Ionic Bonding at the Club

There was a very limited number of locations Gyro had been to within Duckburg despite being a resident of the town for a little over a decade. This was all due to the fact that Gyro seldom, if ever, left the lab. One might even be able to say he lived in the lab, if only because nobody ever really saw him leave. It was probably also why one Scrooge McDuck was constantly making up excuses to get Gyro out of the lab. The latest attempt?

Well, he'd just happened to mention that one of his potential new investments was in need of a thorough inspection to ensure the building was being powered safely and efficiently, but his usual "guy" was out sick, and that he'd never be able to find someone skilled enough to replace him. And Gyro, naturally, had protested this fact, pointed out how skilled HE was, and Scrooge had agreed but told him he probably wouldn't enjoy the job - too many people, too many variables-

And it seemed the reverse psychology had worked on Gyro all too well. In fact, it was only when he actually arrived at the club during the day that he realized he might have been tricked. But he'd committed to the job, and he would see it through and complain to Scrooge about it later.

Gyro had what was essentially a toolbox on a tripod-like pair of legs follow him into the building. It was fine. He'd do the job, come back at night to ensure any simple modifications that needed to be made were working accordingly, and then head back to the lab. Simple. Easy.

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      Simple. Easy. That's what rehearsals never were. But it had been a long week and the girls were really on the ball, so Oz had decided there was no harm in letting them cut loose for a bit. You'd think they wouldn't have wanted to do anything with singing and dancing involved, but he privately suspected it was simply an excuse to get him up on stage. Not that he had a problem with it. He never performed himself, though he was often on the dance floor showing a patron a charming time, and everyone knew he was a good singer, a dramatic performer. So why not give them something worth enjoying?

      He was on stage when Gyro arrived, which is why Celia had to let him in and check what he was here for. The tall, beautiful woman gave him a smile, a nod, and waved him towards the back room before going back to being part of the audience of whooping, giggling women who were watching Oz cut loose a little himself, hamming it up all over the stage to a number he'd snatched up from a musical.

      Not exactly peaceful working conditions, but then Scrooge hadn't called anyone in advance so it wasn't as if anyone had been expecting Gyro to begin with. And then he was going to be near the back, right? Working on wires? No trouble.

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        Misunderstood Scientist

        Gyro had, of course, scowled at the woman who had let him in and kept his words short and to the point. He wasn't sure what had happened that no one had been informed about his arrival but he could only assume it was incompetence of THE HIGHEST DEGREE on their part... especially given what he noticed about the crowd of giggling women in front of the stage. He immediately dismissed them, kept his eyes forward, intent on making a beeline for the back so he could begin his work.

        But the music grated on his nerves. It was loud and bouncy, and he preferred silence when he was working. Cold, unending silence. And what blathering blatherskite were those lyrics? 

        What EXACTLY was hard? The voice was admittedly pleasing to the ear, but Gyro was too annoyed by the potential distraction to his work to focus on that, and he thought about marching right up to the stage and lecturing (ranting angrily) at everyone for their blatant unprofessionalism. You'd think they could stop giggling for one MINUTE over some dancing FOOL-

        His plans to give them all a piece of his mind disappeared because as soon as he glanced up at the stage; he froze in place. The man up on stage was tall, probably about as tall as he was, with bright green feathers that were clearly well-conditioned and soft, and blonde head-feathers that were a bit tousled from his vigorous dance routine on stage. He was wearing a tight, v-neck T-shirt which displayed some very fluffy, touchable red chest plumage and a nice pair of jeans. And he had a lithe, toned body that somehow still managed to seem delicate and pretty at the same time.

        Gyro swallowed, feeling his face start to heat up a little. Maybe, MAYBE, he couldn't really fault the women gathered around the stage. And then, his face heated up a lot more when the quetzal up on stage seemed to roll his body and give a particular hard thrust of his hips-

        And that was it. That was enough. He didn't have time for this! He had work to do. He forced himself to tear his eyes away and tried to will himself to move.

