Genius Begets Genius

Gyro burst through the door with a small jar which appeared to have something very much like gummy candies inside them, a file of notes, and a dry erase marker. "All right, dum-dums, listen up because after today I don't want to hear anymore STUPID questions from any of you." 

He'd turned his back to everyone without even looking at them. "SHUSH has recruited me, Dr. G, to help them with a little problem. And you're probably asking yourselves why me, why not Dr. Bellum - and that's a stupid question because Dr. Bellum KNOWS what she did. NOW - You're probably wondering about this little problem and what it has to do with you."

Gyro started writing a few equations on the board, then paused a moment and erased them. "Let me put this in simple terms for you. You're here because you're SHUSH's top agents-"

He wrote the words "Top Agents" on the board and gave a bit of a pause. Then, he wrote above the words "Top Agents" with the words "Nearly Getting Themselves Killed."

"In the category of nearly getting yourselves killed." Gyro turned back around, hands behind his back, gravely serious look on his face. "That's right. YOU'RE the problem. Fortunately, I-"

He paused a moment and looked about the room. He appeared somewhat baffled for a few seconds, then slightly horrified, then unamused. "Either you're all related or SHUSH has finally bypassed their ethical code and cloned their agents. And honestly, it better be the former because I'm INSULTED that they didn't invite me onto the project."

He glared off to the side for a moment, then cleared his throat. He lifted up the jar for all of the gentlemen in the room to see. "Behold! The Triple-G vitamin - an intelligence-boosting rapid release pharmaceutical designed to adapt to your internal and external environment as well as targeting the problematic neuroelectrical signals that encourage you to throw yourselves into danger with no concern for your safety and well-being and shutting those signals down." 

Gyro looked positively gleeful as he explained the concept behind his vitamins but paused a moment when he considered the room he was in. He frowned. "ANYWAY, rest assured, this product has been thoroughly tested on guinea pigs and is generally safe for consumption. That being said, I do have a few notes. One-"

He wrote the words "OJ" and drew an X through it. "You're not to consume any citrus within the first four hours of taking this vitamin in order to allow it to metabolize through your system properly."

He wrote the words "Seafood" and drew an X through it. "Two, you're not to consume any seafood within the first twelve hours of taking this vitamin unless you want your brain to explode."

Gyro cleared his throat and turned around again to face the agents before him. "I'll now open the floor for a brief period of questioning. Try to keep them short. I'd ask you not ask any dumb questions, but I realize you haven't taken the gummies yet and I'm willing to overlook your intellectual deficiencies."

    • Quiverwing Duck
      Quiverwing Duck

      "Don't be silly, Dr. Gearloose. I'm not a clone." That was Quiverwing Duck's cheerful reassurance to Gyro's concern over some rather uncanny resemblances. "You know how SHUSH is. They just like to employ handsome Agents." He lifted his hands in a shrug, as if he were hapless against such hiring strategies.

      The masked archer had ended up casually sitting well outside of arm's reach from Darkwing Duck, not due to any kind of malicious animosity between them--they had managed to get past that, mostly--but because there was still the chance of a disagreement and possible scuffle between them. It also allowed Quiverwing to be something of a buffer zone between Darkwing and Jacob, due to Reasons.

      He was intently listening to the scientist while he explained the whys and whats of their meeting. When the call for questions came, Quiverwing had only three concerns. He said, "First... throwing myself into danger with no concern for my safety and well-being is kind of my thing. Won't this have a negative impact on my ability to do my job? Second, is it okay to avoid all food when taking this? Because that's going to happen anyway. And lastly, I just want to be absolutely certain about this, coffee is perfectly fine for consumption, right?" Because if it wasn't, that was going to be a deal-breaker.

      • DarkwingPsycho

        Neither Jacob nor Darkwing looked very amused at Dr. Gearloose's presentation, and both were also choosing to ignore the fact that both of them were present in the same room.

        Finally Jacob spoke.  "To echo Quiverwing - aren't SHUSH agents supposed to leap before looking?  I mean...that's the entire point of saving others - not to hesitate.  If this shuts off those impulses, how can we effectively do our job?"

