Late Night Larceny

Reserved for: Jade/ Lowkey

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Somehow everything seemed to work out for the best when it came to her job…

She got off in the wee hours of the morning, before anyone else was even thinking about getting out of bed. This left her with a quiet stretch of undisturbed time where she could slip into a previously scouted spot, and nab a few things.

Which was where she found herself now… she’d spotted a display of rose gold jewelry while perusing for new clothes. Naturally, the rarity of the material hiked the price up, but that was not what pulled Jade’s eye to it. It was that soft, glowing pink hue. Copper and gold pressed together in a lovely combination over years under ground only to be dug up and molded into a shining, sparkling bauble just <i>begging to be lifted.

But how to get in…?

She stood outside the establishment, looking around for a good long while… taking a few steps back and looking up…, stepping closer again to inspect around windows and doors, and of course to check the security sticker. So long as it did not say VonDrake she was good to go.

And it did not.


Jade noticed the alley way and scuttled over, mentally measuring the size and distance to the neighboring building.

About seven feet… and the store she had her sight set on was lower. A grin crossed her delicate features. “Perfect.”

Pressing her back to the wall, she waited, double checking her calculations. Then with a burst of speed, she sprinted, bringing one foot up just in time to catch the opposing wall and send her vaulting back in the direction she came from. Each vault took her higher and higher until she was able to make one last push.
Her hands slapped against the building’s ledge, and the balls of her feet pressed tight to the side. Cat leap… performed by a duck. Thank you, thank you. The whole process took mere seconds, and was executed effortlessly.

She scrambled up and over, finding herself on the roof. Now the possibilities opened up… An old, large air vent… a door… and is that the casing for a security system?

Why yes it was… outdated technology placed on a roof rather than inside the establishment. How quaint. How nice. Jade pounced on it immediately, and with a few quick flicks of a multi-tool she managed to disarm the entire building.

That settled entry. She’d use the roof top access door like a civilized person!

    • Reynard Lowkey
      Reynard Lowkey

      He was less enthusiastic about an early morning heist. Unfortunately, he was with very few options at the moment.

      He hadn't had his full agent status for long, and most of his assignments reflected that. Still, even menial jobs like this had benefits. The more he performed, the more he would move up. That's what anyone wanted out of their profession, right? Well, for now, he did, at least.

      Either way, he was here, at the location of some expensive something or other, he wasn't too sure. It looked valuable and was being protected, that's all that mattered.

      Now the only question is, how to get it? Oh sure, an agent is expected to have a myriad of gadgets and devices on their person for any occasion, but you have to work your way up to the fun toys. For now, he would be stuck with his own ingenuity. And said ingenuity told him to just go through the back door. Genius.

      A quick circle around to other side of the building led him to what must have been a cargo drop off area. That explained where those armored vehicles disappeared to during the day. And gave him a most wonderful entryway. And perhaps the door with multiple locks on it gave him more trouble than he'd like to admit, but he got through them eventually, without tripping a single alarm. It was if the whole system was down or something!

      "Heh, maybe I'm better at this than I thought. I'll be making may way to the top in no time," he had a satisfied grin on as he entered. He may be on the furthest side from his target, but with how things are going so far, that won't even matter.

      • Piper/ Jade
        Piper/ Jade

        Jade practically skipped merrily down the stairs that took her to the main show room. She had a mind to avoid the large store front windows, lest some random passerby notice her inside the darkened room, but other than that took no precautions of the stealth kind. She was, alone, after all.

        As so often with retail stores, a soft yellowish light dully illuminated the main floor giving the scene a wonderfully hazy feel. Which, mingled with the excitement of success and soon-to-be-acquisition, was all out intoxicating to the young woman.

        But no… we don’t have a problem.

        Hands clasped childishly behind her back, she hummed a little tune as she made her way towards the displays that were housing what she wanted most.

        And there they were… glowing even moreso in the poor lighting. Like little pieces of heaven’s mana, placed gently on pillows before her and separated by a mere quarter in of glass.

        “Oooh…” she said, her voice soft as a lover’s. She pressed her gloved hands to the glass, admiring the beauty of the trinkets before her.

        Okay, enough mooning. Time to get to work.

        She pulled a small glass cutter out of one of the pouches on her belt and immediately engrossed herself in working on gaining access to the treasures before her.

