A Duck in Sheep's Clothing

Things don't always work out the way you want them to.


He hadn't been intending on staying in St. Canard for long. He was simply there to gather information about the city's bumbling hero and his weaknesses – anything from secret identities to allergies – then hand over that information to High Command. Simple and straightforward... nothing that should be too difficult for someone with his charm and silver tongue.


Unfortunately, in light of some new information, it appeared there was now another matter that needed to be addressed. And it looked like he may not be leaving St. Canard for quite a while.


There had been reports of a vampire hunter in joining the ranks of SHUSH. This was understandably an interesting development... and one FOWL needed to look into.


And that was why FOWL's U.K. Director was now playing the role of a mild-mannered English duck, sitting inside the office of J. Gander Hooter and waiting to be interviewed for the position of SHUSH agent.


Nigel made sure to put on the appropriate air of polite respect as he sat before the organization's director. He hadn't ever seen the man in person, but he knew enough about him. And while the man's small stature hardly made him very intimidating, Nigel made sure to show plenty of respect when addressed.


Next to SHUSH's director stood, quite literally, a bear of a man. Chief Agent Grizzlikoff, apparently. He'd heard the name, but knew little about him other than that he was a bit of a stickler for rules and regulations.


As Nigel sat quietly, hands clasped in his lap while the director peered over his application, he could feel the bear's eyes on him, glaring stonily. If Grizzlikoff was trying to fluster him, he would find himself rather disappointed. Nigel Mallard didn't become unnerved so easily.


He merely gave the Chief Agent a polite smile before bringing his eyes back to the director, awaiting him to speak.

    • Trevor Mallard
      Trevor Mallard

      "Very well. I'll tell you about it after we show you around. Follow us." As Trevor headed out of the training room.

      Dimitri rolled his eyes. "I suppose we also have to recite the book to you as well." 

      Because the chief agent was all about going by the book and it was drilled into your brain until you couldn't remember any else including your name. You had  to live and breathe by the book.

      Trevor took them to the main office area. There's cubicles spanning the room each with a computer and someone manning a desk.

      "The main office where those that have a desk job work." Trevor said.

      "Unlucky agents that have to deal with most of the paperwork." Dimitri was glad he was a field agent. They got enough paperwork as is.

      They showed Nigel other areas including more training areas, the shooting range, the kennels where the K9 unit was kept, more offices, where to get supplies, the file archives, evidence room, the gym, break rooms, and other places where they had access to.  Some areas they passed were off limits unless one had a key to the restricted access area. They decided to bypass the lab to avoid being roped into becoming a test subject.

      Finally they headed back and up a flight of stairs to their own office. It was an inner room with no windows so Dimitri would be safe during the day. The two had stacks of files and paper on their desks that they wee going through.

      "So what would you like to know about our department?" Trevor asked as he shut the door behind them. Dimitri had already settled himself at his desk and put his feet up after stripping off his suit jacket.