        Then it was Darkwing's turn.  "Yeah, and I don't need any smart pills, buster!  I'm cleverer than any PhD braggadocio, and you can bet that J. Gander will agree!  Did he even approve this?"

        Suddenly the door to the lab burst open, and in strode Chief Agent Gryzzlikoff.  "No!  SHUSH intelligence booster project approved by me!  Since so much financial loss and collateral damage are being caused by reckless so-called strategies of rampaging rabble rouser!"

        "What?!" Darkwing cried indignantly.  "Who are you calling a 'rampaging rabble rouser, you tenebrific tightwad!?"  Immediately he was on his feet and poking the bear in the chest.

        Gryzlikoff growled - literally - and swatted the hero's hand away.  "I will show you benefit of vitamin by taking it myself and demonstrating that my methods are better!  All your precious 'instincts' will be extinct, Darkwing Duck!"

        The agent held out his furry fist for a dose.

        • Misunderstood Scientist
          Misunderstood Scientist

          Gyro scowled at Quiverwing. "And I'm not a clown. So, don't call me silly, Mr. Quickening. I'm a very serious man of science," he said, in his hipster clothing while holding the jar of brightly colored gummies in his palm. Then, he frowned and added as an afterthought: "And you're to refer to me as Dr. G while we're on SHUSH premises." 

          His frown deepened even further when Quiverwing suggested SHUSH likes to employ handsome agents. "If that was the case, I'd doubt they'd have a whole section of rules regarding fraternization in the work place," Gyro said, shaking his head. Not that he'd read any of the rules in SHUSH's manual. He'd taken one look at the Table of Contents and decided reading it in its entirety was a waste of time. He listened to each of the questions aimed at him and seemed, as per usual, impatient. 

          "First of all, I'd like to suggest that neither of you begin "echoing" each other. The stupidity in this room is difficult enough to deal with without it also being in stereo for no real good reason," Gyro said, rolling his eyes. "Second of all, I want it to be known that I find all of your questions disappointing. And dumb." 

          He adjusted his glasses. "Coffee is perfectly fine for consumption, of course. For future reference, please be assured, and you can write this down, any and all of my invented consumables, past, present, future, are capable of being consumed with coffee and various other associated caffeinated products. I'd like to go on to say that I'm not "addicted" or "dependent" on caffeine - I'm just utilizing its valuable energy-boosting properties for productivity reasons. So, NEXT QUESTION-"

          Gyro just gave an exasperated, groaning sigh, looked up at the ceiling one moment, then turned A Look on Quiverwing. He started to open his beak, seemed to think better of it, then closed it. He "hmm"ed a moment.

          "I didn't think I would have to say this, but if you don't eat anything at all, you will die. It's a known side effect of not eating." He paused, then added: "A small sandwich, AT THE VERY LEAST, will probably keep you from dissolving into nothingness which is something that could DEFINITELY happen if you don't eat AT ALL while taking the Triple-G vitamin. I am NOT making that up." The weird tone his voice took on, and the way his eyes seemed to kind of move slowly from side to side in a somewhat shifty manner seemed to suggest otherwise. 

          He glanced at the board. Then, he hastily scrawled underneath the other things he'd drawn a picture of a sandwich and put an equals sign and the word "NOT DYING" next to it. "Finally, for your third dumb question which was so stupid it apparently deserved an encore-" He glared pointedly at Jacob and continued.

          "The answer is OBVIOUSLY it would make you MORE effective at doing your jobs. TRY to actually think about it if it won't burn out what few brain cells you actually have in use for the task of higher-order thought processes." He crossed his arms. "Your intellect, relative to mine especially, is highly inferior. Subject to only processing very small amounts of information at a time at a mind-numbingly slow pace. When you're "in the field" and you come across a very dangerous situation, particularly one that is life-threatening to you and others, you have two options. You can fall back on SHUSH protocol, following it to the letter." 

