Wibbly Wobbly, Quacky Whiny... stuff (Reserved RP)

Quackerjack laughed maniacally as he surveyed his work. It took a month, and most of his playtime, but all his hard work and dedication paid off. 

He now had Timetop, 2.0!! Being far better, cooler and crazier than the original! It had cup holders! 

And he had just the person to share it with. 

No, not Megavolt. The rat was locked up just yesterday. Besides, this trip was kinda... personal. And personal stuff belonged to family. 

Which was why he was revealing his invention to his new partner in crime, his Quackerjack twin! 

"Surprise!" he whipped off the blindfold and looked proud of himself. "What do you think?" 

Ever since that incident with Darkwarrior, one would think he'd be more careful. And he was! Screw the future. The past is where it's at! And the past is where he could fix everything... 

Of course, sharing is caring, and Quackerjack would let his soft twin choose his own adventure after his own! 

"Get in! Take a look around! We'll be taking off in five minutes!" 

    • Just Quackerjack
      Just Quackerjack

      "Oooh!" Softjack cooed, looking around happily. "This is all so very lovely, I do hope it works properly! And, uhm," he gestured to the backpack he'd brought with, likely full of disguises. "Is there anywhere I can put this?"

      The plan he had was an absolutely devious one, but from the seemingly-innocent gleam in his eyes and the friendly way he spoke, you certainly wouldn't be able to tell it. After all, he was only going back in time for a teensy-weensy-itty-bitty change! And helping someone's family go from problems to perfection couldn't be anything but good, couldn't it?

      • Red Nova
        Red Nova

        While SHUSH had an array of their own fancy gadgets, she couldn't put all of her eggs into one basket. The plan to infiltrate their facility to see what sorts of goodies she could get into was one that would take a great deal of time and trust before she'd be able to benefit from it. But thankfully, they weren't the only ones with a vault of rarities.

        There was something to be said about madness and genius inhabiting the same mind. Who knew that St. Canard's resident unhinged toymaker had a TIME MACHINE up his sleeve?! At first she hardly believed such a ridiculous rumor, but upon seeing it here and now before her very eyes, she knew she had to get to it somehow.

        She had severe doubts that Quackerjack would just let her take it out for a spin though.

        Red Nova stayed hidden in the rafters, ready to seize an opportune moment to sneak aboard, but WHAT WAS THIS?!


        Nova nearly had a conniption, ready to blow a hole into the roof out of frustration. Why in the universe was he here?! He didn't FOLLOW her here, did he? She wouldn't have been surprised in the slightest. But this was terribly inconvenient! She needed to get to the past, and she couldn't very well do it and ensure a more favorable future for herself if he was there to mess things up!

        What did they need a time machine for anyway?

        • Quackerjack

          Quackerjack smirked, not noticing the new arrival in the background. "Of course it will work! I am a genius!" 

          And totally not from stealing his best friend's blueprints nope. 

          "What? Oh, yeah, just dump it at the back. Soooo, any particular time you wanna get back to?" he wiggled his brows and stretched his fingers, popping them simultaneously. He'd already gone over details of the machine with Softjack; the jester would know where- err, 'when' he wanted to go by now. 

          He was also curious about the backpack but he chose not to say anything. After all, a good friend and brother would give complete and absolute trust and not dig into their privacy! 

          ...he'd take a peek later. 

          • Just Quackerjack
            Just Quackerjack

             "Uhm, about 15-ish years ago? 15 and one half?" Softjack said, putting his bag down and looking over at the controls curiously. "Golly, you have all sorts of fancy gadgets here, don't you?"

            • Quackerjack

              Quackerjack brightened. That was exactly when he wanted to be too. Perfect. Less compromising and fighting; everyone is happy. 

              Or, at least, he would be, soon. 

              I'll find you. I promise

              He wasn't the least bit worried as to what Softie would do. After all, he was harmless. He'd want to stop the invention of some kind of candy, or break the potato salad world record, or something. Which was fine by him. 

              "Buckle up tight, this is going to be a bumpy rideeee!" he said cheerfully, helping Softjack with his seatbelt, then Mr Banana Brain on his cute tiny chair and tiny cupholder. 

              Without heeding his own advice about seatbelts, he skipped over to the control panel and pressed a few buttons, numbering the spins and making sure it was going to spin anti-clockwise, as they were, after all, going back in time.

              There was a sudden lurch as he pulled down a lever, and the Time Top 2.0 started spinning, faster and faster until it winked out of existence. 

              Fifteen years back, the citizens of St Canard would witness a strange sight. 

              "What is that?" 

              "Mommy! A giant spinning top! I want one too!" 

              "This is my chance to get my article into the front page of the newspaper!" Click, click, click

              • Just Quackerjack
                Just Quackerjack

                Softjack winced as the time top took off, clutching is bag tightly, before the top finally arrived in the past.

