Sniper Without a Roost

    By Bao

    Name: Bao Nguyen
    Species: Eagle Hybrid
    Age: Despite the weathered, scarred face, his eyes shine with the energy of a teenager.
    Height: 6' 7"
    Occupation: Unknown
    Affiliation: Unknown
    Marital Status: Unknown

    Origins: Currently fresh off a boat and he won't say which, this towering eagle has landed in St. Canard shores. He doesn't have much to say, nor is he interested in having anything to say. Despite his silence, it's evident in the stoic, nearly robotic expression of his that he is looking for something if not someone within the city limits. His appearance is East Asian but not quite. His accent is nearly unplaceable, almost as if he has no true origin to his culture. Of course, it would help if he talked more.

    Appearance: He wears nothing but the ragged clothes on his back when he arrived in St. Canard. The rugged and muscular tone suggests that this man had led a life of intense and vigurous activity prior to his arrival. He also dons a pair of sunglasses that have never left their position on his beak. They are nestled right between a violent gash marked down his beak. He wears thick, tactical gloves and is constantly chewing on anything he can throw into his mouth, be it a toothpick, a piece of bark, or a lollipop.

    Personality: From afar, he's cold and indifferent but when someone makes the slightest motion of interacting with him, this indifference turns hostile. He's a strong silent type who has no desire to meet or speak to people unless they have knowledge of what he's looking for. Unfortunately, as a wandering vagrant - a stowaway in an unmarked ship- his funds are running low and the concrete jungle proves a much fiercer mistress to survive in than the jungle he hails from.... Perhaps he'll find himself easing up and letting a stranger approach.

    Talents: True to his appearance, the eagle has particularly impressive strength and survival skills. He's an adept climber and masterful in stealth almost as if he was molded by guerilla warfare. Most importantly, however, he has a deadly accuracy when it comes to aim. The kind of raw talent one is consumed by when your childhood years were ripped away by genocide and war.

    Possessions: He only holds a faded photograph c. late 1960s and a set of American dog tags. These two items were what brought him to St. Canard. He also carries with him a small child's toy, a colorful doll. He is not in possession of a firing arm but he's slowly growing more paranoid the longer he goes without one.