          He looked highly dubious anyone in the room would ever actually do that. "SHUSH protocol has arisen in its current form as a result of large amounts of government-backed research on virtually any realistic scenario you might come across on the field. Generally, it produces on average, a high amount of outcomes deemed "acceptable." Is it ideal? No. But it is efficient and generally safe, low-cost and low-risk for nearly everyone and everything involved with few exceptions." 

          It was interesting because Gyro seemed to sound like he was in agreement with the way the protocol was set up while at the same time sounding... uncomfortable with it. Still, he continued forward.

          "Or you can charge blindly forward or possibly with very snap-decision planning, putting yourself at significant risk for injury and/or death with no regard for property or mission objective with the singular goal of saving someone or possibly multiple someones." Gyro frowned. "The outcomes involved here tend to be highly variable, but running all the numbers can be..."

          He hesitated a moment, then cleared his throat. "Disturbing. I won't say that these particular methods can't yield spectacular results-" They must've been spectacular if seemingly forever unimpressed Gyro was saying that. "Far exceeding that of what SHUSH protocol would've yielded. But the major problems with this are, naturally, the costs it involves to yourself, SHUSH's budget, the "bigger picture" costs where you, for example, might be able to save a room full of people in a current moment and doom an entire village of people some five years later as an indirect consequence of not completing the mission objective, and of course the high risk of what I refer to as Catastrophic Failure."

          Gyro picked up a dry erase marker to begin writing a few equations and variables and scenarios on the board. "Since I have my doubts the first two interest either of you at all and the third is self-explanatory, I'll move on to what I mean by Catastrophic Failure. As you can probably guess from the name, it's not good. This is where you fail your mission objective, you fail to minimize damages, you actually end up furthering the goal or goals of our enemies, you fail to save anyone at all not even managing to get by in SHUSH's "acceptable losses" category, and you've suffered a significant toll to either your physical or mental and emotional well-being which may possibly lead to a small increase in the risk of Catastrophic Failure in the future if you're even able to continue with your work at all. In the event of a Total Catastrophic Failure, you've reached the aforementioned failure parameters except for the last one. Because you're dead."

          Gyro gave a sigh, sounding tired. He adjusted his glasses again. "SHUSH Protocol has a risk of Catastrophic Failure of 6.2% and a risk of Total Catastrophic Failure at 2.8%. With your "method" and I'm using that loosely here because there doesn't really seem to be a set pattern to how you approach danger other than to throw yourself into it at great personal risk - You have a Catastrophic Failure risk of 32.8% and a Total Catastrophic Failure Risk of 40.9%." He seemed to grimace while saying this.

          He took a moment to drop the file folder he had tucked under his arm onto the table. "You're free to peruse the data at your leisure not that I'm expecting you will, but I thought it might be of interest." Gyro shrugged his shoulders. Then, he held out the gummy jar, and he seemed to actually smile for a moment.

          "So, now, I bring your attention back to the Triple-G Vitamin and WHY it will change ALL OF THAT because of MY GENIUS. As I said, it is intelligent-boosting so instead of only having a split-second to consider anywhere from two-five variables and process through one-five haphazard options because of your highly inferior intellectual capabilities- you'll now be able to use that split-second to consider up to twenty-twenty-five variables and at least thirty options. In other words, you'll be able to more effectively analyze a situation BEFORE you leap leading to phenomenal outcomes ALL ACROSS THE BOARD." Gyro gave an exaggerated wide spread of his arm; his eyes wide with excitement and possessing an odd kind of intensity to them.

          "Of course, none of that would do you any good if those signals I mentioned earlier weren't bypassed. Instinct, muscle memory - it doesn't really work on what you actually know logically - it works on what you know based on a combination of experience and emotional resonances such as fear or anger-" He waved his hand in a vague manner. "So, in reality, you'd end up reacting as if you were still only considering two-five variables and processing through one-five haphazard options even though your brain would be capable of doing so much more. Additionally, I would NEVER even consider inventing this intelligence booster without such a bypass and then giving it to the likes of someone like you three BECAUSE-"

          Gyro pointed at the words on the board "Nearly Getting Yourselves Killed" and "Top Agents." "It would increase your risk of death by a, frankly, quite terrifying amount. Almost guaranteed self-sacrificing suicide." He shook his head. 

