It's a Honeypot, Not the Jackpot

She walked into the luxury casino like she owned the place, purposeful steps, the head of security (a hefty dog man wearing sunglasses even though he didn't need to be doing so) meeting her and whispering something to her. She flashed a smile in his direction, looking into his eyes and speaking a few soft words, and then she headed to the cocktail lounge. 

She wore a slinky navy blue dress, showing a little leg and just enough cleavage, a fine silver necklace hung around her neck, and her hips swayed as she made her way to a table and ordered a drink. She flirted with the waiter, brushed back her long, luxurious red hair from her bare shoulder, and winked.

She got the drink free. But she took slow, small sips and did a little people watching and phone browsing.

    • Negaduck

      No soft words to security, and yet there was somehow an ominous voice directly behind her. How he loved doing that.

      "Looking a little blue tonight, sweet thing." 

      A pun, what a typical Negaduck introduction. With typical Negaduck swagger he kissed the back of her hand. A faux gentleman, through and through, although the way he met her eyes was anything but gentlemanly.

      "No need, surely. I mean, two of the most wanted, dangerously good looking folks around, and tonight we both just happened to be free?"

      Incarceration-wise as well as everything-else-wise. 

      "How lucky is that."

      Sure, that was the word for it.

      • Feathers Galore
        Feathers Galore

        Feathers was a little surprised by how lightly he had stepped; she almost startled when she heard that low, dark ominous voice behind her. It sent a delightful shiver down her spine. She turned, swung one leg over the other, and took another casual sip of her drink. She looked at him through half-lidded eyes, then smiled and set her glass down. She let him kiss the back of her hand and gave him an up and down look, the slightest hint of a predatory gaze. "Oh, a gentleman," she murmured, and she was convincing.

        She met his eyes just as he met hers. His reputation preceded him. It was part of why she was here, after all. But even if she hadn't known, a look like the one he was giving her could only belong to a dangerous duck. 

        "I have a preference for cool, dark colors." She brushed her long, red hair behind her shoulders, stretched back a little. She gave him a little smirk. "You should see what black looks like on me, sometime."

        She laughed, deceptively delicate with a deep feminine tone. "I do hope this means you intend to show me a good time." She touched his shoulder, seemed to be sweeping away a little dust with her hand. "You were late, you know. It's the least you could do." There was a playful look in her eyes, one could almost see her imagining exactly how the masked menace would show her good time. 

        "Ah, yes, it is so very lucky," she told him. "I'm a busy woman; I work so hard." There was a subtle emphasis on the word hard, perhaps even a slow lowering of her eyes before looking back up at him. "Sometimes, a girl just wants to cut loose-"

        She let her dress ride up just a little, showing a little more leg. "You look like the understanding sort, my dear masked gentleduck. Can I interest you in a drink or two? Perhaps a game of poker?" She eyed the spinning roulette machines and looked back at him, a careful smirk playing on her bill, and she stood, her hand trailing slightly down his arm as she started to walk towards them. "Or maybe you'd care for a spin?"

        She held her hand out in a gesture towards the machine, but with her arm spread out like that, in a pose models would be envious of - it almost looked like she was asking him if he wanted to take HER for a spin.

        • Negaduck

          It was like watching a flawlessly choreographed performance. You had to appreciate the artistry of it. 

          Oh he'd poker alright.

          "Happy to play with you any time, honey tail." Offering Ms Galore, in line with this charade of civility, the aptly named crook of his arm. "But how about something a touch more exotic?"

          Baacatrat. Cordoned off for only the high rollers, a card game where the fortunate could quickly win an extra million - or lose it.

          The ewe dealer watched them flatly as Feathers was made welcome to sit wherever she felt comfortable - of course this nonsense had to happen on her shift, damnit - her black masked companion subtly leaning forward to peer inside the card shoe dispenser made in the shape of a cat.

          Inside were two actually rodent-sized rodent folk. He met them with a snarl. Don't you dare mess this up, boys. 

          No cheese was worth this. Despite their terror, however, they got to work, running on the spot to send cards shooting across the table.

          Game on.

          • Feathers Galore
            Feathers Galore

            Feathers flashed him a dazzling smile and accepted his arm. "I'm game for anything you desire, handsome," she said, in a low voice and a tone full of promises. She allowed him to lead her to the baacatrat tables, specifically one cordoned off for high rollers. 

