came, it went. No worries! He could get a new one! Right now there were some new developments... 

Specifically, the person now standing, a huge, unsettling grin on his face, right in front of Quackerjack. If he heard carefully, he'd be able to hear him giggling away from time to time. He did not seem to be attacking at all. In fact, he was just standing there, looking at Quackerjack, as if he was glued to the floor. 

The insane jester moved forward, his usual grin on his huge beak, laced with curiosity, as he examined the man from head to toe with a magnifying glass and a stethoscope, nodding occasionally like an experienced physician as he listened for the heartbeat, pulled back an eyelid, and checked for muscle spasms. 

"Interesting," he remarked. "While gaining super-strength, the subject doesn't seem to be responsive... wait, wait, lemme try something..." he cleared his throat, holding out his hand. "Hello! I'm Quackerjack! And you are?"

No response.

"Hey, I'm making an introduction heeeeere! It's rude not to answer back, you know! And I kissed your mother! On the beak!"

Again, no response. Or maybe it was that fact that the man was a dog species, which would make it impossible for his biological mother to be a bird. 

"Urgh, FINE! Be like that, then!" Quackerjack gave up, throwing his hands in the air. "Set yourself on fire, why don't ya?"

And to his amazement, he actually pulled out a lighter, clicked it, and moved it towards himself...

"No, WAIT!" Quackerjack shouted, and the man obediently stopped. Which was good... he was pretty sure that was not a nice way to go. He tilted his head to the side curiously. This was new... 

"Hop! No, touch your toes! No, spin! No no no, hand over your clothes! Ew, wait! Go sit in the corner!" he said, and to his growing delight, the man did everything he wanted. 

Holding up the vial of risum, he noted how much of it was still in there. The rest of the chemicals had been on that table before the man knocked it all over. Eh, he'd be able to get more from the chemical store, no problem! Right now... priorities. 

Soon, a chuckle of his own escaped him, growing into a full-grown, classic, evil laugh of triumph, with the right amount of insanity in his tone, as it echoed through the underground space he used for a hideout.

His experiment had not only worked... he made it even better. 


Strange, yellowish fumes started pouring in from everywhere. Vents, sewer grates, or from your local villainous clown in a gas mask who would jump out from a random corner or bush at you and spray the stuff into your face. Effects would set in in mere seconds for anyone unlucky enough to get a full whiff of it. 

Friday night. The start of the weekend! So relaxing. So peaceful. So tranquil!

Not anymore. 

For one thing... where was everybody?



((OOC: I know it says 'Public Roleplay', but please, PM me before you jump in! Except for Max and Quiverwing... I've talked to them, so they are up anytime in this blog! Villains looking to exploit this for their own gains welcome too! And just so you know, anyone entering the scene now will not be affected by this, as the gas has pretty much cleared (unless stated otherwise). Also, order is not required. Just come in whenever you feel necessary.))

    • Launchpad McQuack
      Launchpad McQuack

      Launchpad stayed out of everyone's way, quickly doodling and writing out random words and numbers. He tried to guessestimate how much mileage he could get with an airborne cure. Hm. Probably not much. He'd either need everyone affected by the zombifying gas to stand in a big group so that he could circle then and dump accordingly, or he'd need to drop doses into manholes where the victims are gathered. In either scenario, the heroes would be crucial for getting everyone into position, and informing Launchpad on where to go. SHUSH agents could approach the laugh-bies on foot armed with gas bombs but it would be up to Launchpad to cure the majority in one pass. Not an easy task. Max might be able to help him, though? Launchpad remembered that Max could pilot a biwing like his Joyrider back home.

      The faithful sidekick looked up with a frown when Quiverwingahd Darkwing left. Ah nuts. He wanted to go with them to help them out. However he was needed as a pilot more than he was as a sidekick for now. Besides, QW and DW had faced worse odds. And the citizens, with the exception of the police, weren't armed or wearing protective clothing. It shouldn't be too hard for two quick thinking heroes to get through there, right?


      Hearing the first test subject start laughing pulled Launchpad out of his thoughts and he glanced at the lab. Boy was he glad he wasn't the one in there. Better get back to the drawing board and get ready for action. Speaking of, he should probably go get the plane and the parts set up now.

      "Gee, I should probably head out and get the plane and stuf so I can be ready for takeoff as soon as that stuff is."

      • Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard
        Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

        "Okay, it was just around this bend," Quiverwing said, leading her father through the sewers toward Quackerjack's lair.  "I just hope Harmonizer's okay..."

        • Drake Mallard
          Drake Mallard

          "Argh. Why couldn't Quackerjack pick a less disgusting place to have a hide out?" Darkwing was complaining as they were wandering though the maze of tunnels. He already nearly fell into the water when a rat had suddenly sprang out at him in the dark surprising him and making him jump.

