RP: Unwelcome Visitors

Following on from comments - reserved for Faustina and Mal's Morgana.

It wasn't hard to locate the Manor. One quick search of local social media for 'spooky' and there were dozens of complaints over the neighbourhood pages. I don't like there lawn decor someone tell them or SOMEONE PUT SLIME IN MY BIN, THAT SHOULD GO IN COMPOST NOT RECYCLING.

Before they rounded the corner Negaduck took his new witchy accomplice by the shoulders.

"As we discussed, okay? Keep her talking, I'll do the rest."

Then pushed Faustina towards the door, and ducked out of sight.

What a pleasant surprise this would be.


    • Agent Gemini
      Agent Gemini

      Faustina ughed as she saw the manor. Her sister would definitely be even more mad at her if she burned any bridges with powerful magical families. She contemplated maybe taking the form of Merlock or Magica so they'd be in trouble for whatever was about to go down.


      On the porch she decided for something more benign that anyone would open the door for. Faustina interlaced her fingers a moment like she was playing an invisible cat's cradle game. In a moment she looked like a trustworthy salesman with a green suit and a little black moustache on his bill. Perfect. She adjusted the orange bow tie and rung the bell.

      • Morgana Macawber
        Morgana Macawber

        The door swung open to reveal... an empty suit of armor, which clanked a greeting that translated to, "Hello, do come in", accompanied with a flourish to beckon the salesperson inside.

        A couple bats chirruped and circled 'Faustina' curiously before fluttering down the hallway to the living area, where Morgana Macawber was seated, currently knitting some manner of hat out of spider silk.

        "Hello there." She paused mid-purl. "How can I help you?"

        • Agent Gemini
          Agent Gemini

          The salesman gave off the air of being a bit nervous because of the strange atmosphere. However, he powered through with the stereotypical exuberance of wanting to make a sale.


          He gave a polite tip of his hat to the armor, and then again to the curious bats.


          "Hello Madam," the salesman tipped his hat and kept on his smile. His tone seemed genuine, "What a lovely abode you keep here! Though, I'm sure I have some products for sale that will make many daily tasks much easier!"

          • Morgana Macawber
            Morgana Macawber

            "Oh?" She set down her needles and stood to brush the cobwebs from her lower skirt. She hovered gracefully across the room, coming to a stop in front of the open window adjacent to the salesman.

            "Generally I don't require any Normal wares, given that magic has so many practical day to day uses. But I will admit I find your 'Quackerware' to be rather useful. What other products are you selling?" 


            • Negaduck

              From behind her came a deep voice. A deeply unsettling voice.

              "Just a little door -knock-er."

              A cast iron frying pan brought with full force down onto the back of that beehive, hitting Morgana just as he hit his pun.

              Assuming his aim of unconsciousness-bringing was achieved, Negaduck hopped off the chair he had used to loom behind the much taller sorceress, and took in Faustina.

              Or more accurately, her new appearance, and what was that, a frog blender?

              "Sorry, did you have a different bit planned?"

              Too late now.

              • Agent Gemini
                Agent Gemini

                “Hey, this got me in so don't knock it,” Faustina still looked like the salesman when she rolled her eyes. Her body language changed fitting Faustina's personality while still in disguise. She placed her hand on her hip while her other went to her beak to whistle. A chubby wild magpie tumbled in from the window, “Rind- she had two bat familiars at the door. Sleep them and any intruders we might have.”


                The animal nodded to Faustina before giving a snort in Negaduck's direction. She then headed out to the hallway.


                From the salesman's form sleeves dropped down what looked like red ribbons. They were animated though, like snakes being charmed up from a basket.


                “So I either need to search a playback by time period or a certain strong emotion. What are you looking for?” Faustina asked as she walked over to the unconscious sorceress.

                • Negaduck

                  Best to drag her inside. Murderpie or not, last thing he needed was any wandering idiots in purple seeing Morgana in such a state and coming in to stickybeak.

                  Seizing the wounded witch by the shoulders, Negaduck shifted her into the living room himself. Wasn't like he had experience hauling bodies around or anything.

                  Not far in there was a sofa he remembered from certain escapades that would be perfect for a prone body.

