Devil-Wing Duck! Hell on Earth in Saint Canard!(Free to join RP)

It's been three weeks since the dome appeared around St. Canard. Three weeks since Paddyquack took over Black Art's body and began his take-over of St. Canard, and three weeks since the terrible creatures began abducting people off the streets of St. Canard. 

"I am the terror that stalks through the night, I am the hellfire that burns at your sins, I AM DEVIL-WING DUCK!"

A duck in a scarlet red version of Darkwing's costume swept down on a citizen, pulling into the shadows, kicking and screaming, before looking for more of these fools out in the open.

    • Agent Gemini
      Agent Gemini

      A short black haired duck stood on top of a nearby building. She was a short build wearing black tactical armor. She seemed to be checking the reading on a device she had set up there, “Well, according to this we may be able to punch a temporary hole in the dome to get Sage's team in to help us.”


      “Or you, you know, we could just leave. Not really our problem,” a blonde duck that laid on her back on the floor beside the device. She was also a black outfit but it was a fluffy dress. The fancy dress really didn't fit the situation, “We just got to this city to what? That boring desk job? Milling around at museums and libraries? Ugh, ugh.”


      “We're in this city because I charted an elder disturbance happening in the next year. So technically we were going to help this city anyways. This is just a smaller thing we have to take care of before the bigger thing,” the black haired duck said matter of factly.


      “Smaller things aren't our problem. You know, just saying,” the blonde murmured while the black haired one was typing the readings from the device into her phone.


      “You know what I mean. This is still a big thing, just not the biggest thing that could go wrong. We still have to stop it once I figure out the best way to do so,” the black haired duck added.


      “You mean once WE figure it out,” the blonde said as she sat up. When she did so she noticed the more serious duck was no longer looking at the readings on the device. Instead she was peering over the edge of the building.


      “There's an anomaly dragging off someone down there,” the black haired duck stated as she watched it happen from above, “Its a good time as ever to engage it to see what is going on more directly.”


      “Or not do that? Until you have one of your charted attack plans for this thing?” the blonde added as she laid back down.


      “But if we don't we don't know what's going to happen to that innocent person,” the black hair duck replied as she pulled out her  gun to load it with a cartridge.


      “Tsk, no one is innocent. And it's not work risking yourself for one life when we still have to figure out how to fight whatever this is,” this blonde argued as she started to get up off from laying on the ground of the roof. When she was fully up she noticed her partner was gone. She smacked her own hand to her face, “of course she did.”


      The black haired duck had fired a grappling to the light post below to come sliding down to the street below, tumbling down in the line of sight of the red dressed creature below.


      “Hey! So….,” the black hair duck spoke after she landed, turning towards the anomaly with her gun pointed,  “I need you to stop right there!”

      • Black Arts Devil
        Black Arts Devil

        Devil-Wing just turns slowly towards the Duck.

        "The fly usually doesn't jump so eagerly into the Web...Who are you miss?"

        • Agent Gemini
          Agent Gemini

          “Me? Oh, something from the Pompilidae family,” the black haired duck gave a small shrug with her odd antique looking gun in hand, ”you know, like a spider wasp. The wasps that eat spiders. So how about you unhand that last person you just took. Mmmkay?”


          The blonde was still perched high up on the building above. She was recording the encounter on her phone while softly talking sarcastically to herself as she filmed, “yes, just nerd that demon to death. That'll work.”

          • Sans the Skeleduck
            Sans the Skeleduck

            ((OOC: imma slip right in. let me know if you want me to change anything.)) 

            It was supposed to be an ordinary day. An ordinary day grocery shopping, eating at Hamburger Hippo's, sleeping at his job(s), toying with... whatever those new creatures were. They just showed up one day and did not seem to want to leave. They weren't much of a threat to the skelebrothers, and his brother took it upon himself to save as many citizens as he could from the creatures, while Sans just fooled around with them, taking sheer delight in inventing pranks and puns for them each day. 

            But today was... different. 

            "SANS, LOOK!" 

            The shorter skeleton turned his head to see his brother, then followed his gaze to where he was pointing down the street. 


            Sans blinked, his eye flashing blue briefly as he got a read on their souls. Papyrus might have just found the source of all the recent hellish immigrants. Hmm. 

            "FEAR NOT, DARKWING DUCK! I, THE GREAT PAPYRUS, WILL SAVE YOU FROM THIS THREAT!" Papyrus ran towards the confrontation. Several bones erupted from the ground, headed for the woman.

            Wasn't she a work colleague? 

            "papyrus, wait- aww, shoot," Sans dug his hands in his pockets and ran after his brother. 

            • Black Arts Devil
              Black Arts Devil

              "That is MY victim, you Necromancy-fueled morons!"

