Duckverse Wiki Page Sign-Up Sheet

Hi everyone! I've been spending the past couple months testing the overall function of the Duckverse Wiki and I'm pretty happy with how it's been running so far. Now that we've got some of the bare-bones stuff filled in I thought it'd be nice to get more of the canon character pages up and running.

I'm looking for anyone who might be interested in filling in the gaps for our canon information. There's a few pages already complete, but we have many more that still need to be done. I will compile a list here and people are free to sign up for particular canon pages.

Please note: In order to keep things rolling smoothly, any page a contributor signs up for needs to have some level of work completed within a month of the sign-up date (due date will be included in the table below). If the page hasn't been created or still has minimal information, I will re-open the slot so someone else can contribute. 

If you start the page and add some information, but would like other members to contribute to the same page, you can post here and notify others that you've got the page started and anyone else is free to pitch in. I will alter the contributor status in the table to reflect this. 

The only reason I'm not opening wiki pages to everyone from the get-go is because I am trying to avoid multiple pages being made for the same character or contributors getting locked out of the page because someone else is working on it. Once the wiki is more established most (but not all) of the canon pages will be available for anyone to contribute to at any time.  

So without further ado, here is the list! Please comment to request pages you'd like to work on. Try not to take on too many at once, partly because that's a lot of work for one person, but also because I want everyone to have the opportunity to start pages/contribute.

Character pages

Canon Character

Status of page


 Page creation due date

Darkwing Duck Completed Mal  
Negaduck Completed Mal  
Morgana Macawber Completed Mal  
Quiverwing Duck Started, needs more info raven 09/25/18
Gizmoduck Completed Icequeenkitty  
Dr. Anna Matronic Not started Open  
Launchpad McQuack Started, needs more info Goku-san, Lupineleigh 09/25/18
Gosalyn Mallard Started, needs more info darkwingpsycho 09/25/18 
Honker Muddlefoot Not started Open  
Negaduck (tronsplit) Completed Mal  
Scrooge McDuck Not started Open  
Gladstone Gander Completed Icequeenkitty  
The Muddlefoots  Page not created Open  
J. Gander Hooter Page not created  Fredd8 09/25/18
Vladmir Grizzlikoff  Page not created  terrorthatflaps 09/29/18 
Dr. Sara Bellum  Page not created  Open   
Dr. Reginald Bushroot  Page not created  Fredd8  09/25/18
The Liquidator  Page not created  Open   
Megavolt  Page not created  Open   
Quackerjack Page not created  Open  
Neptunia Page not created  Open  
Stegmutt Page not created  Open  
Taurus Bulba Page not created  Open  
Steelbeak  Page not created  darkwingpsycho 09/25/18 
Darkwarrior Duck Started, needs info Goku-san 09/25/18
Paddywhack Page not created Agent Gemini 09/27/18 
Nega-Gosalyn  Page not created Fredd8 09/25/18
Nega-Launchpad Page not created Open  
Beelzebub  Page not created Open  
Darkwing Doubloon Started, needs info Goku-san 09/25/18

























If a canon character is not listed, you can request them by commenting on this blog. I will add them to the list. 

Sidenote: When a page is listed as "completed" that does not mean the page is forever-completed and will remain untouched afterward. It simply means all the necessary information is present for a well-rounded wiki page, but addtional information will be contributed later. 

Location pages

(coming soon!)

A few important guidelines to follow when contributing:

  • Be familiar with the rules and formatting when creating/working on pages.
  • Canon pages must contain only confirmed canon information. Do not add information that is pure speculation (examples: mental illnesses, non-canon romances, etc). 
  • Please keep the cartoon canon separate from the comics canon (specifically the BOOM! and Joe Books timeline). You can include that information on the page, but it'd have to be listed under its own section outside of the regular personality/biography. For example you can create an additional sub-section called "Appearance in comics" or something similar. 
    • The only exception to this are characters that were created exclusively for the comics (Quiverwing Duck, Femme Appeal, Mortimer, etc). They simply have their own wiki pages. 
  • Because of the DuckTales 2017 reboot, any characters specifically from this timeline/show require their own wiki page. For example, if you want to create a canon page for Magica Despell, there would be a 1987/comics version page, and then an entirely separate DT 17 page. 
    • Similar to the comic-exclusive characters, any brand new characters introduced in DT 17 will simply have their own separate wiki page. 

Please comment in this blog and I will add contributors to the list!