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          Exercise that willpower Gyro!

          Ending up on his knees with his back arched so far he could practically see the back wall, Oz wrapped up the song with the most dramatic flourish and bow that he possibly could to wild applause and laughter. He laughed as well, loud and bright.

          "Well then, who's next? Cora!"

          "Oh noooooo." Not sounding particularly embarrassed as he grabbed her hand and pulled her up on stage.

          "Oh yeeees. If I do it, you've all put your foot in it and have to do it too." Spinning her, he was about to hop off of the stage when his eyes fell on Gyro (who by now was not staring and was making valiant attempts to move away).

          "Celia," he said, grabbing a small towel off of the bar to hop his face. "Who's that?"

          "Someone from McDuck enterprises came to look over the wires and tech. He's thinking of dropping some money into the place."

          Slow blink. "Nobody told me about that. And we already have a tech guy."

          "I figured. But his answers checked out."

          He nodded. He trusted Celia of course, she wouldn't let just anyone stroll in, but being the control freak of his kingdom that he was, he was of course going to follow up. And she knew that, which is why she made no objections when he draped the towel over his shoulder and strutted his way over to where Gyro was probably attempting to start work.

          "Doctor Gearloose, I presume?"

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            Misunderstood Scientist

            Gyro was not going to let some dancing fool get the better of his scientific genius intellect. He was calm. He was focused. He'd already had numerous tools out on the floor and was opening up fuse boxes and tapping walls, and he was probably about ready to crawl into a crawl space when Ozymandias spoke and startled the poor chicken.

            "GYAH!" He jumped back and had his back against the wall a moment. Then, he breathed noticing it was just the dancer and glared at him. "Yes, I am Dr. Gearloose." He tried to keep his eyes fixed pointedly off to the side of the quetzal's face; though, he was very sorely tempted to glance downwards at Ozymandias' red chest plumage that peeked out from under the v-neck. "Is there a reason you're talking to me while I'm trying to work?"

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              Lilly Teal

              The sight of the man this close gave Oz pause. Not because of the glare, but because what was the man wearing? A pork pie hat? A vest and bowtie? What was this look, hipster got dressed in the dark?

              He managed to keep his face impassive, but his golden eyes looked him up and down not a little judgmentally, physically resisting to the urge to rip the bowtie off of his neck.

              "Indeed there is," he said instead, entirely unruffled as he held out a hand. If Gyro were to take it, he would find a firm, professional handshake, and if he didn't, no harm done, he would simply put it right back on his hip. "Ozymandias Brent. I own this club. Celia told me she let you in and a little bit about why you're here, but I'd like to hear it from you. Just a little extra confirmation considering we already have a tech man and we didn't get any contact about you coming. You won't have a problem with that I'm sure."

              And if you do, I don't care.

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                Misunderstood Scientist

                Gyro frowned and looked away from the quetzal as he was given an up-and-down look. His shoulders seemed to hunch a bit more, an indication he might have felt self-conscious about the judgmental up-and-down look he was being given. He pulled out a device from his vest and pressed a few buttons, mostly trying to look busy. He glanced down at the hand that was being offered to him, did nothing, and returned to messing with the device. He paused and gave an exasperated sigh when Ozymandias told him he needed a little extra confirmation.

                "Your "tech man" works for you, though. I work for Mr. McDuck. And like any investor with a sound mind, he wants to make sure everything is in good order before he decides to make his investment. It's common sense, and also this should have been explained to you. I can only assume this indicates a high level of incompetence on your part. I suppose it's lucky for you I'm here to judge your wiring and technical capabilities for safety, efficiency, and quality control reasons and not your overall professionalism."

