Why, hello there! It looks like you've stumbled into the Duckverse, a roleplay group for Disney's Darkwing Duck and DuckTales.

Set in the fictional state of Calisota, the Duckverse surrounds the two neighboring cities St. Canard and Duckburg, home to the masked avenger Darkwing Duck and penny-pinching multi-plujillionaire Scrooge McDuck respectively.

Site features include: 


Customisable character profiles




Albums for art




Multiple modes for faster sillier exchanges 




Groups for themes and alt universes (AUs)





Easy to follow blog format

Example: Darkwing and the Duck Avenger

Example: Gizmoduck meets Malicia (OC)

Example: Quiverwing Duck saves Angel (OC) from Negaduck  



A dedicated roleplay community

No ads!

No pornbots!

Just ducks (and sometimes a dinosaur)!


Feel free to request a guest account or register a character and jump in! Both canon and fan characters are welcome! 

Please read the 'terms' page before registering.

To join, send an email to FearsomeFive@gmail.com with the following:

  • Whether this is a guest account (active for two weeks) or permanent
  • Any preferred username (example: 'darkwingduck10') - this is only used to log in and is not seen by others
  • Your e-mail address (will be attached to the account)