          And then, Darkwing Duck had to open his mouth. Gyro seemed to freeze a moment, and his eye twitched. "Excuse me? Were you NOT listening to ANYTHING I JUST SAID? Do you think I'm just up here TALKING TO YOU IDIOTS for MY HEALTH?" He was shaking a bit with rage, and one could almost see the dry erase marker in his hand threatening to snap from the pressure. He threw it down instead and reached into his vest to take something for the migraine he could feel coming on. He rubbed at his temples and looked like he was about to deliver unto Darkwing a savage beatdown via cutting words alone.

          Fortunately for Darkwing's tremendous ego, Gryzzlikoff burst into the room. The purple masked mallard would never even know to be thankful.

          Gyro blinked a few times as Darkwing and Gryzzlikoff argued. He raised an eyebrow. "Tightwad? That's actually rather incorrect - I'm getting paid QUITE WELL for this project-" He paused when Gryzzlikoff held out his open palm. 

          "Ah, right, of course, Mr. Bizkoff." Pause. "Mr. Gruffiltoff?" He gave an exasperated, annoyed sigh, rolled his eyes, and reached into his pocket and pulled out a few notecards. He flipped through them a moment. "Chief Agent Gryzzlikoff." Another slight pause. "Sir."

          He only delayed further to go over everything he went over regarding what Gryzzlikoff could consume or not consume and then opened the jar and dropped a vitamin in the bear's hand.

          • Quiverwing Duck
            Quiverwing Duck

            Dr. G? Quiverwing shrugged and inclined his head to Gyro as he lifted his hand to gesture his way, as if to concede to that demand. Despite the chicken's acerbic nature, Quiverwing seemed unbothered. Perhaps this was simply what he expected from scientists with regards to interpersonal interactions. The only time his patience looked like it was being tested was when Darkwing made his objections, but that turned around completely when Gryzzlikoff stormed in. The masked archer then looked quietly delighted.

            Leaning towards Jacob, he whispered to the older mallard behind his hand. "If they throw down I'd give even odds on either to win." His attention returned to the front of the room, since he didn't want to miss anything just in case some sort of fist fight actually did erupt between Darkwing and Gryzzlikoff.

            "Dr. Gearloose--oh... gosh, I'm sorry. I mean, Dr. G, did you do any sort of ride-along with Agents of our type in order to get some control data for this?" Quiverwing asked. "I understand the whole 'adhering to SHUSH protocol' concept, it's just..." He spread his hands, "The typical SHUSH Agent simply isn't as fundamentally awesome as we are--no offense intended, Agent Bizkoff--and that's an objective fact. I have citable proof."

            • DarkwingPsycho

              Jacob's amused expression fell into a subtle scowl at being referred to as "stupid."  Darkwing, however, was downright fuming.

              "Have you read SHUSH protocol?" Jacob said offhandedly, burying the dark look with one of unperturbed calm.  "It's useless.  I wonder, Mr. Gearloose - and what a fitting name that is, may I add - how you'd fair in the field yourself, following such a worthless set of regulations - as you say - to the letter."

              He sat back and folded his arms.  "Basically what you're selling us is a method to keep us under SHUSH's thumb.  A way to cut costs since we have apparently been targeted due to our 'unorthodox methods.'"  He finger-quoted this sardonically.

              Darkwing pshawed Gyro's warnings with statistics.  "Never tell me the odds.  Darkwing Duck doesn't need statistics!"

              Passing over that, Jacob said evenly, "What about the ever-popular side effect of 'analysis paralysis,' wherein too many options of significant value and equal outcome are weighed and deemed to be of similar worth?  That leaves the agent with too many options to consider, resulting in one very dead agent."  He smirked.  "Our way seems more efficient - after all - we're still here."

              He glanced surreptitiously toward his son, whose glare he caught the tail end of before it was redirected to the chief agent as he chewed the gummy vitamin and swallowed with a triumphant sneer at Darkwing.