                Gyro reached into his vest and pulled out his phone. He dialed a number, then held the phone up to his ear. "Hello, Mr. McDuck!" Gyro said, in a polite and patient tone of voice. It was a sharp difference from how he generally talked to everyone. "I'm leaving you this voicemail to let you know that apparently nobody knew I was coming. If you could have your people call the people of Mr. Ozmanios Brett, so I can continue my work uninterrupted, that would be great! Thank you, sir. Good-bye." He stuffed his phone back into his vest. 

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                  Lilly Teal

                  Oz blinked once, very slowly.

                  It was a standard joke that he bullied people into working for him and seduced his way into discounts, painting a picture of a remorselessly aggressive personality that he laughed along with, but he was, at heart, a good man. That wasn't to say, of course, that he didn't have a nasty streak a mile wide when he wanted. He mostly never employed it because people and their comments tended to be too beneath his notice. Easy to laugh at, easier to brush off, easiest to completely ignore. He could just roll his eyes and shrug and be on his way.

                  But there were some things you just didn't let pass. The temperature of this portion of the club seemed to drop a few degrees.

                  "Yes, your people not calling us, you dropping in without any advance warning, is incompetence on our part," he said flatly. "Thankfully, as I just mentioned, it was explained to me, by Celia, who let you in despite receiving no explanation from your people because she deemed your answers sound. I find it part of my job to double check because of St. Canard's very high crime rate."

                  He took a step forward, just one, putting himself firmly inside Gyro's personal space bubble. Entirely intentionally. He smiled, a beautiful, beautiful smile, but which was currently a little too sharp to be reassuring in any way. Nobody else was paying them any attention, and honestly if Oz was going to beat him to death with his own phone, which he currently looked capable of doing, he probably would have been able to do it in peace. When he spoke his voice was low, firm, and in no mood to make jokes.

                  "This is my space, Gearloose. I have every right to ask exactly who you are and where you come from, despite how much I don't particularly care, and oh, since we're talking about professionalism, I'll be expecting a report of every single change you've made to these walls before you leave, or I certainly won't count you as having done any work at all when your people call to follow up. They might send you running over again because I'm oh so airheaded and lack professionalism that gosh, I just wouldn't know what work's been done and then they simply can't confirm if they can take the next step in their investment. But maybe I'll leave out the part about your shockingly unprofessional insulting of my personal and professional capabilities and how that would make me less open to future investment. Isn't that nice of me?"

                  He smiled sweetly, raising his eyebrows a little before he stepped back again, dropping the smile and turning his head to look at the others who were still enjoying themselves as if Gyro wasn't even there.

                  "Bathroom's in the back, there's a bottle of water for you on the bar, if you need anything you talk to Celia or me, keep your pleasant attitude away from everyone else."

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                    Misunderstood Scientist

                    Gyro scoffed at Ozymandias' argument, still not looking at him instead moving the device along the walls as if he were scanning something inside them. "And how do I - or especially you for that matter - know that Mr. McDuck's people didn't call? Maybe your people were too busy slacking off. Given what I saw earlier it seems like most of your staff were too busy paying attention to YOU instead of whatever it is they're supposed to be doing!" He made a vague gesture with his hand. 

                    He paused a moment, then actually looked at Ozymandias, aghast. "Are you KIDDING me? Do you really think I, one of the most brilliant inventors IN THE WORLD, who works for the RICHEST duck in the world would need to commit SOME KIND OF CRIME at a singular, relatively unimportant in the grand scheme of things, CLUB?" He sounded quite offended by the notion. 

                    But Gyro's offense immediately tapered off as soon as Ozymandias stepped into his personal bubble. Having a ridiculously hot man stepping into his personal space would've probably been enough to trigger him blushing and stammering, but in this case, with the faux affable smile and cold eyes, Gyro felt concerned. He'd tried to back up and ended up hitting the wall. He swallowed but kept glaring. 

                    He didn't argue with Ozymandias about the club being his space. "It's doctor. Dr. Gearloose," he managed to grumble. It was saying something about Ozymandias' intimidating prowess that Gyro hadn't thrown a fit over it. 

