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Wiki Rules

Before contributing to the wiki it's super important you read and abide by the following rules.

I realize this list looks long, but I promise it will answer a few questions you probably have about creating and maintaining wiki pages!

General Rules

  1. You must be an active member of the Duckverse roleplay website in order to contribute to this wiki. In other words, this wiki is reserved exclusively for the events occurring on Duckverse. This is not a general-use site for the Duckverse fandom at large.
    1. That said, we always love getting new members! Feel free to register an account on the Duckverse and get started. Please note that having a registered account does not qualify as “active” if you have never used the account. Your characters need to have some level of history/involvement on the site in order to contribute.
  2. Before contributing, it is highly recommended you read the Wiki Tutorials & Tips page, which will explain how to properly format your pages. It is important that your pages follow the templates provided, in order to keep the site clean and properly organized.
  3. If you are contributing to a non-character page (such as lore) please make sure the information you include is accurate and true to events that have occurred in the RP.
  4. Please do not add headcanons (unverified information) to the lore section or any other section of the site, unless:
    1. It is a page dedicated to non-canon lore from the RP (and will include a disclaimer indicating it is non-canon).
    2. You are playing a canon character. You can add your own headcanon to your unique page (for example, if you are playing Darkwing Duck, you can include a biography based on your own ideas of his life, parents, etc. on the page reserved for you).
    3. You can include headcanon information in your OC character pages as well.
  5. Image limit: You can include up to 6 images in your gallery (the photos at the bottom of a profile page) and one image as the main profile pic (the image on the right side with the basic information beneath).
  6. If your character's wiki page contains some mention of adult themes (examples being a backstory involving sexual or physical abuse, general violence, and other traumatic themes) please include a disclaimer at the beginning of your wiki page. Click here for an example.

Creating and editing pages

Canon Characters

  1. Please do not edit the main canon character pages unless you've received permission from the admins.
    1. For reference, the “main” page is the root address for each character (example: canon/darkwingduck). The main pages are reserved for general information about the canon character and only includes canon concepts. The events of Duckverse will not be included on the main pages.
  2. Because we have several players who are playing the same canon characters, we have created unique pages for each player (example: negaduck/nemzit). Please do not edit these pages unless the player gives you permission.
  3. Adding images to your canon character's page is encouraged but please do not use fanart without the artist's permission.
    1. You are free to use screenshots or pictures from the comics without permission.

Original Characters

  1. Do not create a page for an OC that does not belong to you. The character's owner, and the admins, will handle OC page creation.
  2. Please do not edit other people's OC pages unless you are given permission by the owner.
  3. Uploading images of your OC is encouraged, however you cannot use stolen or traced fanart.
    1. Examples of stolen artwork include:
      1. Taking artwork created for another OC/fanart and using it as the “face” of your character.
      2. Photoshopping or altering artwork of someone else's OC/fanart to make it look like your character.
      3. Tracing pictures of other people's OCs/fanart and altering the appearance to look like your character.
      4. You can use altered images from the cartoon itself, for example photoshopping a screencap to resemble your character is acceptable, as is tracing or referencing a screencap to create your character's picture.
      5. Basically: Do not use or alter anyone's artwork (including fanart of canon characters) without the artist's express permission.
  4. For your character's image gallery: A maximum of 6 pictures is permitted (not including the main profile photo).
  5. All images of your OC uploaded to the wiki must be SFW (safe for work). No nudity or pornographic imagery is permitted.

Lore Pages

  1. Lore pages will include both canon and non-canon concepts, the latter of which is based on events in the RP.
    1. All non-canon pages must include a disclaimer at the top stating they are non-canon.
    2. Players cannot dictate the lore of the universe. For example, if you believe that female ducks in the duckverse do not possess mammalian traits (i.e., breasts) you do not get to state that as fact in the lore for the universe.
      1. You can, however, apply this headcanon to your own characters and include it on your character's wiki page.
    3. There are “fanon” concepts that might be mentioned on various pages. For example, Negaduck's motorcycle being named “The Troublemaker” is not proven by canon, but it is generally accepted by players that he uses this name for his bike.
  2. You can create lore pages for locations created by you within the universe. For example, Lilly's player could create a page about the bookstore that Lilly owns in St. Canard.
    1. Do not create locations or lore for concepts not created by you unless the original creator gives you express permission.
  3. Canon locations such as “The Old Haunt” or “SHUSH Central” will likely contain a mixture of canon and non-canon concepts. The admins will be in charge of creating canon locations and will assist in separating the canon and non-canon information included in those pages.
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