                  He dumped her at the base of it so he could put his feet up on the cushions for what was no doubt going to be another boring process.

                  First though, there was that crucial question to be answered.

                  "I want you to confirm she's still dead."

                  Strong enough emotion for you? 


                  • Morgana Macawber
                    Morgana Macawber

                    Morgana stirred slowly but her vision blurred. She could hear the distant sound of voices, as though she was trapped underwater. She recognized the flash of yellow sitting above her but her head throbbed painfully.

                    "N....." She moaned.  

                    • Negaduck

                      At the stirring at his feet, Negaduck blinked down at their victim with concern.

                      Then walloped her hard again with the frying pan.

                      No more stirring, he gave a gentlemanly gesture of grace fo Faustina.

                      Over to you.

                      • Agent Gemini
                        Agent Gemini

                        “You didn't have to knock her out like that. I could have gotten her like I got you,” Faustina said as one of the ribbons from her sleeve touched up against the back of Morgana's head. Her salesman disguised melted away to be regular form again, “Death is one of the easier ones to track down.”


                        Her eyes went red. It was not a stereotypical magical glow. Instead it was an opaque crimson that just flowed covering her eyes but did not drip past her lower eyelids.


                        Faustina's eyes scrunched up like she had to peer at something far away. Her fingers started moving like she was playing cat's cradle with invisible string. In a moment she clutched one hand her hand like she has strings weaved in between her fingers. With her free hand her pointer finger traced invisible lines like she was reading an invisible book that was floating right in front of her.


                        Whatever spell she had to cast didn’t have any words said out loud. Instead there was intricate hand motions that seemed to do the trick.

                        • Negaduck

                          The smile on his bill was a tad unsettling.

                          "I know."

                          To the concussion? To the moment of mortality? It didn't matter, as the world around them faded, and memory from a world away came back.


                          Or the spiritual equivalent of it. They were in a magic user's home, and the owner knew well enough to employ some scry stalling spellwork. Sort of like an anti-virus for your past.

                          Through the poor reception, two voices could be made out. The same two voices in the present day living room.. yet different.

                          "Preparations are done. And I managed to add a few extra scapulas!"

                          "I don't get this whole army hang up, Morg. The system we have is fine now - I haze them, you raise them. Why mess with perfection?"

                          "It's one thing to rule a city. To rule an entire world.. we're going to need a little help. To achieve that, I must take the next step - I must become one of them."

                          "As if you weren't cold enough already."

                          "Remember, you must empty the elixir once the spell is complete, or it will be permanent."

                          "Yeah, yeah, yeah. You get with the hocus pocus. I'll get the popcorn."

                          Some things never changed.

                          • Agent Gemini
                            Agent Gemini

                            Faustina brought the hand holding the invisible intertwined string and brought it to her free hand. As she was doing complex finger work her head tilted curiously at what she was hearing. Faustina first assumed necromancy just by how things were phrased. Her finger work tried to clear up the picture. She muttered to herself, "Terrible reception. Really should switch from cable."


                            Unlike when she did this with Negaduck, Morgana was unconscious and not giving animated feedback. To use Morgana to navigate she would technically still be standing with her eyes forward. However her shoulders and arms were eerily slumped and she would only move when Faustina needed her to. When she would need to walk it was more of a drag of her feet.


                            • Negaduck

                              The picture improved somewhat. The blizzard of static eased to a mild flurry, although the vision cut in and out, making it hard to observe anything from a normal angle.

                              What they could see though confirmed the necromancy theory. Macawbers, always creative with their decor. 

                              Unlike the Morgana being played as a puppet, however, this one had taken her palette from a storm over raging waters, her hair up but wild, and most jarringly a walk that did not float, instead almost lurching, unnatural. 

                              A glimpse of midnight, the curl of a smile as she cupped an etched goblet. Everything in place, the words of a spell floated over the poison's surface.

                              Step on the glass, staple your tongue

                              She drank.

                              It was not exactly instant, and not as painless as she had been led to believe. 

                              Staggering, stumbling, the spellcaster fell against the slanted wall prepared for the purpose. Nails scratched against the slate. Choking, rasping, fighting, it took her. Arched in agony, her body kept upright by juts under the arms. 