              Devil-Wing pulls out one of Darkings gas guns and shoots a pillar of Hellfire at the bones...and by extension the annoyingly nerdy female duck"

              • Agent Gemini
                Agent Gemini

                The duck stuck in the crossfire eyes widened at her predicament. At the same time though she grabbed a pendant she had tucked under her shirt. There was gleam of the red and gold round object she brought up to her eye before the view of her was blocked by flames and bone, “Hocus Blockus!”


                Some debris of bone on fire was spit out in random directions. In the clearing smoke the duck could be seen tucked down with her gun over her head. The smoke hadn't cleared to see if she received any damage but it was obvious she was still alive.


                The blonde on the roof was watching with a little bit of worry on her beak. She paced on the roof a moment. With a frustrated grumble while grabbing a snow shovel that was leaned up against the chimney. With the shovel beside her she still watched the action below.

                • Sans the Skeleduck
                  Sans the Skeleduck

                  "TH- THAT IS VERY RUDE!" Papyrus exclaimed. "SAY, WHAT'S N-" 

                  Whatever he wanted to ask faded into a gasp as the flames burst forth on the bones and engulfed the woman. 

                  "AAAHHHH! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?" he asked, horrified. He quickly raced through the smoke to check on the woman. "OH MY GOSH, LADY. I AM SO SORRY. PLEASE BE OKAY. WHY WOULD HE DO THAT?? HEY!!" he glared at the drake. "YOU'RE NOT DARKWING! WHO ARE YOU?" 

                  Sans appeared by his brother's side. His face was permanently stuck in a grin, but his eyes showed anxiety as he watched between Papyrus and the attacker warily. 

                  "say... y'sure you really are a bad guy? You seem like you're just wingin' it," he suddenly snickered. 

                  • Black Arts Devil
                    Black Arts Devil

                    "You cannot possibly work for my master. Your soul is too lighthearted."

                    Devil-Wing points his hellfire gun at Sans.

                    "We'll fix that, I assure you."

                    • Agent Gemini
                      Agent Gemini

                      Gemini sat up from her crouched position and looked undamaged. She was about to let out a sigh in relief but noticed a small chunk of her bangs was smoldering. She smacked her hand at it  to put it out. When she let out a cough a small puff of smoke came out of her beak.


                      “I'm fine,” she said in a raspy voice, answering  Papyrus’ question. Gemini didn't seemed surprised at all by the appearance of duck skeletons. She cleared her throat and her voice went to normal, “I'm good.”

                      • Sans the Skeleduck
                        Sans the Skeleduck

                        Sans' bonelids lowered slightly. 

                        "hmm. tempting. but no thanks." 

                        With a ping!, the demon turned blue and the short skeleduck lazily redirected him into a wall. Hard. If he fired, Sans would easily dodge it. 

                        "YAYYY!!" Papyrus hugged Gemini happily. "I'M SO GLAD! WHAT IS YOUR NAME, NEW FRIEND? I AM PAPYRUS, AND THIS IS MY BROTHER SANS!" 


                        • Black Arts Devil
                          Black Arts Devil

                          Devil-Wing slowly stands back up.

                          "Impressive. You must be this 'Judge' character the minions have been telling master about. I assure you I am no where near as weak as them."

                          Sans would suddenly glow red before being tossed in the air.

                          • Agent Gemini
                            Agent Gemini

                            “I'm... Gemma. Ha. Well,” she wasn't expecting the hug but just went along with it, “I've definitely seen Sans around at work.”


                            Her moment of being relaxed ended suddenly when the Darkwing Demon spoke. She pointed her gun at the demon when he started to do something to Sans, “You better put him down nicely.”

                            • Black Arts Devil
                              Black Arts Devil

                              "A gun, really?"

                              Devil-Wing throws sans into the air before pulling another one of the gas guns.

                              • Sans the Skeleduck
                                Sans the Skeleduck

                                "whoa, hey. i 'ppreciate the lift, but i'd rather walk." If Sans was worried, he didn't show or was physically unable to show it. 


                                When the short skeleton fell, Papyrus managed to catch him in his arms. But it seemed like Devil Wing Duck had gone too far, because the taller skeleton was furious. 

                                "YOU DO NOT HURT HIM!!" he suddenly shouted, his eyes blazing with fire, and bones erupted under the demon's feet, aggressively spelling out "COOL BRO" and at the same time, a huge, wolf-like skull head materialised out of thin air, firing a blast of magic at the offender. 

                                Papyrus himself had gone into a charge after he carefully put Sans down, two bones in each hand as he leapt up and swung them down towards the demon. "YOU ARE NOT VERY NICE!!" 

                                "isn't my brother cool?" Sans asked Gemma happily, stars in his eyesockets. "hey, so, how's work?" 

                                • Agent Gemini
                                  Agent Gemini

                                  “Yeah sure, it's just a normal gun. No threat to a big bad demon like you,” Gemini said like she was playing along with Demon Darkwing not finding her gun a threat. Before she could do anything more Papyrus had already sprung into action. She did not want to fire her weapon into his attack.