                    His eyes narrowed. "Of course, I'm a scientist. I keep notes. Records. I'm not a hack," he said, sharply. 

                    He tried to slide along the wall to put some distance between them. "I'm NOT a businessman. I'm not supposed to be "professional." I'm supposed to be accurate. Make observations. Study..." He trailed off a moment, wanting to look away from the quetzal who had invaded his personal space and looked like he was about to beat him up with his bare hands but being a little too nervous about doing so.

                    He frowned when Ozymandias suggested how his behavior might make him less open to future investment. Gyro blinked a few times at that. "But - but Mr. McDuck is the RICHEST duck in the world. You'd have to be a complete IDIOT to turn away his investment in your business!"

                    Could he do that? He wouldn't actually be that stupid, right? Gyro felt his sense of nervousness and dread increase. Mr. McDuck wouldn't be very happy with him if this was something he really wanted to do, right? 

                    Bathroom. Bottle of water. It seemed strangely courteous after what he'd just seen from Ozymandias. It threw him for a loop. He was used to upsetting people, of course, but he wasn't used to being offered courtesy afterwards. His brow knitted in confusion. "I had NO intention of talking to ANYONE. I just want to do MY job and leave!" 

                    He put the device away and reached into his vest. He started pulling out his notecards to shift through, wondering if they might perhaps provide an answer for him in how to handle this situation.

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                      Lilly Teal

                      "I don't have any deep knowledge into who you are, and I don't really care," he said in response to Gyro claiming he wouldn't need to steal due to his job and brilliance. What did that have to do with being a criminal? As a St. Canardian Oz had seen his share of brilliant people go off the rails, creating havoc just because they could and there was no-one there to stop them. Several of them didn't even need to steal to fund their schemes, just just seemed to do it for the fun of it.

                      Therefore was it really so strange to be leery of a man you don't know, claiming he needs to knock about on your walls? But Oz didn't owe him any explanations, though he did shoot him another sharp look.

                      "They are supposed to be on break. I shouldn't have to explain the stunningly obvious fact that there's a phone right there and any of us would have heard it despite distractions. None of my employees would be working for me if I caught them slacking off so keep your low opinion of the rest of the world to yourself if you want to be left alone so badly."

                      The phrasing of it it was fairly rude, but he didn't sound rude or nasty about it, just matter of fact. Now that he has said his piece he didn't find any interest in wasting his time debating with the man any longer. He wasn't looking at him at all beyond that sharp glance, though there was a soft, fond smile on his face as he watched the people around the stage giggling and enjoying themselves. They really did deserve this. Giving them another minute, he pushed away the blond hair that hung slightly over one eye and clapped his hands.

                      "Alright, fun's over, I need a couple of guys and gals to go make sure the dresses don't need any repairs. You and you, check the instruments. Brad go make sure the grocery list isn't missing anything, freezer check. Trina, bathroom check, no leaks, full rolls and soap. Celia check the first aid kits in the back. Someone check the news for me, any villains percolating, we need to know. We want to be like clockwork tonight!"

                      Like well-drilled soldiers, the crowd fell away, though there was a significant spring in their step from before, just as he hoped.

                      "I tend to have a lot of sound and light stuff, so if you need to look at the records of our special orders and changes we've made from show to show, they're in my office," he added. Just because he didn't like the man didn't mean he had to impede his work. Glancing over, his quirked an eyebrow, craning his neck a little to try look at the notecards. "What are you going to start with fi- what's that? Your to-do list?"

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                        Misunderstood Scientist

                        Hypocrisy might as well have been a science for how well-practiced Gyro was at it. As dismissive as he was towards others, he absolutely hated being dismissed himself. He managed to stand up just slightly straighter. "Well, I'd be surprised if you had any "deep knowledge" about ANYTHING. And I don't really care if you don't care-"

                        And yet, he sounded as if he was outraged by the very notion of someone dismissing him so easily. "But for your information, I'm the greatest genius you'll ever see in your lifetime. I have made great strides in understanding and exploring the space-time continuum, I am constantly pushing the limits of what is possible in mechanical engineering, I have played GOD with genetic experimentation so advanced it makes cloning look like CHILD'S PLAY." 

