RP: Another Lifetime

In the middle of St Canard Cemetery, crisp moonlight bounced off the firm round boulders.. atop the entrance way.

The city could be heard distantly all around; all the same, it was eerily peaceful. Beautiful, even. The rows and rows of the many who came before stood tall amongst long established gardens.

There, at its heart, was a great monument that housed an ancient forebear. It was delineated by a circle of thick marble pillars. Between them, in the centre of a number of recessed steps, lay the tomb itself. It's flat surface was inlaid with channels of silver, and the waist high sides covered with engravings.

They would not be resting in peace for long.

[[RETCON IN PROGRESS. All are welcome to come be on the sidelines but if you want to interfere with the action please message me first.]]

    • Queen Malicia of St. Canard
      Queen Malicia of St. Canard

      The witch's bravado was the final straw that sent Malicia into a frothing rage. "YOU WON'T GET AWAY WITH THIS YOU FLAT-CHESTED TROLL. I am going to destroy you! One way or another, you are not making it out of this alive, do you hear me?!"

      Catching Negs in her line of sight as he wandered off. "GET BACK HERE YOU IDIOT! I'm growing tired of this farce!" This is the part where you release me, shoot that slag in the head, and we all have a great big laugh, right? ....Right?!

      Because this isn't how it ends.

      It can't be...

      At the realization she was being ignored, and therefore shouting into the abyss, she slumped back against the tomb. Only then did she catch sight of the thief rushing toward her.

      • Piper/ Jade
        Piper/ Jade

        Thank goodness for small miracles. Nobody seemed to have noticed her.

        She stepped onto the tomb and motioned for Malicia to be silent as she tried to get closer. Jade reaching into her pouch to pull out her lockpick tools…

        Yeah… is it really going to be that easy?

        • Queen Malicia of St. Canard
          Queen Malicia of St. Canard

          She quirked a brow, clearly unimpressed by Jade's solution. Surely she didn't expect to bypass enchanted cuffs with mere Normal-crafted tools?

          "He won't let this happen." She muttered, more to herself than to Jade. "After all we've been through, he wouldn't... he can't..."

          • Scarlet

            Just in the light of the moon there was a silhouette… large wingspan, long slender legs… it moved in gentle swooshes and swoops…

            Scarlet loved flying. This was fantastic…Why hadn’t she thought of this sooner? Being a demon certainly suited her, and she’d already had plenty of fun with it. Glancing down at the scene below— she was slightly aware something was going on with Malicia. She hadn’t been invited per say, but she was curious about what was going to happen.

            Plus… seeing Malicia bound? She loved it…

            But from her bird’s eye view she saw a potential problem. Someone was sneaking up to Malicia… well, we simply cannot have that. With a graceful turn she plummeted for the ground, pulling up just short of a splat and landing gracefully in front of Jade.

            “Well well… I don’t think you were on the guest list…” she purred, her wings handing softly behind her like soft folds of fabric.

            • Negaduck

              At that timely moment, a hand shot out and snagged Jade backwards by the collar.

              "Need another lesson on how I deal with gatecrashers, do you?" Negaduck rumbled. Glitter bombing gatecrashers would get extra special treatment.

              "Technically that applies to you as well, hotcakes." Taking the luxury to sweep over the details small - and large - of Scarlet's new look. "But for such a scorcher, I'll make an exemption."

              Rrrowwwl. And with Malicia out of strangle range too.

              "What brings you here? Enjoying your end of the bargain?"

              While the crook took care of their guests, Morgana was at work taking care of the spell. The first step was to draw on all available magic sources in the area, so the two demonesses may have felt a slight.. tugging.

              • Piper/ Jade
                Piper/ Jade

                Jade skidded to a stop at the sudden appearance of Scarlet... wait... something was different about her...

                She did not have much time to think on it, thanks to the sudden jerking, and dragging, of herself by said collar. Sudden windpipe closing, zero fun! She wiggled her fingers under the fabric as best she could just to grab some air.

                Thankfully, she was not the only one who paused at Scarlet's new form.

                She twisted around... while Negaduck was distracted with Scarlet, and took the chance to hit him with her signature move.

                That's right gents. Knee to the groin. So unfair. So unjust. So effective-- if it lands.

