Not All Men ((Open RP))

“Okay. Go ahead and lock that door back up,” Gemini said to a robotic girl. The figure was a steam punk style bot, a canine muzzle and made of olive green metal panels. Different sized bolts held her together. All her joints and knuckles were very articulated for fluid motion. On her back was a key like an old fashioned wind up toy. Though it looked like she ran on a realistic kinetic energy source, there was also something supernatural about her.


“Kind of silly, don't you think?” the machine spoke, as she went up to the security pad on the door to engage the alarm, “breaking into a museum to give all their artifacts better security.”


“Not all. Just the more dangerous things they're keeping in storage,” Gemini shrugged, “They don't know what they have here.”


“Of course they don't. Did you see the plaque with the staff listed on it? Only one female curator. All the rest men!” the automaton complained.


“While I agree with you that isn't fair, I'm also sure if there was more ladies things like this would still get by them,” Gemini said to somewhat defend the museum. The automaton crossed her arms and humphed.


“Hey, I have only one more spot to check and then if you want to look around at the exhibits a while we can,” Gemini smiled. The archaic robot’s eyes literally lit up at the offer.


“Really? Sure me having some fun is worth the risk?” the machine replied with a bit of bitter tone. Gemini sighed


“Tinker,” Gemini paused as she got to another storage door, “I'm sorry I haven't summoned you for recreational things since we moved to the city. It's no good excuse but we've just been busy preparing for this future fight.”


“Yeah yeah, I know. I know. I'm just being a brat about it,” she replied as she went up to the door's keypad. With just a moment's thought she hacked into it. When the door opened Gemini went in to set up the extra sensors to let her know personally if anyone tried to take the items inside. She muttered under her speaker, “Though I don't think trying to get boyfriends is part of that fight preparing…”


Tinker dutifully waited outside the door. But that only lasted a moment. She peered at a doorway corner, noticing a sign for an exhibit up ahead. The sign said something to the affect of, ‘Powerful Woman in Fantasy.’


“That's what I'm talking about,” Tinker strayed away from her post. She was sure Gemini would be safe. She had earlier successfully turned off all the alarms and stopped cameras from recording. The only guard they saw was sleeping and looked days away from retiring. And was male, which Tinker had no faith he would pay any attention to what was going on around him.


The exhibit was all that Tinker expected. A beautiful painting of Titania, the fae Queen, in the back center of the exhibit. Around that were more displayed lady like figures in history. Pottery with Athena, A slab of wall depicting Isis and Ma'at, among many other items.


Past the ancient relics was woman in power in newer works as well. A banner was above that part of the exhibit that said, ‘We are the granddaughters of the witches they couldn't burn.’


“Life would be so much easier if we didn't have to deal with men,” she muttered in reply to the banner. Then what caught Tinker's attention was a more modern art piece that was the image of Lilith. She smiled at it and approached. The figure of the duck woman was set up as clinging to the wall. Her face was looking away. This made the automaton even more curious. She went under the rope around it to get a closer look.


The black metal statue of Lilith had stunning eyes placed in it that almost looked real. She reached out her hand to touch the cheek a moment. Gemini’s voice broke through any thought Tinker was about to have.


“Tinker, hey! I need you to set the alarm back on that door. Then we can explore,” Gemini hadn't used her angry tone at all, yet still sounded a bit frustrated.


“Sorry, sorry,” Tinker muttered as she stepped back from the Lilith figure. She then scurred ahead of Gemini to get back to the storage door.


If it were a thing that was possible, she suddenly heard Gemini loudly whisper to stop. Tinker then heard the same footsteps Gemini heard. The guard was actually doing his job and patrolling! She quickly ducked around a corner. Gemini must of hid too because she was nowhere in sight.


Tinker did not realize how bad her current body was need of an oiling till this exact moment. She made a wincing face as there was several creaks from her knees when she tried to kneel behind a bench. A small bolt popped off from one of her plates and rolled into the walking path of the guard. Luckily he was too distracted and talking on his walkie to notice.