                "Oooh, did it work? Did it work?" He bounced up and down in his seat excitedly, taking off his seatbelt and rummaging through his bag. "I'll have to take a moment to get ready, if you don't mind! We certainly can't have two of me running around in the past now, can we?"

                In not so much as a second, he'd whipped out a folding screen from his bag, propping it up and pulling an outfit from his pack behind it with himself. And in not so much as a 2nd second, his disguise was perfect.

                This time, he'd opted for a rose colored film-noir-esque trench-coat over a light pink dress, with a cute little blue spotted scarf around his neck and his hair taken down from its usual ponytail, curled lightly. He barely looked like the same person that had gotten onto the time top in the first place, and hopefully this meant any possible past people wouldn't recognize him either.

                "Well, shall we? I have places to be, you know." he giggled.

                • Quackerjack

                  Quackerjack bounced up and down excitedly as well. "Yes, yes, yes!! Welcome, Softie, fifteen years early!!" 

                  He looked curious as his twin pulled out a folding screen, but he was soon distracted. 

                  He had to find her. Today was the day, wasn't it? He could remember it well enough- 

                  He was snapped out of his thoughts as a woman stepped into view. Quackerjack was momentarily confused as to how this pretty lady got into his Time Top 2.0, until s(he) spoke. 

                  "Not bad," he grinned, impressed. "But I can do better!" 

                  He opened the hatch as the crowd started to disperse, holding out a hand politely for Softjack to hold onto as they both stepped out. After all, if he was playing a lady, Quackerjack had to play the gentleman! 

                  When they got down, Quackerjack stored the Time Top away, having learnt from experience not to leave a time travelling vehicle alone. With a press of a button, it shrunk to the size of a small toy top. 

                  "We'll meet here at five," he told Softjack, despite knowing the both of them would not be punctual. "That gives us... ten hours. I have to go now. See ya later!" 

                  Whipping out a pogo stick, he started to bounce away. 

                  Now, where was she...? 

                  • Just Quackerjack
                    Just Quackerjack

                    "Oh, of course!" Softjack nodded. "Have fun!"

                    He waved, watching as his counterpart bounced away happily, before pulling a map out of one of his pockets. St Canard, 15 years ago...

                    Hopefully, this would work out perfectly, aside from the fact that he didn't exactly dress the part of someone who would go visiting a casino of all places. Hopefully, he'd made himself up pretty enough to make up for it.

                    • Red Nova
                      Red Nova

                      Red Nova pushed herself off of the Time Top, ready to throw up in the nearest alley. It was probably much more comfortable to ride from the inside, but knowing Quackerjack, she couldn't actually be sure about that.

                      Either way, it was apparent that it had indeed worked and sent them through the time line. But to WHEN? This still looked like St. Canard, but was it the past, the future? Surely it couldn't be too far into the future if it was, it didn't look particularly advanced in any way, but she knew enough not to judge a book by its cover.

                      This was a perfect time to steal the machine and take it for a spin herself...but seeing the other Quackerjack dressed up in a very familiar costume made her pause. He was always up to no good. Always scheming, and in ways that usually affected other peoples' lives for the worst. He may have pretended to be oh so cutesey and precious, but she knew the truth! 

                      She had to find out what he was up to.

                      • Just Quackerjack
                        Just Quackerjack

                        Navigating the casino's lounge was not as difficult as Softjack would have thought. He'd already been drawing some stares as soon as he'd entered the room, and he took the opportunity to play the room a bit, letting his posture become more ladylike and becoming more and more grateful that the music was something slow and slightly graceful. His eyes scanned the room as he tried discreetly to look for his target, and upon spotting him among the crowd, Softjack took a seat in one of the nearby chairs and took some makeup out of his purse for what he hoped would appear to be a casual touch-up.

                        • Quackerjack

                          Of course, he ran the risk of attracting other attention as well. Unscrupulous attention. 

                          "Oh, hello there, sweetheart." 

                          A man sat himself down by Softjack, sweeping back his ridiculous silver blue styled hair and hooking his arm around 'her' to draw her close, flashing a charming smile that revealed two gold capped teeth. 

                          "Never seen you around these parts before. May I buy you a drink?" 

                          His tone made it sound like the lady did not have an option either way. 

                          At least he knew his disguise was working? 

                          • Just Quackerjack
                            Just Quackerjack

                            "Actually, I'm waiting for someone." Softjack said - or rather, lied- pointedly, clutching the lipstick in her hand a little tighter (as it was not as innocent as it appeared on the surface) and glaring. "If he sees you with your arm around me, you're not going to be buying anything any time soon."

                            • Quackerjack

                              The man's smile turned nasty. The hand that was still over Softjack's shoulder suddenly gripped one of 'her' wrists tightly. Tight enough to hurt. 

                              "Listen here, bimbo," he smiled at her, but there was no warmth behind it. Only hunger. "I don't care who you're waiting for. I'm going to buy you a drink, and you are going to come home with me. Do you know who I am? I can ruin your life. But if you're a good little girl, I can make this gentle..." he laughed softly.