Sangre Moon Inn (RP)

Currently near the river is a building that appears during red moons. Only magic users and the cryptid inclined can see the olden styled establishment. The building looks different to everyone.  It would be perceived by culturally the magic user would identify as a mystically protected building. Back in the day the phenomenon was meant to be a safe haven for those who were hunted.


However, now in modern times where magic users are less prosecuted it is used as a neutral ground for all supernatural types to gather without incident. This was regardless of moral factions. It is not unusual for the guests here to trade and sell goods and services here. It is also not unusual for some to party hard in the full tavern that is most of the first floor.


The tavern is made out of a deep redwood paneling with a black marble countertop. It looks like it is something out of the middle ages with some modern amenities. Items like a visible electric blender behind the bar along with a small cappuccino machine there. Globe shaped electric lights in the ceiling to keep the place well lit.


The whole wall behind the bar is a mirror surface. The mirror is only slightly enchanted, in the fact that vampires can see their reflection in. The bartender is your average canine. The seating area is decorated with older items from all over the world. Really nothing that could be worth anything, but just a wide variety of knick knacks to make anyone of any culture feel at home. Seats and booths are redwood with dark red leather cushion seats.


On the other side of the first floor is a very tiny stage. It looks rather unused. It also includes a speaker system and probably a karaoke machine that has a layer of dust on them. Based on the style of the electronics they look like something out of the early 1980’s.


There is also a 1956 jukebox near the old stage. Though it is an older model machine if has a vast catalog of music to choose from even up to modern day. It would be impossible for a record for each song in the catalog to actually be in the machine. It is a magical inn so it is probably a magical jukebox.


If one does stay in a room above in the inn till the morning the door back out to the hallway will instead go to a relatively safe place. Exiting the room door could lead someone back to their home, or a sanctuary where they would be safe.


Usually the unwritten rule of the magical mobile area is no fighting despite any grudges going on in the outside world. However, there is some employees of the Inn that are obviously some form of bouncer there to throw out troublemakers.


((Don’t worry about when my turn is for a bit. I'm just setting up the scene for now. Everyone have fun!))

    • Harmonizer

      "What ees zis...?" 

      Harmonizer could have sworn she had never seen this building yesterday when she was making her rounds. Landing from the rooftop in a crouch, she walked over to the mysterious tavern, observing it curiously as she circled it. It looked ancient... it can't have been built in a few hours. Although she would not be surprised if that was the case. But there was something... different about this one. She wondered why. 

      Only one way to find out. 

      She placed a hand against the door to the front entrance, then pushed it open. 

      "Wow," she muttered to herself softly as she stepped in, looking around her. "'Ello? Anyone 'ere?" 

      Noticing the jukebox, her eyes lit up and she walked over to take a closer look. 

      This place was unnatural. It felt strange and... almost magical. There were things that existed that should have disappeared or fallen into disrepair a long time ago. She should have listened to the warning bells. But, even if she'd heard them, she would have continued forward. She was, after all, a danger seeker. 

      However, she had no idea just walking into the establishment would reveal a part of her she had strived to hide from many people. 

      • Black Arts Devil
        Black Arts Devil

        Black Art's was in the Tavern as soon as he found out the next place it would appear. He was tired of getting his butt kicked by heroes and needed a break, so he just sorta...showed up and started drinking...Coffee, because the bartender somehow saw through the fake ID he made in Photo Shop and refused him any alcohol.

        • Feliciana Carioca-Pistoles
          Feliciana Carioca-Pistoles

          What strange magic is this? A building appearing out of nowhere with such a strong sense of magic? What is the occasion and why was it protected by a barrier? 


          Curiosity consumed the blue jay as she wandered inside, her eyes widened as she looked around in wonder and amazement. This place has such extravagant knickknacks from not just all over the world- but from different cultures and time periods too!


          "Magnifico!" She exclaimed in her native language as she excitedly before spotting someone by the jukebox. Maybe they knew something about this place?


          "Ciao!" She greeted the duck enthusiastically with a wave. "My name is Feliciana Carioca-Pistoles! I was wondering if you knew what this place is?"

          • DarkwingPsycho

            Ariana was walking home from work, a bit later than she had anticipated.  It had been her turn to clean the vault, and that always took hours since she didn't like using her magic.  Even when she was alone.  Some of her coworkers knew about her abilities, quite unintentionally on her part, but she had saved a man's life so they rarely brought it up.  A fact she was grateful for.  She was used to being treated horribly once Normals discovered she was...different.  They seemed to associate magic with evil, and she couldn't blame them for that.  Magic had brought her little happiness, although she was glad to use it to help others if there was no other solution.

            The blood red moon shone down over her, bathing her and the city in an eerie light, and generally this was a bad omen.  It usually foretold death.

            An odd-looking building caught the corner of her eye and she paused.  Had that...been there before?  It looked Transylvanian and yet...not.  Something about it called to her, piqued her curiosity, and before she could think about it, her feet were already taking her there.  She peered inside through the glass and was intrigued by what she saw.  Mostly the décor.

            She entered slowly, shyly, not recognizing any of the few patrons there except -

            She froze, her heart starting to beat faster.  Black Arts was sitting at the bar, and he had only kidnapped her just a week ago in an attempt to steal her powers.  Maybe this wasn't such a good idea...