            "Mm, I knew you were a duck of great taste." In actuality, she was a bit surprised by this turn of events. Baacatrat was the game of choice for spies, of course, and she greatly enjoyed it, but she hadn't expected this particular duck (at least not from what she had read about him) to be capable of - well, class and sophistication. 

            She leaned forward a bit, no doubt giving Negaduck a good eyeful of her cleavage in the process. "Fortune favors the bold," she said, sounding playful as she released herself from the crook of his arm and planted a small kiss on his cheek. "Good luck, darling." She winked at him and took her seat somewhere not quite opposite of him. 

            She did not come in as a player at first, seeming to content herself with betting on the first few games to start, but even when she seemed like she wasn't paying attention to Negaduck, she was paying very close attention. She couldn't quite figure out how he was winning/almost assuredly cheating, but he was being smart about it, and she had a bit of an idea about how things would go if she went up against him. She noticed, with no small amount of amusement, that the dealer seemed to be watching Negaduck pretty closely, too, but was clearly frustrated. 

            "Lady Luck must be a good friend of yours," Feathers commented at some point, casting a slightly seductive pose when she leaned back in her chair. 

            There were definitely a number of people around the table that were watching her closely, too, but for entirely different reasons. This was expected. She smiled. "I might be a little jealous."

            And everyone else looked pretty jealous of Negaduck, too... most likely for more than one reason.

            From where she was currently seated, it might have taken a while for her to come up against him. "Quite a bit of a draft over here- mind if we switch?" she asked a gentleman just a few seats away from hers. 

            She softened her expression, appearing a bit more vulnerable and letting the gentleman get a good look at her. He readily agreed. She made herself comfortable in her new chair, and soon enough, the next game was for her and Negaduck. 

            "You're quite the lucky devil, but I do hope you won't think too badly of me if I win," Feathers said, resting her hands under her beak. "You might say Lady Luck has taught me a few things."

            • Negaduck

              Cute, she thought she could play with the big boys.

              Not that he was under any illusions as to how capable Feathers was - she certainly came with a reputation of her own - but Lady Luck had taught him a few things too, and one of those things was that spies were a bunch of overglorified desk jockeys. Anything they could do, he could do better, and cooler.

              Add to that, she was a woman, so a natural disadvantage.

              “You’re welcome to try,” Idly clinking his growing mountain of winnings. “But nobody beats Negaduck.”

              Nobody mention the numerous beatings from a certain caped crimefighter, make that plural, and even Lady Luck herself. To bring that up wouldn't have been good for anyone's prosperity.

              Inside the card dispenser, the rats' attention shifted from the duck strongarming them to the new player. Wow. Even for a duck she was something else. 

              They were so busy sending heart-eyes, in fact, they nearly missed the next deal. Scampering, the next rounds were dealt. Time to see which way the cards fell.

              • Feathers Galore
                Feathers Galore

                Feathers watched him clink his growing mountain of winnings and gave a chuckle. "And I will try. But darling, I don't need to beat you."

                She liked to be flexible in what she regarded as a win. It was better that way in the long run. "The name of most games is to have fun. So long as I'm enjoying myself, win or lose, I've come out on top."

                She waved her hand a moment. "Admittedly, the money is a nice bonus." 

                She noticed a very slight delay in the cards being dealt, which intrigued her a bit. But she did nothing out of the ordinary while the cards were dealt, and she picked them up and flipped them over without delay. She'd gotten a low enough hand to stay in the game, but it was not as good as Negaduck's hand. At least, he hadn't gotten a nine, so the game wasn't quite over yet. 

                "Of course, I think it helps that I also don't mind if you come out on top of me," Feathers told him, seeming unconcerned about the fact that his cards had been better than hers. Judging by the way she was still smiling at him, the double entendre had been intentional.  "I mean, it certainly looks like that may be the way things are going."

                • Negaduck

                  Now this was the sort of night he needed. Fast women and fast cards. And winning. He liked winning.

                  He also liked where her mind was going. Not that there was any meeting her in the gutter, he already lived there.

                  "Nobody could blame you for that."

                  Oh yes they could. There was no telling Negaduck though; he was radiating smug like a nuclear fallout over a kitten shelter.

