Mechanized Madness

Another day, another invention turned sentient and evil. The ICSM2 was built to make and serve ice cream more effectively, efficiently, and cheaply than any single person or invention could, and it did its job well. But it'd immediately become convinced its purpose was to terrorize the world with its ice cream (and also destroy all other, inferior brands of ice cream). It had escaped the lab (Gyro had put up a fight in as much as he could put up a fight but to no avail), and now Gyro was having to track it down before it ended up hurting someone.

"Hm. It must be close by, but where?"

He paused and looked up, spotting a robot.

It was not HIS robot.

    • Lilly Teal
      Lilly Teal

      Calling it a robot was maybe not entirely accurate, at least if you defined a robot as an independent automaton made entirely of man-made material from scratch.

      It LOOKED like someone had soldered a pair of legs and arms onto a swiss army knife. Possibly that was exactly what had happened. It was, therefore, also the same size as a swiss army knife, but rather than being an avant garde art installation, sitting on a window-sill just above the level of Gyro's head, it was, even though it didn't have eyes, staring at him.

      • Misunderstood Scientist
        Misunderstood Scientist

        Gyro considered the robot a moment. Some other inventor's loose creation? Although, Gyro was curious and wanted to get his hands on the machine's inner workings, he had his OWN robot to find. He looked back at his tablet and blinked, noticing the tracking signal had disappeared. He made a face.


        Then, his phone vibrated. Absently, he took it out of his pocket and checked it. Ah, a text from Fenton, that explains it. He grimaced. Great. It probably wasn't in one piece, then. Well, it looked like he had time, after all. He ventured closer to the robot on the window sill.

        "Hello there," Gyro said, his voice sounding slightly ominous. "And who might you be?" No guarantee the robot in front of him was capable of speech, but that didn't matter. Gyro had a whole arsenal of tools with him at all time. He'd unlock this robot's secrets.

        • Lilly Teal
          Lilly Teal

          Ominous voice? Biiiiiiiig nope. The little robot looked at him blankly (how else?) for a moment as he came closer, and then quite without warning it flipped out its blade, so now it just looked like a knife with arms and legs.

          Oh that's rather clever, rather than folding out the tools slide out meaning it can activate itself in narrow space- IT IS A KNIFE AND ITS POINTING WARNINGLY. Was... was this a holdup? A mugging?! Had robots finally advanced to petty human crime?!!

          "Scian! Scian," yelled a voice, carrying a hint of an Irish brogue to it, and the robot immediately froze like a child with their hand caught in the cookie jar. "Where the hell've you gotten t-"

          An answer almost immediately answered, as the messy headed drake rounded the corner and, after a second to absorb the situation, lunged at the knife immediately. Rather than stabbing him when it was grabbed, the robot simply flailed its arms and batted them against his hand in a artificially intelligent trantrum.

          "Don't give me that. Jaysus I'm sorry. He's not usually like this, I promise." You gave a knife sentience, how is he usually? Running a hand through his hair, the skinny drake gave the other man a charming grin that was about 50% apology and about 50% you know how it is.

          "Didn't get you, did he?"

          • Misunderstood Scientist
            Misunderstood Scientist

            Gyro had been attacked by much larger robots with much larger sharp, pointy objects pointed at him. He may have been a chicken, but he wasn't afraid of a knife on a cheap set of haphazardly slapped together legs. He raised an eyebrow.

            "No, no," Gyro said, suddenly brandishing a wrench. "Be nice. I just want to take a little looksie. I can make you so much better." He smiled. 

            It was the kind of smile only mad scientists and very specific kinds of serial killers wore. Gyro froze as well at the sound of the voice, brow furrowing in confusion when a drake with an Irish accent stepped in on the scene and grabbed the robot without so much as a second thought.

            Ah. The original inventor, hm? Well, Gyro had some notes.

            He crossed his arms. "Not a bad display of rudimentary artificial intelligence. Of course, even a short interaction with it has already given me a number of insights into its many, many design flaws," Gyro said, narrowing his eyes at the other inventor. 

            He scoffed. "Get me? Please. This poor thing couldn't get a can open, let alone ME, Dr. Gyro Gearloose, Scrooge McDuck's head scientist of McDuck Enterprises' Research and Development Department."

            He seemed to try and straighten a little bit, but he still seemed to slouch even so. "What is it's main purpose, anyway? Do you fancy yourself an amateur chef?" 

            Despite as dismissive and arrogant as he sounded, Gyro was curious. 

            • Lilly Teal
              Lilly Teal

              "Right, right." Darryl grinned. "I forgot all those titles give you skin like steel and make you totally unstabbable. Silly me."

              Are you... mocking him?