          He would need several showers and wash his costume when he got home to get the smell out. He shuddered at the thought about falling into the gross water. He was glad he still had the gas mask with him so he wouldn't have to get a whiff of the stinky air down here.

          "Are we almost there yet?" He asked. 

          • Quackerjack

            His question wad answered when echoes of quiet, maniacal laughter swarmed their ears. 

            Well, except that one of them was more hysterical than the others, though it was evident it was getting weaker, and another familiar tone of voice speaking normally.

            "Soooo, ready to talk yet?"

            "Haha-n-no... I would ne-haha-"

            Upon peeking around the bend, they would find Quackerjack, his back turned towards our heroes, while he was busy tormenting a pinned down Harmonizer with a set if spinning feathers, who, so far, had been defiant, even though the merciless tickling was driving her towards unconsciousness. 

            Maybe he should have just taken out Mr. History Doll...

            "You know what? Fine..." Quackerjack pulled out the spray bottle, pointing it at the defiant heroine's face. "I've had it with you. Since you like laughter so much..."

            • Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard
              Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

              An arrow shot through the air, catching the spray bottle and pinning it against the wall, somehow sticking in the mortar between grimy bricks.

              "Not so fast, Quackerjack!" Quiverwing declared.  "We're here to stop you and your grim-grinning ghouls!"  She glanced at Darkwing.  "Nice alliteration, huh?"

              • Quackerjack

                Quackerjack was shocked to find the spray bottle knocked out of his hands just before he could zombify Harmonizer.

                "What? More unaffected people?? And Dipwing Dork!" he exclaimed, then blinked at Quiverwing. "Hey! I remember you! You and that fox guy!" he started grumbling a little. "Did you know how much faster this all would be if you'd hung around as my test subjects?"

                Careful, Quackerjack... might not want to mention that incident with Dadwing around. 

                "ATTACK!" Quackerjack ordered a pile of toys, pointing at the heroes. 

                • Harmonizer

                  Harmonizer had never felt so relieved in her entire life. Her friends had made it...

                  Followed by dread.

                  They did go to S.H.U.S.H.... didn't they?

                  She had to get out of here.

                  Summoning the last of her strength as Quackerjack was distracted, she managed to free one of her arms from a toy's hold, thanks to a weakness she'd discovered earlier. Quickly, she incapitated the rest of the toys holding her captive and shakily got to her feet, backing away from the demented clown and towards the entrance where the heroes stood. 

                  It didn't take her long to realise she was in no condition to make her escape, or disappear. And her friends were in danger. They were in Quackerjack's domain now. 

                  S.H.U.S.H. or not, she had to stay and fight with them. 

                  There was the problem of those zombified civilians, though... 

                  "D-do you 'ave a plan?" she asked the heroes, while eyeing her sword, which was still on the worktable. If she could get to it... 

                  • J. Gander Hooter
                    J. Gander Hooter

                    ((OOC: Just gonna speed things up a bit. Sorry. XD))

                    While the first antidote had not worked, Dr.Bellum had managed to analyse the first test subject's behaviour enough to get her team working on an improved antidote. 

                    It was probably for the best that he was unaware of his actions... Dr.Bellum had gotten carried away momentarily in her investigations until Director Hooter expressed his concerns as everyone did a collective cringe. It would have broken the most dignified of men. 

                    After dosing the second test subject in the same laughing hypnotic gas as they locked her in the glass case, Dr Bellum approached her with the second antidote, and made sure the agent inhaled it.

                    At first, it hadn't seemed to work. But soon, it cleared, and Agent Carol was back to normal. The lab agents were happy. Finally, a breakthrough!

                    After checking on her to make sure she was alright, they released her. While Dr. Rhoda gave her another checkup for a final confirmation, the rest of the scientists focused on making more of the formula.

                    "Great work, everyone! Allons-y!" Phaedra said enthusiastically, once they were done. 

                    Before everyone could rush out to get reports done while getting Launchpad to spread the antidote with his plane, a voice spoke up.

                    "Um... everyone?" Rhoda indicated Nigel Mallard, who was still giggling and chuckling maniacally in his glass prison. "Aren't we forgetting something?"

                    Oh, right.

                    Once he was cured too, everyone then allons-y-ed and hurried down the corridors towards the exit of S.H.U.S.H..

                    Though, due to everyone's haste, they left everything behind, except the antidote. The hypnotic, laughing formula, their notes on the chemistry, everything. 

                    And one man.


                    "Mr. Wicked," Hooter said to Max, as they ran towards the exit, while some field agents started preparing for their mission (and paperwork, first and foremost... why was all of this even necessary again?? Thank goodness for the heroes.) as Hooter gave orders left and right. "I'm going to need you to go back down there and assist those heroes, should they need it. I may not be in charge of you, but I assume, as a hero, you would do well to help anyone in need, am I correct?"