        • Reynard Lowkey
          Reynard Lowkey

          The back area was a sight to behold. If only for its utter dishevelment. For such a lovely interior for the customers to see, this was a disgrace. And he certainly wasn't thinking these remarks because every pile or stack managed to nearly trip him over while trying to move on.

          The agent got through the maze of disorganization, relatively unscathed and without much commotion. Of course, it didn't really matter how much noise he made. He was alone, after all.

          And being alone, he made no effort to be stealthy at all. Doors to the front were unlocked and opened in an unceremonious manner, it would be an appalling sight given the lustrous lobby he had finally entered.

          Of course, the dim lighting for after hours made it difficult to tell what and where everything was, most jewels looked the same. But any old ring or necklace would not cut it. So there he was scanning through the glass for what should have been an obvious choice. Still, row by row he browsed, until he came upon a certain scene. Someone doing some work on a glass container. A container that may or may not contain what he was after. Well now.

          "Doing a little window shopping?" Against all reason, he decided to greet his fellow "patron".

          • Piper/ Jade
            Piper/ Jade

            She froze in her delicate work, looking over her shoulder at the voice that had so rudely interrupted her. There was a small moment of shock at the discovery that she was not alone at all…


            Well, maybe this was not a bad thing… experience had taught her that if she was kind to her chance run-ins, things could work out for the best. She studied him for a moment, her face plastered with curiosity and holding no trace whatsoever of malice.

            She knew that if he was a security officer, he’d be barking orders. Get on the ground, or something like that… but he’d approached her conversationally. So she wondered if maybe he was also a thief? If so, she assumed he was not necessarily territorial since he held no weapon toward her.

            And for that she was ever so grateful.

            Then, feeling comfortable with him there… she offered him a smile. “Nice hat.” A sincere compliment. “Not really shopping, I know precisely what I want. Yourself?”

            • Reynard Lowkey
              Reynard Lowkey

              If she was looking for early brownie points, she earned them.

              He beamed proudly over the comment, even adjusting his hat a little, possibly to show it off more. We may never know.

              "Haw, thanks for that. It really is. One of my favorites," He finished showboating headwear, his full attention to her. "As for myself, yes, I know just what I want as well."

              For the moment, he was completely caught up in the conversation, not at all thinking about what their meeting could hold. However, his eyes drifted over to her work. Then slid back over to her.

              "It just so happens to be a one of a kind looking doodad around. Probably under some sort of protection, but out on display for any potential, uh, owner to be tempted to pick it up. You wouldn't know where I could find something like that could?"

              Not that she really needed to answer, he was after all, leaning right up against it.

              • Piper/ Jade
                Piper/ Jade

                She smiled at his apparent pride in his hat, and suppressed a giggle. Yes, he was being cute, but she did not want him to get the idea she might be laughing at him. She immediately threw him into the not-a-murdering-psychopath category.

                As he continued on, she lowered her glass cutter and turned to face him in order to listen better. When he finished speaking, Jade tapped one gloved finger to her chin. “That is… an awfully vague description.” she said, her brows raising somewhat. “But I am sure we can find it.. this case is just jewelry.” Lovely, glorious, shiny jewelry… “What exactly is it you are looking for? I know a one-of-a-kind doodad, but what does it do?”

                Please don’t say doomsday device…

                Noting that he was leaning on a case, she nodded towards him. “And what is in there?” Her focus had been solely on her sights that she had not bothered to check anything e

                • Reynard Lowkey
                  Reynard Lowkey

                  Oh, how helpful she was.

                  "Well, you answered half of the question, it's some sort of jewelry. Something-something-priceless thing or another. But I can never tell what's worth anything."

                  Thank goodness for the downed security system, otherwise when Lowkey popped open the case to inspect whatever it was inside, things might have gone downhill fast for both of them.

                  "I thought coming in here when no one's around would help me out, but I'm so very bad at this. But you seem to know what's what."

                  He nonchalantly tossed back the whatever it was back into it's holding, now much more interested in her soon to be acquisition.

                  • Piper/ Jade
                    Piper/ Jade

                    While he was inspecting the contents of the case he was standing at, she returned to her own and finished getting into it. "Yes, your thinking is correct. It is better coming to steal when nobody was here." Said with a smile because... Well... It was just common sense now wasn't it?

                    "You seem to be doing just fine though." She added. "I had no clue you were here!"