              Jacob raised a brow at Quiverwing's suggestion, but surprisingly said nothing.

              At the archer's misspeak, the bear whirled on him with a growl.  "That is Chief Agent Gryzlikoff to you!  And if you all want to keep in SHUSH's employ, you will take vitamin!"

              • Misunderstood Scientist
                Misunderstood Scientist

                Gyro was still rubbing at his temples in an attempt to get rid of the now quite terrible headache he was suffering from. He heard Quiverwing address him, and he gave the hero a bit of a sharp look before taking the file folder he had placed on the table and shoving it in front of the green masked mallard. 

                "You can see all of my data and conclusions for yourself. I was VERY thorough. In the course of the history of SHUSH, there have been twelve such agents like yourselves, and all except one met an untimely demise as a result of a Total Catastrophic Failure scenario despite having numerous successes in their case history. I realize, of course, that this is a rather small data subset. In addition, all of your case file notes as well as the notes of the previous twelve such agents before you are terribly written and lacking in pertinent information. This, of course, leaves room for a margin of error that I'm not entirely comfortable with - although, I have managed to reconstruct the case files via computer simulation based on appropriate algorithms." 

                Gyro crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow. "Frankly, I wouldn't be caught dead riding along with either of you in a real-world current case of my own knowing volition. This is mostly because I'd rather not be dead in general." 

                He adjusted his glasses and narrowed his eyes at Jacob, but there was a part of him to be relieved to be dealing with this mallard instead of Quiverwing. The green masked mallard's politeness and general level of respect and congeniality towards him made him uneasy and uncertain (and if there was anything he hated more, it was being uncertain about anything). Jacob's response was more predictable and expected - practically comfortable if it weren't also irritating.

                "I've read enough." The table of contents did seem fairly self-explanatory. "And certainly, I've found the research backing SHUSH's protocol to be, hm, illuminating." He seemed to wave this off, then froze when Jacob referred to him as MR. Gearloose. Gyro's pupils became like tiny little pinpricks in his eyes, and his hands twitched.

                "You," Gyro said, in a low, menacing voice. He thrust his finger at Jacob's beak. "HOW DARE YOU. That is DR. Gearloose to you, you weak-minded molting washed-up old man." He took his finger away and set the jar down on the table and began rolling up his sleeves. "I didn't put myself through THREE YEARS OF SCHOOL ON THIS STUPID MISERABLE HUNK OF ROCK IN ORBIT AROUND AN INSIGNIFICANT G-TYPE MAIN SEQUENCE STAR-" 

                He was throwing his hands up in the air, pacing the room, at some point he kicked over an empty chair. "ENDURING ENDLESS AMOUNTS OF RIDICULE FROM SUBHUMAN MORONS WHO NOT ONLY CAN'T APPRECIATE GENIUS BUT CAN'T EVEN IDENTIFY ME BY MY CORRECT GENDER -" Gyro was looking quite a bit unhinged at this point. Very reminiscent of a mad scientist who had been pushed to the brink and was about to do something crazy.


                He was rummaging through his vest now. "MR. GEARLOOSE IS MY FATHER'S NAME, YOU IDIOT! I'm going to REARRANGE your MOLEC-" He paused, patted himself down a few times, and then suddenly, the outraged outburst seemed to leave him. He slapped a hand over his beak and looked annoyed. "Right. Not allowed to threaten that anymore. Ugh. Blathering blatherskite."

                He grumbled several more curses under his breath, but he seemed calmer now. Certainly not about ready to cause the next robot uprising or create the next super bioweapon. He leaned back against a wall and closed his eyes while he casually gestured with his hands as he talked. 

                "Where was I? Oh, right. Engaging in the probably vain attempt at educating a jerk with the relative intelligence of a programmable microwave. Ahem." He cleared his throat. So, apparently, he was just going to act like his outburst hadn't happened or wasn't worth mentioning. "To answer your dumb question, I'm already well aware that I'd last ten minutes tops given favorable conditions and a suitable advantage in a field situation by myself. I am NOT a trained agent nor will I ever BE a trained agent nor do I want to be one. Besides, my superior intellect is far too valuable to risk like that and better suited for marching the progress of our stupid society ever forward."

