RP Prequel: The Negaduck's Apprentice

    Crimson Cowl
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    St. Canard, a cesspit of criminal activity ran by a full on evil dictator...


    God he loved this town. The young duck check his watch outside the Sitting Duck National Bank, ironically the last bank that Negaduck hadn't held up in the city.

    "Three minutes. Well, time to make a start." the young duck pulled a ski-mask over his face and ducked into the alley...

      • Negaduck

        The sound of a shotgun being levelled into his back.

        "And where do you think you're going?"

        The lazy, evil ruthlessness of the one who knew he was top dog in this town. Or rather, top duck. 

        "I haven't tapped this one yet, have I?" queried Negaduck. "You know I've got dibs, kid."

        Dibs. Still a thing, even in a cruel counter universe. 

        • Crimson Cowl
          Crimson Cowl

          The kid didn't even bat an eye when the despot appeared behind him. He simply raised one hand..."3-2-1" He pointed to the wall of the bank furthest from the entrance as an explosion RIPPED it open.

          "If you want any, better hurry " The duckling ran into the now exposed bank vault with a dufflebag.

          • Negaduck

            Standing in the vault was, would you believe it, Negaduck. With the shotgun still cocked. Because he could move like that. Because it was a good bit. 


            He would get the message across even if he had to shake the kid! And here he normally only got to shake children for fun. 

            Then, a thought. 

            "Wait a sec, where did a brat like you get a bang like that?"

             Semtex didn't exactly grow on trees. Mostly because he used vast qualities to get rid of the trees. 

            • Crimson Cowl
              Crimson Cowl

              "Wait. How did you..."

              The Kid turns to where Negaduck was to where he is.

              "Ok, that defies the laws of physics."

              The kid began filling his dufflebag 

              "Oh, the explosives, right? Eh, one kiddy chemistry set and one copy of the arsons cook book and BOOM. Quite literally in this case."

              The kid finishes filling the sack 

              "Well, that's all I need, feel free to help yourself to the leftovers."

              The kid turned to leave through his newly made door.

              • Negaduck

                The only thing Negaduck collared was Cowl, literally. Making to yank him off the ground and hold him up so they could have a little chat, eye to eye.

                "Think you're clever, following a recipe? I blasted bigger holes at your age with a half roll of duct tape and an edition of Homes Monthly."

                There was clever and then there was resourceful.

                "Listen, whoever you are, this can go one of two ways. You can come work for me and put that emerging skill set to good use-" His use. "Or I run you through my NegaMincer and turn you to leftovers. Your call."

                Such was the way it went in the Negaverse. Their new lord and malevolent master did not take well to competition, bite size or otherwise.

                • Crimson Cowl
                  Crimson Cowl

                  Cowl did not wastes two seconds on that decision.

                  "Cowl, Nega-Cowl." He said as he held out a hand for a shake. "Pleased to be joining up sir."

                  • Negaduck

                    "So great to have you on board, 'Cowl'." 

                    Layers of sarcasm and bitterness piled on there for bad measure.

                    The newest recruit would not receive anything so honourable as a handshake; a couple of sticks of dynamite were thrust into his waiting grip instead.

                    "Now get to work."

                    Welcome to the Nega team.

                    • Crimson Cowl
                      Crimson Cowl

                      "Uh... A lot of explosives, fun. Uh, should I empty the vault, sir?"

                      While Cowl trying to act extremely intimidated, he was calm.

                       All according to plan