The Von Drakes

    The Von Drakes
    By The Von Drakes

    Name: Ludwig von Drake
    Species: Duck
    Age: Old Enough To Not Know Better
    Status: Married to Matilda McDuck
    Occupation: Founder, CEO, Owner, President, and resident local genius of Von Drake, Industries.

    Profile: A jack of all trades and master of even more, Prof. von Drake claimed fame in his hometown of Vienna, Austria. From the start, von Drake has shown impressive knowledge and skill in various fields of science, medicine and mathematics. He is known mostly for his scientific approach on art and music, psychiatric practice, his various instructional programs on how to build your very own transdimensional gadgets, and the complex, thief-fire-hurricane-acts-of-god-proof security system that guards the McDuck Money Bin. With both wit and luck (mostly luck), Prof. von Drake has managed himself a small business empire across popular cities such as Duckburg, Spoonerville, Tinseltown and now finally St. Canard.

    Personality: Cheery, chatty, and cheeky, Von Drake stands out in the famous McDuck family tree as somehow being the only one without chronic anger issues. His ego tends to be as big as his brain and his quick-paced personality has him leave behind his thoughts at times. Generally an endearing and entertaining character, Von Drake can prove to be a tad grating to those who prefer peace and quiet over chaos and complete disregard for chemical safety.

    Name: Franziska von Drake
    Species: Duck
    Age: Young Adult
    Status: Single
    Occupation: College Student in an Existential Crisis and Operations Overseer at Von Drake, Industries.

    Profile: Every bit an upholder to the von Drake name, Franziska is a bonefide genius. She needed something going for her as having been born late in the life of her parents and riddled with sensitivities a runt can only manage, Frankie is pretty much useless in anything that doesn't require mass amounts of research and calculations. She's just as bad at choosing what to do with her life. Frankie finds herself drifting from prestigious college to prestigious college, garnering a collection of impressive degrees and at the same time draining every penny from her bank account. Now in her eighth year of college, Frankie has decided to take up her mentor's offer and at least humor the job position at Von Drake, Industries.
    Having depleted her funds, Frankie relies on her Uncle Scrooge McDuck to support her studies and scientific endeavors by assisting him in his world trekking expeditions. Her work with her father mainly supports her addiction to video games and geeky memorabilia. As smart as she is, she can't budget at all. A curse having been born with a silver ladle in her bill.

    Personality: What Frankie lacks in size, she makes up in having a loud personality. With the McDuck gene from her mother's side, Frankie is a fiesty, short tempered runt when and if provoked long enough. Luckily for those, being a von Drake somewhat calms that down with a jolly, oblivious outlook towards danger and dangerous individuals. But at all times, Frankie is a blabbermouth with no reign on her endless spout of sarcastic yet high spirited tones. She's a go getter. She's ambitious, and she's dangerously bored. Do not approach her lest you want to involuntarily volunteer for a new Von Drake (tm) disaster.