                    • Agent Carol Torres
                      Agent Carol Torres

                      Carol blinked and rubbed her jaw. What happened? She felt...strangely...normal? Maybe a little sore from laughing ridiculously hard and long, but no worse off except for an irritating tickle in her nose and throat.  

                      "It's over? Oh thank heavens! I-I mean congratulations, Doctors. Well done." 

                      She congratulated Nigel on surviving his first lab rat test and hurried out of the lab to retrieve her tablet and files and await further instruction. 

                      • Launchpad McQuack
                        Launchpad McQuack

Meanwhile Launchpad broke the air speed records for travel between St. Canard to the outskirts of Duckburg and back. He knew where most of his equipment was back at his family's hangar so he had run in, grabbed the crop dusting equipment, put that in the TQ, run back to grab extra parts to fasten the equipment in place in the TQ's back hatch, said hello to his folks while on the move, gotten more stuff, said goodbye, and flown back all in less than fifteen minutes.

                        He landed on the roof and promptly got to work, his hands seemingly flying as he moved stuff around. He'd even left the engine running. Thankfully the custom jet was specialized so that it could operate in close quarters without waking up the whole city or pulling loose objects into its turbines.
                        Launchpad knew he could pull off this stunt. Even if he had to put the Thunderquack on autopilot and pour the cure out one of the hatches by hand, he was confident he'd get the job done. But where, when, and how were pretty big questions. Hopefully Darkwing still had his communicator on him and he'd have time to tell Launchpad where to go, otherwise, Launchpad would eventually be flying blind.
                        Someone at SHUSH could keep in touch with him on the TQ's scrambled radio frequency. One of the people scanning the sewers could fill Launchpad in, if all else failed.

                        • Drake Mallard
                          Drake Mallard

                          "I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am the last laugh! I am Darkwing Duck!" As if there needed to be anymore smoke or gas down here. But he had to make an entrance. With the gas mask he was a little scary.

                          Dadwing didn't like the mention of his daughter possibly being experimented on. That earned Quackerjack a punch. But he had to fight through the toys first.

                          "As she said. We're here to stop you!"

                          • Max Wicked
                            Max Wicked

                            Max had successfully mad ea cure and smiled as things were managed. However, there was only a few more things left to do. Confront that damned jester and save those poor people who were victim to the laughing gas. Max followed everyone out to the exit as he prepared himself but stopped and closed his eyes with uncertainty as he heard Hooter and his head around to look at him. Max nodded silently "...Yes..And I'm not going to let a single innocent or hero die. Even if it means risking my own life for them." Max then thought to himself "Something S.H.U.S.H failed to do for Harmonizer...While I don't know what happened...I won't make a mistake like they did"


                            Max then turned his head towards the door and headed into the sewers where all the heroes had rushed off to. Only thing Max could hope for was that Harmonizer was still okay. Max won't let her become a victim to that jester. Soon enough, he could hear the familiar voices of a young heroine and the face of the city. Max looked for another pathway to catch QJ by surprise and hurried along.

                            • Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard
                              Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

                              Quiverwing shot an arrow while Quackerjack was distracted.  The hook at the end caught Harmonizer's sword, and the redhead pulled on the rope attached to the arrow to get her friend's weapon.

                              "By the way, those ninja stars came in handy!" she grinned.

                              • Harmonizer

                                Her sword!

                                "Oh, merci!!!" Harmonizer would have hugged the kid (which is a lot, considering how she doesn't like children)if it hadn't been for the situation at hand. 

                                She grinned knowing that the shurikens actually helped, though Darkwing probably wouldn't be happy hearing about her giving a kid weapons. But she just didn't know about stuff like that. 

                                The first ones to attack were the toy tanks with lasers and some wind-up, menacing-looking robots. Harmonizer did not have a lot of strength, after what she'd just gone through, but she was going to help Darkwing and Quiverwing. 

                                Pulling out her sword, she deflected a laser right back at the tank, damaging it. A robot leapt towards her, just inches from her neck before she sliced it in half. 

                                • Max Wicked
                                  Max Wicked

                                  [OOC: Gonna boop this RP and take a turn.]


                                  Max proceeded through the sewers as he followed the voices that grew louder as he proceeded and he could hear QJ from a distance away and soon, he approached a wall which he lay against and peeked his head out to see if he had gotten from behind which he did. Now he needed to wait to pull off a ambush. Pulling out the Wicked Gunlance, he prepared himself as he checked his stun bullet was charged.

                                  • Max Wicked
                                    Max Wicked

                                    [OOC: Is this RP officially dead?]

                                    • Launchpad McQuack
                                      Launchpad McQuack

                                      ((OOC: I don't know. I'm ready to swoop in any time to do sidekick stuff but I was waiting for a cue. XD ))

                                      • Quackerjack

                                        ((OOC: 8DD DW? Wanna go on?))