                        Gyro glanced at the phone Oz was referring to. Then, he gave a brief glance at Oz without really looking at him before crossing his arms. "Again, I wasn't planning on having to talk to anyone," he grumbled, and he glanced down at his cards again. 

                        He glanced back up noticing Oz barking orders to his staff. His frown deepened with thought as he noticed how efficiently Oz ordered his staff and how quickly and efficiently they responded to his orders. He couldn't even get his interns to get him a cup of coffee that quickly without being rambled at (or hooves clopped at in the case of Manny). "Hm."

                        Gyro startled a little, noticing how close Oz had gotten to him in his attempt to peek at his notecards. A pink tinge spread over his beak, and he turned away and hunched his shoulders. "It's nothing," he snapped. Then, he looked over the cards again.

                        Without turning around, he started to speak in a bit of a flat, monotone that nonetheless sounded slightly uncertain. "I think I might have made a bad first impression." He flipped a few cards, scanning each one with his eyes as he went. 

                        "It is not my intention to jeopardize this working relationship. I'd like to take steps to fix this situation?" He sounded a bit puzzled by that last part and shook his head. 

                        He put the cards back into his vest and turned back to Oz, still avoiding direct eye contact. He seemed thoughtful. "Mr. McDuck didn't get as rich as he is today through incompetent hiring practices. And if - IF - your people aren't incompetent, either-"

                        He still sounded a bit dubious about this but willing to reconsider. "Then, what happened? Assuming - and this is a very big assumption based on NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE whatsoever - your "tech" guy or whoever services your phone line aren't incompetent, either - then, a possible hypothesis emerges -"

                        Gyro narrowed his eyes. "There may be some kind of outside interference misdirecting or redirecting your calls. A number of possibilities exist - and it would be odd if your business was the only one with this problem. Hm."

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                          Lilly Teal

                          What, had someone written him some cue cards in case he pissed someone off? It seemed like a common enough occurrence that he'd need them. But maybe it would be better to just hand someone the card before he even opened his mouth.

                          It sounded like it was a painful effort for him not to be completely rude or admit any mistake on his part, and that in itself made a grin tug at the corner of Oz's mouth. The possible hypothesis, on the other hand, brought on a completely different expression. A thoughtful, serious one.

                          "If that's true, that's worrying. One of St. Canard's regular supervillains is electrokinetic. Power surges and misbehaving wires and electronics are common features of his rampages. Another possibility might be that someone's targeting the phone lines specifically but I don't see what anyone could gain from that, unless they were planning to coming over in your place with all the right answers and case the safe. But that obviously hasn't happened... unless the call was redirected to another shop and some criminal is taking advantage of that by posing as someone come to check the wires."

                          Coming a decision, he snapped his fingers and pointed at Gyro. "You need to check everything, right? First order of business, would you be able to find out if someone's messing with the phone lines and where it's coming from? What am I saying, you probably can if you play as big a game as you talk. Well let's shift the  phone lines to the top of your to-do list, I don't have time for a robbery in my schedule today if I can help it."

                          And also, "What's with the avoiding eye contact? You shy? Or am I just ugly?" Said with better humour and absolutely no belief that he was actually ugly in any way.

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                            Misunderstood Scientist

                            Gyro's expression also became thoughtful and serious as Oz listed possibilities. He shook his head. "I was doing some reading about St. Canardian supervillains a short time ago with plans to research them more fully when I have the time. Electrokinesis, hm. But I was doing a cursory scan of the electrical energy running through here, and I didn't notice any anomalies - unless he's just specifically targeting landline phones which seems oddly specific; though, from what I've read he doesn't sound particularly stable anyhow. Not that I'm surprised. You'd have to be a special kind of insane to go into supervillainy," Gyro said, rolling his eyes and giving a derisive snort.