                    Ah... There we go. She managed to get her case open, and after another brief pause to admire the perfectly placed spread of rings, earrings, brooches and bangles Jade finally got what it was she had been drooling over all day.

                    She lifted one of the rings, holding it up to the sad, dull light. "And there we are..." She muttered excitedly. "You are so lovely..." It was practically a purr.


                    "I mean, 'it'!" Hahaha... Remember we have company! Who would talk to jewelry?! No sane person that is for sure!

                    Popping open one of her pouches she began pulling out the display pieces, and with great care, tucked them away.

                    She either seemed oblivious, or not to mind his curiosity at her curios. After all, they were being quite polite with one another.

                    • Reynard Lowkey
                      Reynard Lowkey

                      "I get that a lot." 'How'd you get here?' 'You're not supposed be back there' 'You shouldn't even exist', he's heard it all. 

                      For a moment or two, he stood there, silent. Gradually, he began to shift and fidget as both his patience and growing dislike of the quiet between them lengthened. Something would have to give. And it would be him. 

                      "Can I have that?" He finally blurted out, throwing away any tact or common sense. Even if he found what he was originally looking for, he was now much more interested in what Jade had now. 

                      • Piper/ Jade
                        Piper/ Jade

                        Jade paused, looking over at him with an expression of utter confusion.

                        “I… what?” she blinked, looking at the brooch she had just picked up. Part of her said ‘No! Get your own!’, but… he seemed lost. She stepped back from the case, folding her arms over her chest, flipping the brooch through her deft fingers.

                        “Who are you?” she asked softly. What thief asked for another’s acquisitions? Was he here to beat her to the rose gold? Would he fight her over it?

                        Paranoia was not uncommon in this profession, but part of her simply did not want to believe that this mild mannered drake would be so uncouth as to steal from… well… a thief. Perhaps getting to know him, maybe finding out what he was really looking for would help.

                        Because she really did not want to give up that lovely pink rose gold.

                        • Reynard Lowkey
                          Reynard Lowkey

                          "Oh right right right, step number one in meeting new people," he cleared his throat, removed his hat and bowed some. "I am Agent Lowkey. Member of F.O.W.L. and very pleased to meet you." 

                          He was pleased also that she hadn't outright denied his request, hoping that maybe the more they got to know each other, the more willing she might be to part with the gold. Failing that, at least the night would not be a total loss.

                          "And you are?" 

                          • Piper/ Jade
                            Piper/ Jade

                            Blink blink…

                            “Please, you do not have to be so formal!” she said with a laugh and a smile, as she was instantly charmed. Ah, he bows like that anymore? It was so cute! She took a few steps so that she could stand directly in front of him, reaching out her hand for a hand shake. She met his eyes, blinking a bit in fascination at their coloration, but not staring for any length of time.

                            “This is a much better way.” she offered, catching his hand in her’s and shaking it. “My name is Jade. It is pleasure to meet you, Agent Lowkey.”

                            And after a pause… “F.O.W.L. you say? I’ve not met anyone from there before.” she appeared to be thinking on that. She, of course, knew who they were. She had been advised to try and stay out of their way… them and S.H.U.S.H.

                            Well, Agent Lowkey did not seem bad at all.

                            “And you are a cutie, so I guess I can part with this.” she held the brooch out for him to take. “I am not sure what it is you came looking for, but this isn’t the worst thing to walk out with.” Easily worth a few thousand, though the entirety of what she had stashed in her pockets was much, much more.

                            • Reynard Lowkey
                              Reynard Lowkey

                              "Oooh, thank you thank you thank you!" Reynard practically bounced in place while holding his new found gift and giving a less formal greeting. "You've made my night let me tell you that much, Jade was it? I like it. Fitting, somehow."

                              He eyed his prize for a bit before stowing it away in his clothing, giving Jade his attention once more. 

                              "I'm not too surprised you've never run into one of our own before. Some of my colleagues can be a reclusive bunch. Not mention, less than friendly. I think it good fortune for the both of us to meet like this." 

                              He smiled at her, both amused at his little jab at FOWL and simply enjoying her company. 

                              • Piper/ Jade
                                Piper/ Jade

                                “Yes, well…” a small chuckle. His reaction was endearing. Reminded her of her initial descent into kleptomania… even the smallest trinket was a celebration. …who was she kidding? She still acted like that. Only she waited until she got home.

                                “I have heard as much about POWL agents… I am also glad it was you I met and not one of your comrades.” a smile. “I am not so sure they would have been so as to share a heist.” It was more likely they’d tie her up and leave her to take the fall.

