RP: Pain in the Buttstock

[[Reserved initially for Red Nova and Nice Negs, continuing on from Nova's board. Rated N for nice.]]

"Ow.. oof.. would you..."

Quit that, or something more specific to do with where she could stick those thorns, but of course Negaduck couldn't say that, could he. 

Instead his yellow clad limbs moved from sheltering his head against a battering of blooms to clawing at the pavement as Nova dragged him inside. 

"Would you regale said reminder in song form, you have such a beautiful voice."

Better a sweet talker than a straight shooter. 

    • Red Nova
      Red Nova

      "Sorry, never was much of a singer...how's about a haiku instead-

      Explosion so big.

      I can't see it from afar,

      Because I'm in it."


      She began to drag him up the stairs, making sure to knock his head extra hard against each step before pulling him to the very top of the observatory deck, throwing him into a chair and rummaging around her work bench for some rope.

      "I can't BELIEVE I could ever think you'd be apologetic about what you've done, I really AM a psychopath! And the worst part is, I can't even entirely blame it all on you, this is at least forty-five percent childhood related!" She looped the rope around him and kicked a foot against him to aid in pulling back on it tightly to keep him situated.

      "...But I thought maybe, MAYBE this time you'd actually acknowledge my existence. Have you really blown up that many places and people that it's insignificant to you?"

      • Negaduck

        "If I say no will you feel worse because that makes you insignificant or... ?"

        Genuine question. Genuine pain in the ribs too thanks to that foothold, although the spam and bean salad jello or whatever that was likely didn't help either.  

        Still, he maintained his eerily cheerful and chatty demeanour.

        "Look, what're you wasting your time on me for anyway? I'm a walking pile of garbage-" Not only a fact, a point of pride. "And you seem like an intelligent and capable kind of gal with painfully good aim. Who cares what I or anybody else thinks?" 

        This rousing speech brought to you by Nice Negaduck, whose opinions were normally life or death matters, and usually the latter.

        • Red Nova
          Red Nova

          Well it wouldn't be the first time that the idea of insignificance came up in her life, being the daughter of someone way more prominent and important, and whose shoes she could never hope to fill because she just wasn't meant to.

          "It matters because I never got to figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life! People keep making that choice for me. People that ARE absolutely garbage, but at least they know it and they're confident about it! I care because you have no qualms about doing whatever you want, to whoever you want, and you get to just go about the rest of your life, not remembering squat, while the rest of us have to look in the mirror every day and just deal with it! And maybe I COULD move on, if you just...just...!" A final tug, and she stepped back, looking helpless and rabid. 

          "REMEMBER!" She reared back and had walloped him across the face with her prosthetic. Well, at the very least, hitting him was the start of recovery. Wasn't that like the stages of grief- hating Negaduck, coming to grips that you hated Negaduck, hitting Negaduck, blogging about it later...?

          • Negaduck

            The great thing about getting struck like that was that it at least temporarily distracted him from the pain in his butt.

            "Listen, I'd love to help you - apparently," Stupid spell. "But I can almost guarantee you, deep down, I will have as much remorse as a toddler with a chainsaw. Especially if it was your fault the circuitry went kaput."

            Brain catching up to that statement in three, two, one...

            "Wait a sec." Squinting as if trying to focus his mind as much as his eyes. "Scapelli? You're.. you're..."

            Looking well? Sure, that's what he was thinking.

            • Red Nova
              Red Nova

              She stared at him as if his head was on fire, which to be fair, it might've been her next course of action had he not uttered that name.

              All this time....all this time! And...all it had taken was a good smack to the noggin' to jostle things?! To clear the cobwebs?! Oh how she should've whacked him sooner! Though he was in incredibly rare form at the moment, so doing so earlier would not only have proved ineffective but she would've probably been much deader as a result.

              Definitely deader.

              "You....you really do remember....? You're not...this isn't another...ahah....you actually said it! Scapelli. So then...!"

              It was strangely...and sadly...the happiest day of her life.

              "YOU KNOW WHO I AM!"

              • Negaduck

                Did he? It was all rather foggy, or better put, fragmented. 

                "E..loise? Euglena?"

                That wasn't right. Better move on. 

                "You were working on something for me, right? And something went... wrong."

                Slowly taking in her various modifications with renewed regard. Looked like she had taken on quite an amount of damage. His kind of damage. 


                Didn't need a Nice spell to attempt to talk his way out of this one. 

                "You're really rocking the robotic look, you know? There are whole communities of guys out there who'd go nuts for that."

                Granted they were largely on the internet so maybe they didn't count as real people. 

                • Red Nova
                  Red Nova

                  Hey, Euglena Scapelli worked for her. She had very low standards at this point!