“I- I don't know what happened! I-I- woke up like this,” Tinker overheard the guard. The guard that sounded much more feminine. She peaked over the bench. Same size and species as the sleeping guard they passed earlier, but in a form clearly more feminine, “D-did I say woke up? I-I meant when I returned to the desk after patrolling. Yeah.”


The guard went out of view. Tinker almost jumped out of her metal vessel when she heard Gemini behind her.


“Tinker! What did you do?” she whispered from right behind the automaton.


“I don't know! I just touched an art piece. It wasn't even something that would have powers,” Tinker whispered back guiltily.


“Lets go. Hopefully they'll overlook an unlocked door when nothing was missing. I'll have to research how to fix our buddy here. Hopefully he'll still have his job so he'll be easy to find to fix,” Gemini said as she then took Tinker's hand to lead her out to the escape vehicle right out the back doors. At the power box nearby Tinker turned back on the alarm's and camera's without being asked. She did her best to leave no trace there was an intruder. The back camera would turn back on in a delay so Gemini and her would not be seen leaving.


“Did you touch anything else?” Gemini asked to Tinker as they drove off.


“No…,” Tinker then got defensive, “Why are you sure it's something I did.”


“Tinker, I trust you not to cause trouble. I know you're much better than you used to be. But- the new body I got you is a relic in itself. Maybe it woke up something else it came in contact with. Maybe you didn't even have to touch it,” Gemini said as she struggled to put on her seat belt while driving.


“I don't see how turning one guard to the superior sex is the end of the world,” Tinker muttered. Her lit eyes caught a scene of a downtown club they drove by. The line outside was odd. It had the usual gals in flashy clubbing short dresses, but there was also other ladies in baggy dress pants and dress shirts. There was a manner of confusion in the crowd.


“Oh no,” Tinker managed to squeak as she sunk into her passenger car seat. Gemini stopped at a red light.


“What do you mean, oh no?” Gemini turned to look at the old style bot. Tinker didn't answer but instead turned on the police scanner in the car dash.


When the audio came on there was constant chatter of officers reporting to calls. There wasn't anything heard about violent crimes, but just wellness checks. It took a moment for Gemini to realize that all the officer voices were female.


“Oh no,” Gemini responded as she drove through the now green lights, “What did you do?!?”


“I don't KNOW,” Tinker replied again earnestly, “You're the one that trusted a man hating trickster summon to be possessing a robotic vessel she made when alive!”


If Gemini didn't have to keep her eyes on the road she would have facepalmed herself, “Okay. Okay. No one knows we were there. No one knows my full skill set. No one will know it was us. We'll get home and research all the items displayed in the exhibit you were at. We'll solve this faster than it happened. No problem.”


Tinker didn't seem that convinced by Gemini's reassurance and sunk into her seat more.


((All dudes have become ladies. lol. Everyone feel free to make a character reaction post but you don't have to help solve the problem. If you want to be a problem solver and need some details please message me! This is the statue Tinker saw but duckified:

    • Negaduck

      On the opposite side of the CBD, someone had been painting all the traffic lights green when he felt a change come over him.

      Him. Him. That pronoun didn't seem to fit one Negaduck anymore.

      Luckily her costume still did, mostly, but somehow it wasn't modest where it needed to be. Because pantsless drake was one thing, but pantsless lady duck?

      "Hohoo," Chuckling didn't quite work as it used to, but he wasn't complaining about the upgrade. "Check this out!"

      Leaping into traffic pulling up her top, only revealing her belly, mind, but for a female it was the equivalent of flashing one's skirt.

      Wellness check this. A whole new world of chaos to play with!

      ((OOC: Intending this as a one shot but feel free to incorporate this supervillain running around causing trouble into wherever! I might drop in later to realise some of the downsides.))

      • Duck Avenger
        Duck Avenger

        "Welcome to Channel 00 News at 9. I'm Lyla Lee. This just in from St. Canard, all male-identifying citizens are now reporting themselves as ladies. The night proceeded as normal but according to our sources, there are no men in St. Canard this morning at all."

        Donald watched the report play out on TV from atop Ducklair Tower's 151st floor and didn't know what to say. "Can you believe it? I swear, this kind of voodoo hubbub can only have happened in St. Canard." His many experiences across the Audubon Bay had all yielded one conclusion. It was a heckin' strange place. "This is why I live in Duckburg. Nothing that kooky ever happens here."

