Enemy You

A truck carrying the latest Whiffle Boy Adventure game pulled into the loading area of the toystore. Two men got out and met with the waiting store employees, and led them over to inspect the goods. 

"I'm glad I'll be home tomorrow," one of them remarked, examining the glossy cover of a disc package. "This has been the most requested game since it was announced. We get tons of people askin' when we're gonna sell." 

"Lucky you," another responded. "Once the store opens, it's gonna be like getting hit by a-" 

Headlights flooded the area, blinding the four men momentarily. A vehicle revved up loudly and zoomed towards them, bowling all of them over. 

Quackerjack hummed to himself as he got out of the colourful buggy, stepping over the dazed workers and heading over to the truck. He tsked. 

"Silly grown-ups. Who would want to play Whiffle Stink when they can have way more fun with MY toys?" he grinned, kicking over a box, spilling the game discs everywhere. "Luckily, with my upgraded Hypno-dust! I'll be able to convince EVERYONE to ditch video games for good ol' fashioned toys again!!" 

    • Darkwing Duck
      Darkwing Duck

      "Hypno-phooey!" a familiar heroic voice interjected from seemingly everywhere.  "I'm about to clean up your cockamamie contrivance, you kooky comic!"  As ever, a cloud of blue smoke appeared, making the four men who'd been plowed into cough painfully.

      "I am the terror that flaps in the night!  I am the save point in the video game of justice!  I am...Darkwiiiiiing Duck!"  As the smoke dissipated, the hero pointed a finger at the clown.  "Give it up, Quackerjack, your brand of 'fun' is finished!"