                  Particularly after he continued to win, despite her entrance into the game.

                  "Don't feel bad, toots." Leaning back as he raked in another pile of coin.

                  "It'll probably happen more than once."

                  A dozen times, if he had anything to do about it.

                  • Feathers Galore
                    Feathers Galore

                    Feathers didn't look like she felt bad at all. She gave Negaduck a dismissive wave. "Your concern isn't needed, darling. I'm sure you'll more than make up for it later." She gave him a quick up and down look and a bit of a smirk. When the next set of cards were dealt, and she picked them up to look. She made a motion of brushing her hair to the side off of her bare shoulder. A bit of sleight of hand to the two cards pinned up in her hair. 

                    And suddenly, she had won the hand. "Oh. What a surprise." She batted her eyelashes and chuckled. 

                    "There's a thing I learned from Lady Luck a long time ago. She's not very dependable, is she?" 

                    And she won a few more hands, too, with the same playful grin on her beak and incorporating a few different methods. At one point, she'd even used some light glinting off her shiny silver bracelet to beam directly into the card shoe dispenser where she suspected some shenanigans were going on after observing long enough. And all the while she'd simply looked as if she were doing some harmless fiddling.

                    • Negaduck




                      His gaze flicking between the card dispenser and her game play with growing indignation, Negaduck couldn't work out what was going on. He figured this was some spy trick, sure, but it shouldn't have been enough to overcome his trickery! 

                      He was the master of trick turning, damnit!

                      In true Negaduck fashion, as the chips stacked against him, his anger bubbled quickly from a simmer to a boil to blowing his top.

                      Not at her, but at the rodents, who he exposed by jumping to stand on the table and kicking the cat-shaped covering off.

                      "You rotten rats!" he howled. "If you're not going to keep me on top, you can say gouda bye to your precious Chickadee Cheese Factory!"

                      So that's how he was doing it. Snackmail. Complete with big red buttoned remote, which he was going to mash with crazy-eyed glee if, say, he wasn't spear tackled by anyone. 

                      • Feathers Galore
                        Feathers Galore

                        Feathers gave a slow blink when Negaduck suddenly lost his temper, jumped up on the table, and kicked the cat-shaped covering off the card shoe. Naturally, this behavior caused everyone else at the table to suddenly remember they had other things to be doing, and the head of security was shooting a look at Feathers. She gave him a forced smile, then frowned and looked at Negaduck, thoughtful. 

                        She looked at the dealer. "I blame the drink," she said, smooth as honey. 

                        "Negaduck, darling~" She got out of her seat and gave a stretch that would emphasize her "assets." "I'm getting a bit tired. I think I'm going to retire to my room early." She brushed aside her hair and standing behind him as she was, she was out of sight of the dealer. She produced two cards - a six and a nine - wrote down her room number on one of them and slipped them into his pocket - her hand lingering a few seconds. 

                        "Try not to keep me waiting. I'd hate to get lonely and have to find some other not-quite-as-handsome duck to keep me company for the evening." She blew him a kiss and left, hips swaying.

                        • Negaduck

                          Usually the only thing that brought him down from violence was more violence. Ms Galore's words smoothed over those edges like molten aluminium down an ants nest, however; he couldn't help but watch her leave. 

                          Those hips. That grace. Those assets.

                          That timing.

                          "Looks like I'm getting lucky tonight after all." Security certainly thought so, as he hopped down from the table top.

                          The rodents weren't off the hook though, and he spun back around as mean as ever, "Too bad we can't say the same for you."

                          Button push. An explosion somewhere far in the distance, and various cries, like who cut the cheese?!

                          The two little figures fell to their little knees and wept. "Nooo!" cried Steve, the one wearing a little cravat. "I can'ts stand it Swiss!"

                          Quota for unnecessary horribleness achieved - for that hour, anyway - Negaduck turned with a satisfied smirk and headed for the stairs.

                          Only to burst through the door at the room number provided, because manners were for suckers.

                          "Listen here, you-"

                          The intention was to complete his show of dominance, but somehow he would be lucky to complete that sentence.

