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-====== Characters ======+====== ​Duckverse ​Characters ======
-===== Canon =====+===== Canon Characters ​===== 
 +{{indexmenu>:​characters:​canon#​2|js#​pcc_dotted navbar context nsort}}
-<WRAP group> +---- 
-<WRAP half column+===== Original Characters ===== 
-What what in the butt +{{indexmenu>:​characters:​oc#​1|js#​pcc_dotted navbar context nsort}} 
-<WRAP half column>+===== Hybrid Characters ===== 
 +{{indexmenu>:​characters:​hybrid#​2|js#​pcc_dotted navbar context nsort}}
-<WRAP group> +----
-<WRAP half column>​ +
-what whater in the butter +
-<WRAP half column> 
-</WRAP> +<​WRAP ​center round info 100%
-</​WRAP>​+**Canon character ** - Defined as an official Disney character (i.e., Darkwing Duck)
 +**OC ** - Stands for "​Original Character",​ created by and belongs to the player, will never appear in official media.  ​
- +**Hybrid character** - Uses a canon character as the base/​template but alters them with original ideas (examples: Posiduck, NegaMorgana,​ a female version of Bushroot, a duckified version of Poison Ivy) 
- +</​WRAP>​
-===== Original Characters ​(OCs===== +
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