One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure

...How could he have let this happen? He had one job. Just one. It wasn't like losing the keys to your car, or forgetting where you parked, or leaving your child in the grocery cart in the parking lot by accident and driving away.

Well...that last one was pretty darn bad, actually. Comparably, yes, he could see how that might measure up to the same level.

But this was a real pickle he'd gotten himself into. Normally he wasn't THIS careless, at least not when it came to the Gizmosuit. This wasn't just embarrassing, it was dangerous. If it fell into the wrong hands, and someone was able to figure out how to unlock it, they could do some serious damage to the city!

Not to mention that Mr. McDuck would surely fire him. He was always on thin ice, but this would send him into the nearest ice-burg, he'd reenact the Titanic!

He just had to find it. Especially if there was any crime afoot, how was he going to make good on his promises of heroic duty?! And he certainly couldn't leave it all to that ham with the large, fancy hat.

"How does he even see with that brim?"

Eventually after two hours of searching through the streets of St. Canard, perusing the lost and found at the police station, he felt at a loss. It wasn't as if he could just start booking it down the street, yelling 'Blathering Blatherskite!' at the top of his lungs, as if calling for his dog. Gizmoduck's identity couldn't be compromised!

"Gee bud, what'd ya say was in the briefcase again?"

It had been a convenient travel case that Gyro had made for him, specifically for the suit. Plus it had a handy compartment for his snacks.

"Uh! Immmmportant... erm, parts, you could say! That when assembled are...well, it's sort of..."

"Parts? You mean like, models, for cars or somethin'?"

Fenton mussed through his hair. Well. The suit could drive technically, right? It wasn't a lie....

"Sure! In a sense..."

"Ohhhhh, you might be lookin' in the wrong place. Y'see, any metal left out, that all gets taken to the scrapyard. People'll sell that stuff like crazy. That kinda thing sells for a pretty penny."

Fenton went a bit pale, "O-oh! Ya don't say! Well! Where can I find this aforementioned scrapyard?"

"You're gonna wanna head north east from here, it's kinda on the outskirts. It's run by a gal by the name a' Tate."

"I see. Well thanks for the directions, I guess I'll head there next and hope it found its way there!"

"Be careful too, will ya? Lot a' uh...interestin' folk hang out around there."

"Well it's St. Canard, isn't it all packed with interesting people?"

"...Sure. Good luck with that." The officer gave him a placating smile before moving away from the lost and found window and Fenton was off with renewed vigor.

Poor guy.



 Though it took him a while to find it, Fenton knew he had to be in the right place. Heaps of metal piles as far as the eye could see, and all he could think was that the Gizmosuit was buried under one of them. Oh, he was definitely not going to make it back to Duckburg anytime soon.

He approached warily, looking over to the empty counter. Was there a bell he could ring? Was anyone even here?

"Uh, hello?" He called out, before clearing his throat and trying a little louder. "Anyone home? Anyone here running this operation...?" He trailed off as he caught eye of a rather sizeable body of water. What was a pool doing in a scrapyard anyway? It was a little cold out for a swim, wasn't it?



    • Kamkairo

      The sound of a sparking welder drowned out any outside noise, resulting in Tate never hearing her customer. Business had been slow all day, not many people were desperate enough for scrap or parts during the colder seasons. In an effort to occupy herself in the meantime, she holed herself up in the work shed, working on one of her little projects.

      However, Fenton would be heard by another individual residing in the scrapyard.

      The door opposite of the front counter flung open with a loud thud, and in the doorway stood a tall, ragged opossum with a scruffy mane and a sharp, crooked smile. By the time Fenton would look behind him, Giovanni was already behind the counter, and slammed his hands down on top of it.

      He knew he more than likely came off as threatening, despite making no attempt to appear so. When one lived the life that he had, looking intimidating was practically second nature.

      "Whaddaya need?" he spoke in a low, gravelly voice.

      • Red Nova
        Red Nova

        Fenton couldn't help the small yelp that escaped him, and he whipped around to the counter at the loud, abrupt sounds. That spot was just empty! He hooked a finger into his shirt collar and pulled at it, swallowing the lump in his throat.