                              "If you need a hand, you know I'm always happy to obli-"

                              Returning, packet in hand, past Negaduck stopped short at the sight. This. This was so typical.

                              "You couldn't have waited two minutes, you braindead harpy?!"

                              A sweeping gesture of frustration not only set popcorn flying, it collided with the ornate pedestal holding the elixir. 

                              With a crash, the dish clattered onto the floor.

                              Lingering below the surface, what remained of Morgana's essence bubbled in anger. It was not lost though. She had a back up plan.

                              Except what Negaduck was noticing was that a lot - well, some - of the liquid had spilled into a metal container on the floor. A doggie dish, water for some beast wandering about. 

                              Good enough.

                              Slooshing the diluted mixture back into the original container, Negaduck vaguely recalled some instructions. Most clearly of all, however, he recalled the fact he did not like being instructed.

                              "Eh." With a shrug, the bowl was left on its stand, and out he sauntered, munching away.

                              She could hang out there for a while longer. Teach her to cut him out of the fun!

                              Emotion charged through the air, mostly that of despair. Not for his predictable stupidity, but for what was about to occur.

                              Two skeleduck figures moulded out of the stone beside her. They were mere golems who had two commands: if the elixir had been removed, to retrieve the backup vial. If the elixir had been left in place, to administer it.

                              And there was just the slightest presence of elixir left to trigger the latter.

                              Screaming in the between place had no effect. It didn't even have sound. The figures did as they were told, and promptly emptied the tainted potion over her corpse. 

                              There was not enough magic in it to return her to life. With a silent howl, what remained of her fell into the void.  

                              • Agent Gemini
                                Agent Gemini

                                Faustina spied the spell Morgana was taking part in. She was a silent observer but was impressed with the Necromancy. Not her cup of tea, since she rather feel a heartbeat with her own magic. She always wondered how 'mancers controlled things without a bloodflow. This scene left her thinking that the fellow witch had to become some form of undead to do it perhaps. At least, temporarily.


                                Seeing the accident and the dilution on the potion made her wince. Faustina could not imagine casting a hard spell without her sister there. It was comparable to having a spotter when lifting weights at a gym. And you have to have a reliable spotter.


                                With her red covered eyes you couldn't tell she was rolling them when she saw how Negaduck didn't follow through properly.


                                "Oh bruh. You done did her wrong bruh. This is some magic community Furry Povich level betrayal you pulled on her man," Faustina was speaking outside of the vision," She trusted you to help her? You're lucky she didn't become a vengeful revenant and beat your as-"


                                Faustina observed the backup plan starting. At least this Morgana knew not to completely trust Negaduck, "Huh, well…."


                                Since Faustina was controlling an unconscious seer she was feeling the scene a little more directly than unusual. And she could sense this backup wasn't going to go well either.


                                'Eh, three out of ten,' Faustina thought to herself at the summoning of the skeleducks, 'Needs some quail eye for the unfashionable guy.'


                                The spying witch watched as the backup plan was failing. Faustina appreciated her own summons, while sassy and often talked back, at least had minds of their own to assess a situation. The undead skeleducks she observed were just programed like a mindless machine. They followed the parameters set even though it was wrong.


                                Her eyes squinted on the outside while inside the vision she stepped closer to the scene to observe. Negaduck wanted confirmation this Morgana was dead, leaving Faustina to wonder if getting a diluted potion would still work partly. She said out loud for Negaduck to hear, "I need to observe a bit to see if she's really gone or not."

                                • Negaduck

                                  In the real world, Negaduck was a picture of relaxation, lying with his feet up on the couch and arm propped under his head. Accusations of betrayal could not have troubled him less.

                                  At her question he gestured broadly with the frying pan,

                                  "We're not going anywhere."

                                  Morgana certainly wasn't. 

                                  Neither of them.

                                  For in the vision, the necromancer had indeed ended up with two feet in the grave rather than one. Her spirit was barely visible, having sunk lower into the other world, buried under a mass of dark writhing forms. Forgotten ones, a sea of souls pulling her in until only the glow from her scarlet irises was visible.

                                  Then those irises locked on her.

                                  Through time and space they had seen her watchers. First her other self, but then the blood witch channeling her energy to that very moment.