            • Trevor Mallard
              Trevor Mallard

              Being a red moon meant busy times for the supernatural agents as many strange things could happen. Better keep an eye on the city for any mischief.

              It just so happened at the moment, Trevor and Dimitri had been on patrol after nightfall that they came across a building neither had seen before.

              "That's weird." Dimitri remarked as he squeaked before landing and shifting out of his bat form. "I've never seen that place before. It's like it appeared out of nowhere. Maybe we should check it out. Could be trouble. Especially, on a night like this." He looked up at the moon.

              Trevor only nodded in silence as he stared down from his perch on a ledge of a building across from the strange one.

              The SHUSH agents were not dressed in their usual grey suits. Trevor had chosen to wear his hunter gear, which made him look like he had just stepped out of another century. Meanwhile, Dimitri was in garb more fitting of a vampire as tradition since it was a red mood.

              Meanwhile, other patrons had begun to file in to check the building out in hopes to trade or sell their wares while others seeked to enjoy some company.

              When the two had joined the crowd of folks coming in, they were greeted ecstatically by a young vampire handing out pamphlets and asking if they had time to hear about several vampire lords and if they wish to join their ranks.

              "Eh." Dimitri chuckled nervously as Trevor raised one of his bushy eyebrows while looking at him after being handed a pamphlet. "Look, when I was his age, the elders made me do it too." Then his eyes wandered to the bar where he spotted the cappuccino machine. "Oh boy. I could go for a cup right now. Come on!"

              The vampire grabbed his partner to drag him across the room to the bar.

              • Agent Gemini
                Agent Gemini

                The bartender behind the bar was skillfully making drinks ordered in a timely fashion. Some patrons did have food as well even though there was no visible wait staff taking orders.


                At the last stool of the bar closest to the wall was an all black feathered duck with an equally black matte colored beak. He was sat with his back mostly to the bar as he talked to a few people standing in front of him. He seemed to be telling them an interesting story based on his hand gestures. On the bar beside him was a big bowl of scotch eggs and a large glass of chocolate milk. He's rather loud and anyone sitting at the bar could hear him.


                There was a blond duck standing at the top of the second floor balcony right beside the stairs. She seemed to be watching over the patrons of the bar, though sometimes checking her phone and chuckling at something humorous. For a moment she was face chatting with someone on her phone in a different language. She then snapped a few pictures of any confused noobs that amused her.


                There are a handful of persons in the bar that are obviously some sort of security. They are all wearing different outfits but have a red sash from their left shoulder across their torso down to their right side. However, they were pretty used to no trouble starting at all. One was chatting with patrons while the other was drinking at the bar. One takes notice of the duck in hunting gear but doesn't take much concern yet. Not any of the other patrons are reacting to it either. There are hunters that are also supernatural, and if he was a threat he wouldn't have been able to see the inn let alone get in it.


                A short red headed bird came into the inn and headed to the jukebox. He was carrying a sizable sack of quarters with him. Though he did not wear a hat, he did the motion of tipping one to the two ladies near the jukebox. He then proceeded to literally pour the sack of quarters into the jukebox coin slot while repeatedly hitting selection buttons on it. Once the bag was empty. The bird then innocently hummed to himself as he headed out the door.


                “What’s New Pussycat,’ by Tomcat Jones starts to play.

                • Harmonizer

                  Harmonizer turned to Feliciana and smiled, happy to see a friendly face. "No, I just got 'ere. Nice to meet you, Feliciana! I'm Harmonizer." 

                  She responded to the red bird's greeting with a bow, then brightened as the music turned on. "Ooh, I love zis song!" She then started dancing to the beat before remembering that they still had no clue what this place was. 

                  She looked around curiously, taking in the surroundings once more, before noticing the security. They were not hard to spot, with the same sash they were wearing. 

                  "Maybe they know something. Let's go ask them!" she said, taking Feliciana's hand and pulling her along. In her enthusiasm, she did not realise until too late that she collided straight into a blonde duck who was frozen on the spot. 

                  "Ahh! Je suis désolé! Are you alright?" she asked, trying to help Ariana up. 

                  • Black Arts Devil
                    Black Arts Devil

                    "Ugh. Not THIS song! This is worse than the time in the Salt and Pepper Dinner."


                    Black Arts repeatedly hits his head against the bar.

                    • Feliciana Carioca-Pistoles
                      Feliciana Carioca-Pistoles

                      "You have such a beautiful and unique name, amico!" She complimented the other with a cheerful smile.


                      Feliciana blinked curiously at the small red bird. She swore she'd seen him before in family pictures, didn't she? He looked very similar to the bird that photobombed her fathers' pictures. Before she had the chance to ask, he had left.


                      Her curiosity didn't last long as she was soon being pulled along by her newfound friend and instantly copied the other's enthusiasm with her own.


                      "I hope you're alright, signora! Many apologies, neither of us noticed you!" The blue jay apologized while assisting Harm in helping Ariana up.

                      • DarkwingPsycho

                        Ariana gave a squeak as she was suddenly jarred from her fear and fell against the wall.  She winced, rubbing her head, and let Harmonizer and Feliciana help her up.  "It's all right, I'm...okay...I'm so sorry."

                        Looking between the two new faces, she also glanced furtively toward the bar as if worried they had attracted attention.  When she realized Black Arts was distracted, she relaxed a little and smiled in embarrassment.  "I'm...Ariana...Have you...been here before?"  Wherever here was.