                • Queen Malicia of St. Canard
                  Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                  "WHAT THE HELL SCARLET." Dramatically different reaction compared to Negs. It wasn't so much the she-duck's black magic make-over that angered her, but rather the implications behind it. This was clearly the work of magic, and there was only one other magic-user who could be responsible.

                  ...And that guilty party was only a few feet away, presently ruining Malicia's life.

                  This was all but confirmed by Negaduck's lack of surprise.

                  "What bargain?" Eyes searing into Scarlet.

                  • Negaduck

                    Poor Negaduck. Cut off from an opportunity for evil gloating yet again. At least this Jade attack hadn't involved a glitter bomb. That was marginally more painful.

                    "OGPH!" Oh the PAIN.

                    "Goal~~" he wheezed, and promptly collapsed onto his knees.

                    Godamnit what was that woman wearing, steel capped knees?!

                    • Scarlet

                      Her tail swayed sensually as she glanced over her shoulder at Malicia. “Oh come now, you aren’t really mad, are you?” she cooed, turning to approach the pinned woman. She’d leave Negaduck to play with his friend.

                      “It was pretty simple.” She said as she approached. Scarlet then lowered herself to her hands and knees, and crawled over the shackled demoness, her wings coming up, as if to show them off. “I locate, and help take a trinket…” she tapped one delicate, sharp claw to the dip in Malicia’s collar bone where the pendant had rested, “And in return… I get to be a demon myself.” Of course, calling Negaduck’s soul a trinket may have been an understatement, but she did not seem to care much for political correctness.

                      She grinned, her fangs flashing brightly. “And you so graciously provided me with the opportunity…” those claws trailed through Malicia’s hair, before giving it a gentle tug… a familiar action.

                      That’s right Malicia… you kind of signed your own defeat…

                      • Queen Malicia of St. Canard
                        Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                        Seemingly enraptured Mal gazed into Scarlet's eyes. "Oh, Scarlet..."

                        "...You stupid, brainless, tramp. Do you realize that you won't even be KEEPING this new look of yours, once Morgana finishes her spell? You're not even a real duckubus, just some cheap, magically-concocted variation. You will never be a pedigree like me."

                        She turned her bill up in disgust. "I can't even look at you, get out of my sight. If there's one good thing to come from all of this it's that I'll never have to remember you."

                        • Negaduck

                          Pedigree. Like she was some prize winning bitch.

                          And this particular dog show was starting to involve a few bitches too many.

                          Time to put them to sleep.

                          Negaduck, whose senses had cleared exactly as Malicia gave the game away with Scarlet, figured the fastest way to do that was to take out the closest and weakest one of the lot.

                          No offence to Jade. She was a powerful fighter and all. She just wasn't fueled by black magic and a lust for a hundred lost souls or whatever was lighting the fire of demon women these days.

                          Was that a discarded lock picking set?

                          WHAM. A freshly sharpened shank would come down on Jade's foot if she wasn't fast enough.

                          Regardless, it would buy him enough space to get to his feet and aim to put her off hers - with a spinning side kick to the guts for starters.

                          "Now if I'm going too hard for you-" Condescension between combos, his speciality. "-just say something!"

                          Cackling at his own jokes. He was good at that too.

                          What he wasn't so good at was keeping check of the overall strategy once his temper turned. That strategy being to guard Morgana. Almost completely obscured by whirling light that grew around her like a tornado, her eyes her but an empty glow, lost in the spell world.

                          Not long now...

                          • Piper/ Jade
                            Piper/ Jade

                            Jade, unfortunately was not fast enough. The injury to her foot was more than enough to distract her from Negaduck himself, so the kick easily sent her back. She curled up involuntarily, and after a few noiseless cries, Jade forced herself to try and get up and fight.

                            She was less than amused at Negaduck’s goading, and of course she had things she wanted to say… but, well… Getting on her feet… or foot rather was much more important.

                            She wobbled a bit, glancing around in effort to find a weapon while reaching for her pouch to pull out one last trick.

                            Glitter bomb the second…

                            Ting ting ting…..BOOOM Depending on how clear minded he was, he could avoid it. But if his aim was blood a small trinket like that might go overlooked.

                            • Scarlet

                              It was clear that Scarlet was mulling it around in her head, as her eyes darkened somewhat in thought. It was a quick process, and it ended in a sad grin in response to an unspoken realization.