                                  In a flash the dead one was on them. They were a connection to the living, a bridge to finish what her diluted potion had not been able to, a lifeline.

                                  Her presence collided with theirs like a mac truck filled with bodies.

                                  Back in present time, it appeared someone had set an ebony bomb off in the middle of the room. A thick black soot eminated from the centre of the summoning, covering the walls, the sofa, and Negaduck.

                                  Who, through the powder, blinked.

                                  What the actual Hell.

                                  • Morgana Macawber
                                    Morgana Macawber

                                    Suddenly Morg's eyes flew open and her body stiffened in shock. She let out an anguished cry, her body writhing and jerking in unnatural directions that resembled something out of a horror movie exorcism. It was like watching someone wrestle with their soul as she clawed at her face and screamed in agony. 

                                    Then, just as quickly as it started (and before Negaduck could fetch that frying pan), she slumped forward, limp and lifeless, before melting into the shadows, leaving behind a wispy trail of smoke.  

                                    • Agent Gemini
                                      Agent Gemini

                                      "La merda, she has second sight," or whatever hyper aware ability this Morgana's magic may have. Faustina grimaced not in fear of this other Morgana seeing her but concern she was going to be in big trouble with her sister.  She tried to back out before the necromancer could read beyond her just being a blood witch.


                                      There was other traces of information. She was technically a Nega-verser, but from a different Nega-verse.  She had concerns about using too much magic in one place because she is wanted by paladins for illegal magic use by their standards. Faustina also felt the necromancer trying to use her to resurrect. She had mixed feelings about that being something she wanted to assist with willingly or not. But, Faustina knew that would surely tip off the paladins after her.


                                      The hand that Faustina held upward like it had invisible thread in between her fingers suddenly was tugged violently, like a fish caught on a pole. With her free hand she started to unravel the unseen thread. Her red ribbon on the unconscious Morgana also pulled back into her sleeves.


                                      She made an abrupt disconnect yet at the same moment she realized it would be bad for the unconscious Morgana to do such a thing.


                                      Faustina was trying to reconnect to the middle-verse Morgana so she would not be 'left behind.' The attempt was followed by a moments cursing in italian when the black powder bomb went off in the room. Her concentration was broken and she sputtered at the soot on her beak.


                                      Faustina went into a defense mode expecting to have to protect Morgana and Negaduck. As she started to do her cat's cradle with her fingers again. Her shoulders drooped when inconvenienced by middle-verse Morgana in sudden pain before being sucked into the shadows, "Fottutamente perfetto."


                                      She still kept a stance between Negaduck and the powder explosion. With her fingers moving she summoned a red translucent fan blade which purposely blew backward to get the soot blown off her and Negaduck.


                                      "So remember that joke I just made about her becoming a revenant and getting revenge on you? Haaaa," her fingers still kept moving like she was casting a silent backup spell, "Well, good times but now you should have some concerns."

                                      • Negaduck

                                        Concerns was putting it mildly. 

                                        Like someone who had seen a - well - ghost, Negaduck was checking about himself, behind the sofa, under the sofa. 

                                        "Where'd she go?"

                                        Unclear as to whether he meant Morgana or the other, not that it mattered. There were no signs of either. 

                                        Despite that, Faustina's words caught up to him. 

                                        "She's here?"

                                        Jumping down from the cushions and their potentially soft, comfy horrors, he blasted the only witch left. 

                                        "What'd you go and do that for?!"

                                        The old finger of blame. Never pointed at him when sorcery hit the fan.

                                        • Agent Gemini
                                          Agent Gemini

                                          Faustina twirled in place to scan the room. She had retracted the summoned fan and kept her hands in front of her with her  fingers intertwined in case she needed to cast something else. When she saw there wasn't a threat at the moment. She ughed at Negaduck's accusation. She took in two full lungs of air before she started her reply.