                                  Gemini could only hang back from the fight, then answering Sans questions, “Yeah, he's doing some real powerful stuff. Heh, works been rather slow. Still on desk duty.”

                                  • Black Arts Devil
                                    Black Arts Devil

                                    Devil-Wing is impaled by the bones in multiple places.

                                    "impressive. Very impressive indeed."

                                    Growling can be heard from the shadows as red, imp-like demons surround the group.

                                    "but the guy with the most help always wins."

                                    • Sans the Skeleduck
                                      Sans the Skeleduck

                                      "aww, that can be pretty boring. tell you what. next time i get a mission, i'll take ya along." 

                                      Papyrus seemed to eventually come out of the anger he was overcome by, and was suddenly very aware of the danger Sans could be in without him by his side, and that the creature was barely affected by his powers, and started to back up until he was at Sans' side. He still looked angry. 

                                      "YEAH, WELL, THE GOOD GUYS ALWAYS WIN!" he countered as he summoned several bright blue, transparent bones around them as a shield. 


                                      Sans looked up at his brother adoringly, but he shook his head. "not leavin' you, bro. we need to stick together if we want to win this." 

                                      "SANS! THAT'S AN INCREDIBLY LAZY EXCUSE! I LOVE YOU, BROTHER." 

                                      "yeah, me too," Sans grinned. 

                                      Would the power of BROTHERLY LOVE manage to defeat the demons and save the day? Proooobably not. But it was a cute scene nonetheless. 

                                      • Agent Gemini
                                        Agent Gemini

                                        “Holy Hecate, could you imagine if we talked like that? How sweet,” a blonde duck seemed to suddenly appear behind Gemma and Sans. She was riding a snow shovel like a witch would ride a broom. Gemma turned around, surprised she was there.


                                        “You're supposed to be observing from above!” Gemma scolded the blonde. The duck on the shovel didn't look apologetic at all.


                                        “And I can observe just as well down here,” the blonde duck shrugged. She shifted in a smooth movement to turn her body to be sitting side saddle on the shovel’s handle.


                                        “In case we needed backup! Now we don't have that element of surprise!” Gemma frustratedly shot back as she started changing out a large ammo capsule in her gun to a different one. She fired it towards some of the demons, ones not near the skeleton brothers. It gave off a warm light that looked like the crackling of sparklers.


                                        “Looks like a basic demon infestation to me. Just at a city level. But we've handled enough large demon infested houses that this should be a piece of cake,” the blonde said with little concern, “And look at these fascinating gentlemen we have to help us.”

                                        • Black Arts Devil
                                          Black Arts Devil

                                          "Piece of cake? Please, we are everywhere. Soon this city and the rest of this pathetic mortal plane will be a second hell!"

                                          Devil-Wing fires off another shot of Hellfire at the heroes.

                                          • Sans the Skeleduck
                                            Sans the Skeleduck

                                            "OH, HELLO, FRIEND OF OUR NEW FRIEND! I'M PAPYRUS!" Papyrus waved cheerfully at the sudden appearance of the blonde duck. Sans seemed to stare at her for a while before easing up and waving as well. 

                                            The taller skeleton could not help noticing their interaction, along with his next words. "ARE YOU TWO SIBLINGS TOO? WE CAN TAG-TEAM THE VILLAINS TOGETHER!" he grinned and pumped his fist in the air heroically. "AND YES!! YES WE CAN HELP!" he added, pleased to be called a fascinating gentleman. 

                                            Sans shrugged lazily. "eh, 's'not like i'll be doin' much today anyway." 

                                            "YOU NEVER DO MUCH EVERYDAY!" Papyrus threw up his hands in exasperation. Seeing the villain gloat, he posed heroically again. "NEVER MIND! LET'S JUST FOCUS ON THE BATTLE!" 

                                            Just before the fire could hit the group, a bone shield appeared and surrounded them, defending them from the blast. 

                                            • Agent Gemini
                                              Agent Gemini

                                              “Yes, we are sisters,” Gemma replied, clearly irritated at her blonde sibling.


                                              “Twins even,” the blonde smiled, not even flinching at the blocked hellfire. She didn't even wait for the fire to be completely stopped when she flew up above it and made eye contact with Devil-wing. She still sat side saddle on her shovel.


                                              “Hey there. Heyyyy! Let me talk to you a second. I'm gonna be honest.  I'm gonna give you the straight dope. One demonic energied duck to another. This city is terrible to take over. It's on a septuplet keyed ley line and elder god could pop up at any moment.  And they eat demons for breakfast! And your demonic dome, oh wow, there are quite a few residences here that it enhances our powers more than weaken them. So, you're gonna have a lot of people putting up a fight against you," the blonde seemed to pull a large road map out of thin air.


