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Full name: Tanya Lamia Spellbinder

Occupation: Blackmarket Sales for Normals as food or slaves, Evil Witch

Age: Mid to Late Thirties

Species: Duck/Monster (Vampire)

Gender: Female

Sexual orientation: Lesbian

Creedence Leonore Gielgud Spellbinder (Mother)
Caligula Antagoniar Spellbinder Né Bigrimicus (Father)

Making Unholy Pacts
Being a Jerk
Overly Fashionable

Stake through the heart

Tanya Spellbinder

Basic Info

Tanya Spellbinder is a Darkwing Duck OC on Duckverse. She is a morally bereft villain who's main nemesis is Morgana Macawber.


Tanya Spellbinder comes from one of the highest regarded families in monster culture. The Spellbinders have long been in the inner circle of society despite their cunning and often traitorous nature. Her mother Creedence, raised her to especially abhor the Macawbers labelling them weak and beneath them (wherein reality Moloculo had rejected Creedence's affections and the witch never forgave this unspeakable rejection). When she encountered Morgana at school she found it was much easier to hate the girl then the name. Tanya was very well connected and well liked at school, being the rich, pretty, queen bee of the popular crowd and she used this status to hurt Morgana at every opportunity, even turning her ire on Malicia when the mood struck. But something about the raven haired sorceress always made Tanya focus on her more.

As the girls grew older Morgana started surpassing Tanya in magical skill and while Tanya still had her popularity and the adoration of her classmates she couldn't stand to see a Macawber rise above her. Throughout their school years since the tender age of six Tanya had bullied and taken cheap shots at any Macawber she could, but in their final years of high school the witch started a series of events that destroyed her life. Her pride in a fever pitch of defiance Tanya and Morgana dueled which resulted in Tanya losing an eye and being banished from the school grounds forever.

The Spellbinders could not turn out their daughter, as much as they had wanted to, because although grieviously injured she was still powerful. Her hopes at an education and future in ghoulish society dashed and a wound on her face that was magically crafted to never heal, Tanya's sanity started slipping. With no outlet for her power she found other ways to gain the knowledge and strenght she needed. Eventually leading her to make a pact with The Great Old Ones, and letting their dark malevolence warp and twist her mind and magic into a force of true evil.

She blames Morgana for her disfiguration and the loss of what she was sure would have been a bright future and will stop at nothing to find her and destroy her. Her obsession with the sorceress since their formative years was always fueled by a romantic attraction she didn't understand then and has since turned into a violent hatred with a side of lust in recent days.


Tanya was once your typical mean girl. Pampered, spoiled, and smart. She wanted for nothing and was happy with the attention that was showered on her for her looks, her talents, and her status but never her personality.

Since her fall from society she has become much colder. She believes no one is her equal. That everyone should worship her and is condescending and snide at every opportunity. Tanya is completely self involved, vain and proud, if she could see herself in a mirror she might never look away. Being a vampire has that particular setback. She shows no regard for the Normals she views as “cattle” and she harbors no thralls finding them annoying and ugly distractions. She sees no benefit to Normals and Monsters interacting socially and hates any attempt to bridge the gap between the culture.

Mayhem makes Tanya happy these days, seeing people's eyes light up in fear at the sight of her. Especially Morgana's.

Duckverse History

Tanya has only seeped into St. Canard recently but has shaken up things quite a bit. She has set up a Normal Trade with the help of her ghostly canine familiars. Harmonizer foiled one of her earlier plots to export a lot of these “goods” (including one Gladstone Gander). From there she caused a bit of a scene trying to destroy a underground magical marketplace that caters to Monsters and Normals alike.

Her biggest negative impact on the city has been unintentionally raising a razed Negaduck back from the dead. The spell has bound him to her and her bidding which she has used mostly to hurt Morgana which Negaduck was bound to do in some capacity anyway.


Morgana Macawber

Tanya considers Morgana her nemesis. She ultimately wants to ensure that the sorceress suffer to the fullest extent. It's possible that if given a good enough shake that Tanya could realize that perhaps Morgana might actually fall for her if she wasn't such a completely terrible person.

Malicia Macawber

Tanya has the lowest opinion of Malicia that is humanly possible. She barely even registers her as having enough intelligence to be deemed above common beasts, seeing her more as an uppity nuisance who keeps knocking over her garbage cans trying to get her attention.


Negaduck is her favorite puppy. He might be a little bitey and keep ripping up the pillows but… those were Morgana's pillows and Quiverwing's arms that got bit so it really doesn't matter to her. She's all about disciplining a bad dog when he acts out against her though. And she doesn't have the patience for long term ownership.

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