Not Meant to Be

Celeste Tealwing had always been alone. Even before Lord Negaduck had burned down the orphanage, even among orphans, she had stood out as ...unusual. Like some invisible force pushed everyone and everything around her away.  This had made her sad as a child, but now, at fourteen, she just accepted it, like the strange flare up occurrences that happened whenever she was happy or upset.

As long as she  could remember she had always been alone. Now that the Negaverse as clean and happy, she felt more out of place than ever. It was almost worse. I mean, who wanted to see a scruffy homeless teenager digging through the trash , reminding them of what the city USED to be when they were all trying so hard to forget Negaduck, forget the way the world used to be and convince themselves everything was sunshine, rainbows, Gummi bears and unicorns? It kinda made her want to hurl. So rather than conform, she wandered the streets of Negaverse St. canard. Now, even with the Friendly Four controlling the city, with it cleaned up  and flowers just now starting to fade in the winter of her fourteenth year, she strangely felt more alone and unwelcome than ever. 


She he kicked a faded plastic cup into a gutter , crossing the street. Then her senses flared as she smelled something sweet and sugary, something fresh from the oven. She noticed that the Sugar and Spide and Everything Nice Bakery had been reopened and the baker was sitting a fresh tray of donuts hot from the oven out on a window seal to cool. Her stomach rumbled and before she could consider the consequences , she darted across the street and grabbed a donut, ignoring the burn of its hot dough as she dug her fingers in. She stuffed it between her teeth and spun on her heels, running as the indignant cry of the baker sent a shock of adrenaline through her and she darted back across the road....right in front of the cab of an oncoming semi truck.

    • Celeste O Emberwing
      Celeste O Emberwing

      She hesitated as she parked the motorcycle in the shed and hesitatingly began digging through items , careful of grenades and such, until she found the first aid kit and set to gingerly cleaning his wounded cranium  and dabbing the blood out of the white feathers before disinfecting it and wrapping it up, which was something she had done before in the past back in the Negaverse, though he was usually ranting about “Darkwing” or “Gizmoduck” or “Quiverwing” or “Those Knobs”while she did so, and of course, there was never a thank you involved.


      Afterwards, it was no easy feat to Get the patient onto the sofa, which had springs sticking out of it, and she was pretty sure had a family of rats living in it and some cockroaches.  Anyway, something big kept moving around. Under the fabric . She grimaced as she looked for something to eat.

      • Negaduck

        "Put that down," came a mumbling from the couch. "You don't want that stuck up your- a battle echidna?! But where would you mount the lasers..."

        Sleep talking. No more sensible than his awake talking. 

        Certainly no more sensible than having a hide out utterly devoid of nutrition. There was, to be fair, a couple of bottles of something undrinkable in one corner, and- was that a ziplock bag of mayonnaise? 

        In any case, nothing of any sustenance.

        Did Negaduck live on spite alone? The answer would surprise no one. 

        • Harmonizer

          "Any luck yet?" 

          Death had... got to stop sneaking up on people like that. 

          He offered her a large canteen that was literally on fire. "For both of you." He seemed to be smiling guiltily. "Mortals have a very odd remedy that involves... chicken soup, that will cure any ailment." 

          If she managed to put out the flames, she would find the canteen indeed contained chicken soup for two, and fresh bread. The whole thing was still very, very hot. Like he was just finished with the cooking. 

          Death hung around awkwardly and leaned on his scythe, but nothing would probably be more awkward than realising he was only visible to her when Negaduck came to. 

          • Celeste O Emberwing
            Celeste O Emberwing

            She took it gingerly, trying not to burn herself as she smothered the flames as best she could with a ratty pillow “Thank luck...unless you count luck as almost being killed and/or arrested multiple times...and not I think I’ve either given him a severe concussion or possible brain damage...” she paused as  Negaduck continued to babble nonsense then shook her head at Death.


            ”When he wakes up he’s either gonna kill me because he remembers I did this to him, or just because he’s cranky and feels like draining some blood out of someone..” 


            She put the canteen aside to cool for a minute. Adding insult to injury by scorching his throat with the scalding contents was unlikely to earn her any brownie points, or so she figured. As if earning brownie points was possible. “ He doesn’t remember all. I guess I should have figured on that but back in the Negaverse...I mean..he was never friend...but he would come home all dinged up and I would cook for him after taking care of Gosalyn all day and he would rant and rave about Darkwing Duck or Gizmoduck...not really to me..I was just a sounding board, but kind of to me because Launchpad was too stupid to listen or say anything intelligent and as long as I could kind of...rekindle his ego, he was the closest thing to a father I ever had..I never called him that except in my head, but I sort of thought of him that way. He let me watch him clean weapons, wire up explosives, work on vehicles..I learned so much I. Those years just from being quiet and watching and being willing to jump and grab tools or iron a cape or take a hat to be almost felt like he liked me in some way back then..a little bit..or at least he didn’t completely hate me as much as everyone else..”

            • Harmonizer

              Death nodded solemnly. "I have been arrested before. It happens to the best of us." He examined Negaduck curiously. "He is in no danger of dying. I doubt you did more damage than he already did to himself," he remarked almost sarcastically. Almost. 

              He gently patted Celeste's curls, as if trying to comfort her. Human empathy was still... difficult. But he did want her to be happy. He just wasn't sure how. 

              "You are a very kind person. Unfortunately, some people can still be cold and unfeeling no matter what you do," he said quietly. "Perhaps... that is why your connection to him was never there." 

              He folded his arms. "He will not touch you. I made him crash to keep him from abandoning you again. If he wants to blame someone, he will have to speak to me." 

              Oddly, he was feeling irritated that Negaduck would reject her over and over. He wasn't sure why. He hadn't felt like this for a while. 

              "Oh, by the way, how is the... glitching?" 

              • Celeste O Emberwing
                Celeste O Emberwing

                “It seems more stable in this’s still happening but.....” she shrugged”it kinda came in handy at the police one noticed me at all the entire time I was there. They walked right by me. At first I was kind of felt invisible..but then I started thinking in a weird way, it’s almost like a super power as long as I don’t cease to exist this...not being not I learned stuff. “ she smiled.


                After a moment she sat Negaduck up and tried to get him to sip some of the soup. Most of it dribbled out of the corners of his bill. Oh well. She kept trying.


                ”ThAnk you...for all the help and for being so nice,” she smiled at Death, then paused,”You made him crash? I thought I did was really..that was pretty cool, actually. I mean, you have some serious skills...but I guess with your job, you’ve learned a lot, being around since the dawn of time and all...or is that how it works? I mean..we’re  death back when there were dinosaurs or did you used to be...alive?”