                  "Yeah- a gun, I made you a super huge gun. You were going to destroy St. Canard with it. And then it blew up in your face. That was all me!" There was a hint of pride in her voice, as if it had been the best mistake she'd ever made. "Boy, were you ticked! Ah, I remember it like it was yesterday! My whole warehouse, up in flames, severe, excruciating pain...that was sure something."

                  She sank in her own chair, scooting it up to him as she strolled down memory lane. "And then this crazy lady found me and put me back into...whatever this is. And that's about the time I vowed my vengeance upon you, I remember it super clear, I was in bed, I had just finished the pea soup that Anna made, it was disgusting by the way---" She waved the thought away with a frown. "ANYWAY- the next time I saw you, it all fell apart, because what good is a revenge scheme if you didn't even remember what it was you did to me! So here I've been, completely lost as to what to do. It was sort of supposed to be my hobby...attempting to murder you and all."

                  • Negaduck

                    "I see." And he did see. It was coming back to him, the blind frustration at her failure, the justified decimation of her useless self and everything she held dear. 

                    He couldn't say as much to her, however, could he? 'Maybe suck less next time?' 'Don't play with fire if you don't want to get horribly mutilated'?

                    After a flicker of consideration as to the identity of Anna, whom he would have to thank later for this diversion, Negaduck said,

                    "Have you considered macramé?"

                    It still involved stabbing, but would be fifty per cent less likely to blow up in her face than any sort of altercation with him. 

                    • Red Nova
                      Red Nova

                      "I suppose I could always broaden my crafting horizon, but now that you remember, I can get back to what I was doing! The only problem is, I can't settle on how. You deserve something befitting of your massive reputation. A public execution? No, no...that'll only draw out the terror that monologues in the night. Of course, a close proximity shot to the face would be short and sweet, but it's just not grand enough, not special!" Nova waved her gun arm around, a distressed expression on her face. "I want this to be memorable for both of us!"

                      I mean, it wasn't every day you had Negaduck tied to a chair in front of you. Well, maybe for some people it was normal.

                      • Negaduck

                        It was good she was enjoying herself, because meanwhile he was sitting on a gunshot wound. Somehow this was less excruciating than being on the wrong end of an evil gloat for a change.

                        "Thank you for recognising my immense infamy. So glad my suffering will bring you some level of reflected glory."

                        He was watching her, weighing everything up. Wrists twisting ever so slightly against their bonds.

                        "In light of that, can I offer a suggestion."

                        Like she could say no.

                        "Make it big."


                        "Make it so big, it makes what I did to you look like a peaceful skip around the destructo-daisies. Make sure it rips every molecule of my being into teeny, tiny pieces, then post those pieces to the four corners of the earth, then set them on fire. And then get yourself a portal and skip a few universes over. Because I can guarantee I'll come back, I'll beat this- ngh- fabulous curse, and this time, I'll remember you. And you'll really, really, wish I didn't."

                        Who was monologuing now huh.

                        "Sound 'special' enough?"

                        It had better be.

                        • Red Nova
                          Red Nova

                          On one hand, this had been a pinnacle moment, something she'd been waiting for, to be able to confront her tormentor and regain some kind of closure and dignity.

                          On the other hand, she had no doubts of his promise to make good on finishing the job he'd initially started....and also had forgotten about.

                          "I...value your opinion. Out of curiosity, if I stopped now and just let you go, would you still find me and make me wish I was anonymous again...or...is this after I try to exact my revenge. I just want to know if there are different tier levels for my choices."

                          • Negaduck

                            Normally he would've assured her of his mercy on condition of release, but the curse was making it impossible to lie.

                            Instead, he managed,

                            "Letting me go now will earn you a downgrade to a Class C punishment. Not enough to make you regret your own birth, but enough to need to sit down for a little while."

                            Flat look.

                            "You did shoot me in the toosh."

                            Couldn't get off completely now.

                            • Red Nova
                              Red Nova

                              "You bring up some interesting points, mainly that yes, I did already shoot you." That alone was worth the price of whatever he threatened to retaliate with.

                              "...I think I've got to commit, that's the only option we really have left. And while it is tempting to obliterate your very being into non-existence...it doesn't feel like it's enough. I don't think this is something we can solve in just one session. I think we're in this for the long haul."

                              Moving back to her workbench, she began to dig around, the sound of items clattering onto the table or down to the floor as she searched. 

                              When Nova returned in front of him, she was sporting a comically large blade in her hand. "This is not a Scapelli manufactured weapon, this was something I got off of an online catalogue. I'm not sure it's been sharpened appropriately and it definitely hasn't been sterilized, but somehow, I don't feel like that's going to be a concern for you. By the way, which arm is your dominant one?" 

                              • Negaduck

                                Oookay this wasn't good. Surely a genius of his calibre could find a workaround for this.. inconvenience.

                                Being nice didn't mean letting people lop off your limbs.. did it?

                                "I'm sorry to hear that, but I respect your decision."

                                Wait, what?

