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Full name: Jabari and Javon Tinta

Nickname/Alias: Jab and Java Specks

Occupation: villains, working class citizens (Jab is a bank teller and Java is a fitness instructor at a small gym)

Age: Late twenties

Species: Amur leopard mixes

Gender: Stereotypical males

Father: a strict marine who left his family when the twins were teens
Mother: a typical lower class bar waitress and retail clerk

Lithe, tall, physically fit and acrobatic. Quick liars

Quarrelsome, prideful, vain (Java), cocky (mostly Java), wreckless (mostly Java), adrenaline junkies (both)

Jab and Java Tinta “Specks”

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Duckverse History

Post Retcon

Shy of the Storm

Ariana tries to stop Negaduck from accessing dark magic with unexpected results. The Specks were caught by something far more powerful than a superhero…

Dollar Look Too Hard Jab and Ariana wrap up their shift at the bank with some good ol’ lie-busting, drinks, and running for their lives.

Pre Retcon

QJ On The Loose The Whiffle Boy movie premier had a few uninvited guests: Quackerjack (former Duckverse rper no longer on the site) and Java Specks

Moonlighting the Evening Away Jade/Piper's original introduction to Duckverse, and a bit of character development for the Specks and Goku-San's character, Six.

Piper’s Date Night Piper's second meeting with the Specks brothers, and the first meeting with her former husband, Trevor.

A random assortment of chatter between “friends” Jab and Piper

A Spot Of Trouble (Specks and Lilly rp) The first time Lily met the Specks, she was caught up in trouble by happenstance. This time, trouble came to her door, with surprising results

Cookies and Cheer and All Things Dear (Lilly and Specks rp) Jab and Java stop by Lilly's place after a Christmas office party. Followup to an older blog not currently on Duckverse.


Post retcon

Ariana Macawber

Jab’s coworker at Sitting Duck National Bank. After Ariana caught Jab stealing retired currency, armed robbers broke in and threatened their lives. Jab rescued Ariana and coordinated a switcharoo with his twin to lead the robbers off track. Jab is familiar with Ariana’s quiet nature and so far has chosen to tolerate and protect her rather than antagonize her. He does not know anything about her yet but if his boss wants blackmsil on Quiverwing Duck, Jab might be put 8n a tight spot between colleague loyalty and getting paid to follow orders.

Ulysses “Blindside” Grundhoff

An old ex KGB agent and longtime coordinator of an underground drug and gsmbling ring, Blindside enlists young athletes looking for easy money to entertain wealthy clientele off the record. Once in his gang, it’s unadvisable to leave it as he expects lifelong “favors” from anyone he has “helped” at some point. Jab and Java became valued members of his gsng when they were suspended from high school and they have been frequently hired to commit arson,petty theft, and rough up other clients as warnings to stick to Blindside’s rules. After Jab and Java got honest jobs, Blindside let them leave the msinframe of his underground organization in exchange for an occasional peace offering or favor from them. Java enjoys working for the dangerous bear, but Jab has grown wary of Blindside and has started planning to move out of th cluntry to stsy out of Hlindside’s reach.

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