        "Heh! Gosh, talk about prompt service! I....I...well y'see, I was wonderin' if anybody came by today and sold you a briefcase. I don't suppose you get many of those around here, but the contents of it are real important and I really need to get that back! There's been a terrible mistake, it belongs to---erm, a friend of mine!"

        • Kamkairo

          The older opossum's yellow eyes were fixed on the young man, studying him silently as he spoke. He seemed to be quite the jittery type, all nervous and fidgety. Giovanni smiled inwardly. He was perfect for what he was about to do.

          "I see, I see..." Giovanni hummed and stroked at his bearded chin dramatically. He then looked as if he had an epiphany, gesturing with a finger. "I just so happen to have a briefcase right here. Someone dropped it off earlier, seemed a bit too eager to get rid of it. I'm not sure why..." He set the case down on the countertop, turning it so it would face Fenton before he opened it, presenting the contents inside.

          It was a severed arm.

          • Red Nova
            Red Nova

            At the mention of a briefcase, Fenton's nerves dissipated somewhat, replaced by hopeful enthusiasm. What had been a mishap of magnum proportions was now turning towards his favor, perhaps! He leaned down as the case snapped open. "Oh boy--it looks like my luck has----GADZOOKS, THAT LOOKS LIKE AN ARM!"

            Fenton scrambled back and away, averting his eyes at the appendage, mortified. Surely there had to be a mistake here, what sensible scrapyard would accept an arm in a briefcase?! Well technically he had a whole BODY in his, but that was a METAL body!

            • Kamkairo

              Giovanni doubled over in cackling laughter at the poor duck's reaction to his little gag, collapsing behind the counter onto the floor. He hadn't had such a gullible target in so long! Before Fenton could fall victim to another one of Giovanni's morbid pranks, Tate had come inside, shaking her head with a sigh.

              "Are ya fer real, Dad? Get back in the shed and quit scarin' the customahs." Her father flashed an unabashed grin as he retreated out the same door he had entered through. "People'll think yer're a serial killah or somethin'..." she muttered to herself before she flipped her bangs out of her eyes and straightened her glasses. "I'm real sorry, buddy, my dad's kinduva moron. Can I help ya with anythin'?"

              • Red Nova
                Red Nova

                If the arm on its own wasn't enough to invoke sheer, unfiltered terror, the man's laugh was. It sent chills crawling down Fenton's spine, eugh! Just what sort of proprietary was this?! Fenton thought he was going to throw up his tuna sandwich from earlier, but thankfully managed to keep it down- there was enough organic material here as it was!

                At the replacement, Fenton's wide eyes settled on the younger looking opossum, swallowing in an audibly dramatic way. "Uh! UH! Th-that wasn't REAL was it?! I don't know much about the inspection protocols for scrapyards, but speaking as a law-abiding citizen, I have to tell you that the possession of severed appendages is a serious offense upwards of thirty years of imprisonment!"

                • Kamkairo

                  Tate's eyes rolled upward with a light scoff. "Of course it ain't real, he found that in the dumpstah of a prop shop one time and now it's his favorite thing to mess with people with." Besides, her father wasn't as much of a threat compared to somebody else... "Anyway, don't worry about him now. What're ya here for? Need some scrap or parts? If ya have car troubles I can fix those fer a small fee too. Or maybe ya just wanna peruse my stock?"

                  • Red Nova
                    Red Nova

                    Fenton shakily pulled at his tie and smoothed down his hair, clearing his throat. "Right! Sure!" Even though he wasn't at all sure, but the less he knew, probably the better. Practical joke or not, it was a little dark for his tastes.

                    "I'm actually here because I was hoping someone turned in a briefcase with metal parts inside of it. Belongs to someone...who's...friends acquaintance' associate....who knows Gizmoduck! You've heard of him, haven't you? Gizmoduck, I mean, not the friend's acquaintance's business associate fella."

                    • Kamkairo

                      The opossum pulled out a large black binder and thumbed through a few pages, trailing her fingertip down the the text before she found what she was looking for. "Oh yeah, right here, someone left it outside the gates this morning. I was gonna take it apart for sorting later, but I guess I'll keep it intact." Tate leaned forward, narrowing her eyes at Fenton. "if it IS yers, that is."