                              “But you need me, remember?” she purred, tipping Malicia’s chin to face her’s. She gave her a very gentle kiss that carried something suspiciously akin to an apology. No time to dwell on it. Her free hand came up, and at the tips of her claws sparked to life a swirling, spitting ball of inferno.

                              With a glance, she lobbed it straight for the unguarded back of Morgana.

                              • Queen Malicia of St. Canard
                                Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                                Like a rabid dog, she snapped back, missing Scarlet's face by inches. You used me to steal my most precious possession, I won't forgive you that easily!

                                ...Though beating on Morgana would be a start.

                                • Negaduck

                                  Okay, so. Smouldering tension between two smouldering demonesses may have been a touch distracting.

                                  Hence when a tiny ball of sparkly doom rolled between Negaduck's feet, evading was the last thing on his mind.

                                  -BOOM!- it indeed went, spraying a cloud of twinkles into his face.

                                  "AARGH GODDAMNIT."

                                  He had scarcely recovered from that - cursed sparkles must've lodged around his EYEBALLS, he could see them with his eyes closed! - when Morgana was hit with Scarlet's burning ball of badness.

                                  An unholy screech, and she reeled backwards, blasts of uncontrolled energy firing off in all directions. Just as the pillars had begun to rotate around them too.

                                  Negaduck's turn to foot stomp. "That is IT."

                                  A flare of his cape and out came a monstrous handgun - something which packed a cross between a .50 cal and an atomic bomb - and pegged two shots straight for Jade's chest.

                                  "Sneak your way out of that!" he spat, before turning to Scarlet.

                                  One down, two to go... that he knew of.

                                  "Now, now, gorgeous." Arms wide open in the parody of a 'let's be friends' stance, given quite away by the weapon still in one hand. "I hope you aren't going to play nice."

                                  As Morgana re-focused on the spell behind him, and the rotation of the tomb's outer picked up speed, the 'smile' slid into something which said: because I'm sure not going to.

                                  It was on.

                                  • Piper/ Jade
                                    Piper/ Jade

                                    Piper was mid ducking past a stray shoot of magic when… well.. a couple of bullets found their way right into her chest. The kick from a hit of that caliber was enough to knock the small woman off of her feet. Mid-air she got an added insult with a shock from Morgana’s stray magic.

                                    She landed, hard in the grass just beyond the tombstones. She gurgled wetly, her hand coming up to her chest as she lamely checked to see if she was bleeding. When her hand came back wet and covered in a copious amount of blood she let out a couple of quick breaths.

                                    A grin… it ends like this huh? Weakly she pulled her glove and ring off, letting them drop lamely on the grass next to her. There would be no getting up from this one.

                                    • Scarlet

                                      Scarlet grinned at Negaduck and crawled off Malica, turning to face him squarely. “I would hate to disappoint you…” she growled, flashing her fangs.

                                      One strong flap and Scarlet left the ground, using the advantage of height. In each hand, twin spheres of hellfire spun into life. Her tail thrashed in a highly cat-like manner as she locked eyes with the psychopathic drake before her…

                                      Yes. It is on.

                                      • Queen Malicia of St. Canard
                                        Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                                        Mal couldn't help but wince as Jade was propelled backwards. Been there, done that, 0/10, would not try again.

                                        Unfortunately, her current predicament left her entirely vulnerable. And not in the fun way. But perhaps she could talk her way out of this..

                                        "Forget about him, go after Morgana!" She hissed at Scarlet. "We can't let her finish that spell!"

                                        • Negaduck

                                          A bullet went whizzing over the tip of Malicia's bill. Effectively translated to: hush yo mouth.

                                          Back to Scarlet...

                                          "Wow. A demoness," he smiled in the friendliest possible manner. "I've never handled one of those before."

                                          It wasn't like they were right in front of a living, breathing (for the moment) example of how well that could go.

                                          And off he went, blasting at the flying female. Doing whatever aerobatics were required to keep himself out of the line of fire whilst drawing closer to his target.

                                          As many of St Canard's magic users well knew, Negaduck was annoyingly.. slippery. It was a wonder Malicia ever got close enough to strangle him at all.

                                          • Scarlet

                                            Tucking her wings back, Scarlet spun, dove, and swirled her way towards Negaduck, somehow managing to avoid straight on hits from the bullets he sent her way. The thing about being a demon was, well, she was a freakin' demon. She was faster than she had been before, and as a demonstration, the gap between them closed quickly.