        A whizzing sound outside drew him away from the TV and toward the giant window, where he was surprised to see an Evronian patrol zooming by, headed for the downtown core. He gasped and hopped out of his armchair, ready for battle.

        Suddenly, a thought struck him, and with a tired expression, he looked past the boundaries of this post and right to the person reading this. "I know what you're about to say. Hush," he sighed, before running off to change into his Duck Avenger suit.


        (OOC: Also a one-shot post. This is an awesome idea and I hope y'all have fun with it. Happy April Fools Day!)

        • Sans the Skeleduck
          Sans the Skeleduck

          Papyrus and Sans were having a late night snowball fight in their yard after a little argument about throwing the trash out when a strange sensation overcame them. 

          "DO YOU FEEL THAT, SANS?" Papyrus asked, scratching his head. 

          Sans, about to levitate a snowball between Papyrus' eyes, blinked and looked around him. Now that he mentioned it... "i donno. maybe it's some kind of wind..." he turned back to find the taller skeleton scrutinizing him. "what?" 

          "THERE'S SOMETHING VERY DIFFERENT ABOUT YOU, BROTHER," he declared, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. Then he walked over and pulled at the hem of his blue sweater. "YOUR SWEATER HAS A TEAR IN IT! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?? COME INSIDE, AND I'LL SEW IT UP FOR YOU!" 

          "'s'not worth the trouble, bro," he started to protest, but Papyrus picked him up. 


          "darn," Sans smirked, but Papyrus ignored the pun and headed back into the house to grab the sewing kit their godmother gifted them. 

          • DarkwingPsycho

            Meanwhile SHUSH Central was awash with confusion.  Jacob had been about to finally head home for the night when he felt a strange sensation wash over him.  He seemed lighter...smaller somehow, although he was the same height.  His suit felt baggier, and something long and silky tickled his neck.  Frowning, he moved to the small mirror that was hanging near the desk and did a double take.  There in his reflection was the near-spitting image of his mother - or at least how he imagined she'd have looked in her mid-fifties.  He hadn't actually laid eyes on her since he was seventeen.  He rubbed his eyes and stared.  Something was rotten in St. Canard.

            Sweeping his long white hair over his shoulder, he briefly admired his new appearance, re-cinched his belt, and exited to see if a similar situation had befallen his colleagues.

            • Agent Gemini
              Agent Gemini

              “Alright. I think. If I was not involved I would be checking into work. I'll give the paranormal office a call… and then go from there,” Gemini said as she stopped at another red light. Traffic did seem to get a little heavier at this hour. She assumed it was people cutting their night activities short due to the change.


              “Uh… maybe you should dismiss me. Unsummon and resummon? Maybe turning me off and on again with reset whatever happened?” Tinker asked as she stayed down low. She had on Gemini's hooded jacket now, so her robot body was less obvious.


              “But what if dismissing you makes it permanent? It's best to keep you active while we figure this out.”


              As Gemini was driving she looked confused when she realized she would be going right by the SHUSH building. It was odd because she thought she was on a different route home. Tinker noticed Gemini's concerned look.


              “This nice stressful situation making your condition act up?” Tinker questioned in a tone that she was concerned though her words were direct.


              “I guess I'll check in, in person,” Gemini replied back with a resigned tone. She began to turn into the office's parking garage, “Stay in the car. They'll see you are Faustina, just in case anyone is watching.


              Tinker nodded without knowing what Gemini's full plan was.

              • DarkwingPsycho

                Meanwhile Jacob tread out of his office, appreciating the way his newly-formed breasts moved against the loose fabric of his dress shirt, and surveyed the odd situation.  While most of SHUSH had gone home by this point in the evening, a few of the stragglers such as himself were frantically roaming the halls or headed toward the lab or the paranormal office for answers.

                He checked himself in every mirror and reflective surface he passed, both to admire his attractiveness and to ensure whatever strange effect this was was still ongoing.  Had someone bombed SHUSH with some kind of estrogen gas?  Was it only SHUSH that had been affected?

