Character Bio (Circa Retcon)

Millie Barr

Nick Name (that she hates):

•Hollow rubber body that can stretch and inflate to immense sizes.
•Puncture/bullet proof (unless over-inflated).
•Super strong breath.
•Can hold her breath for impossibly long periods of time.
•Can drink anyone under the table.

•Vulnerable to punctures when inflated to twice the size of a Thanksgiving Day parade balloon.
•Carbonated beverages and gassy foods cause her swell up.
•When filled with water she has great difficulty moving and can be immobilized. She has no super strength to move such bulk.
•Low self esteem, lots of self loathing she tries to cover up by being constantly drunk.

Who Is She?:
A pneumatic rubber mutant with an ego that's anything but inflated.
Millie Barr is a self loathing drunk that considers her physical condition the lamest superpower in the world.
Spends all of her time drinking in one bar after another to help her forget that she’s the world's lamest super-freak.
She sees no value to her abilities and has given up on trying to utilize her powers for good, evil or otherwise.

As child Millie dreamt of flight and wanted to become a 'rescue blimp' pilot to, “Save lots and lots of people!"
She would play pilot all day in her treehouse, pretending it was the gondola of her rescue blimp.

In her high school senior year, Millie took the same beginners blimp pilot lesson as Dottie Debson (from 'Dances With Bigfoots'). The two were friends for a summer.

She took a job in her senior year of high school as a safety inspector for Wellyear Tire and Rubber company.
While inspecting a catwalk suspended over a vat of vulcanizing solution, she was daydreaming about being a pilot once again. The supports for the catwalk gave way and plunged Millie into the roiling chemical cocktail below. The caustic fluids had the typical comic bookish effect that one would expect; converting her body into a living hollow rubber shell.

The entire vat incident took so long she missed the application date for finishing her blimp pilot certification.

After the accident, Millie’s family sued the factory and won a huge settlement for her that set her up for life. However, life after the accident wasn't easy. Millie soon discovered that she could no longer drink anything carbonated, hiccup or take a deep breath without accidentally inflating herself like a balloon. This resulted in numerous embarrassing incidents earning her the nick-name 'blow out Barr' (though said ability did make her popular with the football team).

She was forced to constantly wear an Expandex™ bodysuit, except when she slept. At night she needed stiff fabric pajamas to keep her shape in check as she slept. She suffers from intense snoring that leaves more air in than gets snored out.

At this point Millie had fallen into self-blame and depression. 
Her physical condition was a constant painful reminder of her mistake that cost her everything and (in her eyes) disappointed her parents. 

She used her settlement to see doctors from around the world in hopes of a cure, but to no avail.

She didn't attend her high school graduation due to being too embarrassed by her condition.

After graduation she moved to Cayuga City and was living in a large, empty apartment.
She began to drink heavily to forget her past mistakes. She discovered that alcohol calmed her nerves some and gave her more control over her abilities.

She took it upon herself to use her powers for more constructive purposes.
When she decided to use her powers for good and fight crime. She donned her Expandex™ bodysuit, a pair of orange rubber boots, gloves and a puffy migraine mask as a disguise, and called herself the 'Air’ess. The name didn't stick.
A local schlock reporter, later to become obsessed with her, dubbed her the 'Inflat-a-Belle' in a human interest story. She has held a grudge against that reporter and all reporters ever since.

Her first real attempt to thwart crime was a complete fall-on-her-face failure. She tried to stop a pair of purse-snatchers by blowing up menacingly to loom over them, and demanded they turn over their stolen goods. The nefarious duo instead laughed at her and stuck her with a pin. She didn't pop but YELPED in pain and blew all of her air out, comically launching herself about the street. She came to an undignified crash landing into a dumpster. A repeating theme in her life.

Crestfallen by the drastic change in her life, she became bitter and resentful. So she tried a life of crime instead.
She put her talents into cat burgling... which she stunk at.
She would deflate herself completely flat, slide underneath doorways, re-inflate herself and attempt to pilfer cash from Wellyear Tires. The only realize she failed to think of a way to get the money out the door with her. She ended up slipping each dollar bill under the door one by one. It took her all night and by the time she was finished, most of the cash had blown away.
When she had all but given up on the usefulness of her powers, she saw a small child about to fall off a fire escape. Without delay 'Belle blew up, floated to the child and carried her to the ground. This raised Inflatabelle's hopes a little that she might not be totally useless.
She would go on to similar rescues, act as a life saving floatation device, fill up with water and put out fires, and even act as an air bag for falling victims to land on. However, with each rescue came the taunts of "Hey! It's super blow up doll!" or "Hey fatso's here to save the day!"

Now Millie spends most of her time at bars or alleyways, drinking away her settlement money on all the alcohol she can guzzle down, just to drown out the knowledge that she is who she is.

How She Came to St. Canard:
Illustrated here—>

While crawling from one bar to another in her home town of Cayuga City, Millie happened upon an old lady being mugged by three youths. She came to the senior citizen’s assistance and drove off the attackers, only to be rewarded with distain from the granny. Super powered folks weren’t welcomed in her town due to their habit of bringing insurance rates up.

Later that night, as Millie stumbled out of yet another bar, the youths jumped her, wrestled her over to a local street fair and used a balloon vendor’s helium tank to inflate her into a giant balloon. Tying her bill shut, they laughing crooks let her go to float off into the night sky.
She drifted cross-country for a week until she reached St. Canard. Over the berg the string that held her mouth closed SNAPPED, releasing all the helium inside and rocketing her across the skyline. She eventually crash landed in a dumpster behind Von Drake Labs.