RP: Deep Fry Her

[[Continued from Angel's message board.]]

The sliding door was slid shut with a slam. Away from prying police eyes, Negaduck tossed Angel and her new devastatingly deadly accessory aside to check on the Negavat's progress through a side window. 

Fifteen or so minutes, he assessed, before he had enough lard to take out the crowd of controllers outside. More than that, the more of the city he would crisp. 

Easy. The cops would take fifteen minutes simply going through the paperwork process necessary to start Supervillain Action Plan Sierra. 

"Looks like the only waiting you'll be doing today is sitting here, not trying anything, and waiting not to die."

No hint of flirting there. That was an order. More than that, a threat. 

She had been right. He was trouble. Big trouble. 

    • Angel McDrake
      Angel McDrake

      Angel landed on the floor with a thud and glared up at Negaduck, fighting back the urge to say some harsh words she knew were unwise to say at this moment. Jeez, what have I got myself into now?, she thought. Her plans for the day sure hadn't included being taken hostage by the psycho known as Negaduck. She had heard all about the chaos and mayhem he caused. The big question was, how was she going to get out of this mess? And who was going to save the city from being deep-fried?

      • Quiverwing Duck
        Quiverwing Duck

        "You know... my first thought was that someone was trying to promote the overall health of the city by removing its saturated fats." The disembodied voice sounded like a smoother and much less brutal Negaduck, but the words were certainly not coming out of the masked mallard of mayhem's mouth. It was unclear where the words were coming from. Sort of 'up-ish', if one had to guess. "I should've known. This is the obligatory request that you please release your hostage and surrender, Negaduck."

        • Angel McDrake
          Angel McDrake

          Angel looked up at the sound of the voice, trying to ascertain where it was coming from and who was speaking. It had to be one of St. Canard's or Duckburg's heros, she thought, but who? She knew about the local heros from the TV and newspapers: Darkwing Duck, Quiverwing Duck, even Gizmoduck fought villians in St. Canard. She thought she recognized the voice from a news report on TV: could it be? Quiverwing?

          • Negaduck

            It wasn't merely the voice that gave it away. It was the mystique, the chivalry, and most of all the lack of cheesy smoke filled introductions.

            "Have you taken over Darkwing's beat entirely now, Quiverwing?" he addressed the up-ish vicinity. "Man, I bet he's pissy about that."

            So that was a no to the request. Being - for want of a more impolite word - indiscriminating, however, Negaduck was not about to get picky in who he punched into a bloody pulp. Share the love, as they say, the they having never met him in a dark alley.

            To Angel, he said, "Change of plan, toots - how about you rustle us up a couple of coffees. Black. Got to give our guest a nice, warm welcome."

            You know, before the pulping.

            • Quiverwing Duck
              Quiverwing Duck

              "Not entirely, no. But you're correct about his disapproving attitude regarding it." Quiverwing Duck, because that had to be who this was, sounded faintly amused. If there was a single thing the masked mallards had in common, it was 'being annoying to Darkwing Duck', albeit to very different degrees.

              The source of the voice seemed to have shifted slightly, as if he were having a look around in the ... whatever he was in. Air vent? Ceiling? "You don't have to go to any trouble on my behalf, miss. Oh... about that," his disembodied voice said, as if he had only now remembered something he'd wanted to address. "Couldn't you at least do the hostage release part? I could swap places with her, I don't mind."