              Maybe just a little.

              "And a chef? Nah. I wouldn't trust Scian with a roast, I can tell you that much. I just made him," he said with a little shrug. "Not really for anything. Wanted to see if I could. He does help out getting stuff that rolls behind the workbenches though."

              Scian shook his fist as if to say 'I too have a number of insights into your many flaws, bucko', and Darryl shot him an amused look. "Yeesh, what did you do to get him so riled up?"

              • Misunderstood Scientist
                Misunderstood Scientist

                Gyro narrowed his eyes, then tilted his head up and huffed. "Well, no. Obviously not. I'm just saying I've seen bigger, deadlier robots." Pause. "Because I built them."

                He considered what Darryl said about making the little robot because he wanted to see if he could. Something in Gyro's very tense body posture seemed to almost relax. Just slightly. Very slightly. "Hm."

                He noticed the little robot shaking his fist at him, and he blinked. He held up his hands in an almost kind of surrender fashion to the little robot. "I wasn't trying to insult YOU. Really, what I was trying to say is you deserve better. Your idiot maker did not design you in a way that would let you live up to great potential." 

                He shook his head and rolled his eyes at Darryl. "I was simply going to take him apart to see how he works, track down his original inventor and show him how to build a REAL robot, and with your and his permission, make a few possible improvements." Gyro shrugged his shoulders.

                • Lilly Teal
                  Lilly Teal

                  "There you see Scian? He's not trying to insult you, he's trying to insult me," Darryl said with amusement, not seeming particularly insulted. "Ah, you might've gotten him riled up by trying to take him apart, then. Scian's gotten very... personal about his personhood. You've got to ask him permission and even then I have to show him the blueprints so he can see what I'm thinking of doing."

                  Scian gestured. I'd like to know, that's all.

                  Bigger, deadlier robots. Darryl looked thoughtful for a moment, because the proverbial lightbulb flicked on and he pointed in recognition. "Right! You're the guy who makes those robots that go nuts."

                  He doesn't make them like that on purpose, Darryl!

                  "I don't mean it like that but you're on the news all the time. I read your paper on temporal engineering, that was a great time. Time tub?" Chef kiss. "Love it."

                  Another pause, as the gears kept turning.

                  "So was that ice-cream robot yours?"

                  • Misunderstood Scientist
                    Misunderstood Scientist

                    "Exactly," Gyro said, shooting a soft smile in the little robot's direction. He frowned at Darryl, then looked back at Scian. "I suppose I was being a bit presumptuous. I get a little overeager and carried away at times," he said, still addressing the robot and seeming more dismissive of the other inventor.

                    He stiffened when Darryl referred to him as merely "the guy who makes those robots that go nuts."

                    "They don't go "nuts." They grow beyond their original programming!" Short-hand and tech talk for they go sentient and turn evil. "And I've done far more than just build robots! I have one of the most brilliant minds of our generation!"

                    He narrowed his eyes but seemed temporarily placated by Darryl telling him that he hadn't meant it like that but that he was on the news all the time for it. He crossed his arms over his chest but seemed a little more relaxed when Darryl said he had read his paper on temporal engineering. 

                    "Yes, well, I've made advances in temporal physics Dr. Ludwig von Drake could've only dreamed of," Gyro said, with a haughty air. "The paper you read is really only the tip of the iceberg."

                    He paused when Darryl asked about the ice cream robot. "Oh. Right. The ICSM2. I was hoping to get a hold of it and shut it down and bring it back to the lab in one piece, but it seems Gizmoduck has already taken care of it. And by taken care of it, I mean it's definitely not in on piece." Gyro rubbed his temples a moment. "It's fine. I'd rather it be destroyed than for it to have actually hurt someone. I do actually make an effort to keep my inventions confined to my lab where they'll do less damage than they would elsewhere in Duckburg."

                    • Lilly Teal
                      Lilly Teal

                      Darryl just about managed to restrain himself from saying 'nice effort'. Just about. While he WAS sure the chicken was making an effort, surely you've got to be expecting some breakouts if you keep making bigger, deadlier robots?

                      This wasn't the time for sass, the man had just lost a big, deadly robot.

                      "Well you can still salvage the pieces, right?" he said optimistically. "Put it back together, make something new..." Recycling was just a new excuse to tinker! Especially when you didn't have a budget like someone who works for Scrooge McDuck and have to work with what you have. It certainly encouraged creativity though, nobody could deny that.

                      "Do you want us to go with you, help you pick up the bits?"

                      He had to admit he was curious, and there was no harm in helping out on the way, right? Scian seemed to agree, scamping up Darryl's arm to perch on his shoulder and trying to look as helpful as he could while folding away his knife.