                He waved his hand dismissively. "Well, it is a government organization - what do you expect? And while I'm obviously operating under them in exchange for a financial incentive, I often find inventing itself to be its own reward. Additionally, if you had analyzed the data as much as I had, perhaps you would better see things my way. Far be it for me to dictate what you all do with your insignificant lives, but the amount of risk you put yourselves through is disturbing for even me." 

                Gyro shook his head at Darkwing and rolled his eyes. "Yes. You don't need statistics. What you NEED is a functioning intelligence and self-preservation instincts - which is what I'm trying to provide. Do try and keep up."

                He snorted. "Analysis paralysis won't be a problem for you idiots. You have training, experience, and an innate desire to ACT. These things will still be well intact - it's only the signals that make you throw yourselves in practically blind and operating on sheer instinct that will be deactivated. Additionally, I've done some calculations and have determined that twenty-twenty-five variables and thirty options is a happy medium. One that won't overwhelm you or get even close to hitting a paralysis threshold. It's really Reason #31, I'm not gifting you with MY level of intellect. Because if I did, then, that could be a problem. One of many problems. Not that I suffer from significant paralysis analysis myself-"

                He definitely did especially under pressure. But he continued on, he shot Jacob a weary look, then looked at the other three people in the room. "I'm not sure how much data I have to throw at you to convince you that the Triple-G vitamin will be your godsend and quite possibly save your life and several other lives as well. You've all beaten the odds so far, but how long will it be before your luck runs out?"

                Gyro adjusted his glasses. "In fact, you - Mr. Haggard? You were M.I.A for at least fifteen years as a result of an unknown cause? How can you be entirely sure you haven't already suffered from the results of a Catastrophic Failure and don't remember it?" 

                He seemed to cross his arms even more tightly against his chest, his eyes narrowing a bit further, seeming deep in thought. "And as for the rest of you? How long will it be before you fail a mission and lose a partner? Or cause significant loss of life? Do you REALLY want to put yourselves through that kind of situation? Can you even imagine the potential psychological toll alone?"

                Gyro seemed relieved when Chief Agent Gryzzlikoff spoke up and told them about how if they wanted to stay in SHUSH's employ, they would have to take the vitamin. "Well, you can't really argue against that, now can you? I can assure you, this is all for your own good."

                • Quiverwing Duck
                  Quiverwing Duck

                  "Oh... is that not what I said?" Quiverwing responded to Gryzlikoff's snarling with an air of faintly bewildered innocence and a pleasant smile. As patient as he could be, even the implication that he might endanger his working relationship with SHUSH was not a thing he took lightly. It slammed right up against his stubborn 'you can't tell me what to do' mindset. Quiverwing had to remain in SHUSH's good books, because his legal identity and the documentation that showed he had always existed within this reality had been arranged for him by the agency. Suddenly becoming a non-person would make everything incredibly difficult.

                  Picking up the folder of data, Quiverwing turned through the pages a little faster than might be believable for someone who was actually reading and digesting what it contained. He glanced up briefly during the yelling, but contentious shouting was fairly common at SHUSH. A lot of strong personalities tended to work there. The folder was set back onto the table and Quiverwing was looking chipper and attentive, as he so often did.

                  There was the sound of a very quiet, very sharp intake of breath, after Gyro mentioned the loss of a partner as a possible consequence of mission failure. It had come from Quiverwing, who was sitting up a little straighter, his shoulders tense. For a moment, he was staring at nothing in the middle distance, a flicker of pain passing over his features as if someone had just thrust an ice pick through his chest. It was an unfamiliar expression on him, since he always acted as if injuries were nothing more than an annoyance that he could ignore.

                  It was brief, and then his tension eased and he merely looked stoic. The cheerful demeanor did not return, though, and he seemed disinterested in meeting anyone's gaze. It was as if grey clouds had shrouded his sunny disposition.

