Party Girls

It wasn't that Feathers didn't wear casual wear; it was more that she preferred elegant, expensive formal wear. It tended to give off an impression that she was living the high life, a goddess among mortals, like she was simply gracing others with her presence. That being said, she was perfectly capable of pulling off casual and still looking drop-dead gorgeous. Clad in a designer blue tube top and a flashy skirt and light on the make-up, she looked like she belonged in the Pink Pussykat Club. The nightclub was dark but well-lit by neon pink and blue light which seemed to bounce in time with the upbeat music of an energetic young female singer. Some women were on the dance floor laughing and dancing in a playful manner while others were at their tables chatting and drinking or eating snacks and some were celebrating special occasions and others were engaging in drinking games. 

There wasn't a single man in sight at the nightclub and as a result the atmosphere seemed less tense, fun and light-hearted. Feathers liked it enough. When she first arrived, she had somehow ended up getting caught on the dance floor, but she adapted to this quickly - seeming quite capable of rave dancing better than most that were there -

But after a little while, she had to separate herself from the crowd for a drink of water and an exceptionally pretty martini. She knocked back her drink and wiped a little sweat from her brow. 

    • Queen Malicia of St. Canard
      Queen Malicia of St. Canard

      "Feathers Galore, I presume?" A voice purred lowly from behind her.

      Malicia Macawber hadn't received the memo about 'casual' wear. Not even a term in her vocabulary, really. Just like Feathers, the villainness preferred to make a public appearance in only the finest, and tonight was no exception. For this occasion, she had chosen a magnificent magenta dress with a hem that hovered dangerously well above the thigh. The flowing fabric around the tail end seemed to defy gravity, as if by magic, and the belt -pure diamond of course - was so sparkly it drew one's eye to the generous amount of cleavage stuffed inside the low-cut neckline. 

      Malicia sidled up to the bar next to Feathers and ordered a row of drinks, one after the other. Because why settle for just one of anything? 

      And judging by the way her gold eyes roamed Feathers for a moment, it was possible the demonness applied that mantra to more than just fruity beverages. 

      • Feathers Galore
        Feathers Galore

        Feathers brushed her hair to the side, exposing her bare shoulders, and gave the demoness a charming smile. "There is no other," she said, smoothly.

        The purr of Malicia's voice alone was enough to spark desire within her, but her appearance caused an even greater stoking of the flames. Feathers' eyes drank Malicia in - voluptuous and curvy, powerful legs, mischief and menace and something quite a bit more promising in her golden eyes, flowing fiery red hair - those fangs, that tail -

        Beautiful and dangerous. Well, they already had so much in common. She smirked a little seeing the diamond belt. Feathers could also appreciate the sparkly things in life. She ordered another drink and gave pause seeing just how many drinks Malicia had ordered. She blinked a couple of times. Being a FOWL agent, she was somewhat briefed on magical and supernatural elements, but this was her first actual encounter with someone so heavily involved in that arena of life. It was only natural, of course, since the supernatural was not her area of expertise...

        But hey, why not add a little extra to whatever file FOWL had on her? Feathers eyed the tail again, and then back to Malicia's fangs, and she took a small gulp of her drink to take her focus off of fantasizing. "Malicia," she said, leaning in a bit closer. "You're quite impressive to behold - far more beautiful in person than I had anticipated."

        She saw the way Malicia's eyes were roaming her and couldn't help but smirk a little. Perhaps she wasn't the only one who was impressed. And why not? Feathers gave a languid stretch of her arms and made a soft moan-like noise as she did so - an obvious show to encourage Malicia's viewing of her assets. "Mmm. I happened to find myself on the dance floor earlier before your arrival. It was a nice little warm-up; I feel ready to take on anything." Or anyone. 

        She glanced back at the drinks lined up in front of the demoness. "Hmm, please forgive me, darling, but my familiarity of your kind is rather limited." Her eyes met Malicia's. "But this is something I would like to change. Specifically, I think I would enjoy becoming more familiar with you." 

        • Queen Malicia of St. Canard
          Queen Malicia of St. Canard

          Malicia, the vain creature that she was, drank in the praise from her admirer. Yes, the demonness was quite impressive and definitely the most beautiful creature in this club. Frankly she considered her presence a gift to the other patrons, especially the other women who kept glancing in their direction, a few biting their bottom lip curiously. 

          "If you're looking to get a lay of the land, as it were, I may be willing to... open up." Said as she uncrossed her legs momentarily. 