                                            But that didn't make her immortal, nor was she unscathed. One bullet in particular grazed her cheek, just under her right eye, and another the backside of her leg. He was fast, and annoying accurate. It was almost applause-able if not for the fact the intent was so clearly directed at her.

                                            Her eyes remained focused on him as she neared... it looked as though a head on collision was bound to happen, and with the speed she'd collected it was going to be a doozy.

                                            But... it didn't. She shot up, and over him.

                                            Towards Morgana, another twin set of fireballs at the ready. Big ones. Because that was how she preferred it. Pulling up, Scarlet managed to let them loose.

                                            The downside being she had to give up her back. Pros and Cons... the logic behind the fact that Negaduck had tangled with a seasoned demon for years did not escape her. Morgana was the better, and more likely to be wounded target.

                                            • Negaduck

                                              No smarmy comments as he shot. Scarlet was on FIRE, quite literally, and his counter attack was taking every inch of his concentration.

                                              Besides, for all his bravado, Negaduck had never handled Malicia in flight. Contained their offspring maybe, but the demonlings were more like a swarm of fiery bees easily distracted by the prospect of a mid-air snack or shinies.

                                              No, Malicia had never been this.. agile.

                                              Consequently, the last swoop had him tumbling for cover behind the tomb. Fanning a fire out on the tip of his hat. That had been close.

                                              But, as he noticed with a start, what she was really closing in on was Morgana.

                                              Morgana who, as the magical force spiralled wildly around her, remained oblivious to the huge hot balls heading right for her face.

                                              Balls that, out of nowhere, were suddenly extinguished... by a blast from a firehose?


                                              Next to the tomb, Negaduck was having a rather good time controlling the thick hose and sending the immensely high pressure dousing not only over all the fire, but Scarlet as well.

                                              "Thought you could do with some cooling off! Ha ha hah!"

                                              The freezing water nowhere as painful as those terrible puns.

                                              • Queen Malicia of St. Canard
                                                Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                                                "Oh for Hades' sakes, just put a bullet in my head already." Muttered under her breath.

                                                "Negaduck, listen." She began firmly. "If your lengthy stay in Oblivion is what has you all pushed out of shape, why don't you simply reverse time to your battle with Darkwing and change the outcome? Prevent your cross-dimensional demise, and perhaps quash Darkwing in the process."

                                                Because when fireballs and sneaky thieves don't work, the last resort is good 'ol fashioned logic.

                                                "Then we can go back to how things were: The two of us working together to bring this city to its knees. You'll have everything you want, and more... just think of the possibilities."

                                                • Trevor Mallard
                                                  Trevor Mallard

                                                  A rider came out of the darkness like a horseman of the Apocalypse as a trail of blue smoke followed behind. But he had came too late. The shot had been fired before he reached them. There was a wail that could have made one think the graveyard was haunted.

                                                  Trevor jumped off his horse before it even stopped when he saw Piper laying in the grass near some tombstones. He didn't care if he got hurt from that stunt. He didn't care about the enemies nearby nor the spinning magical pillars of doom. She was all that mattered at the moment.

                                                  "Piper!" He called as he reached her side.

                                                  • Piper/ Jade
                                                    Piper/ Jade

                                                    At the sound of her name… not Jade, Piper, her eyes snapped back to fully open. Nobody present knew her identity…

                                                    Driven by a slight panic, she let out an audible, painful squeak as she tried to sit up. Who knew one’s most guarded secret was enough to bring you back from the dead… or near death… not really clear on where we are with that. Didn’t matter…

                                                    Blinking rapidly the mystery behind who knew her name was solved when it… he settled beside her.


                                                    Well, she’d taken the ring off as a kindness so there’s be no question as to what happened to her… but this was fine too. But how did he even know where she was?

                                                    Wait… back track… I squeaked…?

                                                    Swallowing her blood tainted bile for forced a pitiful smile. “‘ey.. Trev’r…” she said.

                                                    • Negaduck

                                                      There was something of a bittersweet symmetry in and outside the tomb. Each drake standing over they who they were about to lose.. forever.

                                                      Except Negaduck was directly responsible, and was also in the process of directly unleashing his firehose right into Malicia's face.

                                                      "YOUR HYPNOTIC LIES AREN'T DRAWING ME IN THIS TIME, YOU THUNDER-STEALING HARPY."

                                                      Logic? With a madman? Good luck with that.