                  • DarkwingPsycho

                    Jacob's features tightened, but he otherwise showed no emotional response to Gyro's meltdown.

                    Like Quiverwing, Gryz's statement about them no longer being employed at SHUSH if they refused to follow through with the trial hit home.  Darkwing grumbled and snatched one of the gummies from the scientist.  "Fine.  I'll prove to you that there's nothing to be gained from this and that my methods are still better than any SHUSH protocol!  Especially yours."

                    He angrily started chewing it, glaring at the grizzly.

                    Jacob was too fixated elsewhere to notice Quiverwing's change in attitude.  Instead he plucked up the file folder of data and stood.  Cane in hand, he said evenly, "I remember those fifteen years perfectly, and I know the exact cause of my disappearance.  It's nothing some pill could have fixed, Dr. Gearloose."  Then he took a couple of steps toward his superior.

                    "You tell J. Gander if he wants my badge, he'll have to take it from me himself."

                    That said, the elder mallard strode past the chief agent and out of the room.

                    • Misunderstood Scientist
                      Misunderstood Scientist

                      Gyro blinked in surprise when one of the gummies was suddenly snatched out of the jar he was once again holding by the purple-clad mallard. "Wow, hey, RUDE much?" Not that he was one to talk, but he glared at Darkwing. "I would've given you one if you'd asked!"

                      Still, at least the annoying duck had FINALLY taken the gummy and quit whining. Soon, he'd see that this was the better solution for everyone! Honestly. They should all be THANKING him for taking such an interest in wanting to preserve their very LIVES and the LIVES of everyone around them. He raised an eyebrow at Jacob's statement. Then, he narrowed his eyes.

                      "You'd be surprised what I can fix, Mr. Hazard," Gyro said in a cool tone through slightly gritted teeth - though, he seemed a bit more relaxed by the fact that Jacob had at least gotten his title right this time. He watched Jacob leave the room with the file folder of data and without taking the gummy and started to stop him. "Hey, wait, you're supposed take the Triple-G vitamin and SHARE the da-" 

                      But the mallard was gone. Gyro gave an exasperated sigh and rolled his eyes. "Ugh. I guess we'll discuss it later. I guess this just leaves ONE-" He turned his attention to Quiverwing and noticed the green-clad mallard was very quiet and much less annoying than usual.

                      Gyro raised an eyebrow and huffed. "Oh for science's sake. What is the problem NOW, Mr. Quizzing? I realize the data is VERY depressing, but I'm offering a SOLUTION. Soon, all of your concerns will be a THING of the PAST." He plucked a gummy from the jar and offered it to Quiverwing.

                      • Quiverwing Duck
                        Quiverwing Duck

                        Quiverwing's attention was somewhere far outside of the room, because Gyro's words weren't getting any sort of response, as if they weren't reaching the mallard's ears. It was odd, since he was normally politely attentive when others were speaking. Quiverwing didn't react until Gyro extended an arm his way, and then the drake immediately became tense and drew back. His feathers had bristled up slightly, his eyes had narrowed, and he quietly snarled. It was akin to startling a wild creature into a threat display, but it lasted for barely a split second before Quiverwing was sitting up properly, looking polite and not at all like he was about to bite someone.

                        "Of course, Dr. Gearloose," said Quiverwing, smiling faintly. It wasn't entirely clear if anything Gyro said had gotten through to him, but that response was a reasonable blanket that covered most possibilities. "Thank you." He accepted the vitamin, and although it had been engineered to be chewed, he ended up swallowing it whole.

                        • DarkwingPsycho

                          Darkwing rolled his eyes as Jacob left, believing his father to be too cowardly to participate.  "Hey Dr. Screwloose, when are these babies supposed to kick in?  I'm sure I won't be able to tell with my already superior intellect."

                          "Ha!" Gryzlikoff sneered.  "Superior to what exactly, amoeba?"

                          The hero grit his teeth and started to roll up his sleeves.  "Why I oughta - "