          "I've heard only rumor of you, though. Curious talk, though. You seem to know quite a few powerful people in this city- and a few villains for that matter. I just got into the business myself - villainy, that is. I figure, why waste my time slaving away at an honest living when I can simply take what I'm owed?" Another set of drinks had been laid out in front of the two ladies, and Mal made a point of leaning in close to grab the drink closest to Feathers, their hands touching for one tantalizing moment. 

          "So tell me Feathers, what do you like to do for fun?" 

          • Feathers Galore
            Feathers Galore

            Well, Feathers could hardly help letting her eyes drift lower when she noticed Malicia uncrossing her legs, but it was a brief glance. "Oh? Would you, really?" Her eyes sparkled.

            She took another sip of her drink and almost choked on it when Malicia talked of rumor of her and she knew powerful people and a few villains. Fortunately, she made a smooth recovery like she wasn't shocked at all by what Malicia had said.

            "You're very well-informed," Feathers commented. She managed a smile and gave a bit of a dismissive wave. "You might say I have many, many friends, my dear. Close, personal friends. I'm sure you know how it is. Everyone enjoys the company of a beautiful woman." 

            Feathers listened with interest as Malicia mentioned getting into the business of villainy. Perhaps someone else FOWL would have to keep a close eye on. She chuckled. "I can't say I blame you. What is the point of life if you're not enjoying every moment?"

            She leaned in at nearly the same moment Malicia did and felt a thrill shoot through her when their hands touched. With the way Feathers was leaning in, she was giving Malicia an opportunity to get more of an eyeful of her cleavage. "I can certainly admire a woman who is intelligent enough to simply take what she wants." From her words and her current position, it seemed obvious Feathers hoped she would be on Malicia's "wants" list.

            She gave Malicia a quick up-and-down look as if to say "you, hopefully" without actually speaking the words. She met Malicia's eyes, and a mischievous smile played on her beak. 

            "Whatever I want, usually," she said, chuckling again. 

            She ran her finger in a circle over the top of her glass. "Perhaps you'd like me to show you?"

            • Queen Malicia of St. Canard
              Queen Malicia of St. Canard

              "I am very much interested in whatever you have to show me." She said with a smooth smile. "I think some of the others around here might be too." She said with a dark chuckle and cast a glance over her shoulder to the women who were watching this incredibly lurid interaction. Both ladies were alluring in their own right, so the sight of them together was truly a song and dance to behold.

              "I haven't been in St. Canard for very long." She admitted. "But I have discovered a few gems. This little venue is one of them. Sometimes you just have to get away from those drooling, slack-jawed idiots and their cat-calling you know?" And hopefully tease them into a bigger city-smashing frustration in the process.

              "It's been awhile since I've been in like-minded company." She admitted. "Believe it or not, I was entangled with this city's overblown crimefighter for a hot minute. Handsome, but not much else beyond that." She shrugged. "Not as much fun as you, I'm sure." 

              • Feathers Galore
                Feathers Galore

                "Perfect," Feathers purred, gaze slightly half-lidded. She gave a brief glance to where Malicia was indicating and chuckled herself. "Well, I suppose they can't help themselves. We are quite dazzling together, aren't we?" 

                She listened, her full attention on the demoness sitting at her side. "Ah, is that so? I've only just arrived in town, but I suspect this city is the same as any other I'd been to. I do a lot of traveling." In her line of work, of course, she did. "Still, I must thank you for inviting me here. It's rather charming - this isn't the type of place I usually frequent myself, but I do understand. It can be quite tiresome, can't it?"

                She waved her hand in a dismissive manner. "But I find the ease of manipulating them convenient." 

                She rested her hands under her bill and watched Malicia. "Mm, there are so few quite like us, darling, so I'm not surprised." 

                She paused and filed away in her head what Malicia had said about St. Canard's crimefighter. That could be useful information later. She smiled. 

                "There is nothing quite so boring as someone trying to enforce some semblance of order. I'm surprised you had any fun with him at all. Speaking of which..." Feathers took a sip of her drink. "Perhaps you could let me know how you have fun around here. You seem like a woman who knows how to cut loose and enjoy herself."

                • Queen Malicia of St. Canard
                  Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                  "The fun with Darkwing was in seeing just how much I could get away with." Her bill parted to reveal a dangerous set of fangs as she smiled. 

                  "As for me, well... hostile takeovers have been my latest pick-me-up. Why, just last week I sent this entire city into a screaming frenzy after I set an army of chimera upon them." She decided to leave out the details of how that little foray ended, because it ultimately hadn't worked in her favor. Even if it DID get her on the local news as St. Canard's newest sizzling supervillain.

                  "I'm trying to foster a brand, you see. St. Canard is writhing with scum and villainy, so one must think large in order to rise above the riff-raff. The bigger, the better... in more ways than one of course. Even if it means a few turf wars with some of the other supervillains around here."

