Doctor's Appointment (RP)

Gemini arrived at the juice bar a half an hour early. She had realized that morning she had not given Dr. Mallard a description of who to look for. The black haired duck assumed she could guess who he was by waiting for someone. People that were waiting for others always had a certain demeanor. Gemini was sure she could spot it from the small amount of customers in the business.


She checked her cell phone for e-mails. The agent thought about sending a quick e-mail to the doctor to give them a description of what she looked like. Gemini then put away her phone without doing so. Maybe she could see if Dr. Mallard could find her in a crowd.

    • Posiduck

      Dr. Mallard entered the juice bar at the time he had been given and looked around wondering who he should be looking for. The drake was a short duck wearing a purple sweater vest with matching tie, pink long sleeved shirt, and rose tinted glasses.

      "Oh dear. Maybe I should send an email and find out who I should look for." He dug out his phone after realizing he didn't have a description of Gemini. He typed out a quick email before going to the bar to order himself a drink while he waited for a reply. He had heard this place was pretty good and that right now they were having some seasonal juices.

      He took a sip after receiving his order once he had settled at a table to enjoy it in the meantime.The autumn spice smoothie tasted like pumpkin pie and was bright orange in color which reminded him that he should make some pumpkin spice cookies for the office later.

      • Agent Gemini
        Agent Gemini

        When Gemini had not been stopped by anyone she checked her messages while walking back into the juice bar.  She replied to Dr. Mallard's e-mail with a description of being a short duck, black hair, and a light purple blouse with a dark purple jacket.


        She kept an eye out to see if anyone was on their phone. She noticed the duck in the rose tinted glasses. Gemini smiled and headed over to the direction of his table.


        “Dr. Mallard I assume?” she didn't sit down yet just in case she was wrong.