                                "I have done repairable harm to you, and if bloody, physical violence is the only way you'll feel some level of peace, then by all means have at it."

                                Leaning forward to further confide,

                                "I was hatched sinister, but either side is fine. I am dominant all over."

                                Well that was hardly a secret.

                                • Red Nova
                                  Red Nova

                                  "Well not all over, I'm sure. Definitely not in your butt at least." With a grin, she swung the blade upwards and downwards, eyeing both sides of him with a critical eye of an artiste, as if judging just where to deliver the first blow into her marble, like Michaelbuffalo might.

                                  "This is going to feel a little strange, probably. I would tell you exactly what to expect but...I was in a coma, so I don't remember. I can only assume it will probably feel traumatic and excruciating." The left it would be, only made sense to take exactly what had been taken from her. An arm for an arm.

                                  "Let's hope we can make this a nice clean slice..." She raised it into the air, giving it a few mock swings to line herself up, and when satisfied with her aim, she brought the machete down onto his shoulder, which had been a poor decision for two reasons- one, the blade was now stuck against what she could only assume was bone, and two, she had overshot her aim entirely too high, her own arm at least came down just a bit over where her elbow might've been, that was a whole nub's worth of arm content. So much for playing fair.

                                  "....Or not."


                                  • Negaduck

                                    That smarted. A lot, in fact.

                                    "Oh yeah, good blow. Really fantastic." Her pin cushion could barely talk, doubled over, holding back screams. Or would have it been more polite to scream? He would have to write into Miss Equitette on that one.

                                    "Excruciating. Think you hit a nerve there."

                                    Closing his eyes for a moment, if only to stop the world from fading to a beautiful dirt brown blur, Negaduck refocused on her. Wasshername.

                                    "If I could offer a few notes."

                                    Pushing through the pain as well as his bindings, he slid his wrists up his back towards where the lower part of the blade was lodged. One slice, and he was free. Thanks for the prop.

                                    "Your chair knot was way too loose."

                                    Standing, a grunt, and he yanked the weapon lodged out of his very shoulder and examined it. Of everything that had happened during this miserable curse, that had to have been the second most damaging.

                                    He gave her a good look at it. At the result. What a good instructor.

                                    "Secondly, a dull blade is great for agonising torment, and lots of fun. But in your condition, it could burn through too much energy."

                                    Assuming he did not need to keep the blade to shield any counter reprisals, with his good arm he collected the length of remaining rope pooled at his feet like so many drunken college students.

                                    What to do with it, however. Like how much damage could one mallard bleeding from two places do?

                                    Anyone who knew him knew the answer to that.

                                    With a flick of an uninjured wrist, the caped.. model of courtesy sent the binding around her, aiming to laso her and pull her close.

                                    "And you're going to need your energy."

                                    For all the constructive criticism, obviously.

                                    • Red Nova
                                      Red Nova

                                      She had so very much to learn. If you wanted to fight fire with fire, you had better come to the fight with fire-proof clothing at the very least. She really should've aimed somewhere else. The neck. Great place, there. Lots of important things going on up in that area.

                                      An example, once more, of her incompetence. If anyone had crossed Negaduck and lived to tell the tale, they wouldn't have traipsed around the city, looking for round two. They would've left with what little dignity they had left, and they would've had a great campfire story to tell for years to come. But no. She just couldn't let it go.

                                      This was all too familiar, her arms snapped to her sides as the rope encircled her, and she struggled against the binds, "Oh that's cute--you wanted to reenact our time together. It's like strolling down memory lane." As soon as she got her gun arm loose, she was going to shoot him in the face and call it a day. Maybe get a Starducks latte. Screw poetic vengeance.


                                      • Negaduck

                                        "Hah, no, sweetness, I'm going to give you something new."

                                        Spinning her around to plonk and strap her in the very chair she had him in, even one handed his knots were anything but loose. In stark contrast to his morals, but it was no time for pointing out that.

                                        "There's physically hurting someone. And then there's breaking their spirit, crippling their mind, removing their very will to live."

                                        Huh, where had he wheeled in that television from? 

                                        "Let me show you how it's done."

                                        As the screen flickered to life, he gave his unwitting student an encouraging pat on the back.


                                        The pain completely blocked out by the high of success, Negaduck had left before the most diabolically agonising slideshow of evil had even begun.

                                        • Red Nova
                                          Red Nova

                                          There was no amount of preparation that could've blocked such a blow of agonizing defeat in one fell swoop. The man was a master of all things malevolent torture, how could she ever hope to hold a candle to him! She would've taken any amount of physical torment, hell, another warehouse explosion if it meant being spared from the trauma of this video, playing over and over again, assaulting her mind and her senses until all she could see was her tormentor in everything and everyone.


                                          Negaduck: 2

                                          Red Nova: Zero. And also copious amounts of therapy.