                While this novel situation was intriguing now, Jacob knew it would get old fast.  He'd find a way to reverse these effects...although compared to other things that he had been turned into, a woman was the least worrisome.

                The sound of an emergency news broadcast reached his ears as he passed the break room (still not as optimal as FOWL's) and he paused in the doorway to listen.

                • J. Gander Hooter
                  J. Gander Hooter

                  Someone cane running up to him. "Jacob! I think something's wrong, I-!" 

                  J. Gander stopped and blinked at his friend. The snowy owl had also apparently undergone a transformation, his bald patch completely gone, the grey hair like a thin veil reaching down his neck, and his eyes were bigger and softer. He... was surprisingly stacked, although he had attempted to hide it by keeping his suit jacket closed. 

                  "Please let this be a dream, please let this be a dream..." 

                  • DarkwingPsycho

                    Jacob blinked at hearing his name, then grinned, barely repressing a laugh.  "You know, John, you make a very fetching woman."  Then he paused at the sound of his own voice - feminine but still a touch gravelly.  "Although I can't say the same for Agent Guapo over there."

                    Motioning toward the newscast, featuring a long-lashed and lipsticked Tom Lockjaw, Jacob said, "Well this might be a dream come true for some, but how did this happen?  Have you heard anything?"

                    • Agent Gemini
                      Agent Gemini

                      Gemini left her automaton summon in the car of the SHUSH parking lot. Inside of the vehicle Tinker would just look like an average blonde haired duck, waiting impatiently for her ‘sister.’


                      Gemini went into the building to report in. She assumed the best thing to do was check in at the paranormal office and then go off to ‘research’ what was going on. Totally not suspicious at all. Would be what any agent would do when an occurrence this odd happened.

                      • (Nega) Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard
                        (Nega) Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

                        Meanwhile, Gosalyn was gaping. 

                        Sure, it had been bad of her to go out to look for her dad on a crimefighting night, but he forgot his scarf! The nights were getting cold again and he might get sick! 

                        She had just managed to track him down and was about to call to him when she witnessed the strangest thing. 

                        Quiverwing was not her dad anymore. 

                        "Da- I-I mean, mo- uh... Quiverwing?" Then she covered her beak, her innocent green eyes blinking sheepishly. "You forgot your scarf..." she held out the flashy blue-green-purple scarf out to him. Or her? Would she have to call him mom now? 

                        • Drake Mallard
                          Drake Mallard

                          Glass shattered as the window to Hooter's office was being used as an entrance when Darkwing Duck came crashing in.

                          "What is going on? Did Dr. Bellum accidentally unleash one of her experiments again?" The hero demanded in a rather feminine high pitched voice that sounded confused.

                          And that's when Darkwing saw Jacob.


                          • Feliciana Carioca-Pistoles
                            Feliciana Carioca-Pistoles

                            Infiltrating SHUSH Central used to be so easy for the former agent- how so? She would disguise herself as her twin sister and get access to whatever she wanted so she can sell it to FOWL.


                            Why did she do that? Is she that money hungry? No. She just wants to see his organization crumble at the hands of its enemies.


                            Now that her sister was dead, more importantly- killed by yours truly in front of him, she had to resort to using her skills to hack security and pick locks to get in.


                            The Red Robin was currently in their arsenal department, taking anything she could bag before making her way out.


                            Unfortunately for her, she walked into a room with people in it, causing her to quickly duck out of sight.


                            "You know, John, you make a very fetching woman." She heard a woman say.


                            Wait. John as in-- no...


                            Taking a peak, she saw an elderly female owl dressed exactly like he was. Oh this was just too good! She started laughing hysterically, breaking her silence and blowing her cover.

                            • J. Gander Hooter
                              J. Gander Hooter

                              "I don't know what happened!" Hooter exclaimed, blushing harder. "I was stretching after doing some paperwork and fell over, and found myself like this! Not that you look so bad yourself... oh, I hope this is not permanent." 

                              He sighed and pinched the bridge of his beak at the familiar tinkle of glass. He would have had more patience normally, but he was stressed. "Darkwing, please, the door is there for you to use it." 

