The Boy who Howled Wolf (Rated M for possible violence/gore)

By the time Elliot reached the office, aside from the other two agents in the supernatural department, Sans was nowhere to be found. However, a piece of paper written in a goofy font taped to his desk revealed his whereabouts. 

"already outside lol. waiting for you. will leave if you don't show up in five minutes. :p" 

Sans meanwhile was lazily waiting outside the building for his mission partner to show up. He had no intention of leaving, of course, even if Elliot was late. He was just messing with the boy. Besides, he was too lazy to get a move on on his own. 

Shifting slightly, he tucked both files under his arm, and pulled out a bottle of ketchup, proceeding to drink from it. He hadn't gone over the files yet, but he knew it was pretty messy from the news. Fifty murdered in two nights. Not even mass murderers get that far throughout their lifetime. This wasn't just the work of a werewolf... it was the work of a deranged, psychopathic pricolici. 

    • Elliot Hudson
      Elliot Hudson

      As soon as Elliot had heard the word ‘werewolf’ from Sans over the phone, he knew exactly what mission the new agent had been tasked with.  Like Sans, he’d heard all about it on the news, and it had both horrified and fascinated him.  As he overheard more details from talk amongst other agents, the young agent’s penchant for horror movies immediately caused his overactive imagination to go straight to the idea of not just werewolves... but vampire werewolves.

      Of course, Elliot didn’t know if those were actually a thing.  But the concept of something like that excited him, and the chance to go on any sort of supernatural mission at all only added to that excitement.  It was a perfect chance to break away from the office monotony and once again try to prove his worth as a field agent.

      And this time, he wanted to be prepared for anything.  So when Elliot showed up, Sans would find the agent wearing an overly eager grin, a rucksack... and enough utility belts, weapon straps and holsters to make it look like he was going into a zombie apocalypse.

      “Okay!” Elliot began excitedly, plopping the rucksack at Sans’ feet.  He began to rummage through it, taking inventory.

      “I’ve got two guns, extra ammo, a case of silver bullets, some garlic, a bible, a flask of holy water- at least, I hope it’s holy... I did get it on discount...- some rope, a first aid kit, three knives- two of them silver- a crossbow and silver-tipped arrows, a copy of the Dummy’s Guide to Supernatural Beings, my phone with extra battery, SHUSH communicator, ID and handcuffs, and an emergency supply of beer!”

      Showing off said accoutrements as he listed them, he ended his inventory summary by triumphantly holding up a flask of his preferred beverage.  “Oh, and there’s some drinking water in there, too,” he added, nodding towards the rucksack as he slipped it back on and hooked the flask on his utility belt, within easy reach.

      “Am I missing anything?”

      Okay, so he was a touch... eager.  But he’d been stuck at a desk for weeks now, and this was a type of mission he’d never been on.  It was like his first day on the job all over again, and he wanted to be extra sure they not only succeeded in stopping the murders, but that he also didn’t screw up too badly along the way.

      “Hey, so uh.... are... vampire werewolves a thing...?” He asked as they started off.  “On the news they described it as a wolf, but I heard rumours that the bodies showed signs of vampire bites.”

      • Sans the Skeleduck
        Sans the Skeleduck

        Sans' eyes travelled up and down Elliot and his supplies twice, his brows raised high. He then gave a slow blink, and grinned. Technically, he was already grinning, but you could tell he had a genuine smile on by his eyes. 

        "hehheh. wow, i'm glad i chose you. i don't think you're missin' anythin'. i, uh... i brought... emergency food?" Did five bottles of ketchup and mustand count as food? "oh, and my extra jacket, you can use that, i guess." 

        As they headed to the airfield, Sans handed Elliot one of the case files (which had a wind-up butterfly in it for a prank) and beckoned for him to follow him... despite heading in the wrong direction. He apparently knew a shortcut. 

        "ooh, a sharp one too," he chuckled. "guess what? they are. they're called the pricolici. real pain in the neck. they're humans bitten by werewolves, and then willingly giving vampires consent to bite them. most do it for power..." his eyes dimmed in distaste. "they're immune to the sun, and can shapeshift in broad daylight if they wanted to. oh look, we're here." 

        Elliot would have no idea how they got to the airfield. They were just walking a few steps away from the SHUSH building when they were suddenly on grassy land, with the plane nearby, waiting for them to get on board. 

        "look, kid, i'll give ya a chance to back out, if furry problems aren't your thing," he said as he lazily leaned on the railings of the stairs leading up to the plane. "this whole situation's a bloody mess; it's okay if you aren't eager to sink your teeth into the case, i won't bite your head off." 

        • Elliot Hudson
          Elliot Hudson

          Elliot blinked.  “How did we end up—“ He stopped there, shaking his head.  Why was he even the slightest bit surprised that a supernatural being could do something like that?

          He frowned at Sans’s offer to let him back out.  “Back out?  Are you kidding?  I’ve been stuck in that office with nothing but paperwork for an eternity.  Vampire werewolves are a dream compared to that!  A big case like this is exactly what I need to prove to Wolfe and Grizz that I’m perfectly capable of handling field missions.”

          Though, of course, Elliot hadn’t bothered informing either of them that he was joining Sans on the case.  He would most likely get an earful later about him breaching protocol, but hopefully everyone wold be so thrilled over them successfully solving the case that no one would care about that particular detail.

          As he motioned Sans to get in the plane, Elliot’s expression was troubled, but also determined.

          “Besides, these... prico?  Procco... broccoli... piccolo...”  Elliot let out a frustrated sigh and shook his head, giving up on recalling the name.  “These things... whatever they are.... are killing people.  And I can’t let that go.”