                                          "Okay first of all I've never dealt with a McCawber with a second sight so powerful she was sentiant during a memory sweep. That shouldn't be possible. Second of all you're the one that screwed up her spell in the first place you just told me to check if she was dead not that you caused the death in the first place so I might have been a bit sympathetic to her plight but I did not do any rezzing in her direction she just siphoned it off from me and now I have to track down the other Morg because you can't administer a simple potion. Third...ly? When my sis finds out about this she's not gonna let me out for months so now I gotta fix it before I tell her so there's less of a problem and maybe MAYBE I won't be in trouble. Because I swear to Hecate if this other Morg pops up and kills you I'll never hear the end of it. Ughhhhhhhh!" She let out a long winded spiel before checking up at the ceiling with her intertwined fingers raised.

                                          • Negaduck

                                             A brief stare. Then,

                                            "You are sweet on me! I knew it!"

                                            They always were. Always at the most inconvenient times too!

                                            “Control your filthy urges, woman," Scolding as he made for the exit. "I've got to wrangle this witch before she takes over my city!”

                                            Stomping towards the gates, there was an unsettling stirring not in Faustina’s loins but in the graveyard itself. Dark magic was a foot - or more specifically, a feet. Hundreds of feet, many of them very small, but quite a few very large. Clawed, even.

                                            And they weren’t sweet on any body.

                                            • Agent Gemini
                                              Agent Gemini

                                              "Oh hell no," was Faustina's first annoyed response to Negaduck's reply she rolled her eyes, "Look, I might as well explain-"


                                              "Hey hey wait!" She began to take some steps to follow Negaduck as he was leaving. She was stopped though and tugged back by one of the unseen strings on her intertwined fingers. With a shake of her hands over a dozen red strings were visible fanning out from her fingers and seemed to endless go on. One of the strings went from red to black while still suspended in the air.


                                              Faustina's attention turned to that, now not pursuing Negaduck as he left. She  twitched one finger to make the blackened string wiggle. She then called for her familiar, "Porkrind!"


                                              The magpie tumbled down the hall in half flight before coming into the room, "Please follow the idiot in yellow to make sure he doesn't get himself killed."


                                              The bird let out a half squawk and went out a window to take to the air. Faustina sighed and tugged on the black string again, "Well, At least I still have some sort of connection to this middle Morg. But I guess I have to tell sis cuz she's threonly one that can follow it… Siri- call Sis."


                                              Her phone in her dress pocket started dialing.

                                              • Darkwing Duck
                                                Darkwing Duck

                                                It was at that moment a confused looking Darkwing Duck came inside of McCawber Manor, a bouquet of black roses in his fist.  "Was that...Eek?"  Apparently he meant Porkrind.

                                                Then he blinked and seemed to realize he wasn't talking to the woman he thought he was.  "Hey, you're not Morgana!  Who are you?  What are you doing here?  And...what the heck happened?"

                                                • Agent Gemini
                                                  Agent Gemini

                                                  "Oh thank goodness! Someone to help!" Faustina started to lay it on thick that she was the victim here as well, "Negaduck used me against my will for a spell and- something backfired. Morgana went to a void realm of sorts but I was able to keep hold of her so she can be found easily."


                                                  Faustina moved her fingers on one hand in a way that looked like sign language. Noticeable on both her hands all fingers were what looked like multiple paper cuts. In a moment there was a red thread weaved between her fingers that faded off to black.


                                                  "I can open a portal that follows the string. The sooner we can get to her the more likely we can save her," Faustina pleaded.

                                                  • Darkwing Duck
                                                    Darkwing Duck

                                                    The hero blinked in surprise as the blonde played up her role.  "So you're a witch, too?  Just how many spellcasters are there in this city??"  It wasn't until then that he registered what else she had said.  His feathers somehow paled.  "Wait - Morgana went where?!  Just what is a 'void realm'?"

                                                    Tossing the bouquet aside, he moved closer to Faustina with a suspicious glare.  "String?  Look, Bumberella or whoever you are, I am not following you anywhere until you explain just what's going on and what's happened to Morgana!"

                                                    • Agent Gemini
                                                      Agent Gemini

                                                      Faustina did her best not to roll her eyes. instead there was an annoyed fluttering  twitch of her eyelids. She hated having to repeat herself.


                                                      While one hand still held the string she walked towards Darkwing and offered the end of it to him, "Alright then. If you're going to be that way,  you hold on to the only connection to Morgana while I be the hero and go in and get her."