                              At the sound of laughter, he turned and froze slightly at the figure in the doorway. He only mistook her as... someone else, for half a second. Then his eyes narrowed with hurt and anger, and he walked over, giving the Red Robin a sharp pinch on the nonexistent ear. 

                              "Esmeralda Cruz! You made a grave mistake coming back here." 

                              Somehow, he was still able to look stern and fierce even with his new makeover. Although, to Esme, his tone was probably similar to him about to send her to her room. 

                              • DarkwingPsycho

                                "Like most things in St. Canard, I'm sure it won't be," Jacob replied to his friend.  The laughter caught his attention, too, and he raised a brow.  "Who...?"

                                A crash was heard from down the hall.  Just as the newly-female agent was about to investigate, he was met with Darkwing Duck...or rather, a feminine version of him.  He blinked.  "Drake?"

                                Luckily no one was around to hear the slip, and he added quietly, "You look so much like your sister."

                                • Alex Shoveler
                                  Alex Shoveler

                                  As another day in St. Canard drew to a close, Alex went through the usual nightly routine of shuffling into the bathroom to brush his teeth and rinse the gel out of his hair before clambering into bed.  He envied his partner's stamina as Sophie could function on only six hours of sleep most nights.  It just didn't seem fair that she could go to bed after he did and wake up before, as well.  "Oh well."  Alex shrugged.  "Guess that's what intense training n' loads of coffee can do to you."  He leaned into the sink to rinse out the gel and turned around to grab his towel and dry off.  As he turned around to face the mirror again and check that he had indeed washed away all of the hair product something seemed... odd.  Very odd.  Panic was about to strike in three... two...

                                  The droning ambience of city traffic and gentle wind outside the condominium was suddenly interjected with a heart-stopping screech.


                                  A few seconds later, Sophie came bursting through the door.  Her face, first stricken with worrisome terror, slowly changed to amused bewilderment upon seeing Alex's unexpected metamorphosis. 

                                  "Sophie!  I- What- How-?"  An exasperated sigh of anxiety and desperation.  "One minute I was me, and the next I'm... I'm THIS!  Sophie, what am I going to do!?"  He pleaded in embarrassment.

                                  As shocked and concerned as she was, Sophie simply couldn't resist the opportunity.  She furrowed her brow as a grin crept across her beak.  "Wear a bra."  Sorry, but the opportunity was there.

                                  "Gah!"  Alex covered his new 'friends' in embarrassment as his cheeks grew a few shades of red.  "Sophie, that's not funny!"  Well, actually it kinda was in a very strange way.  Ah, the joys of living in the most unusual city in the world.  "There has to be some explanation for this."  He, err she, proclaimed.

                                  "Let's check the news for some answers."  Sophie reassured Alex as she pulled up her tablet to thumb through the local news.

                                  (OOC  This sounds like a really entertaining and hilarious RP plot!  Can't wait to see how this story progresses!  Wow, what a way to get back into RPing)

                                  • Agent Gemini
                                    Agent Gemini

                                    Gemini made her way to the paranormal office like she had blinders on. Any other drama happening wasn't her problem. Once at the paranormal area she gave quick apologizes to anyone waiting, “Sorry, sorry, today is actually my day off but I'm going to research this to fix the whole area. Helping individual cases would not be productive…”


                                    Once in her office she started to pull up files on the work computer with anything that had to do with gender changes that was magical. She put her phone leaned up against the computer, it showing a list of what was on the museum exhibit so she could compare against it.

                                    • Feliciana Carioca-Pistoles
                                      Feliciana Carioca-Pistoles

                                      "Ow! Ow! Ow!" Esmeralda hissed in pain, regretting her decision on bursting out into laughter-- only slightly. 


                                      "Gabs would have loved to see this." She snickered, before pushing the much smaller bird off of her with ease. Taking out her phone, she took a picture with a smirk. "I bet High Command would also enjoy seeing this."


                                      "With that I make my leave, Ma'am."


                                      She began to run the same direction she just came from.