                  She sighed and leaned back in her chair, and absentmindedly twirled a strand of her fiery locks around one claw. "I like to collect souls for fun as well. That's not something you Normals seem too keen about, however. It's a personal hobby of mine. I specialized in soul reaving when I was at the academy. Of course they were all too cowardly to allow us to delve into the forbidden arts, but I found my way there of my own accord."

                   Eyes settled on the red-head now, she blinked curiously. "What about you? You seem like the kind of person who has been in all sorts of intriguing situations." 

                  • Feathers Galore
                    Feathers Galore

                    Feathers gave a nod of her head. "Hm, yes, I suppose I see your point. Hero-types do seem to have their limits." Her eyes were drawn to Malicia's fangs, and she managed to suppress a shiver.

                    "I have heard of your exploits," she said, a faint smile on her beak. "You seem quite dangerous. Fortunately, I enjoy dangerous company. One might even say I live for it."

                    She took another sip from her drink and thought about what Malicia said. "I can see why you would have to go to such lengths. This city seems well-known for its criminal element. I left my car once to do some shopping at a boutique and returned to find it... in a tree for some inexplicable reason. Quite inconvenient." Fortunately, she'd acquired another car. There was no way Feathers was going to use a bus. "I admire your tenacity."

                    Feathers paused, brow furrowing as Malicia mentioned collecting souls and how Normals weren't too keen about it. "I'm afraid I know nothing of this magic you speak of. I can see why some would not be happy about it, but I, for one, am unbothered and unconcerned. At this point in my life, I'm not entirely sure I even have a soul anymore." She gave a bit of a dark chuckle at that, then waved her hand in a dismissive manner.

                    "Oh, yes, darling. Trouble tends to find beautiful people no matter what they do for a living. But I suppose it'd be just a little lie if I said I didn't go looking for it, too. After all, I am here with you, aren't I? And I definitely find this situation... intriguing."

                    • Queen Malicia of St. Canard
                      Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                      Ever the egotistical one, Mal's chest puffed with pride at mention of her 'exploits'. So Feathers knew of her beforehand did she? This supervillain stuff was panning out pretty well so far.

                      "Well if you aren't using it, do feel free to send your soul my way." Was that a joke? Hard to tell with these magic types.

                      "You do look like trouble." She grinned. "Do you work alone, or... have a partner of your own to play with?" Because she was always down for a third, so long as they were as equally attractive. 

                      • Feathers Galore
                        Feathers Galore

                        Feathers raised an eyebrow at that comment but chose to ignore it. Just because she had no understanding of magic didn't mean she was naive. She certainly wasn't about to get involved in a process that she knew nothing about. 

                        She grinned back in a devious manner at Malicia. "Why, thank you. Such a shame I can't really pull off the innocent look anymore not when I play the role of bad girl so well. Although, I can still manage a good damsel-in-distress gambit when I need to." She gave a bit of a laugh.

                        "Alone? Not quite. I have many, shall we say, close, personal friends. I'm all for sharing, of course. Perhaps some other time, though. I'd like to have you all to myself at first." She gave Malicia another slow up and down look. "A body like yours deserves my full attention."

                        • Queen Malicia of St. Canard
                          Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                          "I don't normally like to share, but I can make an exception for you." She purred lowly and allowed her hand to brush against Feathers' thigh. "How could I possibly deny someone with such exquisite taste?" She was soaking in the praise and attention. Much as she hated to admit it, it wasn't often that Normals took such a keen interest in her unusual features. In fact, most had a tendency to regard her with some level of fear and trepidation. But Feathers was different. She was adventurous, willing to take risks. 

                          And Mal was most certainly a risk. 

                          "Perhaps we should go somewhere a little more quiet. There are... private rooms in the back. They'll deliver drinks and food directly to us. Maybe talk a little business while we're at it. I think you and I could become very good friends, Miss Galore." 

                          • Feathers Galore
                            Feathers Galore

                            Feathers didn't even try to suppress her shiver this time when Malicia's hand brushed against her thigh. She flashed Malicia a charming smile. "And how can I possibly help myself?" Well, she could if she really wanted to. She just didn't want to. A rare opportunity had presented itself here.

                            Feathers gave a small nod. "I was just thinking the same thing."

                            She finished one of her drinks and let out a breathy sigh. "How convenient." She got up and rested a hand just under Malicia's shoulder blades. "Lead the way, dear queen of villainy. I'll have you know I so rarely talk business before pleasure, but seeing as to how you've arranged this little meeting of ours, I'll submit to your leading."

                            She caressed the feathers along Malicia's spine in a gentle manner. "Oh, I think so, too. A dear, sweet friend."