When Violence Fails...


One miserably bright, sunny day in St Canard, a supervillain was hiding around a street corner, absurdly large mallet in hand (do you even lift, bro?).. waiting...

He had seen some fluffy innocent creatures hopping that way and would, at the right moment, jump out to squish them.

'Good guy' status. Hah. What a laugh.



It was just at that moment, that a familiar, pretty pink young child could be seen skipping around the corner so that her ringlets bounced merrily, humming a happy little tune to herself. Was this... his lucky day? 

    • Negaduck

      Eyes narrowed. Of all the cutesy things to come skipping by, it had to be the one he couldn't smoosh.

      Still, he could give her a fright. 


      Leaping out he took a massive swing aimed at her curls mid-bob - man he hated those wretchedly sweet ringlets - and was surprised to feel it connect to something besides luscious locks. 

      Not Gosalyn, but a huge street thug who had sprung out from behind her. The would be assailant's masked eyes rolled back and he toppled over like an unconscious pine tree. 

      Huh. Hadn't expected that. 

      • (Nega) Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard
        (Nega) Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

        Gosalyn let out an adorable squeak of fright when a familiar figure jumped out and struck out at her, but what was even more surprising was what he'd actually done. 

        Eyes wide, she stared at the crook who had been sneaking up on her, before turning to to Negaduck. 

        "You... you saved me...?" 

        Without warning, she rushed at him, and hugged him tight. 

        "Thank you so much!! Oh, thank you!!" 

        She stared up at him eagerly. "Does that mean you're good now?"