                            He shrugged. "It doesn't necessarily have to be villains, either. It could be the government or the military causing the outside interference, too. That sort of thing is usually very temporary, though. Still, it's best not to make assumptions. First, I have to determine if there is actually outside interference." He shrugged his shoulders and gestured for his robot toolbox to follow him, so he could begin checking the phone lines. 

                            But Gyro turned again when Oz told him he probably could if he played as big a game as he talked. "Probably? Please. I'll have this problem sorted out before you can even finish the next task on your "busy" schedule. Play as big a game as I talk. Ha! Dr. Gyro Gearloose doesn't play. He does science!" 

                            The confident moment immediately crashed when Oz called him out on his lack of eye contact with him. He stiffened, and his beak tinged pink. "I'm not shy; I'm an introvert. I'm not going to waste my precious energy and valuable time looking at you when I have other things to look at and pay attention to! And honestly, what kind of idiot are you? Ugly - you look like you stepped off the cover of a magazine. Blathering blatherskite!"

                            Gyro rolled his eyes and headed over to where the phone was, checking a few simple things like making sure it was plugged in. Then, he pulled out a few special devices including something that looked vaguely like a stethoscope.

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                              Lilly Teal

                              "Oh I know, but hearing a compliment out of your mouth is a treat in and of itself," Oz said in a pleased little sing-song as he followed him to the phone. Not going to waste his valuable time looking at him when he had other things to look at... like the wall for half of the conversation?



                              "Stand by, we might need you to call the club from your phone, see what's happening to the calls." Oz stood much too close for that personal bubble as he looked over Gyro's shoulder with interest, close enough that the warmth of his body was tangible in his desire to find out who was messing with his things.

                              The phone was indeed plugged in. The wires didn't seem cut or damaged in any way, and if Gyro were to pick it up, a dial tone pronounced it fully functional. There didn't seem to be any problem at all while no calls were coming through. What might happen if Gyro tried to place a call, or Carlos tried to call them, might yield different results.

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                                Misunderstood Scientist

                                Gyro looked taken aback. "Compliment?" He turned a glare at Oz which meant looking directly at him. "I wasn't complimenting you. You were questioning the relative state of your appearance, and I was expressing doubt over how you could question it! You have perfectly symmetrical features, excellent proportions, impressive muscle defi-" Gyro's eyes had started to wander downward away from Oz's face and over his chest. "Um. Nevermind!"

                                A red tinge splayed over his beak and cheeks, and he averted his eyes again, so he could focus on what he was doing. It occurred to him as he was checking the phone that compliments were a good thing. And if Mr. McDuck wanted to invest, and he wanted to ensure these idiots didn't do something crazy like prevent Mr. McDuck from doing what he wanted and investing - Then, he should probably let the quetzal think that was actually a compliment.

                                Gyro gave an exasperated sigh. "Fine. You know what? Yes. Actually, it WAS a compliment. But only because as an employee of McDuck Enterprises, I have a vested interest in ensuring my employer is allowed to continue his plans of investment unabated if he so chooses."

                                He waved some kind of scanning device over the phone. "Hm. No unusual radiation or cosmic waves. No electrical anomalies." He frowned when Oz asked someone to be on stand-by to call the phone, then rolled his eyes. "I have a cell phone, you know. Oh, wait. I guess I FORGOT that you think I could potentially be a NEFARIOUS CRIMINAL out to sabotage your business. As if I would ever show up here in person if that was my actual goal. I can think of at least fifty-six ways off the top of my head how I could do that from a remote location at a safe distance where I would never be caught BECAUSE I'M NOT A HACK." 

                                So reassuring.

