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Full name: Valor “Val” Helwing

Nickname/Alias: He's testing a few out, but none of them sound right.

Occupation: Monster Hunter/Cryptozoologist/Anti-Hero

Age: 38

Species: Crow

Gender: Male

Vic Helwing (father, deceased)
Ziana Helwing (mother)
Vince Helwing (grandfather, senile)

Magic Resistance

Monster and Magic Knowledge (non-practicing)
Conspiracy Theorist
Petty Vengeance Schemes

Kind of Incompetent
Unarmed Combat
His Mother
Inability to Tell a Monster and Cosplayer Apart
Monster Food (loves it)
Hot Monster-Bods
Charitable Organizations

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Val Helwing

Basic Info

Val Helwing is a Duckverse OC. His primary role is to serve as an anti-hero who is obnoxious to criminals and monsters alike with a particular prejudice and grudge against all of monsterkind. He'll generally serve in a dark, brooding comic relief category but may occasionally be an actual threat.


Val Helwing comes from a long, long generation of monster hunters that have either carried on the family legacy without question or have formed their own petty grudge against monsterkind. Back in medieval times, Val's ancestor Lord Van Helwing attended a royal ball with a vampire duck known as Count Duckula - this vampire duck who'd always been kind of a jerk and an actual villain- ended up wearing the same outfit as Lord Van Helwing (except wearing it better) and a lifelong rivalry was formed. Count Duckula to this day is still considered the Helwing family's primary rival but it has since extended to all of monsterkind over the generations with some Helwings forming rivalries/petty grudges with prominent monster families for completely arbitrary pathetic reasons.

Like his predecessors, Val Helwing was trained by his father from a young age in monster hunting and how to combat the dark forces of the world. He was taught many terrible and hateful things about monsters and monster society and as a kid, he saw no reason to question this. As a teenager, however, monster hunting training became tiresome, and he began to resent his father for running every aspect of his life and being so strict and not allowing him to live a “normal” life. At some point, he ran away from home and joined a gang of juvenile delinquents. He was swimming in a Do Not Swim Lake when he was approached by Marshall Swampbird. All of his life he'd been told monsters were bad news, but what if his father had been wrong? What if all the generations of Helwings before him had been wrong? He thought he might like being the first Helwing to make peace with monster society. So, cautious and guarded, he extended the tentative hand of friendship.

And because teenage hormones aren't exactly known for restraint, it quickly blossomed into something far more than friendship. Soon, it seemed Val was spending every night at the lake, writing love letters and putting them in bottles for his monster boyfriend to find, going on adventures. But all was not well in paradise, and after two months, Marshall dumped him after they got into an argument about Val's lack of boundaries and constant attention-seeking. Val was quite heartbroken.

And also, now, he understood exactly what his father was talking about. Monsters were CLEARLY a menace to society, and he had a responsibility to uphold to make sure no one would ever go through what he or his ancestors went through. Reluctant but having renewed purpose, he continued monster training under his father until the man died under mysterious circumstances (which he has reason to believe were monster-caused).


Picture an emo/goth teenager who never truly got out of that phase and still has all the immaturity and emotional intelligence of an adolescent, and you'd probably have a good idea of Val Helwing's personality. Add in ample amounts of childhood brainwashing and senseless violence. Somewhere under the surface is a dash of “I just want to be loved” and “I just want to have a normal life” and a semblance of good-aligned morality.

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