                          • Feathers Galore
                            Feathers Galore

                            Feathers gave a smirk as she left when it seemed the masked menace had quieted down and stopped causing such a ruckus. She expected he'd be joining her very shortly as she headed upstairs to her room. Naturally, it was the kind of room that bore a great deal of elegance and class. A large bed with blue satin sheets. An expensive loveseat. A flat screen TV mounted on the wall. Classical style paintings (mostly forgeries). Velvety drapes. A vanity armoire - possibly hand-crafted mahogany. 

                            Of course, the room had several hidden secrets as well. She'd found it very effective on past missions, and she saw no reason why it wouldn't serve her well here, too. She took a moment to powder her beak. Her hand lingered over her arsenal of lipsticks.

                            "Hmm." No need for the Kiss of Death tonight. FOWL wanted Negaduck out of the way but hadn't specified that as "dead." And if all went well, she thought she might rather like a repeat performance with the handsome rogue. 

                            She picked up a different lipstick, puckered her bill, and put it on. She made a popping noise with her beak and batted her eyelashes in the mirror. Then, she went to her closet. She pulled out a very small, see-through robe. 


                            Time for her to slip into something a little more... comfortable.

                            When Negaduck burst through the room, Feathers was probably not within viewing distance immediately. She was perhaps a bit surprised by his sudden entrance, but fortunately, she had already positioned herself against the wall near the door. Arms poised over her head, head tilted back so her neck was exposed, back slightly arched, hips cocked. All while wearing a tiny, see-through thin silk robe that left pretty much nothing to the imagination. 

                            Cute. He thought he was going to make demands of her. Establish dominance. How primitive. How fun.

                            "Looking for me, darling?" she purred. 

                            She let him get a look. One. But she wouldn't allow him a chance to get another word in. She pulled herself away from the wall, grabbed Negaduck by the lapels of his jacket to pull him closer, then reached up to his feathery cheeks and crashed her bill against his in a long, passionate kiss.

                            • Negaduck

                              Convenient, because Negaduck wouldn't have been able to finish speaking if he wanted to. Most of the time when he crashed his way in somewhere he was greeted with a dramatic "YOU!" or purple smokebombs to the face, not that.

                              Clearly he had died and gone straight to the second circle.

                              The brain-melty effect overcome, he was soon pulling her luscious body against his, the kiss returned with a vengeance. 

                              Things were about to get rough.

                              Particularly for the furniture.




                              • Negaduck

                                And rough it was indeed.

                                For the walls.

                                For the decor.

                                And for the self proclaimed super genius who came to be trapped in a Negaduck proof cell where once had been a comfy bed.

                                "Women," he snarled to himself. 

                                Feathers Galore might have left her number on the impenetrable glass surrounding the villain, but he had launched at departing form with a growling, clawing and ultimately useless attack. No scarier than a lion at zoo trying to make a meal of a delicious looking toddler on the other side of a viewing window.

                                After she had gone, he had spent the evening using a large part of his arsenal trying to break free.

                                Bullets ricocheted off.

                                Daggers sparked.

                                And bombs did more damage to the duck inside than any of the surrounding walls.

                                Desperate and furious - if the Friendly Four could escape a glass box, surely the mighty Negaduck could! - he ran bodily at the front pane.

                                Only to splatter downwards with a new appreciation of why indeed they called it pane.


                                It was while he was oozing onto the floor that he saw it.

                                His chainsaw, outside the glass, embedded into the ceiling.

                                "Aww, what're you doing up there? Did the nasty, mean woman kick you?" Galore, apparently, wasn't keen on that kind of play. "Come on, come here, come to daddy!"

                                Thumping the cell's side just so sent a vibration through it and into the roof, kicking the motor out of idle and somehow buzzing through the plaster towards him.

                                "That's it, that's it! And- now!"

                                It fell, slicing through one side of a pendant light, which swung into a vase, which shattered against the button to his prison.


                                The walls came up, and he scooped up his rescuer.

                                "There's my girl!" Was he cuddling it? Would he cuddle anything else? "I knew I could count on you!"

                                But what about the cell? If this was a FOWL set up, an attempt to get him 'out of the way', he had to at least leave a note of appreciation.

                                Presumably the room was being monitored, but considering the amount of.. mess, it was likely their video feeds would've been obscured, so he had some time.

                                So when Eggmen came to release 'Negaduck' from his confinement, they would find behind the glass not Negaduck facing away from them, but five hornets nests wearing his costume.

                                Revenge was sweet.

                                And it was going to get sweeter.