                                "Hm." He started dialing a number to make an outbound call on the phone and waited a moment. He narrowed his eyes, seeming suspicious. "Definitely outside interference. I just called my phone, and my phone's ringer is always on in case of an emergency at a lab. There's a bit of static in the background when I'm calling to. Usually a tell-tale sign of wire-tapping and other such activities." 

                                He noticed how close Oz was to him and tensed. His face heated up once more. "Could you, uh, NOT breathe down my neck like that? It's making it very hard to focus." He reached into his vest to grab his phone; his shoulders hunching over even more than usual somewhat. 

                                He seemed to swipe a few times, select an app that looked like nonsense, and tapped a few things where it ended up displaying a highly technical read-out. His eyes widened slightly. "Interesting!" He whirled around and held out his hand. "I need to see your cell phone. Or anyone's cell phone. Now."

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                                  Lilly Teal

                                  "Compliments, cold hard facts, it's all good." He shrugged. Forced compliments were a shame. But they were at least better than rudeness, which he could handle, but he didn't want the chicken to end up upsetting any of his employees or starting a fight.

                                  As Gyro whirled around, he ended up practically in Oz's face from how close he'd been standing, though the quetzal almost immediately took a polite step back.

                                  Oh now you need someone else's phone, eh?

                                  "There's easier ways to get a guy's number," Oz quipped, though he unlocked and handed his phone over all the same with a curious expression. "Wire tapping, hm? I suppose this explains why we haven't gotten the second call from your people yet either."

                                  But what's the purpose of it all? The club was no stranger to being attacked by supervillains every now and again, but something that seemed to involve some level of pre-planning was unusual for them. Unless this was a robbery after all.

                                  • Misunderstood Scientist
                                    Misunderstood Scientist

                                    He'd been maybe a few inches away from ending up beak-locked with the insufferable quetzal in front of him. Fortunately, the quetzal had the sense to step back before Gyro could burst a blood vessel from blushing so much. Gyro practically snatched the phone from Oz with a glare. "I don't need your number. I can barely tolerate talking to you as it is." 

                                    The glare melted into one of curiosity as he made to call a number on Oz's phone. He looked at his own phone a moment, then blinked a few times. His eyes widened. "Just as I thought! It's not just your landline that's being affected. Your cell phone has been hacked as well. And it seems they TRIED to hack into mine, but naturally, they couldn't get past all the layers of security. That's why I was still able to make calls. But nobody has been answering. This could be a large-scale operation."

                                    Gyro's eyes narrowed. "Someone or perhaps multiple someones is trying to shut down major lines of communication." 

                                    He shoved Oz's phone back at him and reached into his vest a moment. "Excuse me. I'll be right back."

                                    He pulled out what looked to be a high-tech looking gun. He shot the gun at a random space, not at anyone. A blue doorway suddenly appeared, and Gyro walked through it. The blue doorway disappeared. It was perhaps an hour later before a blue doorway reappeared, and Gyro stepped out of it.

                                    "All right, the problem should be taken care of soon now that the proper authorities have been alerted." Gyro pocketed the gun he'd been holding and clapsed his hands together. "Now, I think we should look at how much electrical power you use on a regular basis."

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                                      Lilly Teal

                                      "Naturally," Oz had said, mostly just smirking with self satisfaction at how red Gyro had gone at their close proximity. But the whole incident with the door in the air had left even him a little nonplussed, not that he would admit it.

                                      Well at least the man had been polite about it. The preparations for the evening had progressed a little further by the time the scientist had come back, Oz having made himself busy, though he looked up immediately at the sight of the blue doorway again, his face a picture of absolute giddy fascination like a child having witnessed a spectacular magic trick. The genuine delight lit up his features in a completely different way from his sly smiles, it was much closer to the happiness he'd shown on stage earlier.

                                      "Amazing," he said, staring at Gyro's pants, er... pocket where the gun had just disappeared, then looking up at Gyro with the same bright light of interest as he stood up again. This man was interesting now.

                                      "Mm? Oh sure sure, the wiring, go ahead."