          • Sans the Skeleduck
            Sans the Skeleduck

            Sans started to snicker. "heh, broccoli. good one, kid. also it's nice to see someone with the heart of a hero. i'm surprised you don't get more missions." 

            He climbed into the plane and took a window seat. Once everyone was seated, the pilot prepared to take off. 

            "so, do you have a plan? i hope you have a plan. i forgot to bring mine," he grinned, resting against the chair with his arms folded behind his head. 

            • Elliot Hudson
              Elliot Hudson

              Elliot snorted.  “I guess you answered your own question.  SHUSH agents aren’t supposed to act like heroes,” he replied, rolling his eyes.  At least, that was what Grizzlikoff and Wolfe always said.  According to them, heroes were too reckless, impulsive and unpredictable.

              He got in the plane and buckled up, then blinked at Sans.

              “Why would I have a plan?  You’re the one who knows all about these things...”

              Oh well.  It wasn’t as if he’d never dove headfirst into something without a plan. He was sure they’d come up with something.

              • Sans the Skeleduck
                Sans the Skeleduck

                Sans snickered as he brought out a bottle of ketchup from his bag and took a sip. "welp. i guess we're doomed. want some?" he handed the ketchup to Elliot, then checked the front pocket for a magazine before a thought occurred to him, and he turned to Elliot again. 

                "say. can i borrow that dummy's guide to supernatural beings? i heard it's hilarious with its inaccuracies." 

                • Elliot Hudson
                  Elliot Hudson

                  Elliot sighed and handed over the book.  “Not doomed.  At least, I hope not.  I’ve got too much to live for.”

                  But, hey.  If he was going to die on a mission one day, anyway... death by vampire werewolf was a pretty epic way to go. Almost as epic as dying in a plane crash.


                  “So, can you at least tell me where you wanted to start the investigation?  Or are we just planning to lure it out with bait and hope to catch it?”

                  He realised a moment too late that he probably should not have suggested that.  Being that he was the only actually living person on their two-person team and, thus, the default choice for bait.

                  • Sans the Skeleduck
                    Sans the Skeleduck

                    Sans started to shrug uncaringly, but one of Elliot's suggestions made him pause and grin. 

                    "i mean, if you don't mind dressing in drag and doin' the hula... heh heh, just kidding, hang on, lemme draw up a mind map." 

                    He tapped his bony finger on the table and a blue, faintly glowing map appeared, showing the holographic layout of Dogburg. A red cross marked where each victim died. Surprisingly respectful of the skeleton. Most of the deaths had occurred in alleyways, but there were four or five in-house murders as well. 

                    "we are goin' to blend in as rich, obnoxious tourists. y'know, make fun of the pricolici and say we paid good money or somethin' to get past the lockdown because of the news reports but turns out it's sooooooo underwhelming, booo. a mass murderer who leaves their messes big usually do it to instil fear and make themselves famous; this would be a blow to their ego and they would hunt us down. that's how we'll get 'em." 

                    Also... either it had slipped past Sans' notice or he didn't say anything, but the red crosses around the city seemed to almost form a shape. 

                    Of a pentagram. 

                    • Elliot Hudson
                      Elliot Hudson

                      Elliot, however, had seen more than enough horror flicks to notice what the skeleton had not.

                      ”Uh, Sans?  That might work fine and all if these are just random attacks.  But are you sure these people weren’t targeted?  At least, based on their location at the time?”

                      He took a marker - “Don’t worry, it’s washable,” he assured Sans - and drew lines connecting the crosses together... forming the shape of a pentagram.

                      ”Now, I’m no expert on vampire werewolves or magic or anything... but I’ve seen enough weird stuff to know that this probably isn’t a coincidence.”

                      • Sans the Skeleduck
                        Sans the Skeleduck

                        ...d-did... he just draw on his map? 

                        Sans blinked as he recognised the very commonly used sign of Beezelbub, and spat an oath. 

                        "new plan." 

                        He grabbed Elliot... and suddenly they were in a small hotel room. In Transylvania. 

                        The pilot was going to be very annoyed when he landed the plane and realised the agents had already arrived hours ago like some kind of bad video game lag. 

                        Sans collapsed on the bed. "ugh. too much energy. bad idea. need ketchup." 

                        A knocking sounded on the door and Sans turned to face it lazily. 

                        "is it too late to mention i sent us to one of the last few locations needed to complete the pentagram?" 

                        Now that he was so kind to mention it, the knocking was sounding very ominous. 

                        • Elliot Hudson
                          Elliot Hudson

                          Elliot did not appreciate being transported without warning like that, and made sure to let Sans know.  He was surprised when he learned where they’d been taken, but understood after Sans mentioned it was a location in the pentagram not yet hit.  He didn’t think it was crazy, because he would have done the same thing.

                          When the knocking sounded, he looked over at Sans.  Should he open it?  It did sound awfully foreboding, and one else knew they were here...

                          He chuckled weakly.  ”Well... what are the odds that a vampire werewolf will just randomly come up to our door right as we get here...?”  With his luck?  Probably pretty high.

                          Readying his gun just in case he was attacked, Elliot cautiously approached the door, abruptly flingly it open and aiming his gun at the visitor, ready to shoot if attacked.

                          • Sans the Skeleduck
                            Sans the Skeleduck

                            The cleaning lady dropped the fresh clean towels and screamed, before her fight-flight response kicked in and she kicked him in the no-no-touch-touch zone and ran. 

                            Sans started snickering into the bedsheets. 

                            But then, something creaked under the bed and the skeleton froze. 

                            If Elliot was lying facedown from that attack and turned 180° degrees to the opposite side, he'd meet two glowing yellow eyes glaring at him from the void that was under the bed. A clawed, beastlike hand reached out for the boy.