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 [{{ :​tutorial:​tutorialblankimage.png?​200|  ​ [{{ :​tutorial:​tutorialblankimage.png?​200|  ​
-**Full name:​** ​Your character'​s full name<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​ +**Full name:​** ​Regulus Rex<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​ 
-**Nickname/​Alias:​** ​Other names they go by (hero/​villain ​name, etc) <​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​ +**Nickname/​Alias:​** ​Randall Puddlefoot ​(Original ​name. No longer used.) <​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​ 
-**Occupation:​** ​Herovillain, SHUSH agent, etc.<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​+**Occupation:​** ​VillainContraband Dealer<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​
 **Age:** Current age in the RP<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​ **Age:** Current age in the RP<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​
-**Species:​** ​Duck, goose, three-toed sloth, etc.<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​ +**Species:​**Tyrannosaurus rex (formerly a Ring-necked Duck)<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​ 
-**Gender:​** ​Their identified gender<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​+**Gender:​** ​Male<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​
 **Family:** <​pagebreak>​ **Family:** <​pagebreak>​
 Family member #​1<​pagebreak>​ Family member #​1<​pagebreak>​
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 }}] }}]
-====== ​Your character'​s name here ======+====== ​ ​Regulus Rex ======
 ===== Basic Info ===== ===== Basic Info =====
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