                                              She held it up in the direction for Devil-wing to see it, “Now Duckburg on the other hand. That's some free real estate ready for the taking.”


                                              “Faustina!” Gemma yelled up at her sister.


                                              “What? I'm just being honest! He'd have a better place to take over and he wouldn't be our problem. It's a win-win,” Faustina’s tone made it clear she really didn't understand what the problem was.

                                              • Black Arts Devil
                                                Black Arts Devil

                                                "Yes, but did you ever wonder WHY Cthulu and Dagon are constantly trying to  pop up out into this city?"

                                                Devil-Wing begins to hover.

                                                "It's because of how many horrible things that have happened here. despite the best efforts of you so called heros, St. Canard has the highest crime rate ON THE PLANET, and therefore some of the most negative energy you can find anywhere."

                                                Devil-Wing prepares to fire again as the imps close in.

                                                "Which makes it the perfect place to blow open a portal of Dark Magic. Like, I don't know, A PORTAL TO HELL!"

                                                • Sans the Skeleduck
                                                  Sans the Skeleduck

                                                  "WOWIE!" Papyrus was fascinated. "WHAT A COINCIDENCE! WE'RE TWINS TOO!" 

                                                  It's... not exactly obvious. 

                                                  "I SEE DOUBLE DATES IN THE FUTURE FOR ALL OF US!" he announced, finger in the air. 

                                                  Sans snorted and rolled his eyes. "i won't mind a date if you foot the bill." 

                                                  "SANS, WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT BEING A GENTLEMAN ON DATES?" 

                                                  "what? i am being a gentleman. by showing a lady she's a strong independent woman for paying the tab all by herself," Sans chuckled. 

                                                  "SANS! THAT IS... A VERY GOOD POINT ACTUALLY. ALTHOUGH I STRONGLY SUSPECT IT'S ANOTHER LAZY EXCUSE..." 

                                                  Papyrus was snapped out of his thoughts by Devil-Wing's proclamation, only to frown. 

                                                  "WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO OPEN A PORTAL TO HELL?" 

                                                  "yeah, why, i mean, that would be... hella stupid." 


                                                  • Agent Gemini
                                                    Agent Gemini

                                                    Gemma was busy loading her gun when replying to Papyrus, “We don’t really date. Kinda busy with paranormal work things. Stuff like this is routine.”


                                                    “Oh W.O.W. you really need to get outside more  cuz I can name like ten cities that are worse than here,” Faustina rolled her eyes at Devil-Wing, “Quiet Knoll has an active Hell portal there. I could give you a lift there. Uber to Heck. And people here aren't that bad. The average person committing 3 crimes here a year factoid is actually just a statistical error. Average person does 0 crimes per year. Negaduck, who does over 10,000 a year is an outlier and should have not been counted.”


                                                    Gemma was using her sister's talkative nature as a distraction. She fiddled with one of the several necklaces around her neck. Unrelated to that she fired a purifying light spell from her gun at the little demonic imps. Faustina swiveled around on her flying shovel to get closer to her sister.


                                                    “Also, ya'll ignore my sister's lame excuses we'd totally go on a double date,” Faustina added as Gemma was tossing out some pebbles with rune like symbols on them. The started out not glowing but were some kind of magic defense that was taking a moment to load.


                                                    “Comon, not now,” Gemma replied irritated at her sister as she went through a pouch on her belt.

                                                    Faustina put the back of her hand to her own forehead while using a mocking dramatic voice, “The whole angsty ‘but our secret mission of stopping evil. Who we're dating can never know the truth,’ is a moot point when you know, they see us doing our job RIGHT NOW and pretty paranormal themselves. Just pointing that out. Though the first date we're going dutch.”


                                                    “Can you… help us fight, and we'll have this convo later?” Gemma was loading her gun again from ammo from her belt.


                                                    “Ya'll don't need my help with this amature hour. He's gloating like making a gateway to Hell is hard. What a dweeb,”  Faustina sighed and flew back over to Devil-wing, “Alright floaty boy, I'm unhappy with my service here. I want to speak to your manager.”

                                                    • Black Arts Devil
                                                      Black Arts Devil

                                                      "Perhaps 'portal' is the wrong term." A larger imp in the crowd said. "It's more like we're going to make St. Canard disappear, and replace it with a piece of hell. More specifically..."

                                                      "my fortress" the Paddyquack possesed Black Arts said as he levitated down over the group.

                                                      Devil-wing hops back, startled by his bosses sudden appearance. He quickly regained his composure however.

                                                      "Once my masters fortress entires the mortal plain he will gain full access to his infinite well of Demon Magic. Add that to the Black-magic attuned caster he's possesing and we'll control this realm."

                                                      Devil-Wing fires another hellfire shot at tge heroes