                                Jade glanced around quickly, just to see if there was anything else she might want to grab. Seeing nothing, she turned to Lowkey once more, “Well, my job here is done. I try not to hang around crime scenes for too long.” A wave of her hand. “You know… lest I get caught. I look absolutely terrible behind bars.”

                                She did not fancy climbing down the way she came… so she asked, “Would you mind escorting me out the way you came?”

                                • Reynard Lowkey
                                  Reynard Lowkey

                                  "The back door?" Her request puzzled him, why not just go out the way she came in herself? "All right, sure. But, it isn't particularly glamorous." 

                                  Whether she was following him as he backtracked his way to his entry point was irrelevant to his rant, it was happening, audience or not. 

                                  "Far from it in fact. I'd say it has to be the least organized and tidy place I've ever had the mispleasure, or was disfortune, to break into. I could have hurt myself slipping on this, that or the other." 

                                  • Piper/ Jade
                                    Piper/ Jade

                                    A small smile crossed her features. "Nobody said this career was glamorous..." and it was true. Air vents, roof tops, low windows... Jade ended up dirty more often than not in her quest to find small areas to squeeze into. But... so long as it was worth it-- she did not mind too much.

                                    She followed him in silence, allowing him to rant as he pleased. Poor guy... though when one breaks into someplace, they should never expect it to be clean and organized.  "Well I am certainly glad you did not hurt yourself." she said with a firm nod. Yes, the last thing she wanted to do was help carry an injured person to the hospital.

                                    Once to--and out the back door, Jade took a breath. Ah, yes. Heist completed.

                                    "Thank you for showing me a different way out." 

                                    • Reynard Lowkey
                                      Reynard Lowkey

                                      "Oh think nothing of it. It's my pleasure, really." He was curious about how she had entered, but it was a moot point by now. They were out, everyone got what they wanted, as far as he was concerned. 

                                      "I guess we should part ways right about now. But let's not be strangers, I'd love to go out on a joint robbery with you some time. It'd be super fun!" 

                                      Odd ideas for a get-together aside, he was genuinely interested in seeing her again. It wasn't often he met someone else in his field of work that wasn't associated with FOWL. A fact that made him pause for moment to think things over. With a bit of hesitance to say what was on his mind, he began to speak again. 

                                      "Uuuuunless you're considered to be treading on FOWL territory. Then there'd be this whole 'elimination' thing I'd have to do and all that, ehhh, but don't worry about that. Probably won't happen." 

                                      To be fair, the organization probably wouldn't see her as a huge threat to their own monetary gains. However, that hasn't stopped them from simply showing off their control over the criminal underworld before. 

                                      • Piper/ Jade
                                        Piper/ Jade

                                        “I thought…” she trailed off slightly. “Well, correct me if I am wrong, I thought FOWL worked on a larger scale. You know… stealing weapons of mass destruction, robbing banks… things a bit more prestigious?” It was not like she had a pamphlet or anything to explain their inner workings. She only know what had passed her attention on the news at night, which were the biggies.

                                        It occurred to Jade how rude that sounded since… yanno, he was just in there stealing with her. “Not that you all aren’t free, or well within your rights to take whatever you want!” she held her hands up with a lopsided apologetic smile and a nervous laugh. “I am just a bit confused by what the media portrays… FOWL is big time. YOU are big time.” Lumping him in with the rest of his organization. “So I am a bit flattered is all…” And sounding like a complete idiot, thank you very much.

                                        “But…” she added, holding a finger up. “It is easily avoidable… I simply will not take what you are taking! Then there is no treading on each other’s turf!” A highly simple solution to a much more complicated problem than was really being addressed.

                                        It was not necessarily the items she was taking. It could very well be the simple fact she is taking them.

                                        “And a joint heist sounds wonderful.” She continued, just so he was clear on her stance in the matter. “It is always safer to have a partner around just in case the cops or some caped hero shows up.”

                                        • Reynard Lowkey
                                          Reynard Lowkey

                                          He couldn't argue with that logic. Nor did he want to, she was giving him an ample amount of praise. Even still, he'd be careful about letting slip his unofficial partnership to anyone back at home. There's always that risk that someone might ruin his fun.

                                          "Well, guess that settles it. I look forward to our eventual partnership. I'll try not to slow you down too much."