                                      • DarkwingPsycho

                                        After greeting his son/daughter, Jacob decided this odd situation called for an investigation with the help of the paranormal team.  Perhaps something was going on that was of the supernatural kind.  Some sort of spell?  Whatever it was, he would need resources.

                                        Soon he was knocking on Gemma's office door, only he realized he wasn't the only one who had come there.  He could hear voices from inside of the room.

                                        "And then I woke up like this!  I'm tellin' ya, that gall dern exhibit has somethin' ta do with it - it gave me the willies every time I had to go through it!"

                                        Without waiting for much of an invite, Jacob opened the door and stepped inside.  "Which exhibit?" he asked in his more feminine tone.

                                        • J. Gander Hooter
                                          J. Gander Hooter

                                          Wrong move. 

                                          J. Gander probably would have felt humiliated in any other circumstance, but the reminder of deceased daughter made his heart shatter all over again. And with it came anger, as he grabbed her arm. 

                                          "Oh, I'm afraid you won't be leaving anywhere." 

                                          He tackled her to the floor with strength surprising (but probably familiar to Jacob) for the diminutive director. "You know the advantage I have in this form? I feel just a little less terrible about not holding back." 

                                          • Drake Mallard
                                            Drake Mallard

                                            "I...I do?" Darkwing hugged himself after being compared his sister. "Sorry, Hooter. But I had to get in quickly and some how. You should see the line out front. There's a mob out there demanding answers and they might riot soon if they don't get any."

                                            He/she almost lost a limb before climbing up to safety!

                                            He barely had time to react from both the laughter and Hooter suddenly tackling the laughing lady.

                                            "So you're the one behind this?" Darkwing took out his gas gun to point it at them. "We need some answers and we need it now!"

                                            • Agent Gemini
                                              Agent Gemini

                                              “Woman in Fantasy,” the guard replied to Jacob. He tilted his head, as though he was trying to figure out if Jacob was a woman to begin with or affected by whatever was happening too.

                                              “Powerful Women in Fantasy,” Gemini corrected, “I'm looking at the museum’s website about it right now. Based on their site I can't tell if anything there would have caused this. I'm going to check it out first.”

                                              • DarkwingPsycho

                                                Jacob nodded.  "Great.  I'm coming with you.  And so's"  He pointed at the guard, who shrank back a little.


                                                The trio stood in the middle of the "Powerful Women in Fantasy" exhibit, and Jacob began walking around to peruse the various artifacts.  "Hmm.  Odd things have occurred with the museum as its source before, but I'm not certain i see anything specific here that would cause this particular brand of epidemic."

                                                • Agent Gemini
                                                  Agent Gemini

                                                  “Neither do I. When I compare any of these pieces of art to supernatural objects nothing comes up. Most of these things are modern, made in the last fifty years,” Gemini explained as she looked over the website for the exhibit. She was making sure each one on the website matched one on display.


                                                  Gemini paused at the Lilith statue. She seemed to give a little sigh of relief when it did match up with the exhibit list, “Everything is accounted for. I seemed to have left my divining rod out in my car. I can grab that and see if it draws towards any of these.”


                                                  The guard looked nervous while standing in the middle of the exhibit walkway.


                                                  “How about I stay right outside the exhibit doorway. I don't want to get in the way,” the guard stated as he took steps away.

                                                  • Feliciana Carioca-Pistoles
                                                    Feliciana Carioca-Pistoles

                                                    The red robin's eyes widened as her arm was grabbed and before she could react, Esmeralda found herself on the ground. She had briefly forgotten how strong her short and old adopted father was.


                                                    Scoffing off his remark with a roll of her eyes before looking at the gas gun pointed to her. 


                                                    "Heh." She chuckled with a smirk. "The old coot does let just about anyone in here, huh?"


                                                    "I don't know anything about whatever this is." She said carelessly while shrugging her shoulders. "I do hope that it's permanent though."

                                                    • Drake Mallard
                                                      Drake Mallard

                                                      "Permanent?" Darkwing's voice took on a higher pitch for a moment. "I'm not just anyone! I'm Darkwing Duck!"

                                                      The nerve!

                                                      "Then what are you doing here? I don't believe for a second you're not connected to all of this. So talk!"